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Undead Masssacre: Fall of the Nosferatu; vampires and slayers duke it out.
Topic Started: 20th June 2011 - 06:10 PM (932 Views)
Jio Uzumaki
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Damn me. Damn you all
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Hellsing World

Alucard smirked as he shoved his hand through the body of the sparkly pixie that he had just shot.

"That was interesting. I've never seen a vampire sparkle. But I won't even bother eating you. Your power would probably make me weaker." He removed his hand and the "vampire" began to break apart.

"A sparkly piece of sh*t is still sh*t." Alucard said as he walked away. Alucard sensed something coming from the east and dodged out of the way. He caught a glimspe of the attack. It was a whip.

A man appeared, wearing Victorian era explorer gear.

"Die, Monster! You don't belong in this world!"

"The hell?" For once Alucard's unflappable calm broke into confusion. The man swung his whip at Alucard again as Alucard unholstered his gun.

Castlevania world.

Adrian "Alucard" Tepes looked around. Belmont had disappeared. A black shape jumped off a nearby cliff and landed a kick on the startled dhampir's chest. As Alucard recovered, the man stood. He wore a black cloak and hat over black clothing. He unsheathed his longsword and held it at the ready. Alucard unsheathed his own sword.

"Who are you?" the white haired dhampir asked.

"D. And you are?"

"Alucard, son of Dracula."

"Impossible. I am the Son of Dracula." D charged at the other man and their swords clashed.

Marvel World
Blade jumped over the sword strike. The opponent he was facing was like no other vampire he had ever fought. For one it was a teenged Japenese girl. For two, her sword skills were on par with his. He swung his sword at her head, and she blocked. Blade's superior weight slowly drove the blade back toward the girl's head.

"Who are you? Who sent you?" The rather large Daywalker snarled.

"Saya. And no one." The girl responded before spinning her sword in an arc to knock Blade's sword away from her throat.

Meanwhile, above these battles and many more, They watched. The ones who started all of this. Two men whose clothes were patterned like the cosmos itself. The Protector of time, Deus Ex, and his couterpart, Tempero.

"The first battles look promising for you." Tempero said, his ever shifting form currently resembling a young adult.

"Yes." Deus responded simply, thought or worry creasing his ageless face.

"But remember, this is only the beginning." Tempero smirked, an odd look on his current form, that of a young boy.

"Indeed. But I believe, in the end game, the Hunters shall defeat their opponents."

"Shall they? Or will my precious creations overrun the multiverse?" Tempero laughed evilly, and his form shifted to that of a wicked old man
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Jio Uzumaki
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Damn me. Damn you all
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Blood+ world

Diva giggled as she dodged the attack. The man she was fighting smirked back. A crow flew overhead.

"Not bad. Who are you?" the queen of the chiropteran asked the man in front of her.

A gray mist descended down and Diva's vision was obscured. A slight wooshing noise sounded, and Diva felt a hand on her neck.

"Damon." The man said from his new posistion before biting down on the girl.
A slight sting came from her blood, but it wasn't anything to worry about. Diva's lifeless body hit the ground as Damon wiped off his lips. Suddenly, a gaping dark hole, like a rip in time itself, appered and forced Damon into it.

Vampire forces: x 1 Generals

Marvel universe

The blood god La Magra recoiled in pain. How dare this false vampire actually injure him.

Morbius smirked and streched his hand, the plasma sucking "mouths" gaping.

"I am a force of nature! How could you, a false vampire created by science, injure me?"

"Because you're nothing but blood." The man/vampire bat hybrid grabbed the blood fiend's arm again. As the suckers went to work, La Magra screamed in pain. When the ghastly proccedings were over, Morbius' eyes glowed a new shade of scarlet and brimmed with power. The vampire god was gone, but his power remained. The same rip in time that took away Damon snatched Morbius away.

Vampire Forces: x2 Generals.

Hellsing World

Alucard fired off a shot from Jackal, his black gun. As Belmont's whip blocked the bullet by sheer chance, Alucard pulled out Casull. "Die." Alucard fired nonstop for 45 seconds. Belmont's whip moved at a speed humans shouldn't be able to manage. The bullets fell to the ground.

Alucard smirked. Not since Van Helsing had a human been this good an opponent to him. "Let's see how good you are." he intoned.

Castlevania World

D slashed at Alucard's chest. The white haired man blocked the attack swung his sword skyward in a sweeping slash. As the sword began to bite innto Alucard, he jumped back. Instead of splitting him in two, the strike left a long cut from the top of Alucard's head to the bottom of his gullet. As Alucard stumbled back, two twin streaks of white light flew from D's hand. As they struck Alucard, piercing his heart, their true nature was revealed. They were two ordinary wooden stakes. D had thrown them so fast the air around them had burned white hot!

Aucard fell, and did not rise again. As D turned to walk away, a glowing portal appeared. Inside of it D could see stars and space. The portal beckoned to him, so D entered.

Hunter Forces: x 1 General.
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Jio Uzumaki
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Damn me. Damn you all
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Hellsing World

Alucard put the thumb and index fingers of his hands together, forming a square.

"Releasing restraints 5...4...3...2...1" Red eyes and black shadows replaced the vampire's entire outfit . A huge red eye opened on his chest.

Belmont nearly dropped his whip. In all his life, had he never seen a monstrocity like this.

A hellhound head sprouted from Alucard's shoulder. The rest of his body morphed into it's as he sprang upon him. 10 seconds later, Bellmont was no more.

A portal appeared, beckoning to Alucard, who put his resrictions back on and entered it.

Hunter forces: x2 Generals
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Jio Uzumaki
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Damn me. Damn you all
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As Alucard stepped out of the portal, it closed behind him. Alucard observed his new enviroment. He seemed to be standing on a clear platform in the reaches of space. A rather large black man in a leather coat with shades and a sword stood, looking bored.

A young European/Japanese man wearing a black cape, pants, and shirt with a widebrimmed hat sat on the ground, possibly meditating. A long sword lay on the ground next to him.

As the three men noticed each other, an infinity symbol appeared in the air, expanding until the loops were like doorways from which the three could see all of the past, present and future.

A man stepped out of the symbol. He wore a gold helmet, a gold and blue shirt, and blue pants. On his back was a cape patterned like the stars of eternity, that even twinkled.

"Hello my Hunter Generals. I am Deus Ex Machina, the protector of time."

The young man stood, his sword in his hand. Alucard pointed his guns at the blue clothed man. The large man drew his sword with one hand and a gun with the other.

"Who are you and what is going on?" One voice expressed boredom, one amusement, one anger.

"Allow me to explain. Long ago, an ancient being known as Tempero created vampires. I allowed their existence at first, but when they threatened the existance of humans, the ones the Three Who are All charged me with the protection of. I responded by manipulating the destinies of multiple people to turn them into Vampire Hunters. You four are my greatest achievements. Now, as Tempero creates an army of vampires, I need you to create an team of hunters to combat them."

"Four? Open your eyes, creep. I only count three." The voice came from the black clothed man's left hand. Alucard looked at it. A face was on it.

"Quiet,you." The man said.

"Your cursed left hand speaks truth, D. The fourth arrives now." Another portal opened behind them and a white haired Eurasian man in priest ropes tumbled out.

"Sorry!" he cried, fumbling with his glasses.

"You four: Alucard, master of all vampires. Blade, the daywalker. D, son of Dracula-" Alucard looked shocked by this revelation. "and Abel Nightroad, the Crusnik, a vampire who feeds on other vampires. The four of you must save the multiverse."

Meanwhile, in a seperate pocket dimension, Tempero, dressed in clothing similar to classic Dracula, exept the black had white sparks in it, finished his explanations to the newly formed Generals of vampires. Damon, Morbius, Dio Brando and Cain Nightroad.

"So you kidnapped me, made me kill a little girl, and re-kidnapped me to force me to help you wipe out all the vampire hunters in the multiverse." Damon asked.

"Yes." Temperos' body changed into that of a young boy, and his clothing turned into a black pair of jeans and a wite and black shirt.

"You could have asked. Sounds like fun." Damon smirked.

next chapter: The first battle
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