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Kross and Rain: Cursed Souls; Kross and Rain's Journey as we originaly planned it
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Jio Uzumaki
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Damn me. Damn you all
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The sun bathed the two armies in heat, causing every soldier to sweat, profusely. This was just the most recent battle in the four year war, against the Akolite Empire and the empires of the west, east and north. But what the other empires knew not, is that the Akolites had the hand of the god Temperos. Anything that Temperos said, Emperor Manikon would order his Akolites to accomplish the task. To accomplish most of their missions, the Akolites would call on the Nightroad clan, the most brutal and most skillful mercenaries in the east. Although the Nightroads did not worship Temperos, they would still fulfill missions sent by him, they would only do mission that were just, they worshiped gold coins and the Akolites had an abundant supply of that. Usually about now, the Akolites would have wiped out the Freddel army, but this time the Akolites remained away from the army. The Freddel army had a new warrior. A large giant of a man stood between the two armies. He was Erroll, the hellhound. He was surrounded by corpses of Akolites that tried to become heroes of the empire and now they will be sent back to the capital city of the Akolite Empire, Akolia, some will be sent as an entire body, others decapitated. Who will battle him and his axe, Cerberus?
“Dad it’s him, the Hellhound.” A young warrior dressed in black iron banded armor, he wielded a greatsword that was nearly as big as he. The young warrior did not look old enough to be a fighter, he was only five foot, but despite his height he was quite muscular for a boy that looked only the age of thirteen. The large greatsword on his back accentuated the fact. The warrior next to him was much bigger; he wore grey armor, with the design of a wolf on it. The warriors face was covered by a mask designed after the head of a wolf.
“Yes Kross that is the traitor to the Akolites and our clan.” The warrior said to the younger one.
“He seems good with that ax.” A female voice said, both turned and a female warrior in crimson armor designed off of a phoenix stood off to the side. She was smirking slightly revealing four very sharp canines.
“Yeah Ma, and he’s worth a ton of gold, give me a minute to collect.” Kross said, charging forward at his newly picked target.
“Kross! Damn it, Blade, he’s your kid.” The wolf warrior said, drawing the long katana from the scabbard on his hip.
“Last time I checked he was your kid too; who do you think he gets his hardheadedness from?” Both the phoenix and wolf warrior chuckled and watched there sun make a fool of himself. “Well ready your weapons, if he hurts my kid, I’m taking his head off myself.”
Kross looked up at the towering soldier, a shadow casting over him. Erroll smiled.

“This is the warrior that will send me to Elysium.” Erroll roared. Kross smiled and a single sharp tooth showed.
“You think you’re going to Elysium, only heroes go to Elysium. I’m Kross, son of Fang, I’m sending straight deepest parts of Falengard and that is a promise, you bastard.” Kross declared, drawing the greatsword from his back. The blade shined bright and iridescent, nearly blinding both armies with its marvelous glow. Erroll could hardly see Kross swing the sword, it nearly took off his head, but Erroll was more skilled than he thought, the strike was blocked with the shaft. Kross followed up with a blindingly fast one handed slash, cutting a deep groove in Erroll’s armor. With a roar, Erroll slashed downward, only to hit empty air. Kross had vanished. Out of nowhere, the boy reappeared, a second strike cutting deep into Erroll’s arm. Erroll slashed out again and again, only for the boy to easily slip his blows. Kross smirked confidently, “Getting tired?” he asked. The comment cost him, though, as Erroll took the chance to slash Kross across the chest. The boy’s armor dented, impairing Kross’ breathing. Kross barely got his guard up in time before Erroll was raining blows down on him.
“Kross!” Blade started forward, drawing her broadsword, only to be stopped by the Wolf Warrior. “Hold up, honey. Let’s see what the boy can do.”

A rather strong hit rattled Kross, and he nearly dropped the sword.

Errol kicked out, catching Kross in the ribs. The blow sent the boy sprawling, and he dropped his blade.
“This is the end, kid!” Erroll raised the ax, and for just a second, a flash of pale skin appeared in his armor. Seizing his chance, Kross grabbed his blade and stabbed up with all of his remaining strength, aiming for that small exposed spot. The blade hit home, and a spray of blood streamed from the wound, and a loud gurgling sound issued from within Erroll’s mouth. He dropped to his knees drowning in his own blood. Kross smiled wickedly, all four of his sharp canine teeth showing. Yanking the sword out of his enemy’s throat, He raised it again. “Welcome to Falengard.” He growled before slamming the sword into Erroll’s skull. The blade bit deep, cleaving Erroll’s skull nearly in half. The force of the blow caused the blood spray to jump upward, splashing Kross’ face, accenting his yellow eyes. The rest of the Freddel army stepped back. “You should run.” The boy snarled at them, just as the Akolites charged forward.
Blade and Fang, the Phoenix and Wolf warriors, stopped beside Kross.

“Not bad, kid. Not bad at all.” Fang patted his son’s head affectionately.
The three warriors approached Nightroad village, it was located deep inside of the Grizen forest. Near the entrance stood a large podium with a wolf on it, the wolf was the symbol of the Nightroads. On the edge of the statue, sat a boy, in a brown tunic, brown trousers, and a burgundy vest, he was the son of Fang and Blade. The boy looked only a year younger than Kross, he looked smaller and less muscular, with wavy black hair to Kross’ spiked hair, and the same golden eyes.
“Hey Jay, look we just annihilated the Hell hound and look his axe.” Kross said, raising the axe high in the air with much pride.
“Wow you took yet another human life, super.” Jay said Kross could hear the sarcasm in his voice, which was amazing since most people never realized when he was trying to be sarcastic. Jay hopped down and followed his family, Kross noticed the many people with a bear on the front of their shirts.
“Who are they?” Kross asked.
“They are survivors from Alica.” A voice said from behind them, they all turned, placing their palms on the pommels of their swords. Although Jay did not enjoy killing, he was adept in it, he was one of the best swordsman in the clan, but the blade of his sword did not have the pleasure of feeling human flesh, it only felt the skin and fur of goblins, orcs, trolls and wolves. Before them stood an elderly man with a white cloak, on the back of his cloak was a cross. He looked much like a member of a church. “After the harvest was stolen by bandits, the city missed the deadline to sacrifice to Temperos, so they were destroyed by a host of his angels.”
“Wait, he killed them because they didn’t burn some corn on time? That’s stupid.”
“Do not mock Temperos his rage is great.”
“I'm not mocking, I'm pointing out the punishment didn't fit the crime. A crime they didn't have any choice but to commit. It was kind of a jerk move.”
Kross and Fang walked off. Blade looked around, trying to find Jay. She found him gawking at the academy.
“Soon little one, I promise.”

Kross was awoken by the screams of women and smells of smoke. He quickly leapt to his feet, and retrieved his trousers and sword. He charged from the house. It was the most horrific sight he had ever seen, Akolite soldiers, were destroying his village. The village that was home to some of the most formidable warriors in the world of Fero was now a corpse-strewn field. His parents! They were the only thing he could think about in this terrible time. He ran to the guardhouse, where his parents would be. He dropped to his knees; his parents were nothing, only corpses on the ground. He covered his face; his hands were quickly soaked by his tears. His golden eyes quickly flared, before he realized something. Jay’s in trouble! Kross ran to the hidden corner of the village set aside for Jay’s study corner.

Six soldiers stood between Kross and his goal. Kross gripped his sword tightly. “OUT OF MY WAY!” He roared, as he swung his blade down toward the first man. Halfway through the swing, he switched it into a horizontal slash, neatly bisecting the man. The other five men fell upon him, stabbing forward. But their blades only found each other. Kross had dashed off to the side the moment the blades had blocked their field of vision. Kross dashed back in, stabbing the nearest man clean through, before slashing out into the next. As the third man tried to stab Him from behind, Kross spun around him and sent a blow directly to the man’s skull. Suddenly, a pain in his side ripped through Kross. The warrior to his left twirled his rapier, still dripping with Kross’ blood. He attacked again, a multitude of slashes. Another man, wielding twin kukris, also bore down on Kross. The two pushed him back, launching lightning fast strikes that left the golden eyed boy unable to mount an offensive. Kross steadily lost ground as the two pounded away at his defenses. The boy kicked out, his metal greaves denting the metal in the armor of the fencer, before piercing through him. Kross then rounded on the knife user, and three quick strikes brought doom to the soldier. Kross turned again, putting all his force into the swing of his sword, causing it to cleave straight through the remaining men. As they fell, the raven-haired boy rushed past.
Kross entered the room. There among the books, was Jay. The boy lay in a pool of his own blood, a wicked chest wound slowly killing him.
Kross' sword dropped. He ran to his brother's side and tried to stop the bleeding with his hands.

"C'mon, Jay." Tears formed in his eyes. "You'll be fine. I'll get you all patched up, we'll go hide at uncle Alec's place. You'll go to the academy."

Jay's eyelids started to lower. Kross' voice rose up a level as he pressed harder.

"Don't worry. Big brother's going to take care of you. You'll be fine. Just keep your eyes open. Someone, help!" Kross yelled out, not caring if friend or foe heard.

Jay's eyes fluttered, then closed forever.

"Jay? Jay!" The young warrior cried out to his brother, then raised his voice to the heavens in a wordless scream.

As the flames still raged, the sounds of fighting died down. The Nightroad clan had been overcome by the overwhelming numbers of the Akolites. But Kross no longer heard them. He walked, aimless and blind, toward the entrance. There he saw them.. Four men in white and blue armor sporting the crosses in an x pattern. One held a chakram, one a serrated sword, the third had studded gauntlets and no weapon, and the fourth carried a quarterstaff. Vero, Akinas, Glaidus, and Divinas. The four exorcists.

Akinas, the one with the serrated blade , spoke. "Vero, was it necessary to kill the little kid? He was what, ten?"

"Orders are orders." The one with the chakram, Vero, said. A smug grin decorated his face.

A red haze distorted Kross' vision. With a roar he rushed at the foursome and swung his blade at Akinas. Gladius stepped in front of his partner. A metal clang resounded. Gladius had caught the blade in one hand. The barehanded exorcist fist drove into Kross' gut, the studs cutting through his sleep shirt and punching holes into his stomach. As he roughly shoved Kross away, Divinas smacked Kross over the head with the corner staff. The dazed hero stumbled, and had just enough sense to jerk his head back as the serrated blade flashed toward his face. It missed cutting his head in half but made a brutal cut on his nose. Akinas thrust the sword out, catching Kross in the side. As he went down, Kross lost grip of his sword. Desperately, he reached for it.

A spike slammed down, piercing his left hand. Vero kicked the sword away and the four walked away.

A weak voice called after them. "W-why?"

Divinas turned. "'Because Temperos has declared your clan heretics. And so, our god personally appeared to the Empire and ordered your family's execution. It was fate that led to their deaths. . And it was predestined for you to die on this floor."

Kross' eyes narrowed angrily. Ripping the spike out of his hand, he stood up.

"'Fate. Destiny. Predestined. SHUT UP! My brother died in my arms today, and you tell me it was fate?" Kross laughed bitterly, though every breath hurt. " I'll make my own fate in this world. You just declared war on the Nightroad clan.And this is war like any other. The last man alive wins! And I won't rest until I track down and destroy every one of you and then take the fight to your pathetic god! This is my declaration. MY DECLARATION OF WAR!!!" A bolt of lightning flashed at the word "war" as if the world itself accepted his challange.

Vero threw his chakram, cutting across Kross' chest. Satisfied that the boy would die of his injuries, the four left.

Kross awoke with a start. The men were gone, and his wound still oozed blood. I will not die here!
Mixing the dirt and spilled blood, he created mud. Kross slathered it on his wounds, stopping the bleeding. Then, on unsteady legs, he stood.

Kross walked toward the gate, vision blurring. something grabbed his leg, bringing him to the ground. A dying man held him. The man was a Nightroad, sure enough, yellow eyes slowly paling. Another grabbed his arm. A dying Akolite soldier. more dying men and women grabbed at him. Freaking out, Kross wrenched his way out of the dying horde. Kross ran hard, leaving all the death behind him.

As the sun rose, Kross reached his Uncle's house. The boy passed out on the steps.
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Prologue 2: Rain's story

Deep in the forest a young winged boy was fighting a group of wolves. Although he was only 10 years old he knew he could take them since his father had trained him in tae-kwon-do and the fact that he had twin poison tipped daggers. The first wolf lunged at him only to meet a spinning back kick to the face. Two more swiped at him with their claws but he rolled out of the way at the last minute. "Heh you guys are to slow." He said while slashing at them but he didn't notice another wolf jump on him from behind. The wolf was about to deliver a deadly bite to the kids neck but before it could he rammed the dagger into its throat killing it.

"You won't make me your dinner." He then climbed up a tree to see how many were left. "I killed three so far. Nine, ten, eleven, twelve. This could be bad." He thought. He then jumped to another tree and cut off a branch from it so he'd have a chance to get away. When he say the wolves heading toward the branch he went back to the tree he was originally in and started running back towards his home. I'm home free now. But when he jumped onto the next branch it snapped under his weight. When he hit the ground the air was knocked out of his lungs. His heart started beating faster when he heard growling, one of the wolves had heard him fall and was ready to make a meal out of him. The wolf charged and bit right into his arm. Pain surged through his entire body and he yelled out in agony.

With his right arm he grabbed one of his daggers and plunged it into the wolf's eye causing it to let go and cry out in unbelievable pain. The boy kicked the wolf in the jaw and then stabbed it in the heart before running away. He stumbled his way home hoping his father could use his angel magic to heal his wounds faster. The scene that awaited him was something he never could of expected. His father had shoved his sword straight through his mother's head killing her instantly."No. Mother. NO!" The boy cried out.

His father turned to him a smile on his face looking incredibly calm. "Ah hello Rain I expect you had no problems out there in the forest." He than looked over at Rain's mother's unmoving body. "Dragons can be such an annoyance sometimes. I'm glad to see that my genes were what you got though I can't say I like that you also have your mother's wings along with mine though I'll admit they do look cool." Rain couldn't think anymore he pulled out his daggers and charged toward his father. "I'm sorry but I can't play with you right now son." When Rain had gotten close to him he kneed him right in the gut. "I'm sorry to leave so soon but you're a big boy now you'll be able to take care of yourself." He than started flying away.

Rain dragged himself over to his mother's corpse. "Mother I'm so sorry this happened." He said crying. The smell of blood was making him sick but he didn't want to leave his mother's side for fear that his father would come back to kill him. "Oh mother you told me that the dragon village kicked kicked you out for falling in love with dad and said that he would only cause misery. Who knew that would be true." He then saw two of his mother's fangs lying on the ground next to him. He grabbed them and made a vow. "I will become stronger. Even if it kills me I'll avenge her. I'll use these fangs to kill you I swear it!"

"'You'll be able to take care of yourself.' He said. Well he was right I've taken care of myself for eight years. Yet there's one thing that I still need to finish." Rain said. "Now is the time that I will bring him to justice." Eight long years of living in the streets have taught Rain the ways of the rogue and his jobs have made him infamous as the wanted "Reverse Grip Rogue" and made his life even harder but he cannot fail. "I'll make him burn in hell for the pain he caused me!"
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Chapter One

The shadows grew long as night began to fall. A figure appeared in the horizen. A man in black and red approached the town. Yellow eyes scanned the small town for somewhere to sleep. Spotting a tavern, the figure walked toward it.

In the tavern, there was almost no one there. The only people were the waitress, the barkeep/owner, and four old men. Suddeny the door opened. Everyone in the bar turned to look at the strange sight. A black kid with yellow eyes and black, spikey hair stood in the doorway. He wore a black longcoat with red highlights. Under it was a red T-shirt with a black dragon on it. Black and red jeans ended where a pair of black combat boots began. On his back, a black sword with red runes covering the blade was strapped. The boy couldn't have been more than 17.

This strange boy walked over to the bar. "Who do I have to talk to to get a bed and a meal?" He asked the barkeep in a gravely monotone. The man, who had been slightly unnerved by the boy, brightened at the words.

"Thank you for choosing our tavern. We haven't had much buisness in a small town like this."

After the meal, the boy was given the key to his room. The waitress began to talk to him.

"I'm Junko. What's your name?"

"Kross." our reborn hero said, his vice still emotionless.

"Where are you from?"

"Nowhere you've heard of."

"Your parents?"

A look of rage passed over Kross, before it settled back into his default emotionless expression. "You ask a lot of questions. I'm going to bed." Kross said
Before he could stand, however,four men stormed in. Two were vere large, with barrel chests and reddish blonde hair. The third was smaller, with long arms and a wicked smile. The fourth was average sized, but held himself like a master swordsman. Each of them wore white robes with the insignia of the Akolite Army emblazend across it.. Each also carried an axe or sword, four throwing knives and a dagger.

"Kross Alexander Nightroad. For the crimes of treason, blasphemy, and assault against the leaders of our fine kingdom and religion. You are wanted dead or alive." the biggest one said, unsheathing his blade.

Kross didn't get up from his stool. "I'm not gonna fight you clerics. You're just small fry." he said calmly.

The lead cleric swung his sword down as hard as he could, cutting the stool, bar, and barkeep in two with it.

"Uncle!" Junko cried, blue hair flying into her face.

Kross appeared behind the oversized man. For the first time since he appeared, an emotion showed on his face. With a roar, he unsheathed his sword and cut the man in half with a single move.

"You don't kill innocents! How many times do I have to tell you monsters, you don't have to kill innocent people to get to me!" Kross ranted, his face a mask of barely suppressed rage. The other three clerics laughed as one.

"As if you care what happens to people, Black Blade! Anyway, the holy law states that anyone who helps an enemy of the Kingdom can be punished with death. That includes the old man and the girl!" so saying the second big man attempted to grab Junko. There was a flash of black and red and the man fell away, his arm severed. Kross stood in front of the girl.

"Try that again, I dare you." He growled
The warrior stalked towards the remaining two clerics, his sword dragging across the floor.
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Chapter Two

Kross and Junko sat outside the bar. Junko's formerly pristine white shirt and skirt had a long trail of blood running down it. Her face had twin streaks of tears. She sat, her head buried in her own arms, grieving for her uncle. Kross wached her for a while, than began to walk away.

"Wait!" The girl ran after him.

"What do you want now?"

"I don't have anywhere to go, so I'm coming with you."


Junko did a double take. What did he mean no? He was the reason her uncle was dead, the least he could do was let her travel with him.

"Look at me, maid girl. Look closely at me." Kross said, his voice not the usual monotone but something else. Sadness, or maybe resignation. Junko looked.

It migh have been a trick of the light, a mirage caused by the rising sun, but there seemed to be a darkness around Kross.

"Can you see it? This darkness around me destroys everything it comes into contact with. If you stay with me, you will be in danger. Clerics, knights, fiends straight from the bowels of hell, even angels will attack us. Do you truly want that life?"

Junko thought, then nodded. "I'll stay. Just teach me to fight as you do."

Kross looked at the determination in her eyes and realized she was serious. With a world weary sigh, he nodded his consent. They began to walk.

After they were out of town and had walked awhile, Junko spoke up.

"So you're the Black Blade? Are any of the stories true? Were you really born of demons and raised by wolves? That you eat the flesh of men? That-"

"Okay, first, one question at a time. Second, no. Temperos had his little priests make that stuff up about me. Third, maid-girl, if you want to know the truth, sit down on that rock and listen closely."

Junko sat as Kross lay back on a boulder and began his story.
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Rain arrived in the city of Devon because he had heard that there was a blacksmith that lived there. He had covered up his wings in a hooded sweater since he didn't want anyone to know who he was. He could still remember how he became a wanted man.

-Six years earlier-

"Excuse me sir can you spare some bread?" Rain asked a stranger who had just bought some from a merchant. Ever since what had happened two years prior he had hunted wolves and other animals for his food. This kept him strong and healthy on his own while he trained to be able to kill his father. Than less than a month ago mages from the town of Aneras destroyed the forest which Rain called home. He asked the man again. "Sir can you spare some bread?" When he turned around Rain was certain that the man would give him some but when the man looked at him his face went from one filled with kindness to one filled with hatred.

"I would never give food to a monster like you!" He spat. "I'd rather throw this into the river than give it to someone like you!" And when he finished yelling at Rain he punched him right in the face. The man left after that and Rain was frozen in shock for a few minutes. When he got up he walked to a merchant shop and tried to take a loaf of bread.

Surely he has enough that he won't mind me taking some. But when he grabbed it the merchant grabbed his arm. "Who do you think you are, stealing from me?" He asked coldly.

"My name's Rain Wilson. I'm sorry for taking this but I'm so hungry and you have plenty so it should be okay, right?" Rain then pulled his arm away and tried leaving but then the merchant stopped him.

"You better pay for that bread." The merchant said. Unfortunately Rain didn't have any. "You don't have any than you'll have to pay in blood!" With that the merchant clenched his fists and started walking towards Rain. "A street rat like you deserves to be exterminated." When Rain backed into a wall he panicked and pulled out his daggers. "What do you think.." Before the merchant could finish his question Rain had cut through his throat. The merchant fell to the ground and died in a pool of his own blood. Rain looked around in shock, all around him The people looked at him in fear. He looked at a window and the image he saw scared him. The merchant's blood spattered on his face and dripping from his dagger.

I'm becoming a monster. Rain thought, he slowly walked past the merchant's body and grabbed the bread and the gold peices that fell on the ground. I can't stay here anymore. So he walked towards the city gates. "Aneras I won't miss you. You have taken away my home and turned me into a monster. I will never return here!" The empty fields reminding him of what the city did to him.

-Three years later-

"The capital city of Alica." Rain said as he walked in. He wasn't afraid that someone would try to attack him. His reputation and the fact that he was six feet tall and 180 pounds of muscle would scare off most people before he even pulls out his daggers. Now where's the bank? He thought. He promised an orphanage in Inaris that he'd get money for them so the children there would have a better chance of survival. Before he went to look for it he saw a field full of fruit and vegetables. "Well nothing wrong with getting lunch." So he walked down to it."I think I'll have some corn." A few minutes later a man walked up to him looking angry.

"Why the hell are you eating my food you bastard!" He yelled. Rain didn't care what he was saying this guy was almost half a foot shorter than him so he knew that he would just have to threaten him and he'll be fine. "Are you listening to me! Get the hell off of my land." The person pulled out an ax.

"You would really attack me." Rain said, waiting for the man to realize who he was. When he saw that the man didn't know who he was he continued. "I am Rain Wilson the Reverse Grip Rogue." Understanding flashed in the man's face but to Rains surprise he didn't back down.

"Ha now I've got an even better reason to kill you. When I defeat you the whole world will know the name Dmitri Evans." And with that he swung the ax at Rain.

"Hey be carefull with that, you could hurt someone like that." Rain said dodging more ax swings until the ax got stuck in the trunk of a tree. "Too bad Dmitri. Don't worry this'll only hurt for a second." Rain than kneed him in the gut and drove his elbow into the back of his neck knocking him unconscious. "Damn it I won't be able to get to the bank now!" He looked around. I'll just take as many of this food as I can so I'll have food to eat.

-Present day- (Six monthes prior to Kross' current day)

As he was walking down the road he saw some kids playing. I remember when I was that age. If only I had an easier childhood. As he was walking he noticed a nearly seven foot tall man walking in his direction. Maybe I can get some lunch. Rain bumped into him. "Excuse my bad." He said while secretly grabbing his coin bag.

"No it's my fault I was lost in thought sorry." The man said. He than continued walking.

Perfect. Rain thought. Now he'd be able to buy some food. He walked to the nearest merchant and bought a loaf of bread and an orange. He than went and bought a new jacket from another merchant. He was happy he could afford it with so much left over. This sweater is to big Rain thought as he took off the sweater and put on the jacket. When he was done he noticed something shining on the ground. "What is that?" As he approached he couldn't believe his eyes. "Th-three platinum pieces."

-Economy basics-

Bronze pieces are the least valuable.

Silver pieces are worth 100 bronze pieces.

Gold pieces are worth 100 silver pieces.

Platinum pieces are the most valuable and are worth 100 gold pieces.


Rain grabbed the pieces and walked away. He noticed the man from earlier giving away what looked like the last of his food to a group of kids. Rain walked up to him. "Here would you like an orange?" The man nodded a yes and Rain gave him the orange. "No need for thanks." Rain said shaking the man's hand and while doing that he slipped the coin bag back into his pocket. "Have a nice day."

"You too." The man said.

"Okay time to find the blacksmith." Rain said. After searching for a half hour he finally decided to ask someone for directions. "Hey excuse me. Can you tell me where the blacksmith is?"

"Of course." The woman he asked answered. "You see that building at the end of the road on the right?" She pointed towards said building. Rain nodded. "That's the shop."

Rain walked down to the blacksmith's house and knocked on the door. Inside he heard a voice, "Get up you lazy drunk!" The door opened and Rain saw the man from earlier. "Yeah what do you want? Oh it's you thanks for the orange." He said.

"Okay what can I do you for?" The older man asked. "Hmm. Do I know you from somewhere?"

Crap he's seen the wanted posters. Rain thought. I'd better leave before I get found out.

"Ah you're just hung-over. What did I tell you about drinking." The younger man said. "Hey the names Kross. So what do you need?"

Rain pulled out his daggers. "Can you tell me what you can do with these? I've already got an enchantment that keeps anyone but me using them but what else can you do?"

"Well I can enchent them to make them always return to you when you lose them, I'll also make it so they can't dull, and finally I can coat them in hydra venom." The blacksmith said. "I'm sure that'll do."

"Yeah so how much will that be?" Rain asked. These guys look like they got it tough so I'll give them one of the platinum pieces.

"That'll be ten gold pieces." The blacksmith answered. "That should be reasonable."

"Actually that'll be thirty gold pieces." Kross decided. "Don't look at me like that, we need the money so don't argue."

"Well it seems like you want to make things more interesting so how 'bout this you go up against me in an arm wrestling match. The winner decides the price of the work." Rain offered. "That is unless your scared you'll lose."

"Fine." Kross spat. "Just don't think you'll win. With that Kross put his arm on the table. Rain noticed that Kross looked like he would most likely kill him if he lost unfairly. Rain put his arm on the table as well. The two of them were at a standstill for about a minute when suddenly Kross slammed Rain's arm on the table. "Yeah! Take that." Kross went back to the back of the shop for a minute.

"So how much is it?" Rain asked. "And can you have it complete in a few minutes because I have to leave soon."

Kross came back out and told Rain. "It'll be twenty-five gold pieces for all the enchantments and my uncle's working on them right now. They should be ready in about five minutes." Kross went into another room and came out with two apples. "Here eat." He said tossing one of them to Rain. "So what brought you here to Devon anyways?"

"I needed a mastersmith to enchant those so I can finish some business with my father." Rain answered. "You're pretty strong. I can tell you're not a normal blacksmith assistant. Isn't that right Kross Nightroad."

"How do you know my name?" Kross asked. "No outsiders should be able to know that. I guess you know about who I am and that you're here to try to kill me then."

"Hey I never said that." Rain replied. "It's just that I'm in the information gathering business so I make it my job to know who people are." Kross was getting ready to reach for a sword when his uncle came back in. "You're lucky." Kross mouthed.

"Okay so here are your daggers young man." And he handed them to Rain. "So that'll be twenty-five gold."

"Okay." Rain said while reaching into his pocket to grab one of the platinum pieces. "Here and keep the change." Rain started to walk away when he heard Kross walk up to him. "You're going to ask a question aren't you?"

"Yes." Kross responded. "If you knew who I was and that I'm wanted by the church of Temperos then why did you give us a whole platinum piece and not try to kill me. It just doesn't make any sense."

"Well then I guess I'll tell you." Rain decided. "It's because I'm wanted by the church as well." He took off the jacket revealing his wings. Kross had a look of surprise on his face. "That's right I'm Rain Wilson, the reverse grip rogue. Now I'm going to leave and try to take down the church maybe we'll cross pathes while trying to destroy the corrupt members of the church and Temperos. Until then don't die." And with that Rain left the city of Devon.
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At the Kell temple, the four exorcists gathered to exchange information and plan their next move. Akinas glowered in the corner while the others talked, a radical departure from his usual all buisness self.

" Kross was spotted in the town of Alpas two weeks ago." Vero told the others. "He escaped with a girl, Junko Masamune."

"And he killed four clerics, one of which was my little brother, Caim!" Akinas erupted. "He's dead! Do you understand? Dead"

"Akinas, calm yourself." Divinas warned the black haired warrior.

"Shut up! How would you feel if it was your son, 'Oh wise one'? You can debate among yourselves what to do. I'm going to turn him into raven food." With that, he stormed out.

"Do you think he will be successful?" One Eyed Gladius asked the Elder Exorcist.

"No. Akinas is blinded by rage, the same rage Kross is fueled by. You cannot fight fire with fire, and Akinas will burn." Divinas answered.

Three days later, in a clearing by the city of Carrac

"Keep moving!" Kross commanded. Junko slashed the belly of her first opponent, before flipping over the second to stab the third in the heart. Then she pierced the spine of the one behind her. Dodging under a hammer blow, she slashed the next from groin to gullet. The final one muttered a spell, holding a staff. In one move, Junko cut through staff and wielder.

Kross hopped down from his tree as Junko cleaned her new weapon, a dagger taken from the body of the smallest of the Clerics, a grey eyed and black haired man, barely out of his teens. It was a iron dagger with gold hilt. The words "For Caim. Good luck, little one" was written on it. "Good job, you've mastered killing goblins." Kross stated.

"Would it kill you to put some emotion in your voice?" Junko snapped.

"Maybe." Suddenly, Kross froze. "Junko, go hide. Now." As the confused girl ran off, Kross drew his sword.

Akinas appeared, an army 100 men strong appeared.

"Prepare to die, devil!" Akinas roared.

"You'll need a lot more men than that." Kross responded. Grey eyes and yellow eyes locked across the field.

"Kill him." Akinas ordered. The army charged at the lone warrior.

With a roar, Kross met them head on, drawing the sword with his right hand. He swung and slashed, stabbed and dashed, mowing down ten men in half that many minutes.

"What the hell is he?" A soldier cried out as Kross dodged a spear thrust and stabbed it's wielder.

"How can he hold that sword in one hand!" a foot soldier cried as Kross ran past, swinging his blade in an arc, felling three foes at once.

As Kross ran forward to kill another swordsman, a blinding pain dropped him to his knees. An arrow was embedded into his leg. Ripping it out, Kross stood, he stabbed an approaching warrior with it and continued the rampage. The crossbowmen fired at Kross. Six arrows hit Kross' arms, legs, and chest. Ignoring them, he killed the shooters before they could reload. As the moon grew high in the sky, the battle slowed to a crawl.
Kross, covered in blood, looked at his remaining enemies.
"Fifty of you left, huh? At this rate, It'll be dawn before I crack open all of your skulls." Kross smiled then, the smile of a predatory animal in front of prey.

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The soldiers slowly backed away from the grinning boy. They hadn't won by charging him all at once, only getting in each other's way. He had mowed them down without thinking.

From 100 to 50, in fifty minutes. This kid couldn't be human. He stood covered in the blood of their friends, smiling like a hungry animal.

Kross looked up. "What's the matter? Scared?"

One of the soldiers charged at Kross. "Die, you Bloody Beast!" He screamed. Kross easily sidestepped the attack, then slashed the man across the chest. The man fell, bifurcated.

As if a spell was broken, the army charged Kross.

Hidden from sight, Junko watched as Kross slashed and stabbed, dashed and dodged, and generally slaughtered men.

Finally, there was only five men between Kross and Akinas. The first man ran towards Kross, sword outstretched. Kross blocked the strike, then impaled the man. The second and third circled around Kross. As they slashed at him, the third ran forward with his spear. Kross dodged the swords with ease, cut through the spear, and finished it off by swinging his sword with such force that he cut through the three.
The final man took one look around and ran away.

"Just you and me, Exorcist." Kross told Akinas.

"Let's end this, Nightroad." Akinas responded, drawing his jagged sword.
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The sound of swords echoed across the plain. The two warriors fought with a fury that was usually reserved for fiends and Fae. Kross' zweihander hit Akinas' jagged sword again and again, blocking strike after strike. A strike from Akinas sent Kross stepping back. The Exorcist danced around Kross' guard, cutting him again and again. A strike from his saw-toothed blade nearly slit Kross' throat, but the teen managed to trap the blade. Kross grabbed the pommel of his sword and slammed it into Akinas' face, causing blood to pour from his mouth. Akinas swung his blade in a wild arc, and the blade hit home. The cold steel sent a white hot surge of pain through Kross' side. Blood began to drip down from his side. The black zweihander slipped from his grasp.

"Not bad. You're better than you were three years ago."

"So are you." Kross smirked.

"Why are you smiling?" A sense of dread overcame Akinas.

"Oh, it's simple really. This is a two handed sword." Kross grabbed the sword with both hands and swung with all his might. The exorcist barely managed to block the swing before the black swordsman slashed down with a blow that could slash stone.

Akinas barely managed to dodge it, only to receive a kick in the stomach. He stumbled back, and Kross' sword cut a deep groove on Akinas' nose.

"Karma's a bitch, huh?" Kross said as Akinas stumbled. Kross slashed out again, carving a deep wound in Akinas' side!

Akinas stumbled and tried to put up a defense, but Kross stabbed him in the right arm. The sword dropped, but Akinas grabbed it in his left hand.

"Die!"" Akinas swung his sword with all of his might, headed straight for Kross' head. Kross wouldn't be able to block in time!

A sickening thunk resounded. Akinas looked down to discover a Kross' sword in his chest.

"That's one." Kross said, breathing heavily from the battle.

Akinas slumped forward and Kross planted his foot on him.

"Get off my sword." The Black swordsman growled as he kicked the body away. Kross wiped his blade on the grass and started to walk away, before he stumbled and fell, the wound on his side bleeding profusely.
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Junko jumped down from the tree she had hidden in just as the raven headed warrior dropped/

"Kross, you're hurt!" She exclaimed.

"Really? I hadn't noticed." Kross replied.

"What do I do?"

"My uncle's shop isn't too far from here." Kross tried to stand, and stumbled. Junko grabbed Kross' arm, intending to help him up, but Kross jerked away. A cold glare burned into Junko's soul.

"Don't touch me. Don't ever touch me." The black haired warrior growled. He grabbed a nearby stick, as long as him, and hoisted himself up.

"This way, Maid-Girl." Kross pointed toward the North-East. The two started walking.

After a little while, Kross stopped Junko and sniffed the air.

"Trouble." He snarled. Kross was proven right immediately when a large troll appeared. It was 9 feet tall, with grey skin and green eyes. Twin tusks dripped venom, and claws curved wickedly.

"Aw, crap." Kross tried to stand up straight, but his legs gave out. "This will be pain"
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The troll roared in anger and pounded the ground right in front of Kross and Junko.

"Well shit!" Kross exclaimed. "This will only end in pain." He grabbed his sword and pointed towards the troll. "Maid girl you should just stand behind me." But instead of getting behind Kross, Junko instead stood right next to him and grabbed one of the charms off of her bracelet. The charm began to grow and released a bright light. Once the light dissipated Junko was holding a morning star. "What are you doing maid girl?!"

"First off let's get things straight, my name is Junko not Maid girl. Secondly I'm not let you take that thing on all by yourself in the condition you're in." Junko then got a mischievous look in her eyes. "Besides a girl needs to have her fun too."

Suddenly a rock came flying and hit the troll right in the head. The troll growled in pain and anger and turned to face the direction that the rock came from. Standing on a tree branch was a young man with two pairs of wings. Rain had appeared. "Hey you piece of shit!" He yelled at the troll. "You have no right to attack people." Rain than jumped down from the branch and grabbed another rock. "Take this!" He threw the rock and nailed the troll right in the eye.

"Sure glad you could make it." Kross said to Rain once he joined them. "That at least buys us time to think up a plan. So any ideas."

"We have to attack it from three different sides." Rain said, he then noticed Kross' arm. "I can see that you're not in as good a shape as when I last saw you." He chuckled. Kross than gave him a threatening look. "Okay, so I need you two to attack him from the sides so you can take out his legs."

"What are you going to do?" Junko asked. "If it's what I think it is than you're either the bravest man around or the dumbest."

"I probably am." Rain admitted. "But the way I live my life, I need to take these risks." He sighed. "I'm going to attack him head on to serve as a distraction so you guys can have a better chance of taking him down."

"Damn it!" Junko yelled. "I may not know you but I sure as hell won't let you kill yourself!" She than punched Rain right in the face knocking him down to the ground. "I've seen enough death to know that I don't want to have to experience it any more."

Rain stood up wiping the blood from his mouth. "Don't worry. If this goes right the only one dying here will be that troll. Besides, it'll take a lot more than a troll to get rid of me." Rain then pulled out his daggers. "You guys better get in position because it looks like our big friend over there is starting to come back to his senses." With that Kross and Junko hid to wait for their time to attack. "Hey you son of a bitch I'm over here!" Rain yelled.

With a roar the troll ran towards Rain with murderous intent. The troll slammed it's fists into the ground right in front of Rain. It then tried to punch him but Rain flipped over it's arm. Just wait a little longer you guys. Rain then ran away from the troll to try to get it to follow him. It's in position. "Now guys!" With that Kross and Junko charged at the troll from opposite sides.

"I'm not letting you cause any more destruction!" Junko yelled as she swung her morning star right into the trolls right leg. "Does it hurt?" Junko asked as she hit the troll once again with her morning star. "It's broken! Kross how about you?"

"Working on it!" Kross yelled back to her. He swung his blade at the creatures leg. It tore halfway through the troll's leg. "Just once more!" With one more swing of the blade he finished the job. "Okay Rain's been cut down to size!"

"Don't make any jokes yet Kross. He's not dead yet." Rain then flew to Kross and grabbed him. "Hey Kross I hope you're ready to fly." Before waiting for an answer Rain threw Kross right towards the troll's head. With one slash he cut the trolls head clean off. "Yes!" Rain shouted jumping into the air.

"Hey Rain, thanks for helping us." Junko said. "If you hadn't shown up. I don't want to think about what could've happened." Junko than extended her hand. "I hope you can avoid the church's mercenaries and fix this country. My name's Junko."

Rain accepted Junko's handshake. "Rain why don't you travel with Junko and me?" Kross asked. "We just proved we make a great team."

Rain shook his head in disagreement. "Meeting once is chance Kross, meeting twice is a coincidence, if our paths cross a third time then I will join you guys but not before that." He then stood up. "My goal is different than yours. I hope you guys succeed." Rain then shook Kross' hand and left.
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Kross and Junko walked forward, finally exiting the forest.

"So, what the hell was that charm?" Kross asked the girl.

"A gift from my mother. I can summon any weapon I've seen before."

"So, why do you suck at swordsmanship?"

"Never been in an actual fight."

Kross sighed. "Whatever."

The two came upon a Blacksmith's forge, connected to a house.

"Great, we're here." Kross announced. He knocked on the front door of the house.

A large man, about 6'8, appeared. He wore a leather jerkin and leggings. A large bottle of whiskey, half empty, was in his left hand and a smithing hammer in his right.

"Wha'd'ya want?" He slurred, breath heavy with alcohol.

"It's 2:00 in the Afternoon!" Kross yelled at the man. "Why the hell are you already drunk!?"

"BECAUSE I'VE BEEN DRINKING SINCE 10:00!" The man roared back.



The girl blinked in confusion. "Kross, who is this?"

Kross turned to her. "Junko, meet my uncle and blacksmith, Samson Nightroad."
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"Boy, you ain't been this hurt since that elf village." Samson complained as he attended the boys wounds.

"Yeah, Yeah, Yeah. How's Vengeance?" Kross referred to his sword. "Oh and Maid Girl."

"The blade's nicked and chipped, but otherwise fine. The girl's sleeping soundly."

Kross sighed. "You going to repair it?"

"Yeah. As many times as you need me to."


"But Kross, how long can you do this? How long can you just wander around with no place to call home, with nothing but your vengeance to sustain you?"

Kross' eyes flared with a light close to madness. "As long as I have to. Until all my enemies lie broken and defeated at my feet."

"And what then?" Samson demanded

Kross was silent.

Samson patted his nephew's shoulder. "All patched up!" He took another swig from his bottle. "Get some sleep. Tomorrow, I'll cook up a huge breakfast for you and the girl."

Kross went into the spare room, lay his head down, and drifted off into a black, dreamless sleep.
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Kross and Samson sat at the table. reviewing his gear. Samson read off the list.

"Throwing knives?"

Kross held them up for the older man to see, before strapping the belt of knives to his waist


Kross held up the black, orange-sized explosives before slipping them into a pouch on the belt.


Kross lifted the sword, and for a moment, was transfixed as the darkness of the blade seemed to absorb all light it came in contact with. After a moment he sheathed it.

Then Samson moved over to Junko.

'New armor?"

Junko looked down at her new outfit. A cuirass of steel encased her torso, and a skirt of segmented plate armor protected her lower half. A red short sleeved shirt and leggings prevented the armor from rubbing against her, and a pair of sleek white shoe over white socks adorned her feet. Red fingerless gloves covered her palms.


"Pack full of supplies?"

Junko patted the magic bag filled with food, hunting and sleeping gear, and Kross' full armor, a black and red plate suit made of Dark Steel and dragon bone, patterned after a wolf. "Check."

"And this is just for you." Samson handed the girl a steel short sword with a black hand guard. A golden glyph was embossed on it, the ancient character for "luck" Simple, elegant, wicked.

"Thank you, Kel" Junko used the formal word to convey respect, but Samson just waved it off.

"Don' worry 'bout it. Jus' get goin'."

Kross took the pack from his blue haired companion. "We'll be back in two months."

"Where'r'ya headed off to?"

"Shinnok. There's some kind of station being built there. One of the four should be there." Kross stepped into the doorway.


"Take care of yerself."
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Kross and Junko walked through the woods. A eerie quiet prevailed the air.

"Stick close. These are the Dark Woods."

Junko nodded.

The two proceeded through.

A wave of unease flowed over the two.

There was a swooshing sound, as if there was something was moving through the trees.

The two sword wielders looked over their shoulders. Nothing was there.

"Weird." Junko murmured.

The two kept walking. A shape moved among the darkness. The breeze shifted, and Kross caught a whiff of graveyard soil and spoiled blood.

"Oh, crap." he muttered. He recognized that scent. He could only pray he was wrong.

"Maid-girl, we got to move fast. Some thing's coming for us."

Junko looked over her shoulder, but she still saw nothing.

"Don't look!" Kross growled. "On my signal, run."

A few more steps forward, and now the two could hear it. The sound of teeth grinding against themselves. Whatever was behind them moved closer, closer still.

"NOW!" Kross roared and the two took off running, the entities in pursuit.
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