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[align=right]11-th of November 1719[/align]

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Today I made the biggest sales since July when I am working here. No, the camphor balls one doesn’t count, even if it was of a considerable amount, because I know who had ordered it, so… it wasn’t the same thing as today.

I guess it might be baby Alphonse’s good luck, since he got christened today.

Meanwhile everybody was in church, a British Navy doctor came and bought lots of things. He spoke French with a strong accent, but once I got accustomed to it, it wasn’t difficult to understand his words.

Some of the things he ordered will be ready tomorrow afternoon, when I see him again to pick them up. I sent him to the apothecary’s too, for the specific things he couldn’t find in a herborist’s shop.

I liked him, and he promised to spread the word to others about “Fleur du Café”. It would mean more Navy customers, and it is not a bad thing. He also told me about the blockade they are going to together with the French allies. Which might mean that… well, Madame Lucia will have reasons to be unhappy again.

If his compliments were genuine, it is a reason to be glad that I have learnt so much since July while working here. And I have liked what I was doing. I guess this is a good thing. Perhaps, once upon a time, a few years in the future, I might open my own shop. Who knows? But the perspective to make competition to my present mistress is nothing I would like, though. So maybe I will have a shop, but not exactly in the same branch… because having it in another town where I know nobody and leaving Port de Paix is again something not to please me.
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