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[align=center]SAINT NICHOLAS, HELP ME![/align]
[align=right]6-th of December 1719[/align]

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Glorious St. Nicholas, my patron saint, from your throne in glory, where you do enjoy the presence of God, turn your eyes in pity upon me and obtain for me from our Lord the graces and helps that I need in my spiritual and temporal necessities, provided that it be profitable to my salvation.

Today it is my nameís day, and I got the day free from work. I went to church in the morning, to the mass, and I prayed to my patron saint not only for me. I lighted candles for everybody, given that Saint Nicholas is the patron saint of children, of women in need and also the patron of sailors.

I am praying for good health, for me and for Godís servants Lucia and Ghislaine, as we are all three alone under the same roof, like the young women you had helped. As you are also the protector of children, give good health and good luck to little Francois Alphonse Raoul, and make him grow into a good man his mother to be proud of.

Saint Nicholas, patron of the sailors, please have in your grace Godís servant Adoracion de San Ignacio and keep him in good health and safe from sea and enemy weapon. Help him return safely to Port de Paix.

Saint Nicholas, bring back to the right way of salvation all those who are living steeped in sin and blinded by the darkness of ignorance, error, and heresy. Comfort the afflicted, provide for the needy, strengthen the fearful, defend the oppressed, give health to the infirm; cause all men to experience the effects of your powerful intercession with the supreme Giver of every good and perfect gift. Amen.

I went to the cemetery afterwards, because Maman and Papa were always celebrating with me my patron saintís feast. All our feasts were acknowledged, even if lately when poor it wasnít much to celebrate with.

I had some coppers saved for a tarte with fruit and a bottle of cider, to bring home for dinner, to celebrate together with Madame Lucia and Ghislaine, as they are my family now. And I returned much sooner, actually. What else to do in town, by myself?

I received from Madame Lucia a liard to buy myself what I wantÖ but I donít know what I want for now. Or, rather, I guess I donít want anything and I prefer to keep it for later. I am in mourning and I donít want any new trinket. Ghislaine gave me an amulet and she said it is meant to bring me good fortune. She showed me she has a similar one and she told me that it helped her to get noticed by Madame Lucia and her protector in September.

Well, anyone would be happy for a little bit of luck, soÖ I am glad. I thank Saint Nicholas for all his blessings, for me and for the others who do matter to me, and I let them all into his care and protection.
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