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If she introduced herself to him, it was the case for him to introduce himself too:

”My name is Santiago Moreno,” he said simply.

Given that on a pilgrimage none of them had come with a full luggage, they had no spare clothes besides the pilgrim’s sack shirt. So they were bound to bathe with the clothes on, making sure the stains of blood go away, because presenting themselves in front of the saint covered in blood was the worst choice.

The water was cold – to be expected at this time of the year – but this meant also that it took less effort to wash away the blood. For the wounded woman, he knew the coldness took away the pain as well.

Once they were back on the shore, dripping wet and chilly, Chago looked around for some branches and made a fire, enough to help them dry without catching a cold.

”How are your wounds? May I help you bandage them?” he asked her.
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