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The Codex; The rules of the high seas
Topic Started: Jul 26 2010, 11:18 AM (4,372 Views)
The Flying Dutchman
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[align=center]CODE OF CONDUCT

Posted Image[/align]

Even the pirates had articles of agreement compiled in a code of conduct. If they were asked to swear to abide by them, we won’t ask you. This is why no hidden words are among our rules. They may be amended at any time by the commanding officers. When they are, this will be notified in the “Monthly Chronicle of the West Indies”.

We have also a Newbie Guide and Frequently asked questions for additional details. If you have any question, just ask a staff member.


1. Please register with your character’s properly capitalised first and last name. Make sure their name is suitable for the time period and their nationality. Check the Character Masterlist to make sure there are no doubles. In case you make a mistake, PM an administrator to change your name.

2. Applications should be finished within two weeks, otherwise the account will be deleted.

3. You are permitted to make additional characters once you have reached a post count of twenty with your first.

4. You may not create a female pirate as your first character.


We fall on a scale (inspired by movie ratings) to the upper part of PG-13. Graphic scenes of a sexual nature should fade to black; other mature situations are allowed, as long as it is done tastefully, without explicit details. Please click the following for a more in-depth explanation:

[align=center]Posted Image[/align]


1. Here at “Before the Mast” we have a story to tell, and we work together to tell it. Therefore, every member is required to post at least once a week in each thread they are involved in.

2. If you know you're going to be away for an extended period of time, let us know when to expect you back. Without previous notification, those who fail to post in their threads for three weeks will be given a week to rectify the situation until their characters considered inactive, meaning their bios will be archived and their claims / roster positions will be revoked.

3. If you plan on leaving the RP for good, be sure to let us know so that we can see your characters out with style! Those who fail to log in for three months will be 'unregistered' though their content will remain archived.

4. We are always happy to help reintegrate old players who can post regularly, once more. 'Inactive' characters need only to PM a staff member; others should reregister and re-post their applications. Please note that if your claims have since been taken by someone else, you'll need to find others.

5. Abandoned characters will be NPC-ed by a staff member (or a predetermined person of your choosing) and disposed of as fits the storyline, though we prefer - and as a community, encourage - that threads are seen to completion.

6. We will always give credit where credit is due. All copyrights on “Before the Mast”, its story and the names of characters therein are reserved by the original creators and the staff of this community. By submitting your contribution to the overall storyline via the characters you play, including posts and documentations of all kind, you give “Before the Mast” first rights to this material. It means that the material remains your intellectual property (and you can reproduce it anywhere else), but it will also be reproduced on the website “Before the Mast” and in any publications concerning “Before the Mast”, both electronic and on any other medium that is available, without any profit purposes or monetary compensation, now or in the future. This has no impact on your use of your character and everything submitted here in any of your other creative endeavours; we encourage this. At the same time, the submission becomes part of “Before the Mast's” story and nobody can "erase" a character and its contribution from “Before the Mast's” history.


1. Please write in third person past tense in your threads. First person is used for things like IC correspondence, journals, and OOC interaction.

2. We do have a post count limit of at least three sentences. Even when your muse is fickle, please try to provide something substantial to respond to.

3. Regardless of national or linguistic origin of your character, please do your best to utilize proper spelling, grammar, and avoid modern/regional slang words and phrases in exposition.

4. No godmodding or power-playing is allowed.

5. The board uses liquid time. This is why, besides the optional, individual thread trackers, we use also a board-wide calendar thread which is updated regularly for ease of use.

Liquid time means that your character may be in multiple threads at once, provided that it doesn't interfere with your other threads (or other threads relating the same ship your character is on). Characters cannot be in two places simultaneously or on two different islands in a time-span of 2 days.

In order to avoid any time-related confusion, each IC thread started should have, at its beginning, the following information:


[b]Place:[/b] - e.g. island, town, pub/house/market/etc.

6. Please do not get offended personally by something that happens between characters, and please do not take things that happen inside a thread out on someone OOC. Respect the other members and treat them how you wish to be treated. If you have a disagreement with another player, either discuss it civilly outside the boards, or contact our staff to mediate.

Be creative, and have fun!

[align=center]Posted Image[/align]
[align=center]Posted Image[/align]
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