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Faq; answers to simple questions
Topic Started: Jul 26 2010, 11:23 AM (2,757 Views)
The Flying Dutchman
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Helping Dead Souls Since the dawn of sea travel
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Why is this board titled “Before the mast”?

The term "before the mast" refers to the quarters of the common sailors — in the forecastle, in the front of the ship. An appropriate title for an Age of Sail board. This term has been used by the writer Richard Henry Dana in the title of his book “Two years before the mast” (1834) and by the bands Astronautalis, in the song “Two years before the mast”, and, respectively, Alestorm, in the song “Death before the mast”, which are, thus, the board’s theme songs.

What is the level of this board?

We're an intermediate to advanced board, therefore we expect no chat speak and modern slang. We ask the members to do their best to utilize correct grammar, to ensure that others can understand your contributions to our story. The native English speakers should , however, take into account that about 1/3 of the members don't have English as mother tongue.

One-liner posts are not allowed; three sentences should be the minimum length of a post. The length of posts can vary depending on what happens in threads, I'd say an average is of 2-3 paragraphs.

How active is the board?

Every day there is somebody online. There are new posts every day, but not in every thread. The hours may vary according to each player’s time zone. However some people are on more than others but we try to keep the board as active as possible. On average, people post at least once a week in each thread. Some players and threads are more active than others, though.

Can we have several threads in several months? Are we in liquid time?

Yes. One can have several threads in several dates, as many as you can reasonably keep up with, as long as:

- the character isn't in two places at the same time (or at 1-2 days difference which defies the transport possibilities - e.g. if on 10-th one is in Bahamas, he can't be on 12-th in Jamaica, but on 17-th or so);

- you have in mind the sequence of events (so that one doesn't mention in a thread something as already happened when the thread takes place 10 days before said event happens).

The board calendar has all the threads listed in the chronological sequence of the story, like regular chapters.

What happens in the case of absence?

Absence is not a problem. If you'll be gone for more than a week, please post to the absences thread. It is annoying when someone disappears without word for an extended period of time, especially if it is in the middle of a thread. If you disappear for weeks without notice, your character(s) may be marked as inactive and archived.

Are pirate females/ cross-dressing female characters allowed?

If the character is realistic and not your first one, then she may be approved. Look at the rules, then contact the administrators to ask.

Am I allowed to apply as a captain of another ship of my own, other than the ones listed in the ship roster?

No. More ships will be added when needed (ie after the existing ones fill up). There are already four ships in need of a crew, we don’t need several crewless ships (and captains). But during the forecoming battles, you may also NPC another ship captain for a thread or two if you want to.

Which is the difference between temporary and main characters?

You should have first of all a main character. After you reach 20 posts, you may make a temporary one.

The difference between main characters and temporary ones is that temporary chracters are less played than the main ones, and (unless they are already in an ongoing thread) the activity request is not applying to them. As long as they aren't needed, they may wait for the next opportunity to be played. Temporary doesn't necessarily mean that the character will die. It is simply less important/ less played.

How does one add a custom member title?

Under "My Controls", in the section "Personal Profile" choose "Edit Profile info". Right in the first line you'll be able to add a custom title. If possible please choose something that identifies your character, e.g. job and ship or location.

How to get threads/ plots?

- Choose a first character thought to have a wide interaction possibility. It is not in vain that we highlight the importance of having your main character aboard one of the ships. It warrants instant interaction possibilities both with the crewmates and with people in the harbours where the ship stops. The next characters might be land-based, once you got the gist of the story.

- You receive a welcoming PM upon your approval, comprising recommendations what threads to join. You should join all the open threads your character makes sense to be involved in. In the seldom occurence that there is none for your group, you will receive the suggestion to write your open thread.

- Post in the others' plot pages, then post one yourself. Plot pages are not compulsory on this board, but they do help sometimes.

- Be active in talking in the c-box and know the others.

- Send PMs with concrete ideas to the characters yours might have logic to interact with, try to talk to people on yahoo.

So, say something, be pro-active and get involved!
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