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Pascal, Lucia; Herbal shop owner, Port de Paix
Topic Started: Nov 26 2010, 11:48 PM (1,300 Views)
Lucia Pascal
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Name: Lucia Rodriguez, married Pascal

Aliases: Cia (pronounced CHEE-ah)

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Rank/ Occupation: owner of the herbal shop "Fleur du Cafe"

Current Location: Port de Paix, Hispaniola

Character PB: Morena Baccarin

General appearance: - Lucia is taller than average, and has a delicate build. She has hair so dark brown it is almost black and brown eyes. She was 6 weeks pregnant when she ran away, so she needed to find a place to hide fast! Many scars are present on her body from her abuse, mostly on her back and thigh area, with a few on her chest area as well. However, these are not visible with her clothing on.

Clothing: - She wears a loose fitting cotton dress. This not only hides her scars and pregnancy, but is wonderfully cool in the hot Hispaniola sun.

Personality: - Despite what she has been through, Lucia believes there is still good in the world. She just hopes she can find it for herself. She is somewhat melancholy and shy at first, but when something makes her happy, you know it. Her eyes will twinkle and she will smile- a lovely sight as she is not missing any teeth!

She is, however, very quiet, and may have to be taught to speak up. When she does speak, she is terrified of offending someone and possibly getting whipped or hurt in other ways. Despite her young appearance, she is very smart, and will likely know when someone is angry with her and try to find a way of escape. She is terrified to raise her child alone, but because no one has ever asked her about it, Lucia would probably be very surprised if she got a chance to express this. She also would like to not have to be afraid of her master finding her, but knows that he probably will. She accepts what is to be with a sad resilience and honestly does not expect life to get better for her... but she can dream.


Meeting new people
Having enough to eat

Her past
Her former master
That her child will grow up without a father
That she doesn't know where her own father is

Keeping secrets
Can cook well
Can go relatively long periods without food for herself


Gets cold easily
Is scared of storms
With her terrible past she is not sure how she will do as a mother

Birth place: Hispaniola

Father – Alfonso Oliveiro, a noble friend of her master's family
Mother – Elo, a mulatto slave
siblings – none
spouse, children, anybody else
- 1 child, not yet born, conceived with her former master, Juan Rodriguez
husband - Jean Pascal, sailor, now on his road to France (it was just a convenience wedding to give her his name, and a legitimate father to the unborn child)

History: - Lucia will celebrate her birthday on the 16th of September. Lucia is a quadroon, her father being born on Hispaniola like herself, and her mother being a light-skinned mulatto slave. Her father was a friend of her master's, but despite this he loved her mother very much and she sneaked away often to see him. However, near the end of her pregnancy the master found out about it and the night before Lucia was born she was whipped severely.

Lucia's birth was more painful than usual as a result of this undue stress, and her mother was so severely hurt during the birth that she could not have any more children. Lucia grew up pretty much like any slave child would. She had a special talent for anything in the kitchen, and truly enjoyed cooking.

In the years since her birth, however, the current master had died and his son had inherited the house. Despite the son marrying, his wife was infertile. Though he had had numerous affairs with other noblewomen, they, too, never produced any heirs. In desperation, he began looking at the young slave girls. Many were light-skinned quadroons, so there would probably be little if any chance of someone finding out that the heir was the child of a slave.

However, the master's wife was tired of being cheated on. The next time it happened, someone was going to get hurt. When the master began seducing Lucia, at first she didn't quite understand why he would want her and resisted him. But in desperation, he beat her, both physically and with whips, until she had to agree. When Lucia confessed about 6 weeks later that she thought she might be pregnant, the enraged wife of the master beat her and told her to leave, heir or not. Now, Lucia does not knowwhat will become of her and her child. For the past weeks, sleeping in the streets closest to the docks, she has watched the ships eagerly, but because they are intimidating, she is afraid to actually go on one without first being asked. One of the master's friends was a Frenchman, and before she had to leave, she learned enough French by careful eavesdropping and repetition, to feel confident now hiding in the French colony of Saint Domingue, at Port de Paix. No one she knows is going to look for her here. Her name even sounds different here, as everyone she meets calls her Lucie.

About a month after running away, she met Raoul Duval, a French naval captain. He took pity on her because she was barefoot and hungry and later hired her as his maid. She became his lover, and he is convinced the child she is bearing is his. Therefore, he had arranged a marriage for her with one of his sailors, Jean Pascal, who was sent back to France immediately after the wedding, and he bought her a herbal shop which would assure her daily bread and her son's.

Weapon Skills: none

Theme song: "And So It Goes"- Billy Joel

Member Info

Player's name: Joelle

E-mail, YIM, etc.: joelleceline@yahoo.com

Player's age: 25

How did you hear about us: This character is a remake of one of my old characters I was trying to find a home for. I posted on the Character Offered forum at RPG-D and this site offered her a home. However I did not have time at the time to join, but recently one of my other RP's was closed down due in part to finals.
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You are needed in Hispaniola, ma cherie, but in the French part, in Port de Paix. So please add in your bio somewhere how she had learnt French and that she decided to hide in Saint Domingue colony... exactly because nobody known would loook for her there. Then feel free to open a thread... and see who'll join it! ;)[/align]
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