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Locked Topic
Unexpected Revelations; att Sharky
Topic Started: Mar 30 2011, 03:24 PM (2,149 Views)
Shirai Masaki

Sharky noticed, that kissing was a bit like diving... it made him feel dizzy and he was gasping for air, his heart was beating faster and harder and he was getting a bit light-headed.
Time to come up for air!
He was shaking a bit, still confused, still slightly cold and wet, but with an inner fire that was warming him - even more so, when Marina was seeking his lips again.
It had to be right!
There was nothing about force or fear or hatred that he felt by now, no repulsion, no anger and for what he could tell, Marina was positively demanding it, so what could he do?
Well, not that he minded kissing her too much, even less, when her hands wandered over his body, exploring his scarred back gently and he, in exchange felt her silky, soft skin, never been marred by the cat, soft skin over soft curves... and of course, as a diver he knew what a current could do if one resisted it... and so, Sharky yielded to the unknown cascade of feelings as well.
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Marina Costa
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The rocks were hard and bumpy underneath her, but Marina had started to feel them only now. The heap of clothes, both hers and his, they were laying on, had dried less from the warmth of the fire and more likely from the hot bodies, burning of a barely discovered passion. She was still in Masaki’s arms, a place she wasn’t willing to leave. Nevertheless, as the lightheaded mist started dissipating from her brain, the idea that somehow she had to, tried to awake her consciousness.

They certainly hadn’t been missed by anyone until now, but they had to go back to their ships before anybody of importance would notice their absence. From this point of view, the stay on this island was different than any other shore leave, maybe because there was nowhere else to party than on the shore, together with the others. The patterns of working and merry-making were different here than elsewhere, and no doubt that their friends would believe them as drunk as some others had been, so nobody would worry as long as they were going to do their workload during the day. Was the new love just getting its roots into their hearts able to give them wings? Probably…

And they were drunk, but not on liquor – on their own tornado of feelings and emotions, on each other’s kisses and caresses, on the strange happiness which had overcome them… She couldn’t tell exactly what had happened and how, she knew only that it had been something delightful they had shared, starting even before that first kiss… A lifetime had passed since then, or merely a couple of hours? She couldn’t know… and did it matter anymore? Not now!

“I have never thought there was so much happiness in this world,” she whispered, a fire she had no knowledge of possessing, still not subsided in her throat.

For Marina, the saying “ignorance is bliss” had applied in this case. Well, there were enough girls of her time who got married without knowing what the marriage and the wedding night actually meant, but at least their mothers told them briefly and vaguely, before the wedding, what to expect. As she had no idea, it had been somehow better: she didn’t know she had to expect pain, so she hadn’t felt anything worse than an uncomfortable sensation which hadn’t lasted much – especially that she was getting distracted by his tenderness.

She had no regrets or remorses, as she had never been told that “it was sinful” - simply because she hadn’t been told anything at all. She was barely fourteen when she had lost her mother, and who else should have told her about the facts of life? The nuns? They hadn’t even insisted on the Ten Commandments, afraid that any of the girls might ask them what “fornication” or “adultery” meant!

Marina hadn't searched for a name for the breathtaking happiness they were sharing - she was content only resting in his arms, his warmth enveloping her. They needed each other somehow, they were blissfully happy together, and this was the only thing she was certain about. Beyond any words and any caress, she caught his brass-tanned hand, only slightly bigger than hers, but stronger, in her own, letting their fingers intertwine, and she flashed him an adoring gaze and a sweet smile. This kind of touch could convey better than any words what she was feeling.
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Shirai Masaki

Sharkys dark eyes were wide open and stared with a somehow puzzled look at Marina, who laid next to him, both of them breathing faster, hearts beating in a steady rhythm.
He had an idea... a dim idea... about what had happened, but it was different than everything he knew, everything he had expected.
He just knew that he did not want to part from her, not for all the tea in China, but he didn't know how.
Something about the... thing they had shared, a thing, Sharky had no name for as well... made him think, made him reconsider.
The Japanese whaler knew that soon, much too soon they would have to part again, Marina returning onto the "HMS Hope" and he on the "Fates Hand", probably not to meet for a couple of months and he knew that he didn't like the prospect.
Not at all...
But there was little to nothing he could do about it - for now.

And in this moment, after is first time with a woman, in the aftermath of passion, it occurred to Sharky, that he would have to do something to do about his situation. It was all fine and dandy to have enough food, some friends and nobody who flogged him, but a man had to have other goals in life.
Especially, when a woman came into play...

When Marina nestled closer, smiling childlike and reaching for his hand, playfully, like Neko-chan reached for a piece of rope or a strand of wool with a paw, Sharky smiled back and allowed her to take the hand.

Life was good...

[align=center] - THE END - [/align]
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