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Mitchell, Sara Lee; Pirate Doctor
Topic Started: May 28 2011, 04:47 AM (1,619 Views)
Sara Lee Mitchell
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Doctor on the "Rising Sun"
[align=center]Sara Lee Mitchell

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Name: Sara Lee Mitchell

Aliases: Chell

Age: 23

Gender: Female

Rank/ Occupation: Pirate Doctor

Current Location: Tortuga

Character PB: Odette Yustman

General appearance:
Sara has long brown hair that is wavy. She usually just keep hanging freely but if she knows she is about to fight or work with wounded sailors she will tie it up in a pony-tail. Her eyes are brown and her skin is only a little tanned. She is not very tall. In fact she only stands 163cm in height. She is very naturally very pretty but she doesn’t do a lot for it. She hates wearing fancy dresses and loads of jewelry. She hates to make silly hairstyles of her hair.

Sara is usually dressed in a simple dress when ashore in able to easily blend in with other women on land but when sailing she will be wearing more easy clothes to work in. This is mostly a shirt of some kind and a pair of sailor's slops on her legs. She has an old rag of a scarf around her waist rolled up so it forms a sort of belt. In this she has her dagger hanging on the left side to easily grab it with her right hand and on her right side she has a small coin purse.

Sara is a no bullshit kind of person. She knows what she wants and she knows what she doesn’t want, and she rarely let things get in her way. She can be friendly to talk to but she carries a lot of anger after seeing her father get killed by British soldiers. Now she will gladly execute a soldier in the most painful way possible. She is very smart, as her father always tried to teach her new things and therefore she often spends her free time reading or writing. When she is writing it is in her personal diary she keeps away from anyone. But despite her lust for revenge and her coldness she can also be lots of fun, and she loves to joke with people. One of her father’s best traits were his English humor that she have now.

Birth place: Nassau, Bahamas, British Colony in the Caribbean

Father – Dr. Neville Mitchell
Mother – Angelique de Moreau
siblings – None
spouse, children, anybody else – None

Sara was born on the Bahamas to a Doctor’s family. Her father was a British doctor who were very religious and her mother was a French woman on the way to the French colony on Hispaniola when the ship she was on came into trouble in the water near Nassau. Sara’s father Neville helped the people who needed it, and fell in love with one of his patients, Angelique who then decided to stay with Neville as she had nothing to go to Hispaniola for. Together they had Sara who then quickly learned both her father’s native language and her mother’s. Sara spent a lot of time with her father, whom she loved very much and she often observed when he was treating patients. When she got older he even allowed her to assist him and that is how she learned about treating illnesses and closing wounds. She was homeschooled by her mother who taught her about reading and writing and even some history. During the years of a doctor’s apprentice, Sara learned that her father wasn’t just a man who treated those who could afford it. No, anyone stepping into his home in need of help, whether it be a gaping wound, an illness or just the need for shelter during the night, the home of Dr. Mitchell was always open. Rich and poor meant nothing to him. Generally this way of thinking was a good thing and plenty of people in Nassau loved the good doctor because they knew that he would care for them no matter what they were doing and what their reputation might be. But of course not all likes a saint and obviously these types will often look for any excuse to bring misfortune down upon those who are better than themselves.
When a wounded young man once stepped into the home of the Mitchells, Sara’s father immediately started patching him up. Sara helped out as much as she could but the young man refused to let her help. In fact he refused to let them near his left arm. When Neville had finally calmed him down, they found out why he had been so eager to keep them away from his arm. On it was a mark, burnt into the skin to let everyone know he was a pirate. But to Dr. Mitchell no one would be refused aid in his home so they helped him and fed him and let him have a good night’s sleep. When he left the next day it was with several thanks and a bow. But whet no one knew at this point was that someone else saw the pirate leave and had seen him coming too. And when this news got to the fort it didn’t take long before the gallows were prepared for the entire family.
Being warned only moments before the soldiers busted through the door, Sara and her father managed to get out of the backdoor but her mother was caught and most probably hanged. The flight took Sara out of the town and when they could finally rest a little, her father told her about the plan in case he wouldn’t make it or if they had to split up. It was almost as if he knew that he wasn’t going to get off the island. The port was logically already sealed off and when they got there he made sure Sara could get on the ship and hide while he took two bullets from the soldiers who had now spotted them. When they later searched the ship they didn’t find her. The assumed she had jumped ship and moved on. So when the ship left Nassau and the Bahamas, Sara swore her revenge. She knew where to find it though. A place she had heard about only in stories… Tortuga!

Weapon Skills: She is not very skilled in any weapon, but by being a doctor she knows very well where to place a dagger to make a person go down. She also knows where to hit with a fist to cause pain. But other than this she has no really fighting skill.

Anything else: She is fluent in English and French

Member Info

Player's name: Mascha

E-mail, YIM, etc.: kayuskova@hotmail.dk

Player's age: 23

How did you hear about us: I am already here :P
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