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Odette Joubert; Street Urchin, Port-de-Paix
Topic Started: Jan 28 2014, 01:59 PM (1,323 Views)
Odette Joubert
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ship boy aboard the "Twilight Shark"
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Name: Odette Joubert

Aliases: Odie or Olivier Joubert

Age: 11

Gender: Female

Rank/ Occupation: Ship boy

Current Location: Twillight Shark

Character PB: Maisie Williams

General appearance: A girl about average height of a normal girl with long blackish brown hair that is quite often tied back to make her resemble some of the long haired men who keep their hair in a ponytail as well. She does never keep her hair loose unless she is ashore far from her ship because that makes her look too much like a girl. That obviously makes her hair a bit messy and in a way the fact that she doesn’t always keep clean helps sells the disguise. She has brown eyes and light skin only darkened a bit from exposure to the Caribbean sun. Obviously being a child she has is only slowly beginning to grow into a woman’s shape but for now you would need to see her naked or in in very tight clothes to notice that her chest is not completely flat.

Clothing: Odette doesn’t have a big wardrobe. She does have an old sleeveless dress in faded bottle green and dark purple that she can wear on shore leave to avoid being recognized. On her daily job on the ship though, Odette in the role of Jean wears an oversized summer coat in dull brownish colours and under this a dark brown shirt in the same sorry state as the jacket and then a pair of khaki coloured pants on her legs. None of her clothes are fancy though, in fact quite the opposite.

Personality: Odette is a girl who won’t just sit back and wait for the world to change. She is well aware that her place if she do nothing about it is on the street. But to Odette, life on the street is something to avoid and she believes that those who dare, will accomplish. Odette is quite brave as well and what she lacks in physical strength she can make up for in determination. She is not one to sit down and sulk unless she has reached a point where she can no longer hold back her feelings but she certainly is not hard to anger and maybe this has to do with the fact that she has to uphold a constant lie about who she is so she can easily be angered.

Hubris is another word that fit Odette quite well. She has a feeling that those who dare to try will always get through bad times and that means that she often do things that might be quite risky and she has a tendency to get in way over her head. In fact she has only learned a bit to control her hubris after she got employed on a ship. There she knows that she must keep a low profile but sometimes she still can’t control herself. But mostly her overestimation of her own competences come to life during shore leave where she can be herself.

Odette is the type that gets angry when she is feeling threatened or in risk of being exposed. She is not good at just staying calm and dismissing people confronting her. In fact she has been known to speak quite hardly to people no matter their social standing which hardly can ever be an advantage.

Birth place: Port de Paix, Hispaniola

Father – Unknown
Mother – Madeleine Joubert (Tavern Prostitute)
siblings – Josephine Joubert (little sister) no contact, Jean Joubert (big brother) dead
spouse, children, anybody else – None

History: Not really a wanted child, Odette was born as the result of her mother’s job as a prostitute and almost from the moment she could walk on her own she was expected to handle herself. If it wasn’t for her older brother Jean, she would most likely have perished in the gutter somewhere. Odette found from an early age that life could be demanding and that no one got anywhere without fighting for it. Luckily she had a big brother who did his best to help her even though he himself struggled with the life where no known father was close by and where the mother was more concerned with her job and earning money than she was with the children that had come as a result of her business.

When Odette was about six years old she lost her brother to one of the annual storms that came by in the Caribbean and for a while she just drifted around not really sure what to do with herself or her life. She begged for coins on the street and was in every way on her way on route to become the very thing that her brother had tried to keep her away from and it was also when she realized this that Odette decided to do something about it.

She spent much time working various job around town to earn her money and one day became the servant of a teacher who employed her to be a house servant and in return he would teach her how to read and write if she worked hard and basic English as he was a British born man relocated to the French colonies for reasons never revealed to Odette. Her job was mainly to clean and cook for her teacher. She never finished her teachings though so she is far from a good reader or writer but she can scribble down basic phrases and if she is given the time she can stumble through a simple text of words. She found that life rewarded an active girl much more than a person who just knelt down and hoped for charity and thus decided to take fate in her own hands. Especially because her employer died and she needed new work to survive.

One day, Odette found an old jacket and a cap lying around and she decided to borrow it indefinitely and when she put it on, hiding away her hair she could actually walk around and pass for a boy rather than a girl which certainly gave her a different status. She decided to go under the alias of Jean in memory of her brother and for a while she shifted between herself and her male alter ego to get the best jobs she could for a day.

It wasn’t until the day when it was announced that sailors were needed on a French merchant ship that Odette took the fateful step of joining up. Luckily they needed manpower and the recruitment was so superficial that no one really noticed her or inspected her abilities. But now she had a job that gave a regular pay and even though she was a ship boy she was still doing something respectable. She was on the right path.

Unfortunately, the ship she sailed on hit a reef and even though it could be salvaged and nothing happened to anyone of the crew, Odette suddenly had no work. The ship needed a lot of repairs and it seemed like dumb luck that it hadn’t sunk. Fortunate too because Odette was unable to swim. But that meant that she could either seek back to the streets where she didn’t want to be or she could seek another ship to work on and that ship became the Twillight Shark.

Weapon Skills: none

Anything else: no

Member Info

Player's name: Mascha

E-mail, YIM, etc.: kayuskova@hotmail.com

Player's age: 26

How did you hear about us: Already here
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For the most part of December, the privateers are stuck in Port de Paix (see 1, 2) and hiring new people.
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