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An Unexpected Way To Find The Truth; TAG :: edith benton
Topic Started: Jun 18 2014, 03:18 PM (987 Views)
Joanna Croft
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Noblewoman // Slave
Another letter. The hand writing on the envelope was unmistakable and while most probably assumed that the frequent letters being sent from Captain Benton to Joanna would be containing news and words of friendship, Joanna knew that it was bad news. She knew that Benton hated her ever since he had found her secret and had made her suffer for it. Unfortunately he hadnít just chosen to dislike her and what she did but decided to exploit the fact that she desperately needed to keep it a secret as well. So Joanna had let the envelope be for a couple of hours. She knew what it would say but still feared to open it.

When she finally did open the letter, it confirmed her fears. Benton wanted her to dress up as a slave again and obviously she would have to endure a hard dayís work. Usually she managed it because she chose when and where. Now though, the Captain had full control and Joanna just had to do as she was told. So she had really become the slave that she pretended to be on occasion.

The next day, Joanna went down to the shed to find the slave rags and put them on. She then headed towards the town and the market. It was very early in the morning and of course the Captain knew that her father was away. She reported in with the slave traders that she was sent there to be rented out and almost immediately did some of Bentonís goons show up, paying the amount needed to bring her along.

However as they began walking, something was strange. Joanna was used to the whole deal of being restrained and pushed along by now, but they werenít going the usual way to the fort. This surprised Joanna quite a bit and she soon found that she werenít headed for the fort at all but instead for the Benton home. Great, lionís den, she thought as she was escorted there by two soldiers.

It didnít take long before they got to the place and Joanna was quickly put to work. A small letter with Bentonís easy to recognize handwriting was given to the overseer and he smiled awfully when he read the words inside. However for a couple of hours, Joanna simply had to carry things around and help get some heavy sacks of flour from the storage into the kitchen. It was hard work but not at all as bad as she was used to. Joanna began to feel more at ease. Perhaps the Captain simply didnít dare to be his usual cruel self at his own home. Of course he wasnít there so it might have been a part of it too.

However despite of the easy time, Joanna still had a hard time with some of the sacks and with the strong Caribbean Sun burning down on her sweat covered skin, she surely wasnít looking a lot like a noble woman at the time. Her hair was already a mess of dark brown locks and her arms, thighs and lower legs had started to tan away from the noble pale white and into a more light brown tone.

Joanna brushed a lock of her already dirty hair away from her face just as the overseer found her. He told her that it was time now to carry out the Captainís orders and Joanna knew that it could not be good. The large man quickly pushed her to the ground where he tied her wrists together behind her back. Joanna just knew it would be bad. She was then dragged into a small storage shed where two other men sat eagerly waiting. Joanna looked at them briefly and was then stripped of every last bit of rag that covered her body, which wasnít much but certainly better than being naked.

She was then pinned down while the three men raped her in turn. They covered her mouth to prevent her from screaming but it didnít take long either before she simply stopped screaming at all. She knew it was futile and the men wanted what they wanted. Joanna just had to endure as she always did.

The men finished their evil business and the overseer pulled her to her feet with a strong grip in her hair. Joanna let out a cry of pain but the overseer didnít care. He told her that he was ordered by the Captain to give her a hard treatment because she had been a disobedient slave and while Joanna knew that the overseer had taken great pleasure in it, she could not argue with him.

He decided though that he might want her Ďcompanyí again later so with a strong grip he untied her hands only to tie them back together over her head to a hook hanging from the ceiling of the shed. That way she would be unable to run anywhere and she was well out of sight. The hook was hanging high up though and Joanna was just barely able to reach the floor if she stood on her toes. The overseer didnít bother dressing her and he tied a cloth around her mouth to keep her quiet. And then they all left.

Joanna could only wait now until they returned. Joanna simple hung there in her arms for a while, not really sure how long. The sweat that had covered her body during the hard work had dried up and left her skin fairly dirty. However Joanna was hardly thinking about that as much as the fact that she could feel the semen of three men running down her inner thighs. She was unable to do anything about that though and just then, the shed door opened, nearly blinding Joanna with the bright light that entered the shed. Someone came in and while Joanna was used to being a slave, she certainly didnít feel anyway respectable at that moment.
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