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“A request from Dr. Sharpe”

Eagle Guy,Mar 28 2011
09:34 AM
We are recording the activity at the Two Harbors and West End nests so that we can identify all the prey brought to the nests to calibrate the results of the nest excavations at the end of the season. I'd appreciate if you could continue to report the times that prey are brought to the nest so that later we can go through the recordings more quickly to identify the items. Thanks.

Eagle Guy,Mar 28 2011
10:35 AM
Maybe prey delivery posts could be started with >>: even if it is a bird or unidentified, so that we can spot them more easily.

To make it easier for the biologists to see the prey deliveries, please limit the use of the blue fish to prey deliveries only.

Begin your post with the nest initials, followed by the time of delivery & the blue fish.

Eagle Guy,May 12 2011
04:45 PM
We are recording prey deliveries at all the online nests, so please continue to use the blue fish for deliveries at any nest.

Thank you!
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