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Poems, Odes And Tributes; Sentimental Journies
Topic Started: Aug 10 2006, 11:14 PM (13,361 Views)
Eagle D
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By popular demand and if I may start it with this classic...


Thank you for being you.

From the time you were brought into this world, you have captured our hearts. In the times we are living in, you have brought us inspiration, without knowing you have touched many lives, and we are the better for it. In over coming the odds and the wreckless nature of man, you have shown us that we all need to fight to overcome the maladies which we ourselves have manifested into our world. You have given us hope for the future. It's funny, it was the humans of this world who poisoned your ancestors almost to the point of extinction, now the same humans have, through their hard work and unforgiving dedication, given you and yours the best chance for survival you could hope for and the foundation for a long and happy life.

Soon we will gather to bid you a final fond farewell, but it's not truly goodbye...the human intervention that almost caused your demise, is the same that will allow you to teach us, and to follow your movements as you spread your wings and soar to places you now can only dream of.

To you I offer this prayer...

May the hand of God lead you safely in all of your journey of life, may the hunting be good, the food plentiful and the air beneath your wings be free of anything that may cause you harm. May you continue to prosper and grow into maturity, and may you be blessed with many an Eaglet to call your own.

Enjoy life, enjoy the world before you. you have brought so much enjoyment into our lives, it is now our wish that you enjoy your life as much as we have.

Godspeed in all your Journey's little one.


PS - Don't be a stranger, stop by and say hello sometime...you'll always be welcome.

D B)
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Eagle D
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I'm going to one step beyond...and post this one originally posted by ojailala on Aug 10 2006 @ 04:57 PM

Ode to Cruz...

There once lived an eagle named 'Cruz'
'his' hatching caused great hulabalooze
not an eagle in fifty had hatched (not so nifty)
he soon became international news

Twenty-six is a beauty in deed
and dad, #10 quite agreed
They would mate for life-not a pre-nupt in sight
and they built a great nest by the sea

After waiting what seemed like forever
there came an end to their endeavor,
a grey ball of fluff said "35 days is enough"
and broke out of 'his' egg- he's so clever

The feeding began with a fury
It's fish that 'he' wants in a hurry
The parents are tired and Cruz is wired
"just don't bring me something furry"

As Cruz got bigger and bigger
It was time for a visit from Spickler
Jim climbed in the nest (in itself quite a quest)
put Cruz in a bag... go figure

He was lowered so carefully down
while wearing a most definite frown
he was poked and weighed and tagged and afraid
but quickly raised up off the ground

When Cruz began a cryin'
mom or dad would do a quick fly-in
They would drop off their fish..give Cruz a big kiss...
Did you two catch that Cumbrian??????

Now life for Cruz was just fine
a room with a view to dine
A staff at his call and food for all
Now all he needed was wine.

'He' sat wistfully content by the sea..
as a call came in from Peter.. you see..
he said... not so fast... things arn't as they seem
our sweet baby boy is a 'She'

We laughed and we cried
what a hoot; what a lie
who cares what the sex
She's American as pie

Does she know that she's famous and loved?
by us and by someone above?
she's brought us together, what reasons - whatever,
she might as well be a dove.


An instant classic...thank you!!!

D B)
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Eagle D
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A suggestion was made, and I kinda think it's a good one...we have lot's of threads available to comment about these Poems, Odes and Tributes, and I can always start another 'if needed'.

Let's restrict the postings of this thread to the Poems Odes and Tributes, only. That way we don't have to read through all of the comments, but can thouroughly enjoy the Odes to Cruz and not inadvertantly end up reading an Ode to the Catalina Buffalo.

Thank you everybody.

D B)
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OK, OK I can take a hint.............I will transfer the videos, already posted in the video and photographs forum into here as well, so people can find them easier.

July 7th, 2006.
Mother Eagle brings food for eaglet.


July 8th, 2006. All around the nest.
Wing Exercises etc.


Supper and a good night at the nest.
Parent arrives with supper and Cruz jumps down from off camera branch.


Dad brings belated lunch.
Cruz mantles BIG TIME and waits until dad leaves before checking food


July 13th,2006. Junior's Activities.
Includes Mom bringing Breakfast and Lunch.


Fledge Party...July 14th, 2006.

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Part Two........I have only transferred the videos with Cruz on them. There are two others with just the parents on the nest....which are still on the Eagle Media..Videos and Photographs forum. Also there are three slideshows, A day in the life/June 27th. Another day at the nest/June29th and July1st 2006 which I have also left there.

It Only Took A Week.
Cruz returns 1 week to the day when she fledged.


Memories Of Our Time Together.
A compilation of Hatching, Banding, Branching and Fledging.

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Eagle Duo
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Cumbrian,Aug 13 2006
01:24 PM
Eagle Duo,  Do you have any videos that you would like to share on the tributes topic?

Here are our video candidates for the Tribute. Jann took most of them, I took a couple.

Heavy Wings. Possibly cooling herself on a warm day.

Jann's video of a-49 being returned to the nest after tagging.

Compilation video made by Jann to counter a comment on another board that Cruz just sat around all day.

Something flies by the camera and Cruz goes to two of her favorite perches.

Compilation of two videos showing Cruz on all three of her favorite perches.

Cruz sitting in the triangle and then flying.

A visit by a small bird to the empty nest.

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Copied and posted here as requested.

Just some thoughts I had looking at the empty nest.
..................................... E IS FOR .....EAGLES LIVE HERE.....................................

Posted Image Posted Image
This Eyrie although Empty now............ Enthralled us all, we all know how.
We watched the Eagles and the Eaglet too.............. Everyday with the IWS crew.

Posted Image Posted Image
Cruz will soar and will be free................ and in our hearts she will always be.
Although she may have left for a distant shore...........Eagles lived here and will once more!
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A little limrick for our Cruz

There once was an eaglet named Cruz(er)
Who turned out to be quite a bruiser
Mom would bring food
To this ea-gal with 'tude
Then fly before Cruz could abuse her
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We watched you grow, we saw you fly,
You made us laugh, you made us cry.

You grew so tall, you spread your wings,
Even though you had your "blings"

You had us fooled there for a while,
You are a girl with so much style.

Your Mom and Dad they did their best,
Food delivery to your nest.

On certain days you had your mood,
When Mom or Dad brought your food.

You mantled down into the nest,
I'm eating now, so let me rest.

And now your free to roam the sky,
So darling Cruz, fly, fly, fly.

You taught us well and gave us hope,
That baby eagles sure can cope.

You brought a forum altogether,
Never once a ruffled feather.

We hope one day you will return,
There's still so much we have to learn.

Your journey in life has just begun,
Reach for the stars, the moon and sun.

We wish you well and so much love,
God Speed to you from above.
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Cruz was taking her first steps
Hopping, flapping, branching
When I had the pleasure to first see.

Watching her grow and blossom
In the fog, in the light, in the eve
At the top of that lone tree.

Mom and Dad visited regularly
Encouraging, teaching, loving
Showing her the "eagle" way.

Looking briefly at all of us
Cruz stepped to the nest's edge
Fledging on that July day.

She visited often so we could revel and see
Cruz was then showing US the "eagle" way
Knowing that time was quickly passing by.

Now she is spreading her wings
Soaring ever higher, on to meet her destiny
We'll see Cruz again, high in the sky!
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Posted here by request.
Here is a posting that Lax'skeek put on the Saanich forum. Even though s/he lives in B.C. I think that the words here and in the following poem expresses our feelings on this forum too.

[Like all of you I have been truly inspired and blessed by these eagles!

When I arrived home in my village this summer, I was greeted by an eagle at the edge of the village with it's wings outspread as if to wrap me in it's warm welcome. The purpose of my visit was to take care of my mother who struggles with Parkinson's. The sight of the eagle lifted my spirits and gave me the strength to open myself to this challenging task.

The day after my arrival, I looked out of my parents front window to the beach below and there were 50-60 eagles on the rocks below. I was amazed and filled with excitement as I hadn't seen that many eagles in our village together at one time. I discovered later that someone had put out their salmon scraps after canning fish and the eagles held a feast. I got a couple of really great closeup photo's but my camera is an old fashioned one and if I scan the picture I do not know how to transfer them onto this site.

Eagles are an inspiration to me, to see one in flight is always a very good omen and indication that I am on the right path, that my life is unfolding as it should. I am from the Gitando tribe and the eagle, is my family crest. Therefore, I chose Laskeek as my user name, it means eagle in my language. Although my language was not a written language the proper spelling by linguistics, is Laxskiik. Each and every day there were eagles all around me, their presence supported me through my entire visit and one evening while watching the sun set, I discovered I was sitting under an eagles nest. I looked up at a baby eaglet peering over the edge at me. I was so moved and thought of all of you and our eagle forum and live cam. In the peacefullness and the beauty of that moment I closed my eyes and remembered to thank the creator of the universe for the many gifts that life has to offer..I've said that even the challenges are gifts that stretch me within and help shape the world that I experience. The learning is endless and I have found many treasures on this forum.I believe it is the synchronicity of our life's path why our lives have touched here.
In light and spirit,

Whilst this poem has been written by Lax'skeek with the Hornby Island eagles in mind, I think that it also brings to mind what the Santa Cruz eagle family went through to hatch Cruz.

[The Gift

On Hornby Island
way up high in a nest
two beautiful eagles
came to rest

Upon two eggs
the parents did lay
tenderly nurturing them
each night and day

Nudging and turning
with great tender care
supporting each other
this incredible pair

Through challenging weather
they snuggled in tight
protecting those eggs
through day and through night

We watched them in wonder
intrigued by their cries
these two awesome birds
how they opened our eyes

They showed us the beauty
of things we can't see
the lessons of caring
way up in that tree

Away from the madness
in a world of illusion
these eagles did take us
to draw a conclusion

That life has it's gifts
if we open our eyes
and remember this message
as they take to the skies

That love is the answer
we could see from the start
we just had to be reminded
to open our heart

So take care of this earth
and all living things,
be open to blessings
and to all that life brings.

Written by Lax'skeek
from the Tsimshian Eagle Clan
August 18th 2006]

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Lou, thanks for posting these beautiful lyrics.

Posted Image

(J. Denver, M. Taylor)

Oh, I am the eagle
I live in high country
In rocky cathedrals that reach to the sky

I am the hawk and there's blood on my feathers
But time is still turning they soon will be dry
And all those who see me and all who believe in me share in
the freedom I feel when I fly

Come dance with the west wind and touch on the mountain tops
Sail o'er the canyons and up to the stars
And reach for the heavens and hope for the future and all
that we can be and not what we are

Copyright © 1971 Cherry Lane Music Publishing Company, Inc. (ASCAP)

Posted Image
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This was taken June 1. My first attempt at video. Its kind of long but I think you'll like it. I have a couple more too I think.


Cumbrian asked me to put it here.
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The feeding frenzy of June 1st continues. Our little love ate for at least one solid hour that day with dad at the helm.

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On the Island of Santa Cruz

On this beautiful island K-10 and K-26 met.
When this happened a lifetime union was set.
Beauty and grace filled the air around them.
Beside this union everything else seemed to dim.

From twigs, sticks, and grass a nest they did build.
In the top of a tall tree the nest threaten to spill.
But on they did work until the nest was quite sturdy.
Now they could get on with the job of making a little birdie.
(Sorry that was all that would rhyme)

Eagles in love make one beautiful sight.
With love in the air they did take flight.
K-26 was ready to take her place on the nest.
K-10 fed her and took care of her doing his best.

Two eggs were in the nest they built with care.
Even K-10 would take his turn on the eggs here and there.
Then one day up popped a chick as cute as could be.
For the world and all of us to see.

Mom and Dad were so shocked with what they saw.
When that baby chick peeped they were in awe.
OK so they were slow on what they needed to do.
But then instinct kicked in from out of the blue.

Each day that little one did peep.
And at night little one always went to sleep.
Mom stayed with little one all through the night.
And dad would bring food at the first morning light.

On and on the days they did fly by.
Our little chick became an eaglet in the nest way up high.
Our little one became very active with wings a flapping.
Bees were a buzzing and the sunbeams zapping.

Then one day became special with banding time near.
Our Cruz was so big as we watched on the cam with fear.
Dr. Jim was up in the nest with nothing to hold him.
He bagged up Cruz and sent him down over the limb.

Prodding and poking they measured and did various things,
Cruz was quiet while the voices of the people around did sing.
Soon they were finished with the banding and such,
Back up the tree Cruz went without trouble much.

The days grew long and hot in the nest up there,
But Cruz didnít mind because his food he didnít have to share.
His wings grew heavy with blood and feathers,
He watched the trees and land where he knew lay pleasures.

After lots of flapping and hopping he took off one day,
Away into the trees he did fly without much delay.
We watched the nest for his visiting return,
Days went by with fearful concern.

Then back he came to visit with all his fans,
His transmitter buzzing and on his little leg his band.
Then all of a sudden he became a she,
No one was more surprised then me.

We follow our princessí adventures with lots of love,
But she no longer lives in the tree high above.
The island she roams with wonderful peace,
And now we wait with pleasure for the next years nest lease.

I called her Little Bit most of the time,
Others called her Cruz or other names that were sublime.
She is our Princess with an attitude and well she should,
Because she takes what she wants because she could.

I miss you my girl with so much pride,
You are such a sweet girl with nothing to hide.
You will make us all proud by being the first,
Our little girl with the designer purse!!!

:wub: :wub: :wub:
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