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Forum Members' Biographies .... E To H; Bios/Photos of Discussion Group Members
Topic Started: Jan 2 2007, 03:04 AM (19,733 Views)
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Eagles at the Nests

The bald eagle is also known as the American eagle and the white headed eagle or sea eagle. Bald is a synonym for white, and does not mean featherless. Bald eagles measure from 30 to 31 inches in length, and weigh about eight to fourteen pounds. Their wingspan can vary between six to eight feet. Females tend to be slightly larger than males.
Adult birds have the familiar blackish brown plumage with feathers covering the upper part of the legs. The tail and head are white and the hooked beak is a bright yellow

Bald eagles become sexually mature between four to five years old, and usually remain with the same mate for life.

Typical nesting areas ranges from one to two miles in diameter, and pairs of eagles will defend their territory and chase away intruders. Their nests, called aeries, are often built in big trees, but in non-wooded areas such as Santa Cruz Island they will also nest on the ground or on the sides of cliffs.
Eagle nests vary greatly in size and shape, but average five feet across. If the same nest is used year after year, it can grow to nine feet across and weigh as much as two tons.

These are the nests that have an EagleCam on-line

Santa Cruz Nest ... now known as Pelican Harbor

Eagle Data: The parents of A-49, who is the first chick hatched naturally on the Northern Channel Islands since 1949, are two eagles originally from Catalina Island who have made their home on Santa Cruz Island.

The male
(K-10) hatched on March 8, 2001 from an egg laid by captive bald eagles at the San Francisco Zoo and was fostered into the Twin Rocks nest on St. Patrick's Day. K-10 fledged (left the nest) late in May.

The female
(K-26) hatched on March 22, 2002 (also laid by captive bald eagles), was fostered into the West End nest that same month and fledged in June.

Both spent some time cruising around California and Oregon before finally settling down on Santa Cruz Island.

2007 UPDATE: 2 eggs laid/1 lost on March 30th ... 1 hatched April 13th ... Banded on June 8th as A-63. Found dead in Nevada August 15th.

2008 UPDATE: 2 eggs laid. 1 hatched April 1st ... Banded on July 14th as A-65. Found dead on August 8th on SC Island.
Second egg hatched April 3rd ... Banded on June 8th as A-64.

2009 UPDATE: 2 eggs laid .. 1 hatched April 3rd .. Chick died April 6th. Second egg hatched April 8th .. Chick died April 11th.
Cause unknown. R.I.P. Windy & Hope.

2010 UPDATE: 2 eggs laid .. 1 hatched April 3rd. 2nd hatched April 5th ... Banded on May 27th as A-69 & A-68.

2011 UPDATE: Moved nests .. no cam. Number of eggs laid unknown ... 1 chick hatched April 9th. Banded on June 3rd as A-74.

2012 UPDATE: 2 eggs laid/1 broke. 1 hatched April 13th ... Banded on June 10th as A-84.

2013 UPDATE: Did not nest this season.

2014 UPDATE: 2 eggs laid. Both hatched. Banded on May 29th as A-92 & A-98.

2015 UPDATE: Did not nest this season.

2016 UPDATE: Nest Failed.

2017 UPDATE: 1 chick .. Banded on June 3rd as A-09.

Posted Image Posted Image
K-10 and K-26 ................................................Captured doing nestorations December 2006.

Seal Rocks Nest

Eagle Data : This is one of the nests that people who take a tour with Dr Sharpe stop and see, from a distance, and depending on the time of year, they may be lucky to see the adults and chicks on the nest through his scope. There has always been a camera focused on this nest, to enable the IWS biologists to monitor the activities. In 2008 it came on-line.
** In 2009 the adults moved to a new nest ... no camera.

The male
(K-25) hatched from an egg removed from the West End nest in 1992 and was fostered into the Pinnacle Rock nest

The female
(K-34) was produced by captive eagles at the San Francisco Zoo in 1993 and was released from the Bullrush Hacktower on Catalina Island.

In previous years, because of the continuing problems with DDT pollution in southern California, which causes the eagles to lay thin-shelled eggs, it was necessary for the IWS to remove the eggs soon after they are laid, replace them with artificial eggs, and incubate the real eggs in incubators at their incubation facility on Catalina. When the eagle chicks were 1-2 weeks old, they were fostered back into the nests.

However in 2007 the adults were able to keep the 2 eggs laid because they have consistently had the lowest DDE contaminant levels in their eggs over the past several years.
Both eggs successfully hatched in April .. 1 on April 7th and the other April 9th. These are the first chicks to hatch naturally, on Catalina Island, without human assistance, since 1945. (Pinnacle Rock was the other nest that kept their eggs and also had historic hatchings).

Both chicks were Banded on May 31st as K-03 and *K-77.
Update in 2008 *Drowned. Found June 16/08.

2008 UPDATE: 2 eggs laid/1 lost. 1 chick hatched on April 5th. Banded on May 27th as K-62.
Deceased October 24/08. Found at Point Loma, just off the coast of San Diego.

2009 UPDATE: 2 eggs laid/1 lost. 1 chick hatched on March 25th. Banded on May 20th as K-90.

2010 UPDATE: 2 eggs laid/1 lost. 1 chick hatched on March 26th. Banded on May 21st as K-05.

2011 UPDATE: 2 eggs laid. 2 chicks hatched on March 19/20th. Banded on May 16th as K-07 and K-08.

2012 UPDATE: 2 eggs laid. 2 chicks hatched on March 15/19th. Banded on May 11th as K-20 and K-21.

2013 UPDATE: 2 eggs laid. 2 chicks hatched on March 20th/21st. Banded in May as K-31 and K-32.

2014 UPDATE: 2 eggs laid. 2 chicks hatched in March. Banded on May 9th as K-40 and K-41.

2015 UPDATE: 2 eggs laid. 2 chicks hatched in March. Banded on May 13th as K-55 and K-57.

2016 UPDATE: 2 eggs laid. 1 chick hatched in March. Banded on May 11th as K-64.

2017 UPDATE: 1 egg laid. Broke or lost. Nest failed.

Posted Image
2008: K-25 and K-34 with newly hatched chick.

Twin Rocks Nest

Eagle Data : This pair like to change nests. A camera was placed on the nest they had used for several seasons but they decided to move to another nest and because of it's location a camera could not be placed there. So it was placed as close to the new nest as was possible.

The male
(K-33) hatched from an egg removed from the Seal Rocks nest in 1992 and was fostered back into the same nest.

The female (K-17) was removed from a nest at Baum Lake, Shasta County, CA in 1984 and was released from the Bullrush Hacktower, on Catalina Island

In previous years the eggs laid at this nest were always removed and this was the case again in 2007. The 2 eggs laid were removed and taken to the IWS Facility to be hatched. However because of the successful natural hatchings at the Pinnacle Rock and Seal Rocks nests in 2007, the biologists were considering leaving the eggs on this nest in 2008.When the eagles moved to a new nest on a treacherous narrow ridge this was the deciding factor!

2007: 2 eggs laid and hatched in IWS Fac’ ... April 3rd and April 4th. Both fostered back into their nest on April 10th.
Banded on May 28th as
K-75 and K-76.

2008 UPDATE: 2 eggs laid and successfully hatched on the nest. Historic Year!
1 chick hatched April 5th ... the other maybe 2/3 days afterwards . Unable to see into the nest to confirm. Both banded on May 28th as
K-88 & *K-89.
* Drowned. Found @ Huntington Beach September 6th or 7th/08.

2009 UPDATE: 2 eggs laid. 1 chick hatched April 2nd ... the other maybe 2/3 days afterwards. Both banded on May 30th as *K-96 & K-94.
* Deceased. Aug 13/09 (Drowned).

2010 UPDATE: 2 eggs laid. Unsure what happened but this nest failed this year.

2011 UPDATE: 2 eggs laid. Failed to hatch.

2012 UPDATE: Change of male. K-00. Did not nest this year.

2013 UPDATE: 2 eggs laid. Did not hatch/Nest abandoned.

2014 UPDATE: 2 eggs laid. Did not hatch/Nest abandoned.

2015 UPDATE: 2 eggs laid. Did not hatch/Nest abandoned.

2016 UPDATE: Nest remained empty this season due to the passing of the resident female .. K-17. (K-00 is now paired with A-37 at the Middle Ranch Nest.)

2017 UPDATE: K-00 back at this nest with a New female K-95. Nest Failed.

Posted Image
2008: This is the new nest of K-17 and K-33.

K-17.. aka Crystal .. Deceased October 2015. She was recovered about 100 meters from the Rattlesnake Canyon Bald Eagle Nest on Catalina Island and passed away while being treated for injuries likely received during a fight with another Eagle.
This information was posted on the IWS Facebook page on October 27, 2015.

K-17's entry in the Eagles Over The Rainbow Bridge thread.

Two Harbors Nest

Eagle Data : This is our newest breeding pair on the island, which began breeding near the town of Two Harbors in 2003.

The male
(K-81) was produced by captive eagles at the San Francisco Zoo in 1998 and was fostered into the West End nest.

The female
(K-82) hatched from an egg removed from the West End nest in 1998 and was fostered into the Pinnacle Rock nest.

We have removed four eggs from this nest since 2003.
The female laid a single egg in both 2004 and 2005, both of which we have successfully hatched. A 50% hatching success makes this the most successful bald eagle nest on Catalina Island.

2007 UPDATE: 2 eggs laid/ 2 chicks hatched in IWS Fac' ... April 6th & April 8th ... Fostered back into the nest April 12th ... Banded on May 30th as K-78 and K-79.

2008 UPDATE: 2 eggs laid/1 lost @ IWS Fac' 1 chick hatched on April 2nd. Fostered back into the nest April 8th ... Banded on May 27th as K-83.

2009 UPDATE: 2 eggs laid and successfully hatched on the nest. Historic Year!
1 hatched March 26th. 2nd hatched March 28th. Banded on May 22nd as
K-91 & K-87.

2010 UPDATE: 2 eggs laid .. 1 hatched March 27th. 2nd hatched March 28th. Banded on May 23rd as K-04 & *K-06.
* Deceased March/11. (Electrocuted)

2011 UPDATE: 2 eggs laid .. 1 hatched March 27th. (Other lost). Banded on May 22nd as K-18.

2012 UPDATE: 2 eggs laid .. 1 hatched March 29th. (Other lost). A fox took the eaglet during the early hours of April 20th. R.I.P. Lil Braveheart.

2013 UPDATE: 2 eggs laid .. 1 hatched March 25th. (Other lost). Banded on May 18th as K-38.

2014 UPDATE: 2 eggs laid .. 1 hatched March 24th. (Other lost). Banded on May 15th as K-43.

2015 UPDATE: 2 eggs laid .. 2 hatched April 6th & 7th. One chick fell off the nest May 1st. Other chick banded on May 27th as K-58.

2016 UPDATE: 2 eggs laid .. both failed to hatch.

2017 UPDATE: 2 chicks hatched? Only 1 on the NEW nest on Banding Day, May 19th. Banded as K-72.

Posted Image Posted Image
Doing their Nestorations in January 2007 .. 81 in flight brings a large stick to the nest ........ 81 on left ... 82 on the right.

West End Nest

Eagle Data : First established in 1991, this nest is rare in that there have been three eagles (two females and a male) cooperatively breeding here since 1992. The original male disappeared before the 2006 breeding season at the age of 25 years old. He was relaced by a 6-year-old male in 2006.

The male
(K-01) hatched at the San Francisco Zoo in 2000 and was fostered into the Pinnacle Rock nest. He has one “wing-bling” on his left wing.

The female (K-69) Dianna, is 20 years old. She was removed from a nest at Union Bay, Vancouver Island, B.C. in 1986 and released from the Sweetwater Hacktower on Catalina Island. She has orange wing markers with the “69” printed in black.

The other female is Wray, also 20 years old. She was removed from a nest in Nanaimo, Vancouver Island, B.C. and also released from the Sweetwater Hacktower on Catalina Island. She has no wing markers but does have a silver band on her left leg.

This helps us to identify the individuals.

The birds share all the nesting duties, including nest construction, incubating the eggs, and taking care of the chicks
This is one of only a handful of reported nests with three adult bald eagles present and the only one that you can actually watch on the internet

The nest, located on a rock pinnacle at a remote location on Santa Catalina Island, California, has been monitored since 1991 by IWS biologists using closed-circuit camera systems.

Again because of continuing problems with DDT pollution in southern California, which causes the eagles to lay thin-shelled eggs, it is necessary for us to remove the eggs soon after they are laid, replace them with artificial eggs, and incubate the real eggs in incubators at our incubation facility on Catalina. When the eagle chicks are 1-2 weeks old, we foster them into the nests. Since 1991, 18 chicks have fledged from this nest, three of which have remained on the island.

2007 UPDATE: 5 eggs laid/2 lost @IWS Fac' but 3 successfully hatched there ... 2 on April 1st & 1 April 4th ... Fostered back into the nest April 8th ... Banded on May 27th as K-72, K-73 & K-74.

2008 UPDATE: 2 eggs laid/1 lost @ IWS Fac'. 1 hatched on April 15th ... Fostered back into the nest April 19th ... Banded on June 11th as K-65.
Another egg had been laid after switching occurred and successfully hatched on the nest on April 18th ... Banded on June 11th as K-67.

2009 UPDATE: 2 eggs laid and successfully hatched on the nest. Another Historic Year!
1 hatched April 7th. 2nd hatched April 9th. Banded on June 5th as
*K-98 & K-97.
*Deceased. Drowned Aug 18/09.

2010 UPDATE: 2 eggs laid .. 1 hatched April 14th. 2nd hatched April 16th. Banded on June 10th as **K-08 & *K-07.
* Deceased. Drowned August 8/10. ** Never Confirmed ... but presumed deceased.

2011 UPDATE: 3 eggs laid .. 1 hatched April 4th. 2nd hatched April 5th. 3rd hatched April 7th. Banded on May 30th as K-12, K-13 & *K-14.
* Deceased. Drowned August 30/11.

2012 UPDATE: 3 eggs laid .. 1 hatched March 29th. 2nd hatched March 30th. 3rd hatched April 3rd. Banded on May 25th as **K-27, *K-24 & 5Z ( too small to get blings has two leg bands).
* Deceased. Drowned September 6/12.
** Deceased. Cause unknown. October 2012.

2013 UPDATE: 3 eggs laid .. 2 hatched April 4th & 3rd hatched April 7th. Banded on May 27th as K-27, K-28 & *K-29.
* Deceased. Drowned August 14/13.

2014 UPDATE: Change in pairs. Wray/f was last sighted on Oct 1/13. On Oct 22/13 K-87/f visited the nest and from Oct 25/13 started to follow K-01/m. She appeared to be the new female at the nest until April 5/14 when she was ousted by her nestmate/sister K-91/f. No eggs laid this season.

2015 UPDATE: 2 eggs laid/1 lost on March 29th .. 1 hatched April 5th. Deceased on May 28th .. Banding Day.

2016 UPDATE: 2 eggs laid .. 2 hatched .. March 21st & 23rd. Banded on May 10th as K-60 & K-62.

2017 UPDATE: Eggs laid unknown .. 2 hatched. Banded on May 19th as K-73 & K-74.

Posted Image Posted Image
*Dianna K-69 .. one of the females ........................................ K-01 .. the man of the nest.

Posted Image Posted Image
**Wray .. the other female .. no wing-blings............The Three Eagle-teers .. last seen on their nest together in March 2008.

* Dianna was last seen at the nest in early March 2008. She did not participate in the egg-laying or incubating duties this year.

** Wray .. last confirmed sighting by the IWS Crew on October 1, 2013.

<::: :<<o>>: Tribute to Wray by Wings Haliaeetus. :<<o>>:

Information about all the Adults on all the nests can be found on the ... Meet The Adult Pairs .. Catalina .. Santa Cruz and Santa Rosa Islands Nests thread.

For more information about the nests and the Restoration Project please visit http://www.iws.org/
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Eagle D

I'm Darrell Fischer from Claremont Ca. very near the Los Angeles/San Bernardino County Line. I'm 43 at this time, I suppose one day I'll turn 44, ok that will happen On July 16th. I've been married twice, currently divorced, and I'm an Eagleholic!!! I'm actively invoved with the Fraternal Order of Eagles, so my love of Eagles goes without saying. Most of you know I have a somewhat silly sense of humor and I've really enjoyed sharing it with all of you here. I've done many things in my life, including the 12 years I spent driving ambulances. I've lived in LA and Orange County. Spent a few years in Chula Vista, and most recently spent 3 years living in Seattle. I moved back to this area in 2003. I'd seen a Bald Eagle once in Seattle, just soaring right over the top of me one afternoon. I was a beautiful sight. I first started watching the wbecam of the Kent nest last year, and actually saw the chick the day it was born. Then I wanted more and found the nest on Santa Cruz. I got involved with this site early in the life of Cruz, but didn't actually become a member until a few months later. I've done a lot of polls and look forward to getting more going as time goes on. But one of my most memorable things was guiding our first A-49 Cruzers Fundraiser and Raffle. Raising the money that we did $7372.00 for the IWS was definitely something I'll never forget. I've had the title of Official Unofficial Spokesman bestowed upon me for our Group here, and was very proud when I was asked to do so. Hopefully we'll all continue to utilize this board though the rest of the summer, the fall and of course the beginning of winter, when it all starts again...and again through all the seasons for many years to come. I've made a lot of good friends here and I love you all. We certainly have a great little online family here, one that I'm sure we can all take pride in being a part of.

Darrell B)
Darrell Fischer
"Official" Spokesman - "The A-49 Cruzers"
Chairman "The A-49 Cruzers" 2006 Fundraiser & Raffle
Claremont, California, USA, Planet Earth, Milky Way GalaxyUSA, Planet Earth

Posted Image
Click on photo to enlarge.
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Eagle Duo

I am the MIB (man in black) half of the Eagle Duo. I post in black while the other half posts in blue. The son of a preacher man, I was born in Idaho and raised in Idaho, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, and California. My name is Dave.

I lived in San Diego when the Dodgers moved west and I have been an avid follower ever since. I was able to get the games on the radio even when I lived in British Columbia.

When I was a sophomore in college, my younger brother dropped out of high school to join the Marines. Fearing he wouldn't make it through boot camp, I quit college and went in with him. I was an Air Traffic Control Radar and electronics technician and retired as a Master Sergeant 22 years later. My brother got out after 3 years.

During our 5 years in Japan, Jann and I bought a home computer and it quickly became a huge part of our lives. We had to order a hard drive through the mail so we had no storage initially. Jann would type in programs, mostly games I found in magazines, and then we couldn't turn off the computer until we were ready to type in the next game.

After we returned to the US, my squadron got a huge shipment of computers that were just dumped in the middle of floor at the squadron office. The Commanding Officer wondered what we were supposed to do with them. Someone mentioned that I had a home computer. The C.O. said well get him over here. When I arrived he told me "do something with those". I was like a kid in a candy store and the last half of my career was doing things with those computers.

When I retired and discovered I wasn't going to be able to sit around the house the rest of my life I decided to try selling cars. That really sounded like a lot of fun. It wasn't, but it did make me a salesman and it was great to be able to quit when you got angry (happened twice). The second time Jann said "why don't you sell computers? That’s what you know and love".

Recognizing that she was right as usual, I became a computer salesman for an electronics store (Silo). I discovered that my computer experience and car sales experience put me miles ahead of the competition. I quickly outsold everyone in the area including stores much larger than ours. I was soon promoted to sales manager and I was also installing hard drives and other hardware for our customers at the front counter. That was a practice that wasn't actually authorized until they found out how much hardware I was selling and installing.

When Best Buy decided to open training centers and sell computer training, I became one of the initial three trainers they hired in the Los Angeles/Orange County area. I switched to Computer City for a huge pay raise and a location closer to home just a couple of months before Computer City decided to close shop in California. I worked part time computer jobs for awhile, the last one for the county flood control. They had never had a real hardware person before and it was an immediate fit. I am now a county Computer Systems Administrator.

Jann and I have always had birds (cockatiels and conures). We fell in love with the Bald Eagles on our Alaska cruise in 2005.

I kept an eye on the Santa Cruz nest for a long time but after Jann alerted me to the Eaglet Banding Event the lonesome little eaglet captured my heart. I posted frequently in the Santa Cruz thread on the Hancock forum until I made the switch with Jann to this forum. Again it proved to be the right move. Fortunately we live close enough to Ventura to participate in many of the events including the magical visit to Santa Cruz with the wonderful people of this forum.

We have 3 grand children and have taught them to love animals by taking them frequently to the San Diego Wild Animal Park/Zoo and SeaWorld.

Bowling is my main participation sport now.

I lurk under the name Tiger when I am at work and should be working. I occasionally post under that name but not often.

Posted Image
Click on photo to enlarge.

:D I'm Jann, the female half of our duo. I'm a Navy brat that moved all over the east coast until my dad retired when I was 7, when we moved to San Diego.

Dave/MIB & I have been married 40 years and have 2 children & 3 grandchildren. We currently live in Riverside, CA.

The first time I saw Cruz was when he was being tagged. Was fascinated and continued watching and reading more and more....eventually drawing Dave in too. We'd both watched the Sanrich and Maine eagles, but I never joined a forum before this one. Was nervous and shy about it (yes, shy, Lala!), so we joined as a duo. I fully expected to rarely if ever post. Ya'll drew me out. You bring out the best (or worst?) in me! It's been a super experience and we've loved meeting all that we have so far and look forward to meeting more.

Posted Image
Click on photo to enlarge.

DAVE aka Man in Black (MIB)
JANN aka Lady in Blue (EDblue)
Riverside, CA
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Eagle Guy

I’m Peter Sharpe and have been directing the bald eagle restoration work on the California Channel Islands since 1997. I grew up in southern Illinois, received my BS in Ecology/Ethology from the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana in 1988, my MS in Zoology (studying the winter ecology of ruffed grouse) from Southern Illinois University in 1991, and my Ph.D. in Zoology (behavioral ecology of Townsend’s ground squirrels) from Colorado State University in 1998. While working on my dissertation I came across an advertisement for a position working with bald eagles on Santa Catalina Island for the Institute for Wildlife Studies. The position was for 9 months, with the possibility of extension. Because I was only writing my dissertation at the time and the work was the kind I wanted to do, I applied. A month later I got the position and moved to Catalina two weeks later. For the next year and a half I worked all day and then wrote my dissertation at night. Needless to say, the position was extended and 10 years later, here I remain.

Many of you may have become familiar with the bald eagle projects from the media coverage. On Catalina, one of the things I do to remove eggs and foster chicks into hard-to-reach nests is hang below a helicopter. That is why on Catalina I’m known as either “The Eagle Guy” or “The Dope on a Rope”. The media loves the visual of this procedure and I’ve been featured in many media outlets, including an IMAX movie (“Adventures in Wild California”), Animal Planet, People Magazine, and just about all the major local and national news networks. Great, free PR for our non-profit organization.

I’ve had the opportunity to become involved in a variety of IWS’ projects over the years and have worked on 7 of the 8 Channel Islands (still need to visit Santa Barbara Island). IWS does a lot of work with the endangered Island fox and I’ve had the opportunity to help trap and monitor them on San Clemente, Santa Catalina, Santa Cruz, and San Nicolas Islands. I’ve also worked with osprey on Catalina and loggerhead shrikes on San Clemente Island. It has been a thrill to direct the bald eagle restoration project on the northern Channel Islands from its inception in 2002. Seeing so many eagles survive and thrive from the releases has been exciting, and having the first successful bald eagle nests in over 50 years on Santa Cruz in 2006 gives us real hope for the future.

Peter Sharpe
Institute for Wildlife Studies
Bald Eagle Restoration Program

Posted Image
Click on photo to enlarge.
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My name is Alisa. I'm a California native raised in the West San Fernando Valley since it was farm and ranch country (yes, I'm an old fart). I went to Woodland Hills Elementary, when it first opened. I actively plan my high school reunions every five years including cruises in conjunction with each and cruises midway between. My other half and I (33+ years living together) were sailors with a sailboat docked in Ventura Harbor from Dec 1979 until we sold our boat in Dec 2002; which now resides in Miami. We had sailed the Channel Islands most of those years. We've toured or been on most of the Channel Islands, at the least, moored in a harbor. We've since become RVers heading towards full timing. I love and enjoy animals both domestic and wild. It's been a thrill to watch A49/Cruz even though I only learned about her after she had already hatched but a few weeks before she fledged... for a few weeks I was totally hooked... she had my undivided attention. Even though I no longer have that luxury of that kind of time, I love hearing about and following her progress.

A heartfelt thanks to each person who has had a hand in helping our threatened wildlife reproduce and thrive. More heartfelt thanks to those making it possible for someone like me to share the fruits of everyone's labor via webcams and internet sites and whatever else it takes. I so appreciate that I/we can still enjoy our wildlife without threatening them and from an up close and personal vantage point.

Alisa in California

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I was born and raised (till age of 21) in Philadelphia, PA
I've been married 48 years (as of 7/06) and I'm a retired Public Health Nurse.
I live in the Fayetteville/Hope Mills, NC area, next door to Ft. Bragg, NC ......... home of the 82nd Abn and many other great divisions.
My husband is a retired Special Force Officer.
We spent 4 years in Germany (then West). The first year was in Aschaffenburg. Our first son was born there. Then we moved to Bad Tolz, about 35 miles south of Munich. What a beautiful area!
We went over with no children and returned with 3 boys between 2 yr-10 mos. and 9 weeks old! I'm telling you it's in the water over there!
We came home in Nov. 1964 but occasionally I still dream in German.
Unfortunately, I haven't had anyone to speak with since returning and you know what they say, "If you don't use it, you lose it"!

Our three boys are/were military: 1 Army, near to retirement, 1 still in Coast Guard (youngest Master Chief ever in CG) and 1 retired Coast Guard who was an Avionics Tech. and now has a great job in that field in Florida. I’m not bragging ……… just very proud!
Our daughter married 3 years ago, lives nearby and has the new baby girl!
Our kids were kind enough (and smart enough!) to wait until we completely retired before they started having kids (except for our oldest G'daughter, who is 22). We also keep the young G'daughters while their folks all work. Girl 11, girl 6, girl 32 mos and girl 11 mos. old!! Funny, we always wanted girls and had 3 boys before our 1 girl!!
What we don't understand is when other grandparents look at us like we're crazy! Or they ask, how much are we getting paid (nothing)! We come from families where, if able, the kids were always kept by family members. Unfortunately, nowadays it very often takes 2 salaries to keep a house going (with all the goodies). This is one way we can be sure that the kids know us very well as we know them. Hmmmm.................. I do believe that's called 'bonding'.
Anyway, we live for it and as one by one they have to leave us for school we go thru the Empty Nest Syndrome all over again (our kids were about 1-1/2 apart and it was really rough when they left one year apart!)
But we make the rounds and pick them up after school and are back in the homework thing! I really love summers when there is no school!

Yes, life can be very good and we know we are blessed and very lucky
Fayetteville/Hope Mills, NC, home to Ft. Bragg and the 82nd Airborne

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Emma Rose

Hello All. My name is Emma Rose and I live in Huntington Beach, California. I have seven grandchildren whom I love dearly. Five are in Waco, Texas, so I am there a lot. I was born and raised in Ohio and gradually moved west as my husband's job headed that way. Now I love it here, near the water. And I have eagles ahead of me in the channel islands and behind me in the mountains. Life is good.
Emma Rose,
Huntington Beach CA

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Click on photo to enlarge
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Hi, my name is Debbie. I am originally from Gomer, Ohio, and moved to Florida (Tampa Bay area) 26 years ago. My husband Tom and I own and run a small machine shop in Clearwater, and it keeps us very busy. We have a 12 year old daughter, Kelsey, and an African Grey parrot named Maxie.

We live on a canal off of Lake Seminole, and we are blessed to be able to see many birds here, including osprey, heron, egret, ibus, wood stork, red shouldered hawk, and yes, even eagles occasionally. I know of a couple of eagle nests close by and always wondered what went on in the nest, so when I stumbled across the Saanich nest cam, I was hooked. It was so fascinating! It was from that forum that I found out about A-49, and I watched both as much as I could. Although I never posted, I really appreciated being able to access this forum to read about what was going on when I couldn't watch during the day!

Looking forward to another successful nesting season!
Largo, Florida

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Hi, I'm Nita, and as you can tell from my name, I live in Florida, USA. Hubby and I have three children, all grown now, but they live in other states. We don't get to see them much.

I started watching the Hornby Nest when a friend told me about it. Boy, did I get hooked in less than two seconds! Then, I read about the Santa Cruz nest, and I started watching it, too. I feel like I need to say: "Hi, I'm Nita and I'm an eagleholic."

Good to know you all.

At the request of Cumbrian, I would like to share with you a community project that hubby and I are involved in:

This past summer, 2006, the water fountain at our City Hall was leaking and was going to be torn down. Our motorcycle club got together and decided to build a Veterans' Memorial in its place. The work has been hard but enjoyable. Our club feels we are leaving something for posterity. We were able to raise the flags on Veterans' Day this year, but we still have work to do. We plan to have nine granite memorials (one to honor the veterans of each war), walkways, benches and flowers. Also, during our annual Christmas celebration we had a toy drive for underprivileged children in our town. Our expectations of everyone's generosity was totally exceeded. We plan to distribute the toys through our churches since they are more aware of the needy.

If anyone would like to see the Veteran's Memorial, here's a picture of the progress so far: Posted Image

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This is me in the stocks at Williamsburg, VA. Summer 2006.
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My name is Jim C. Spickler and I am the senior biologist for Eco-Ascension Research and Consulting. Some of you may know me as “foxglove”, or maybe as the scientist that climbed the nest tree during the banding of eaglet 49a.

Born in 1973, I grew up in the small desert town of Barstow, which is located in the beautiful Mojave Desert of Southern California.

In the early 90’s I left home and relocated to the Northern California town of Arcata, where I completed a BS in Wildlife, and a MS in Biology at Humboldt State University.

Always the avid rock climber, I started using my climbing skills early in my adventures as a wildlife biologist. As a 15 year old sophomore in high school I volunteered with the Bureau of Land Management to assist with studies on the endangered desert tortoise. Later on I worked as a nest access specialist on a sister project that was studying common raven, one of the main predators of the desert tortoise. I climbed trees, cliffs, rocks, yuccas, etc. I also got bit, stung, scratched, crapped on, and infested with bird lice. But all of these experiences helped me decide that a career doing research on rope was for me.

I started Eco-Ascension Research and Consulting in 1997. Since then I have traveled the world to climb and do research in some of the tallest, largest, and most amazing forests that remain. It was during the filming of the IMAX movie “Adventures in Wild California” that I met Dr. Peter Sharpe of IWS. Since then we have collaborated on many IWS projects requiring advanced rope access.

Life is good. I am currently busy with several bald eagle projects, nest camera installations, natural history projects with the BBC and National Geographic Television, and variety of other research related projects dealing with the biophysical limits to tree height.

During the first 3 months of 2007 I traveled to Australia to climb the tallest trees on that continent, to Mexico to climb and film monarch butterflies, and back out to Santa Cruz Island to measure the newly discovered tallest hardwood in all of the western hemisphere (no, this isn’t a joke)!! The current (March 2007) issue of National Geographic Magazine has a small feature about our recent climb to measure the newly discovered tallest tree on the planet, a coast redwood nearly 380 feet tall, and some time soon a portion of our giant sequoia research will be featured on National Geographic Television.

I also hope to participate in this years (2007) banding of the chicks at the Santa Cruz Island nest. If IWS needs me….I will be there with!

Jim C. Spickler, M.S.
Senior Biologist
Eco-Ascension Research and Consulting (EARC)
P.O. Box 202, Arcata, CA 95518
(707) 498-9704

Posted Image ........................ Posted Image
This is me on the Santa Cruz nest ... June 7th, 2006 ... Banding day for A-49 ... aka Cruz.
Click on photos to enlarge.

<::: Jim describes what it is like when he was .... Climbing The World's Tallest Tree

<::: Jim answering questions about his experiences as a wildlife biologist Jim Spickler's On-Line Interview
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My name is Kathy Froats and I live in Nanaimo, BC, Canada. We have lived here for 30 years - my husband was transferred here with the RCMP and now sells real estate. We live on a farm and raise and race thoroughbred horses. We have 2 grown sons and 3 granddaughters.

I first got hooked on these eagle cams with the Hornby Island nest and Ma and Pa. After their eggs failed to hatch I switched (like hundreds of us!) to the Saanich nest and watched until Big Vic and Lil Sid fledged. Of course I had to go to the other eagle cams also, and watched alot of Cruz. I have tried to stay away for awhile and get some things done as I know I will be glued to the computer again all too soon!!

We owe thanks to everyone involved in restoring the eagle population to the islands off California - also to all involved in setting up cameras, etc. at all these sites. It is such a joy to watch and listen!

Nanaimo, BC. Canada.

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I haven't been able to contact Stacie .... we think that she is away at college or working away. This is her original bio which I have transferred from the Who are you?/Where From? thread.
Hopefully she will return soon and we can get an updated version plus a photograph.

Morning all!!! I suppose I'll join in too......I'm Stacie Aichner of Santa Barbara, CA, geologist by profession and passion. I grew up here in Ventura, CA which is where I now earn a living, so I call both Counties home. My father is a volunteer with the Channel Island National Park Service, so I have had many opportunities to visit all four northern Channel Islands. Including a chance to take care of the Island Fox over the holidays on San Miguel. My son, Cameron is 12.5 (going on 32) is a real kick in the pants. A true lover of life!! :D

I have been honored to join you all in this last month or so, and to watch our guy take flight. Big thanks to you for you dedication and enthusiasm. You are an inspiration! :D

Santa Barbara, CA
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Hi My name is Deb and I'm originally from Ohio (farm/town girl) but moved to New York area nearly 20 years ago! I'm married (Gary - an architect) and have a son (Michael) and daughter (Megan), all grown up. DH and I share our home with Trinity our shepherd mix that we rescued from the local pound! and our "keets" - Bugsie and Moty! I work for an attorney in the real world (so that I can pay for the house and food) and in my other world, I volunteer untold hours to a local Boy Scout Troop, teaching and mentoring! I love to read, travel, camp, and hope one day to win the Lotto so that I can spend a lot more time doing the travel/camp parts! For a little over 20 years, I taught/directed a self confidence program in our Local Boy Scout Council as well as taught adults for their certification for summer camps in our region and throughout the US.

DH and I are have been known to take off on a Thursday and fly west to Vancouver or to the Grand Canyon or to Europe for a few days to just get away and see the sites! We are planning in 2007 to make the journey to Santa Cruz - this is all new territory to us and we can't wait to see for ourselves after all that has been shared on the forum!

I discovered Cruz by accident and it's certainly one of the best accidents I have ever had! I'm now an eagleholic and proud of it!

Long Island, NY

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Hi, My name is Christine. I was born in Eureka, California and graduated from Humboldt State University in Arcata, California. I majored in theatre lighting design.
I ended up in Southern California and worked for South Coast Repertory, Knott's Berry Farm and La Mirada Civic Theatre as a lighting technician. After that I was a Superior Court Clerk for 27 years.
I recently retired and am living in Fortuna, California. I am enjoying retirement but find staying at home a bit boring. I am looking for a part time job or interesting volunteer opportunity.
I have three cats and collect Hedi Schoop pottery which is where my screen name comes from.
I am looking forward to the fostering tour I won. It's been great meeting all the interesting nice people on this forum and of course watching A-49 and his family.
Fortuna, CA
Loving the Redwoods

Posted Image
Taken during the Fostering Tour at the IWS facilities. April 3/07
Dave Garcelon and Dr Peter Sharpe in the background
Click on photo to enlarge.
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helen b.

My name is Helen. I was born in San Francisco, (11-17-39), but have spent my entire life in Southern California - 38 years in Santa Barbara. I have a daughter, who also lives in SB and 2 cats currently. I have had up to 8 cats at a time, but am downsizing.

I am active in many animal organizations, but primarily Guide Dogs of America. I became a huge fan of #49 and became more interested because of Dr. Sharpe's work and the eagle forum. I am anxious to see #10 and #26 back at the nest

Santa Barbara, CA

Posted Image ............. Posted Image
This is me ........ also with Cumbrian and Jeanette on April 26/07
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