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Locked Topic
Conclusion: Season 2008/2009; Catalina, SC & Santa Rosa Islands Nests
Topic Started: Aug 31 2009, 10:38 AM (2,234 Views)
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Conclusion: All Eagles All The Time: Season 2008/2009.

We have followed the Eagles ... on cam ... on the Pelican Harbor Nest ... Two Harbors Nest and the West End Nest .....
From their early Nestorations .... through Bonding .... Eggs/Incubation .... Chicks .... Banding to Fledging.

At Seal Rocks the Eagles decided to switch nests ... so no cam there this season.

The Eagles at the Twin Rocks Nest stayed with the same nest as last season ... but the cam was not reliable.

Although there were no cams on the Middle Ranch Nest ... Pinnacle Rock Nest and Rattlesnake Canyon Nest on Catalina Island .. we were kept up to date of events happening .. or not .. at these nests through the IWS Catalina Updates.

Separate threads .. one for each of these nests .. were started .. and relevant information was posted on them .. to make it easier to keep track of what was occurring throughout the season.

Information was also taken from the Northern Channel Islands IWS Updates .. and entered onto a new thread Northern Channel Islands Nests, Santa Cruz and Santa Rosa Islands.

This kept us up to date with events happening .. or not .. on the Sauces Canyon Nest .. the first all SC nest because both eagles were released on SC Island ... and ... Trap Canyon Nest on Santa Rosa Island.

Together with information on the other Non-Breeding pairs on SC at Cueva Valdez .. Fraser Point .. Grassland/Malva Real .. Willows Anchorage and Yellowbanks.

The search was also on in Lobo Canyon on Santa Rosa for another pair who may have started a nest.

This Season has been a roller coaster ride ... with the highs of a very successful year on Catalina Island .. where ALL the eggs on ALL the nests were left to hatch naturally ... and they all had successful fledgings too .. except for Rattlesnake which was the only nest .. with eggs .. to fail.

The lows were on the Northern Channel Islands .. with the failed nests on SC and SR Islands ... the unthinkable happening when we lost the chicks at the PH Nest. We will never know the cause ... but wish our First Family success for the next season.
We also lost two females. A-02 from the Sauces Nest and A-36 .. who was paired with A-39 .. and it was hoped they would nest next season at Lobo Canyon on Santa Rosa Island. :'(

So here is a review ... in Alphabetical Order.

Find out all about the nests on the ... Meet the Adult Pairs thread.

We hope that ALL the Eagles ... Adults and Fledglings ...
Stay Safe ... wherever they may go.

Thanks to Dr. Sharpe/Eagle Guy, Steffani/eaglegal and all the IWS Crew for their photos and videos used in this thread.
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Cueva Valdez - Santa Cruz Island.

A-00/male & A-16/female

..............Posted Image ................................................... Posted Image
Cueva Valdez looking towards the east. ............ A-00/A-16's territory from Lady's & Baby's Harbor

For several weeks during March the IWS Crew worked hard trying to find .. and get a better idea of where the Cueva Valdez pair might nest this year.

At the end of March they found them at the mouth of Hazards Canyon. Both A-00 and A-16 were perched on the cliffs together.
There was still a chance that they had a nest, or were still building a nest but had not laid an egg yet.

April into May the crew repeatedly found the pair in their territory ... but still no active nest.

.......Posted Image..........Posted Image
................... A-00.......................................... A-16

In June when the IWS Crew were trying to trap the eagles .. to do tests and attach transmitters ... A-00 enjoyed the fish they put into the water.

...................................Posted Image

In July while still out trying to trap the birds at Cueva Valdez, a third eagle was discovered in the area, who was later identified as A-29
However, once he was discovered by A-00, a territorial dispute played out before their eyes ... and he was chased away by A-00.

It is interesting that this adult male is the same one that was seen in March 2008 perched in a tree with A-16 .. and was chased away at that time too by A-00! Seems he is smitten and keeps trying. :wub:

So .. once again .. this pair did not show signs of attempting to breed.

Maybe next season a nest will be found.

..............................(Click on thumbnails to see full size)
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Fraser Point - Santa Cruz Island.

A-40/male & A-24 /female

Posted Image
Fraser Pair’s territory

(Click on thumbnail to see full size)

Earlier this year the IWS Crew discovered a new pair .. A-24 and A-40.

Posted Image
The pair perched on the cross that stands on the very west end of Fraser.

Throughout the season they were seen together in their territory. But no sign of nesting behaviour was observed.

The IWS Crew are currently trying to trap more eagles .. to place transmitters on birds they believe may nest next year .. like the Fraser Point eagles.

Keeping our :X: for next season.
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Grassland/Malva Real - Santa Cruz Island.

K-11/male & A-17/female

Posted Image
Johnson's part of their territory.

(Click on thumbnail to see full size)

In March the IWS Crew saw A-17 & K-11 in the stages of nest building.
Both adults were bringing sticks back to a pine tree and rearranging them. It was hoped that they would build quickly and then eggs would be laid.

However in April they still did not see any consistent pattern indicating that the pair had completed the nest or were incubating an egg.

The crew did not have much time to watch this pair .. to see if they would breed this season .. so had to depend on the GPS data to follow their status.

There was very little information about them reported on the Updates.
One or the other was sometimes spotted .. but no active nest was found this season.
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Lobo Canyon - Santa Rosa Island.

A-39/male & A-36/female

Posted Image
Looking from mouth of Lobo Canyon towards Carrington bluffs

(Click on thumbnail to see full size)

In February & March the IWS Crew searched Lobo Canyon for a possible nest for A-36 & A-39.
No nest was found but the pair were seen hanging out together.

There were no more updates about this pair until the NCI Update on July 22/09 when we were given the bad news that A-36 had been found .. deceased ... on SR Island.

Her body was recovered, but it is uncertain if the cause of her death will ever be determined.

So, although we will never know what really happened to her .. A-36 .. like the other eagles who have passed ... will be forever in our hearts.

<:3 :candle: :^^^:
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MR - Middle Ranch Nest - Catalina Island

K-93/male & A-32/female

Posted Image
The nest is where the Pine trees are.

In January the MR pair .. A-32 .. aka Lady in Blue because she is a banded SC eagle living on Catalina Island with K-93 .. were seen perched together and several eucalyptus branches were on the nest .. that Dr Sharpe built ... so someone had been adding nesting material and it was hoped they would keep it up and breed this year.

The original camera .. installed in November/08 .. was replaced and the power/video cables run up the nest tree ... then in February it looked like the pair had plans to move their territory to the south side of the island, close to China Point.

However ... they were again spotted at the Reservoir area ... but .. they had started to build a new nest in a eucalyptus tree on the other side of the reservoir!

Posted Image.......Posted Image
................................................... Nest tree

The pair were monitored daily and in March A-32 was spotted on the nest ... but no eggs had been laid.

Posted Image

Throughout April .. May and June the pair were seen together but no breeding behaviour was observed.

Here is a video of them both sharing a fish.
MR Pair

They are still together .. at the reservoir .. and Steffani can often hear them vocalizing to each other.

We all hope they decide to breed next year.

..............................(Click on the thumbnails to see full size)
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PH - Pelican Harbor Nest - Santa Cruz Island.

K-10/male & K-26/female

Posted Image....... Posted Image
....... Capture courtesy of Hedi........................................................ Capture courtesy of pamwillie

This season started well .. the adults returned in October with some sticks .. but they really got serious about fixing up their nest in December.

Two eggs were laid in late February .. and on April 3rd the first chick hatched. However it appeared all was not well and it was a sad day on April 6th when we lost the chick.

On April 8th we were so happy when the second chick hatched but on April 11th it was observed that no feedings were being done .. and later K-10 stood off the nest bowl for a long time.

We realized that the unthinkable had occurred ... and the second chick had not made it.

The Nest Watch observers gave the chicks the nicknames of Windy ... hatched during high winds ... and Hope ... because we really were surprised when s/he hatched ... and hoped that s/he would survive.

We were all in shock that this could happen on this nest.

K-10 and K-26 are still young eagles ... they have produced strong eaglets before .. Cruz .. Limuw .. Skye & Spirit.

They will have more beautiful children. ....... :candle: RIP Windy and Hope. :candle:

The adults did return quite frequently to the nest for a while ... bringing sticks and also feeding there ... so we have high hopes that they will use the nest again next season.
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PR - Pinnacle Rock Nest - Catalina Island.

K-65/male & K-56/female

Posted Image
PR Nest

(Click on thumbnail to see full size)

This year there was a change of partners.
Unsure what happened to K-92 the original PR female but K-56 .. the 2005 SR chick .. is the new female partner this season.

Two eggs were laid early March and because of the successful natural hatchings in the previous two years, they were once again left on this nest.
Unfortunately one egg was lost .. but we were delighted when the other did successfully hatch.

Hatch Date: April 5/09 approx.

Banded: May 31/09 .... Wingbling Number K-99/female .... ^"^ Banding Part 1 ^"^ .......... ^"^ Banding Part 2 ^"^

.....................Posted Image
K-99 was banded as a male ... but blood tests proved she is a girl!

Fledge Date: July 1/09 approx ..... Video by eaglegal:
PR Eaglet K-99

......................July 8/09 approx ..... Video by eaglegal: K-99 & TR Fledglings
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RC - Rattlesnake Canyon Nest - Catalina Island.

K-80/male & K-47/female

Posted Image
Rattlesnake Canyon

This nesting season we hoped .. due to a lot of hard work by Dr. Sharpe and Steffani .. that we would be able to monitor the events happening at the nest .. that K-80 and K-47 used last season .. when the new camera, that they had installed, came on-line.

The work on the camera had started during the week of November 26/08 and recommenced on December 9/08 at the Rattlesnake transmission site, to hook up some solar panels and check the connections, in order to install the camera, and a transmission tower had also been built.

In late February /early March Dr Sharpe and Steffani kept checking the nest and wondered if the pair intended to breed again this season.

On March 9th they received a call from the Catalina Island Marine Institute (CIMI) in Toyon Canyon, notifying them that the eagles had built a nest in their canyon. When Pete went to check it out, he found K-47 already incubating.

The pair were last seen together on the 7th so they must have laid egg/eggs between then and the 10th, when Pete saw her incubating.

Posted Image
.......... K-47

Video by eaglegal:
K-47 on her nest

March 11th .. when Steffani checked the nest she saw K-47 incubating and was hoping to see the male come to switch .. but he did not arrive.

One of the reasons this nest was not successful last year was probably because the male did not contribute as much with the incubation duties as he should have and maybe there were too many ravens in the area to leave the eggs unattended for any period of time.

The biologists were hoping that this year, with a new nest, things would be different and the pair would successfully hatch and fledge chicks.

But, on Tuesday, March 17th .. when the nest was checked .. it was empty. The Rattlesnake Canyon Nest had seemed to fail again this year.

It was hoped that they might try again ... but that did not happen.

The pair are still together .. and kayakers are thrilled .. when K-80 and K-47 show up and swoop down to catch a fish when they are in their territory.

Hopefully they will be more successful next season ... wonder which nest they will choose to use?

..............................(Click on the thumbnails to see full size)
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Sauces Canyon Nest - Santa Cruz Island.

A-28/male & A-02/female

Posted Image
Observation Point

In February A-02 & A-28 were spotted together .. and they gave every indication that they were going to use the same nest again this season.

In March they were at the nest in the cypress tree. and incubating .. but it was not possible to see how many eggs were in the deep bowl.

Posted Image....... Posted Image

(Click on the thumbnails to see full size)

Late March their eggs were expected to hatch and everything Dr Sharpe/Peter saw when he visited the nest indicated that everything was ok

Sadly, the nest was found empty on March 31/09.

The IWS Crew have no idea why this nest failed again this year.

In May and June the pair were often seen together on their favourite cliffs at Kingston Point or at Christy Beach.

But we were given very sad news in the NCI Update .. July 22, 2009 .. when we were informed that A-02 had been found .. deceased .. in Pozo.

A-02's entry in the Eagles Over The Rainbow Bridge thread

Another eagle lost ... She too will be forever in our hearts. <:3 :candle: :^^^:
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SR - Seal Rocks Nest - Catalina Island.

K-25/male & K-34/female

For weeks Dr Sharpe and Steffani watched the adults. They were still together but no nesting behaviour was seen and they did not visit their nest. They were also having a territorial dispute with the PR pair.

It was a relieve for Steffani to actually witness them bonding because she was concerned that they would not breed. Now the search was on for a possible new nest!

February 27th .. Dr Sharpe spent most of the day in the SR territory searching for .. and watching the birds. After a few hours .. the new nest was discovered .. a few hundred feet below their previous nest .. and K-25 was incubating an egg!

By the following Monday there were 2 eggs .. and no chance of a camera being installed this season on this new nest!

........Posted Image

[Click on the thumbnail to see full size)

After the successful natural .. and historical .. hatchings in 2007 and again in 2008, the 2 eggs laid this season were again left on this new nest and we were delighted when a healthy chick hatched naturally from one of the eggs.

The second SR egg was still present on the nest several days after the first chick had hatched so the IWS were pretty sure it was not viable and it eventually disappeared off the nest.

Hatch Date: March 25/09 approx .... ^"^ SR Chick 2009 ^"^

Banded: May 20/09 .... Wingbling Number K-90/male .... ^"^ SR: Banding of K-90 ^"^

Posted Image

Fledge Date: June 11/09 approx ..... Video by eaglegal:
First Catalina Fledgling of the Year: June 11/09
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TC - Trap Canyon Nest - Santa Rosa Island

A-08/male & A-22/female

Posted Image
A-08 and A-22's territory

It was on St. Valentine’s Day that the IWS Crew actually saw A-08 and A-22 on their nest and the next week they confirmed that both eagles were sharing incubating duties.

In March they were still incubating but it is a difficult nest to observe without disturbing the adults so we all had to patiently wait for more news.

The egg/s were expected to hatch in April .. but whenever the IWS Crew observed the nest the adults were still incubating with no sign of chick/s.

On the April 14-21st NCI Update the Crew stated that “The incubation duties did have long gaps of being unattended which reaffirmed that the egg/s will not hatch. We are several days over the possible hatching days of the egg/s and so the BAEA are just instinctually trying to take care of the egg/s.

This is the pair’s second attempt to breed and there are many things that could prevent the hatching of the egg/s.

We hope to collect the egg/s so that we can send them to a lab for contaminant analysis and we hope to get some kind of an idea as to why the egg/s might not have hatched.”

The next week Cedrick was out on Santa Rosa Island for the weekend, and entered the Trap Canyon nest so that he could recover the only egg, on the nest, with the help of Nick Todd, a local raptor biologist.

Posted Image........ Posted Image
This is a photo of the first glimpse they had of the nest bowl and egg.

While descending down to nest A-08 .. came to the nest. He circled along the cliffs and called out for several minutes.

The presence of A-08 near his nest made the experience for Cedrick and Nick even more impressive.
With so many Ravens on Santa Rosa Island it amazed them how the egg survived. The presence of A-08 and his calls made the nest entry a heightened experience.

Posted Image.........Posted Image......... Posted Image..........Posted Image

To date we have not heard anything further about the results.

Hopefully next year these two will attempt to nest again with better success.

..............................(Click on the thumbnails to see full size)
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TR - Twin Rocks Nest - Catalina Island

K-33/male & K-17/female

Posted Image
Nest is circled

(Click on thumbnail to see full size)

The eagles decided to use the same nest this season as last year ... on that treacherous narrow ridge .. the camera was placed on another ridge ... and due to weather conditions it was not reliable.
Because they were unable to get to the mainland to fix it, Dr Sharpe and Steffani had to check the nest from their only observation spot at Long Point .. so we were kept up to date with the events happening on this nest mostly through the Catalina Updates .. and we were delighted when they were able to confirm that two eggs had been laid.

Hatch Dates: April 2/09 and April ?/09.

Banded: May 30/09 .... Wingbling Numbers K-96/male & K-94/male .... ^"^ TR Banding: Part 1 ^"^ .......... ^"^ TR Banding: Part 2 ^"^

Fledge Date:. June 30/09 approx ..... Video by eaglegal: TR Fledglings

..........................July 8/09 approx ..... Video by eaglegal: K-99 & TR Fledglings

......................August 5/09 approx ..... Video by eaglegal: TR Juveniles .. flying high over the nest area .. August 2009

K-96 found .. deceased on August 13/09 ..... <:3 :candle: :^^^: K-96’s entry in the Eagles Over The Rainbow Bridge thread
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TH - Two Harbors Nest - Catalina Island ..... Historic Year!

K-81/male & K-82/female

Posted Image
Two Harbor's - 'Pregnant Lady'

(Click on thumbnail to see full size)

Because of all the successes over the last two seasons .. with all the natural hatchings of the eggs left on the other Catalina nests .. the biologists decided to leave the eggs laid on this nest .. this season .. to hatch naturally.

So for the very first time K-81 & K-82 experienced new life emerging from the two eggs that were laid.

Hatch Dates: March 26/09 and March 28/09 .... Happy Hatchday - Chick #1

.......................................................................... Happy Hatchday - Chick #2

Banded: May 30/09 .... Wingbling Numbers K-91/female & K-87/female ... Unofficial Names Thunder (K-91) and Lightning (K-87).

................ ^"^ TH Banding: Part 1 ^"^ .......... .......... ^"^ TH Banding: Replacing the eaglets ^"^

.......................... ^"^ http://z7.invisionfree.com/CHIL_EagleCAM/i...topic=4024&st=0 ^"^

Posted Image

Fledge Dates: K-91 ~ June 16/09 and K-87 ~ June 25/09 approx.

............<::: K-91/Thunder Fledges ........... <::: Confirmed: We have Two Fledglings

...........August 13th-18th, 2009 ..... Video by eaglegal: K-91, K-87 & K-99 PR Fledgling
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WE - West End Nest - Catalina Island ..... Another Historic Year!

K-01/male & Wray/female

Posted Image

(Click on thumbnail to see full size)

Because of all the successes over the last two seasons .. with all the natural hatchings of the eggs left on the other Catalina nests .. the biologists had decided to leave the eggs laid on this nest .. and the TH nest .. this season .. to hatch naturally.

But unlike the TH pair .. who experienced their very first natural hatchings ... Wray and Superman had already had that experience .. last season!

Remember last year they laid the extra egg after the IWS retrieved the two on the nest ... and we all got a ‘Surprise’ when that egg hatched and we could see a chick on the nest .. the day before WEstie/Miracle was fostered back.

Hatch Dates: April 7/09 and April 9/09 .... Happy Hatchday - Chick #1 ...... Twins! Looks like we missed a Hatchday!

Banded: June 5/09 .... Wingbling Numbers K-98/female & K-97/female ... Unofficial Names Faith (K-98) and Joy (K-97).

................ ^"^ WE Banding: Kevin White’s video ^"^ .......... ^"^ WE Banding: IWS Video

........................ ^"^ http://z7.invisionfree.com/CHIL_EagleCAM/i...topic=4076&st=0 ^"^

Posted Image
...............................One of Cedrick's super photos ... of the twins and parent

Fledge Dates: K-98 ~ June 30/09 and K-97 ~ July 2/09.

............<::: K-98/Faith Fledged today at 7:52a.m. ........... <::: K-97/Joy Fledged today at 2:50p.m.

K-98 found .. deceased on August 18/09 ..... <:3 :candle: :^^^: K-98/Faith’s entry in the Eagles Over The Rainbow Bridge thread

...............................................We lost you too soon ... You will never be forgotten.
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