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Watched Impact tonight. I didn't think it was all that bad until the final two segments, which were the drawn out Magnus championship coronation. I'm convinced they need to never let Magnus talk again, as he cut a promo right out of Wrestling Bad Guy 101. "I didn't turn my back on the fans, they turned their backs on me!" Why even talk if THAT'S the best you can do?

AJ Styles came back, looking somewhat homeless, and they blatantly ripped off Punk/Cena from 2011 by both holding up their TNA belts. I skipped through most of this after a certain point, because no one involved (Dixie, Magnus, AJ, ECIII, Rockstar Spud) can seem to cut a decent promo.

Oh, and I'm supposed to pop for Gunner attacking Magnus, just an hour removed from being asked to boo him against James Storm? Oh, and James Storms is sooooo mad that a former partner, Gunner, betrayed him, that he asks to team up with Bobby Roode, who just so happens to be the second most recent tag partner to betray him? How does this stuff get out of the creative meetings? I thought Dave Lagana was smarter than this.
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