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torturedsoulv1,Jan 15 2015
02:08 AM
SamoaRowe,Jan 14 2015
03:20 PM
torturedsoulv1,Jan 11 2015
08:40 PM
I set my DVR for it, but it didn't tape.
Not sure why

Were you at this set of tapings?

No, I didn't go this time.

Ah, I see. I was going to ask you about the attendance, because apparently it was way down from the last time TNA was in NYC.

I haven't heard any really positive reviews about the first new episode. The most glowing praise was Jason Powell basically saying it was decent until the nonsense during the Lashley/Roode match (Samoa Joe turning heel and forming a new stable along with Low Ki and MVP, or someone or another).
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