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ho ho who the hell are you?
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I thought about going to that Ohio show but it was like a 3 hour drive to the middle of nowhere. They should have done it in Akron or Dayton. They picked a really stupid location.

I agree on the TNA stink too. I think Jarrett was smart in how he was positioning himself to pick over the bones once TNA dies later this year but he should have kept it off air. The second he appeared on TV and they started talking invasion angles is when he made a mistake. Guys like Magnus, Young and Roode made the cards look a lot better and I think James Storm would be a key block to build a promotion on. But the more entangled he gets with TNA the less people will give it a chance.

I hear he's trying to get TNA's slot after they go off the air. I think that wouldn't be the worst move ever.
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