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WWF Flashback: July 1992
Topic Started: Jan 11 2018, 10:43 PM (70 Views)
Scrooge McSuck
I'll get you next time, toilet!
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- Last time on the WWF Flashback… Most of the existing angles continued without much hoopla… Elizabeth has been erased from history when it comes to the rivalry between Randy Savage and Ric Flair… Shawn Michaels introduced his newest heat-seeking magnet: A mirror… Papa Shango hexed Gene Okerlund and a couple of jobbers, but thankfully none of them vomited all over someone else… The Legion of Doom went back to their roots and found their punching bag from childhood, ROCCO… Razor Ramon is on his way to the WWF via Tony Montana impersonations… Nailz made his in-ring debut… Prime-Time Wrestling continues to drag with overuse of recycled matches, and almost all features coming from a two-month old UK tour.

- From the pages of the WWF Magazine, here’s Update with “Mean” Gene Okerlund, brought to us by Coliseum Video and the 1992 Battle of the Superstars… Gene Okerlund spoke to the Big Boss Man earlier in the week, but first, we’ll relive some moments of Nailz’s brutal attack on the Cobb County native. Boss Man says (via telephone) he’s lost weight and is on the road to recovery. He believes in law, order, and justice, and this might not be a fight he’ll win, but a fight he’ll take on to try and rid the WWF of Nailz. He promises to be back sooner than Nailz thinks.

- From the July 4th episode of Superstars, “Mean” Gene Okerlund is standing by for an interview with Repo Man. He comes out riding a bicycle. Again, campy comedy Repo Man doesn’t seem fitting for a real angle. He says a couple of blocks a way he met a kid who was studying for finals, so he quit his job, and (allegedly) couldn’t make any payments on his bike. How did Gene Okerlund know the kid was 15 years old? Repo says he’s the bulldog’s master, and every command he make the Bulldog performs. Repo implies they might be wrestling at SummerSlam. Yeah, about that…

- Razor Ramon is still hanging around the streets of Miami. He says he’s like Adam in the Garden of Eden, he’s the only real man. Everyone wants to be like him. Little kids want to grow up to be like him. What you learn from a book can’t make you like Razor. If you want to be like Razor, you have to do like Razor, and take whatever you want. He steals an apple and spits a bite in the face of the vendor. Oh yeah, Carlito Colon ripped off Razor Ramon, ripping off Tony Montana. I forgot that.

- From the July 5th episode of Wrestling Challenge, “Mean” Gene Okerlund is standing by with The Ultimate Warrior. They’re still pushing the angle with Papa Shango. Warrior says he believes in his Warriors. They are greater than any powers Papa Shango might have, and he promises to destroy him with the power of the Ultimate Warrior. This was worse than his last promo where he bled oil. This angle can’t come to an end soon enough.

- WWF Tag Team Championship Match: Money Inc. (c) (w/ Jimmy Hart) vs. Jim Duggan & Sgt. Slaughter – From the July 6th episode of Prime-Time Wrestling, taped from April 7th from Toledo, OH. Three months old? At least it isn’t a repeat. We’re getting more and more Monsoon and Hayes calling the exclusives lately. Duggan and Dibiase start by trading rights. Duggan with an atomic drop, sending Dibiase into the corner for a game of pong. The challengers take turns working the arm. Irwin catches Duggan with his head down and makes him pay for it. Money Inc. with some double teaming in the corner while the referee keeps Slaughter and Jimmy Hart in check. Duggan briefly teases a comeback, but falls short quickly. Dibiase with a whip and clothesline for two. Duggan escapes a chin-lock, but runs into a knee. The referee misses the tag, allowing more 2-on-1 from Money Inc. Duggan rolls away from Dibiase’s fist drops and hot tags Slaughter. He sends Dibiase to the corner and drops him with an elbow. He slaps on the Cobra Clutch, a move “very similar to the Million Dollar Dream.” Heck breaks loose. Irwin grabs the 2x4, but Duggan knocks it out og his hands and whacks him with it for the DQ at 8:16. This wasn’t good, but they were at least always doing something. *1/4

- 40-Man Battle Royal (Participants: Beau Beverly, Blake Beverly, Virgil, Koko B. Ware, Skinner, Kato, Owen Hart, Duane Gill, Knobbs, Sags, Tito Santana, The Texas Tornado, Joe Milano, Bob Bradley, Tatanka, Bret Hart, Jim Brunzell, Barry Horowitz, Bob Starr, Sgt. Slaughter, Brian Costello, Rick Martel, Ted Dibiase, Irwin R. Schyster, Rick Johnson, Steve Martinez, The Berzerker, J.A. Gooden, Bruce Mitchell, Bob Knight, Kerry Davis, Moe McMullen, Jim Powers, Al Hunter, Scott Palantonio, Barry Hardy, Nick Danger, and The British Bulldog)

From the July 6th episode of Prime-Time Wrestling, taped on June 2nd from Ottawa, Ontario. No, that isn’t a mistake, FOURTY MEN. Half of them enhancement talent, and I don’t mean guys like Skinner and Koko, I mean the syndication scrubs. I might’ve missed one or two, but who cares, all the “Superstars” are accounted for. Berzerker waits on the floor as the bell rings, and there’s no room for anyone to do anything but punch and hug near the ropes. Berzerker pulls a random scrub out at 0:32 and lays him out with a big boot. Tornado tosses four scrubs in succession. Sgt. Slaughter is tossed somewhere in the confusion at the 2:30 mark. Berzerker dumps Powers at 3:05. We come back from commercial with most of the ring still full, but most of the scrubs are long gone. Tornado tosses Bradley at 3:38, and Dibiase tosses Duane Gill. Tatanka takes his usual bump out at 4:43. Santana eliminates Dibiase at 5:00. Bulldog dumps I.R.S. at 5:20. Berzerker tosses Owen at 5:30. The Beverly Brothers and Bret Hart all go in one pile at 5:45. Koko eliminates Kato at 6:03. Bulldog and Tornado toss Sags at 6:28. We’re down to Koko, Bulldog, Tito, Skinner, Berzerker, and the Tornado. Koko goes flying at 7:04. Skinner has the honors of eliminating Santana at 7:10. Berzerker and Skinner dumped the Bulldog at 7:42. We get heel communication, but Berzerker avoids elimination and dumps both Skinner and the Tornado to win it at 10:04 (shown). Nothing to see here, folks.

- “El Matador” Tito Santana vs. Papa Shango – From the July 6th episode of Prime-Time, taped on April 14th from Munich, Germany. Santana uses his bullfighting skills to avoid a lockup. He grabs a waist-lock, but Shango backs him into the corner and lands an elbow across the side of the face. Whip across the ring, with authority. Shango with a slam, but Santana rolls away from an elbow drop. Santana works the arm, and instantly Shango has no mystique, selling like just another guy. Whip to the ropes and Santana with a body press for two. Shango takes control and makes goofy faces. Whip and Shango with a diving clothesline. He pulls down the boot sleeve on Santana’s boot, and Santana bothers fixing it. That’s right up there with adjusting tights when pretending to lay motionless for a spot as far as annoying goes. Santana avoids a charge and lays into Shango with boots. He sends Shango to the corner, but he pops out with a clothesline. Shango with a back breaker, but he misses a flying elbow. Santana with a pair of dropkicks for two. Flying Forearm connects for two. Santana with a flying body press, but Shango rolls through for three at 9:49. He didn’t even need to hook the tights! You’ve seen one Shango match, you’ve seen them all. *

- Despite strongly hinting at having his last match, Hulk Hogan is still all over the opening of Superstars, appearing in as many, if not more, shots than Randy Savage and the Ultimate Warrior.

- The Legion of Doom vs. Barry Hardy & Kerry Davis – From the July 11th episode of Superstars, and look, it’s Tony Chimel doing ring introductions! We get our first real look at Rocco, and he looks like Vince McMahon just discovered Happy Days and Grease on the same weekend when the idea for Rocco came to fruition. Hawk and Animal attack their opponents from behind. Meanwhile, Ellering does a poor ventriloquist act with Rocco. Jesus… Hawk with a gut-wrench suplex and fist drop on Davis. LOD vs. The Beverly Brothers is still the program being pushed. Hardy tags in and gets planted by an Animal powerslam. The Doomsday Device finishes at 2:03. Rocco is a steaming turd. I’m not even going to bother talking about him again.

- From the pages of the WWF Magazine, here’s Update with Mean Gene Okerlund. We recap the angle between The Mountie and Sgt. Slaughter, which has cooled down immediately, and that was TWO MONTHS AGO.

- The Undertaker (w/ Paul Bearer) vs. Bruce Mitchell – Another squash from the July 11th episode of Superstars. Why is this here? Just wait about 90-seconds or so. Undertaker grabs Mitchell by the throat and plants him with a choke-slam. Undertaker with the rope-walk clothesline, and the Tombstone Piledriver finishes at 1:50. Post-match, Berzerker and Mr. Fuji make their way to ringside. Fuji tosses salt in the eyes of Bearer, who takes a bump off the steps, to the arena floor. Fuji goes for the urn, but Undertaker intercepts. Berzerker attacks from behind, but Undertaker no-sells and stares him down. He grabs Berzerker by the throat, but here’s Fuji with the cane, also no-sold. Berzerker with a handful of salt in the eyes of the Undertaker, and he barely sells that! It seems like they haven’t given up on the angle after all.

- “Mean” Gene Okerlund is standing by for an interview with Kamala, Kim-Chee, and Harvey Wippleman. I love the disgusted and/or sad faces of children in the presence of the freaks. Wippleman pushes Okerlund around, and uses Kamala as a means of intimidation, forcing Okerlund to his knees, begging for mercy from Kamala. I’m sorry, but Kamala never did much for me, especially when his gimmick was not knowing how to pin people.

- From the pages of WWF Magazine, it’s time for Special Report with Lord Alfred Hayes. Inside is the new merchandise catalog, featuring a bunch of stuff for Randy Savage. We get a musical tribute to Savage’s career, and some of it was spliced into the tribute on Raw following his death. Yes, I’m enough of a nerd to have noticed. Not ONE clip of Savage with Elizabeth, so she’s written out of storylines, never to be seen again on WWF television.

- We recap the saga of the Ultimate Warrior and Papa Shango, including the Shango curse that triggered violent vomiting, as well as tormenting enhancement talent by having them bleed black goop and setting their feet on fire. This may scream like filler, but we’re mid-way into July, and not much is being said about SummerSlam! We’re given the impression that this storyline isn’t over, but GOOD NEWS, EVERYONE!

- High Energy vs. The Beverly Brothers (w/ The Genius) – From the July 13th episode of Prime-Time Wrestling, taped on June 3rd from Cornwall, Ontario. Koko is still carrying Frankie around. Owen and Beau start. Owen slaps the taste out of his mouth and goes to work with some joint manipulation. Owen does his signature counter to escape a wrist-lock. Owen with a dropkick and arm drag, sending Beau to the floor. Blake and Owen with a knuckle-lock. Blake takes advantage with a knee to the midsection, but Owen fights from beneath, springs off the top rope, and takes him over with a hip toss. Blake misses a charge to the corner and gets taken over with a monkey flip. Koko in, and he must mean business because he pulls the pants up high. Koko with a slingshot and leg drop across the midsection. Never a good sign for those involved when the crowd noise is a weak chant for LOD. Beau controls Koko with a bearhug. Koko with a springboard body press for two. Blake comes off the middle rope with an axe-handle and picks up where Beau left off. We get a double clothesline, leading into the hot tag for Owen. He hits both with dropkicks and a double noggin knocker. Bulldog on Blake gets two. Beau with the scroll, but the referee sees it and calls for the DQ at 9:56. Owen’s ability is so far ahead of everyone else we see on a regular basis, but he’s relegated to a tie for the bottom team on the babyface side of the depth chart. *3/4

- Virgil vs. “The Model” Rick Martel – From the July 13th episode of Prime-Time, taped on June 30th from Binghamton, NY. Joined in Progress, with Martel in control. Whip is reversed, but Martel cartwheels out of the way of danger. Crisscross, and Virgil does the same, then taunts Martel with jumping jacks. Martel misses an elbow into the corner and gets taken over into an arm-bar. Virgil with a back slide for two. Martel catches Virgil with his head down, then lays him out with a clothesline. Martel with a gut-wrench suplex for two. Virgil surprises Martel with an axe-handle to the midsection, followed by a Russian leg sweep. Martel grabs the Arrogance spray can and whacks Virgil with it for the cheap DQ at 4:00 (shown). What is with all these terrible finishes? *

- From the pages of the WWF Magazine, here’s Special Report with Lord Alfred Hayes. I must be missing the episode of Superstars from that week, but it seems like the major stuff was covered on both shows that weekend. It’s July 19th and SUMMERSLAM IS FINALLY BEING MENTIONED ON AMERICAN TELEVISION. It’ll be Monday Night, August 31st from Wembley Stadium in London, England! Hayes lets us know the event sold out in 10-hours. The Main Event has been signed: “Macho Man” Randy Savage will defend the WWF Championship against… The Ultimate Warrior! Thank God, the Warrior/Shango angle has been dropped like a bad habit. Why did I say American TV earlier? Despite the non-existent presence of the event for us in the States, TV in the UK has promoted the event for several weeks already, and even announced several matches!

- “Mean” Gene Okerlund is standing by for an interview with Ric Flair and Mr. Perfect. Both aren’t too pleased with the SummerSlam snub. Perfect says they didn’t get the match because they didn’t play political ball with Jack Tunney. They’ve distorted the image of his title belt, made him enter the Royal Rumble at #2 (close, he entered at #3), and ripped him off for the WWF Championship at WrestleMania VIII, but he will once again become the WWF Champion. Warrior has stolen the spot that Flair deserves. SummerSlam is going to be in front of 85,000 people and he won’t be on the card. “You think you can put Ric Flair on the backburner and make it stick? WRONG! It goes like this, Warrior, when the time is right, you’ll pay the price. Savage, I’m looking at you. That title shot was mine! London, England was waiting for the Nature Boy, but now let me promise you this, whether it’s tomorrow, next week, next month, or two months from now, I will be, we will be, the World Wrestling Federation Champion again!”

- The Natural Disasters vs. The Beverly Brothers (w/ The Genius) – From the July 20th episode of Prime-Time Wrestling, taped on June 30th from Binghamton, NY. I wanted to say this is such an uninteresting era for the tag team division, but then things briefly recover in 1993 before taking a nose-dive to hell in 1994. The Beverly’s attack from behind, but are quickly outsmarted and overpowered. Does being crushed by blubber count as being overpowered? Typhoon with a whip and clothesline. Blake bails, but Earthquake is there to greet him with a clothesline. Beau uses the scroll on Typhoon during the hoopla. I don’t know what’s less enjoyable: the prospect of watching Typhoon, or having to watch him sell for guys half his size. Beau with the leap-frog splash across the back. Typhoon escapes a chin-lock, but can’t build momentum. Earthquake eventually gets the hot tag and plants Blake with a belly-to-belly suplex. Quake with a powerslam and elbow drop for two. He signals for the finish, but Beau rolls to safety. Shenanigans happen outside the ring, and Earthquake gets counted-out at 7:12. The (s)hits keep on coming. ¾*

- WWF Intercontinental Championship Match: Bret “Hitman” Hart (c) vs. “The Model” Rick Martel – From the July 20th episode of Prime-Time, taped on June 2nd from Hamilton, Ontario. They certainly got a lot of mileage out of that taping. Lockup, Bret with a side headlock, countered with a head scissors. Repeat. Martel with knees to the midsection. Whip is reversed and Martel cartwheels out of danger. Martel starts working on the arm, but Bret counters. Martel sweeps the leg, but gets caught playing to the crowd and knocked out of the ring with a clothesline. Martel pulls Bret out with him, but gets introduced to the ring post. Back inside, Martel meets Bret going through the ropes with a knee lift. Whip to the corner and Martel meets the post again. Bret with a wrist-lock into an arm drag. Crisscross and Bret counters a hip toss with a back slide for two. Martel with a slam, but he misses an elbow and Bret goes back to work on the left arm. Whip to the ropes, Martel catches a Thesz Press and drops Bret across the top rope. Martel switches off between chokes and chin-locks. Bret with a surprise sunset flip for two. Martel with a gut-wrench suplex for two. He follows with a back breaker, but a slingshot splash meets knees. Bret counters a suplex with an inverted atomic drop, then bounces off the ropes with a clothesline. Whip, fist to the midsection, and Russian leg sweep for two. Small package for two. Bret goes for the Sharpshooter, but Martel pulls the referee with him. He KO’s Bret with the Arrogance can and sets up for the Boston Crab. Suddenly, Shawn Michaels makes his way to ringside and blatantly attacks Bret in view of the referee, triggering the Disqualification at 10:13. Martel celebrates the victory until realizing he didn’t win the Championship and has a face-to-face with Michaels. Better match than I anticipated, but another weak finish. ***1/4

- From the pages of the WWF Magazine, here’s Update with “Mean” Gene Okerlund… Last Tuesday in Worcester, MA, the Natural Disasters won the Tag Team Championship from Money Inc. Yes, that’s the THIRD title switch to happen to not be featured on television, and this one actually took place at a TV TAPING! The footage would eventually see the light of day on the Coliseum Video “Grudges, Gripes and Grunts” over a year later when neither Earthquake or Typhoon were on the roster. We cut to an “exclusive” of Okerlund trying to get a word from the former Champions, but we only see a slamming door and frantic Jimmy Hart quickly brush him off.

- From the July 25th episode of Superstars, it’s the first SummerSlam Report (The SummerSlam you thought you’d never see)! Last week the Main Event of Randy Savage vs. Ultimate Warrior for the WWF Title was announced. NEW MATCHES SIGNED! Bret Hart defends the Intercontinental Title against The British Bulldog (the promos have Bret reveal their personal relationship as brothers-in-law)! The Undertaker vs. Kamala! Shawn Michaels vs. Rick Martel!

- “Mean” Gene Okerlund is standing by for a VERY Special Interview with “Macho Man” Randy Savage and The Ultimate Warrior. Warrior rants about what it means to once again being the WWF Champion. He admits Savage is one of the very best, but not THE best. Savage doesn’t take those words kindly. He’s going to prove to everyone at Wembley Stadium that he’s better than the best. Things get heated, with them going face-to-face. Just when you think everything’s said and done, out comes Ric Flair and Mr. Perfect to add fuel to the fire. Flair’s still livid about not being on the card for SummerSlam, then says he’s been beating up guys with paint on their face for his entire career. Savage rushes the ring after being called the Macho Chicken and gets choked out by Perfect for letting his anger get the best of him. Warrior makes the save moments later. He eyes the Championship belt, angering Savage again. I think it looks like they’re setting up Savage as the heel of the match, without either of them doing a heel turn.

- The WWF returns to the Boston Garden on Saturday Night, August 22nd. Randy Savage defends the title against Ric Flair, with Jim Duggan as the special referee. Tatanka goes one-on-one with The Model, Rick Martel… The Legion of Doom and Paul Ellering lock up with the Beverly Brothers and The Genius… The Big Boss Man takes on the ex-convict, Nailz.

- The Texas Tornado vs. Shawn Michaels (w/ Sensational Sherri) – From the July 27th episode of Prime-Time Wrestling, taped on June 3rd from Cornwall, Ontario. Shawn puts the match on hold to admire himself in the mirror. Lockup and Tornado shoves Michaels across the ring. Tornado blocks being sent to the corner and sends Michaels staggering through the ropes. Sherri’s idea of a pick-me-up is showing him his reflection, again. Back inside, Tornado works a side headlock. Crisscross ends with Tornado clotheslining Michaels over the top rope. They’re REALLY playing up that mirror gimmick. Sherri ends up taking a bump trying to save Michaels from further harm. Michaels with a boot in the corner to put the Tornado on defense. Whip, Tornado with a leap frog, but he turns around and gets nailed with a Super-Kick. Tornado reverses a whip and connects with a Discus Punch, but during the cover, Sherri slaps him. Michaels tries a sneak attack, but Tornado catches him in the Claw. Sherri pulls him to safety, but smashes the mirror in the process. It looks like the Tornado went out as well, and Shawn beats him back in the ring for the cheap Count-Out victory at 8:12. Kerry Von Erich’s final television match for the WWF. Unfortunately, we’ll cover him again in just a few months (sad face). ¾*

- “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan vs. Repo Man – From the July 27th episode of Prime-Time, taped on April 19th from Sheffield, England. Another match I pray is kept short. Duggan gets the crowd going with a U-S-A chant. It’s hard to bury this man when he gets foreign crowds (except Quebec) into doing these chants. Lockup and Duggan throws Repo on his butt. Lockup into the ropes and Repo with some cheap shots and choking. Whip to the ropes and Duggan with a series of clotheslines, sending Repo out of the ring. They get into a slugfest, with Duggan getting the better of it. He connects with an atomic drop and clothesline, sending Repo out of the ring, again. Repo hangs Duggan up across the top rope and pounds away. I mention this now and then, but Duggan’s bumping is absolutely putrid. Repo slows things down with a chin-lock. Duggan escapes and takes Repo down with a hip toss and slam. He hits the running clothesline, but it knocks Repo out of the ring. Repo grabs the tow-rope and nails Duggan with the hook, drawing the cheap DQ at 7:15. Post-match, Duggan makes his own save and chases Repo with the 2x4. Could’ve been worse. ½*

Final Thoughts: The reveal of SummerSlam taking place overseas means a complete flip in direction for almost the entire roster. Savage/Flair, Warrior/Shango, Bulldog/Repo, Bret/Michaels, Tatanka/Martel, and Undertaker/Berzerker, all angles being promoted throughout the Spring, ALL WIPED AWAY, some ignored permanently, others put on the backburner. Without warning, suddenly we’re getting Savage/Warrior, with Flair playing mind games, Undertaker/Kamala, who have zero history, and a rushed storyline between two heels (Martel/Michaels). Toss in a sudden title change (that isn’t featured on TV) and you just get the sense that there wasn’t much clear focus going on at the time.
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