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The Return Of Smoky Mountain Wrestling
Topic Started: Jul 23 2014, 10:29 PM (5,910 Views)
Infinite Devil Machine
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The Story

In the year 2004, wrestling legend, former manager, and OVW owner, James E. Cornette would sell his investment in the WWE's farm territory, citing his ability as majority owner to do so. Cornette would turn over a nearly $800,000 return on cashing in his investment, and deciding to step back into the business for himself, would re-form a promotion to promote what Cornette would call "real, old school wrestling".

He was bringing it back; His baby.

Smoky Mountain Wrestling.

Cornette's first show would be billed as a "Super Show To End All Super Shows" and be held in the first arena the original SMW ever ran. Cornette offered discounts to anyone who could bring in a receipt or ticket stub from the original SMW show, charged reasonable rates for seating, and scheduled a concert from Southern-rock legends Blackfoot that fans could see early for an extra charge.

The show would broadcast Sunday night - August 3rd, 2004 live on cable and internet pay-per-view.

Welcome to Smoky Mountain Wrestling

- The show opens with a hot, rowdy crowd. The Southern fans are ready for a nasty, old-school night of wrestling action.

Match 1 - Barry Windham vs. Goldust

- Solid match to start the show, as the hot Southern crowd appreciates seeing, even for as bloated and rundown as he is, former NWA superstar Barry Windham. Goldust gets a big pop upon his entrance, having purchased the rights to the Goldust character at SMW's expense.

- Goldust starts out hot, first with chain wrestling and then slugging it out as Barry tries to escalate things. Somehow, Barry busts out a dropkick in the early going, sending Goldust crashing over the top rope. Barry follows that up with a fairly uneventful heat sequence before Goldust makes the comeback. Goldust scores a believable near-fall with a crossbody after countering an attempted superplex from Big Barry. Moments later, Barry would score with a wild big boot to Goldust's face, but Goldust would counter out of a DDT attempt and score with the Curtain Call for the win.

Winner: Goldust

- Post match, Barry would struggle to his feet and accept a handshake from Goldust.

Rating: 67%

Match 2- The Thrillseekers (Chris Jericho and Lance Storm) vs. The New Impact Players (Justin Credible and Stevie Richards)

- Jericho gets the biggest pop of the night so far. He comes out, not to flashy lights or his "Y2J" tights, but with his old-school look and to AC/DC's song "TNT".

- Storm and Credible start as Credible takes a brief advantage after cheapshotting Storm after a handshake. Credible and Storm work a solid (if a bit sloppy on Credible's part) back and forth match, with neither guy taking a firm advantage. Eventually, Credible would take over after a Richards cheap shot. Richards would enter the match, and score a near fall with a top rope flying clothesline. Eventually, Storm would make a comeback, countering an attempted Stevie-Kick into his Straight Shooter rolling single-leg Boston Crab. Storm would counter an Credible as he hit the ring to break it up with a Northern Lights Suplex without breaking the hold before tagging in Jericho. Jericho would hit the ring, springing in with a springboard missile dropkick on Credible before scoring with a big Enziguri on Richards. Storm would hit the ring moments later, diving to the floor with a crossbody to take out Richards as Jericho submitted Credible in the ring with the Lion Tamer.

Winners: The Thrillseekers

Rating: 74%

- At the desk, announcers Joey Styles and Bobby "The Brain" Heenan put over the match they just saw. Styles calls Lance Storm "one of the most underrated wrestlers in North America" and that he was "all SMW".

Match 3- Val Venis vs. A-Train

- A fairly plodding match, as reactions for the former WWE guys are surprisingly muted.

- A-Train jumps Venis as Venis is cutting one of his trademark dirty promos, even smashing Venis in the head with the microphone in the process. A-Train would continue the boring... err... beating, by dumping Venis to the floor and posting him before whipping him into the rail. Back inside, Venis would forge a comeback, countering an attempted A-Bomb with a series of rights and lefts before hitting Train with his trademark running knees on the ropes for two. Eventually, A-Train would score a two count off of his trademark Pump Kick. Venis would get the win few moments later, countering A-Train's attempt at the Trainwreck into a backslide for the pin.

Winner: Val Venis

Rating: 64%

- At the booth, Heenan and Styles try to put over A-Train as a monster despite his loss, as some smart ass fans in the front row chant "don't come back" at A-Train.

- At the booth still, Heenan and Styles hype the next match; Ken Shamrock vs. Dan Severn in a "UFC Rules" match. Submission or knockout only. Heenan does a humorous "Tale of The Tape" type bit, even using a telestrater to draw a mustache on Shamrock and then draw an even bigger mustache on Severn. Joey Styles was not amused.

Match 4- "UFC Rules" - Dan Severn vs. Ken Shamrock

- A pretty solid match here that the Southern crowd doesn't immediately cleave to. Its not typical "technical wrestling" as both men work a "worked shoot"-style match and seem to blatantly blow and openly call a few spots. Things heat up when both men roll to the floor for a brawl that includes Shamrock using a chair on Severn behind the ref's back. Eventually, Shamrock would win by submission, after the ref sent both men back inside, Shamrock would clip Severn's ankle as he was heading back in, followed him in and after scoring with a big Belly-To-Belly suplex- would lock in his trademark Ankle Lock for the submission win.

Winner- Ken Shamrock.

Rating: 53%

- At the booth, Styles and Heenan hype the first of their unprecedented "Quintuple Main Event". Chris Benoit takes on Sabu. Styles takes over the hype, talking about Benoit and Sabu's history. Benoit broke Sabu's neck in ECW and never apologized for it. Sabu wants his revenge.

Match 5- Chris Benoit vs. Sabu

- Fantastic match with an exciting start. Sabu hits a running suicide dive on Benoit before the match even begins and lays into Benoit on the outside with a steel chair before scoring a running, chair-assisted clothesline on Benoit sending both men into the crowd. Benoit would take over, after throwing a beer in Sabu's face as both men brawled in the audience and finally fought back into the ring. Inside, Benoit took over, scoring with a big snap-suplex before pulling him up and hitting three rolling vertical suplexes. The fans chanted "ECW" as Sabu forged a comeback after avoiding a Benoit Frogsplash. Sabu scored a long--looonnngggg near fall with a tornado DDT. Benoit countered another attempt into a bridging Northern Lights for another long two. Back up, both men hammered each other, with Benoit taking over with chops and clotheslining Sabu to the floor. Benoit would follow that up with a nasty over the top-rope suicide dive to the floor that saw his head smack off the concrete as he hit Sabu. Taking over briefly, Sabu attempted a running senton off the apron but Benoit moved, causing Sabu to crash and burn on the floor. Back inside, Benoit scored another looooonnnggg two count. Back up again, Sabu fired-up as the crowd erupted killing Benoit with a stiff clothesline in the middle of the ring for a long two. Up again, Benoit avoided a second nasty clothesline and scored with a German suplex for another ludicrously long two count. Benoit would stand up, and scored 10 more German Suplexes. As he went for number 11, Sabu scored a back elbow, Benoit would duck a second one and score a wicked DDT for a painfully long two count before locking in The Crippler Crossface on Sabu's injured neck for the submission win.

Winner: Chris Benoit

Rating: 65%

- At the booth, Heenan and Styles put over how incredible the last match was. Styles claims that "Sabu was wrestling like a man who thought he couldn't die." as Metallica's "Enter Sandman" hit the arena speakers signaling the next match.

Match 6- Hardcore Rules - Raven vs. The Sandman

- Another fun brawl, as Raven jumps The Sandman during his entrance. They brawl through the crowd, through a concession area with Sandman stopping briefly to drink a beer (Heenan: "He didn't pay for that!") as both men finally fought down to ringside. Sandman would score a couple two counts on the floor, using his signature Kendo Stick to wear out Raven, including a Kendo Stick-assisted Russian legsweep into the barricade. Sandman, in a very ambitious spot, tried to score a Kendo Stick shot jumping off the barricade, but tripped and Raven covered it with a sloppy powerslam for a two count. In the ring, both men slugged it out on their knees with Raven scoring his DDT out of nowhere for two. On the outside, behind the barricade a young man, in his late-teens or early twenties showed up with a Kendo Stick. With Sandman stunned, Raven hopped to the floor to confront the fan, but got jumped from behind by Sandman. Grabbing a beer, Sandman cracked it open and handed it to the fan before taking the Kendo Stick. On commentary, Styles identified the man as Tyler Fullington- The Sandman's grown son.

Taking the Kendo Stick, Sandman turned and ate a sick chairshot the head, busting him wide open, before being dropped by a Raven DDT on the floor for three.

Winner: Raven

Rating: 74%

Post match - Sandman makes it to his feet, drinks another beer and stumbles off as the arena erupts in "ECW" and "SMW" chants.

- At the booth, Styles explains the appearance of Tyler Fullington as. Heenan makes a joke saying; "Was that last match a wrestling match or a daytime Soap Opera, Styles?"

Match 6- Rob Van Dam vs. Jerry Lynn

- Prior to the event, the entire card had been announced on the internet and via cable advertisements except for this match. The fans eagerly anticipated finding out who Jerry Lynn's opponent was as fans chant "HBK", "Goldberg", and humorously "Gillberg" before Pantera's "Walk" hits the speakers.

- Another great match as Van-Dam and Lynn wrestle each other in 2004 like they'd never stopped. Both guys run through their typical "counter each other's stuff and come up eye-to-eye" thing and succeed to a huge applause. Each guy hits their trademark stuff as Van-Dam shakes off the "WWE Style" rust and busts out some moves he hasn't used since ECW - Including a wicked tornado DDT off the apron to the floor that gets a long two count in the ring. Both men get to their feet and exchange right hands, before Van-Dam scores a sans-chair Van Daminator for two. Frustrated, Van-Dam loads up Lynn and attempts to use Lynn's finisher The Cradledriver but Lynn counters, with a back drop, Van-Dam lands on his feet and Lynn takes over with a lightning quick DDT for two. Lynn follows up, slowing things down with a few wear down holds as Van-Dam fires up into a comeback. Van-Dam scores a near fall after a series of kicks. Van-Dam catches Lynn with a nasty sit-out driver for two. Van-Dam attempts a series of three rolling Northern Lights suplexes but gets countered with a brainbuster at two for a [Ilooonnnggg[/I] two count. Eventually, after more back-and-forth action, Lynn would counter a split-legged moonsault with his knees and score a Cradledriver for another long two count. Up again, Lynn dragged Van-Dam to the top rope and tried to load him up for a top-rope Cradledriver, but Van-Dam countered, shoving him off and scoring with the Five-Star Frogsplash for the win.

Winner: Rob Van Dam

- Postmatch - Van-Dam and Lynn shake hands as the fans once again chant "ECW" and "SMW".

Rating: 63%

- At the booth, Styles and Heenan put over the previous match and hype the next match. Styles puts over Ring Of Honor as "ECW made modern. They don't use weapons- but they're extreme".

Match 7: Ring Of Honor Championship Match- CM Punk vs. Samoa Joe

- An excellent match. The best match of the show. Both men get cheered and chants (despite Punk playing the heel). Punk knocks a beer out of a fan's hand in the front row as he makes his entrance. Samoa Joe gets the typical ticker-tape fanfare from those ROH fans in the front row.

- The match is incredibly even to start, as Punk and Joe work through a lightning fast chain wrestling sequence with Punk consistently favoring the headlock. He manages to wear Joe down with it, working it for 10 straight minutes as the crowd never stops cheering or chanting. Eventually, Joe fires back up, solidly taking control with a series of open palmed strikes that sent Punk running. Joe continues his streak with an amazing near-300 pound suicide dive through the ropes. On the floor, Joe smacks Punk around with a few big forearms and palm strikes before setting him in a ringside chair. Joe scores with his big running kick, sets Punk back up and scores with another big running dropkick. Back inside, Joe continues to hammer away, as Punk starts to fire up. Punk would score a near fall after avoiding an enziguri and blasting Joe with a stiff roundhouse kick to the temple. Punk followed that up with another series of stiff kicks, capped off with a spinning back hand. Before falling, Joe would knock Punk down hard with a big front-kick for a double down. Back up, barely at eight, Punk would latch back on with a headlock, that Joe would counter with a stiff back suplex, but Punk would hang on with it and continue to wear Joe out.

With the fans chanting "headlock" and "CM Punk", Joe would fight back into it, scoring with another big back suplex, this time hitting it hard enough to break the hold. Punk once again bailed to the floor, but this time, Joe missed his attempt at a dive, allowing Punk to lock in a headlock on the floor. A sarcastic chant of "He's Hardcore" filled the arena as Joe fought back to his feet, pulling Punk into a back suplex position and dropping him head and neck first over the railing. Up now, Joe scored with a big belly-to-belly suplex throwing Punk overhead into the front row. As Punk stood up, Joe charged for a dive over the barricade, but Punk avoided. In control, Punk scored with a vertical suplex, bringing Joe back and kidney first down across the barricade.

In the ring again, Punk latched back onto the headlock, as Joe languished seemingly out as fans chanted "Let's Go Joe". Joe once again rallied, turning into the headlock and killing Punk with a series of hard knees to the body before springing off the ropes and scoring with a Shining Wizard for a looooonnnggg two count. Back up almost immediately, both men exchanged right hands, chops, and palm strikes before Joe caught Punk in his Kochida Clutch in the center of the ring.

As Punk barely gasps for consciousness, the bell rings. The ring announcer announces a time-limit draw.

Winner: No Contest- Time Limit Draw

- Postmatch - Joe and Punk struggle to their feet. Joe offers a handshake, typical of ROH. Punk slaps his hand away and smacks Joe in the face before running off.

Rating: 84%

- At the booth, Heenan is speechless. Styles puts over the ROH match saying - "Those two men, on one show, in one match, have brought pro-wrestling... real pro-wrestling - back to North America. In 1995 ECW crossed the line. That line's been dusted over and wiped away. Those two men have found it. And they crossed it once again. Thank you CM Punk. Thank you Samoa Joe. Thank you for.... wrestling."

Main Event Six-Man Tag- Camp Cornette - Vader and The Midnight Express ("Sweet" Stan Lane and "Beautiful" Bobby Eaton) vs. D- Generation X - X-Pac and The New Age Outlaws ("Bad Ass" Billy Gunn and "Road Dogg" Jesse James)

- A fairly standard six-man tag to end the show. Both teams get a good ovation upon their entrance, but the last match is a hard act to follow. They paint in fairly broad strokes, following the typical tag-team format. Vader takes over on X-Pac early, as The Midnight Express keep the heat on. X-Pac avoids an attempt at The Midnight's Rocket Launcher and tags in Billy Gunn. Gunn goes crazy on all six guys, knocking Vader to the floor with a dropkick. X-Pac flies on all three men on the floor but gets caught. To save him, Road Dogg takes to the air for a huge pop, with a crossbody off the top all the way to the floor. Inside, all six men brawl. Gunn takes care of Eaton and Dogg takes care of Stane Lane, fighting them to the floor. On the inside, Vader levels X-Pac with stiff clothesline, but Pac avoids an attempted VaderBomb and scores with a second rope X-Factor for the pin.

Winners: D-Generation X- X-Pac and The New Age Outlaws

Rating: 79%

- At the booth, Heenan and Styles close out the show. They announce two matches for next week; Vader vs. The Sandman in a hardcore match and Sabu vs. Rob Van Dam. As well as two "surprising tag-team debuts".

- Till next time, this has been Smoky Mountain Weekly.

Overall: 70%
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- And we're back, once again, with Smoky Mountain Wrestling - Episode 2. On the previous episode we saw action bigger than all outdoors, as Chris Benoit bested Sabu by submission, Degeneration X b defeated Camp Cornette in a hot six-man tag team match, and Samoa Joe went to a thirty-minute time-limit decision with his heated rival CM Punk bringing the two Ring Of Honor competitors no closer to ending their inter-company rivalry.

Welcome To Smoky Mountain Wrestling!

- Blackfoot's "Train, Train" brings us into the arena and to the desk of Bobby "The Brain" Heenan and Joey "OH MY GOD!!!" Styles as both men welcome viewers to the broadcast. Before going to the ring they hype tonight's two featured matches; Vader clashes headlong with The Sandman in a hardcore match and Sabu renews a Philly arena rivalry with ex-tag team partner and occasional friend, Rob Van Dam- before kicking things down to ringside for the first match.

Match 1 - Justin Credible vs. Barry Windham

- As introductions are made, Heenan jokes about the different spelling of Windham's last name since the last show. Claiming he "has an ex-wife out there who's looking for a pay day."

- Surprisingly decent match to start the show off, as both men mesh fairly well together. Windham takes over early and holds the advantage, before crashing and burning to the floor after missing an attempted crossbody near the ropes. On the floor, Credible would take over, whipping Windham to the steps and then the post before throwing him back inside for a fairly uneventful heat sequence. After firing back, escaping a chinlock with a back-suplex, Windham would take over again, nailing Credible with a stiff big boot and his trademark running lariat. The finish would come shortly after, as Credible's partner Stevie Richards would hit ringside, and hold Credible's jean shorts causing Windham to crash and burn on an attempted Superplex out of the corner. Credible would quickly follow up with the That's Incredible! spinning tombstone piledriver for the cheap win.

Winner: Justin Credible

- Post match, Richards would bring in a chair, as both men attempted a chair assisted That's Incredible! Goldust would hit the ring and save Windham.

Rating: 77%

- At the booth, Styles goes over Windham and Goldust's history, noting that Goldust teamed with Barry often in the NWA and WCW when he was still "The Natural" Dustin Rhodes.

- In the back, Vader is alone in a dark, empty locker room. There's no interview staff there. Just him and a microphone. Vader gives his usual spiel before telling The Sandman to "enjoy his Miller Time, because later - ITS VADER TIME!!!"

Rating: 99%

- Backstage still, we see a roving camera man heading out from an equipment area. He states "I had to get some new tape before the next match." He turns the corner to see Raven bump into Chris Benoit at a Coke machine, knocking the bottle out of Benoit's hand. Benoit turns to face Raven and both guys get in each other's face. Benoit snots on the floor and walks away.

Rating: 87%

- At the booth, Heenan and Styles discuss the Raven/Benoit blow up backstage. Styles promises they'll keep an eye on things between the two going forward before kicking things down to ringside for one of tonight's two big tag-team debuts.

Match 2- The New Age Outlaws ("Bad Ass" Billy Gunn and "The Road Dogg" Jesse James) vs. The Dudley Boys (Bubba Ray Dudley and D'Von Dudley)

- Absolutely enormous pop for The Dudleys as they make their entrance second set to Poweman 5000's "Bombshell". They emerge through the crowd and take it to the Outlaws immediately - with Bubba squaring off with Road Dogg and Gunn and D'Von pairing off on the floor. Eventually, after settling into an actual match, Road Dogg would become the de facto babyface in peril, taking a nasty beating from both Dudleys as they isolated him. After escaping a Bubba Ray sleeperhold with a jawbreaker and a big back body drop, Gunn would get the hot tag and immediately go to work on both Dudleys with a series of clotheslines and dropkicks. The Outlaws would score a very close two count with a combination front suplex/gutbuster on Bubba. Eventually, things broke down even further, with all four men getting involved in the action. With D'Von on the apron Bubba would reverse a whip toward his brother allowing D'Von to lowbridge Gunn to the floor. In the ring, The Duds would reverse Road Dogg's shaky-shaky punch routine into a 3D for the pin.

Winners: The Dudley Boyz

Rating: 75%

- At the booth, Heenan and Styles talk about the last match. Styles, of course, is happy to see The Dudleys in SMW.

Match 3- AJ Styles vs. Jerry Lynn

- After last week's defeat at the hands of his old rival and occasional friend, Rob Van Dam, Lynn is eager to prove himself. He takes it to the debuting AJ Styles right away, slowing him down with some power stuff and trying to slow him down with some uncharacteristic wear down holds. Eventually, Styles would begin to fire up, bringing the heavy artillery with his trademark dropdown dropkick and a beautiful twisting plancha over the ropes as Lynn bailed out. On the floor, Lynn would retake the advantage, avoiding a moonsault causing Styles to splat on the floor with a thud. Inside again, Lynn would punish Style's ribs with a series of clubbing blows, some hard corner chops, and a hard Bret Hart-style Irish whip from corner to corner. Styles would counter a second hard corner whip by running up the buckles and scoring with a standing moonsault for a long two count. Up again, Styles fought back into it with a series of forearm strikes, before avoiding an attempted clothesline and scoring with a Pele Kick for two. Up again, Styles would return the favor from earlier, whipping Lynn hard from corner to corner. The finish would come moments later, as Styles attempted a running splash that Lynn avoided. Styles would counter an attempt at a Cradledriver with an inside cradle for the pin moments later.

Winner: AJ Styles

Rating: 79%

- At the booth, Styles puts over AJ Styles making a joke saying "I guess all us guys named Styles really know our wrestling." Heenan retorts saying "I'd like to see you get in their, Joey. You might be the next Gorilla Monsoon.... or the next Michael Cole." Styles retorts back saying; "Well, that's vintage Bobby Heenan for you." as we head down to the ring for the next match.

Match 4- Al Snow vs. Chris Benoit

- Another solid match here, as Snow is here and he's done playing around. He doesn't have "Head" anymore and he's found a new tag-team partner in the form of the embittered Marty Jannetty.

- Snow jumps Benoit as he's hitting the ring, taking the immediate advantage. Snow controls Benoit with a series of unusual strikes and holds, wearing Benoit out with some Judo-type maneuvers. Eventually, Benoit fires back up, and lays into Snow with a stiff series of chops. Snow tries to hold his own, but eventually bails to the floor. On the floor, Benoit whips Snow to the barricade, but Snow vaults it in one smooth motion. Benoit tries to follow up, but Snow takes control, snapping Benoit's jaw over the barricade with a jawbreaker. Snow continues the punishment with a moonsault off the barricade onto a prone Benoit.

Back inside, Benoit once again fires back up with chops and nasty forearm strikes, finally solidly taking over with a nice snap-suplex for two. Benoit would follow that up, working the neck and arm, setting up for the Crippler Crossface. Eventually, a one armed Snow would comeback with an eye poke and a superkick for two. After a little more back and forth action, Benoit would score with his series of rolling German Suplexes, putting Snow down after six in a row. The finish would come a few moments later, as Benoit went to the top, Snow would kick the referee into the ropes crotching Benoit and taking the ref out in the process. From the outside, Marty Jannetty would hit the ringside area, and clobber Benoit with a stiff chair shot from the apron. Snow would follow up pulling Benoit down and planting him with a sit-out powerbomb (called the "Snow Shoe") for the win.

Winner: Al Snow

Post Match: Al Snow and Jannetty walk away as Benoit slowly comes to his feet. Raven slides in, coming through the crowd and drills Benoit with the Raven Effect DDT. Raven has a microphone and screams "I feel your pain, Chris! I feel your pain!" as he DDT's Benoit a second time and simply strolls off.

Rating: 79%

- At the booth, Styles and Heenan put over what just happened. Heenan calls Raven a "very strange individual." Styles puts Benoit over as being "one of the most determined wrestlers I know" and throws it down to ringside for the next match.

Match 5- Hardcore Rules- Vader vs. The Sandman

- Sandman starts off strong, jumping Vader during his entrance. Sandman wails away on Vader early with the Kendo stick, but Vader batters him down the ramp. Ringside, Vader asserts his dominance posting Sandman and whipping him to the steps for a nasty front flip bump. In the ring, Vader continues hammering away, with his trademark corner punches. Sandman avoids a big splash in the corner, causing Vader to bounce his head off the ringpost. Following up, Sandman scores a two count off a sloppy DDT before hitting the floor in search of more weapons. Sandman greets Vader on the floor again with a series of chair shots to the chest, back, legs, and a nasty one to the head, busting Vader open. Going back to the stick, Sandman takes the big guy over, barely, with The White Russian Legsweep into the barricade for two.

As Sandman struggles to set up a table, Vader recovers, blindsiding him with a nasty clothesline to the temple and several clubbing blows. Sandman, for a third time, tries to even the odds with the stick, but Vader catches it, uses it to pull Sandman in for an ultra stiff short clothesline and breaks it over his knee.

Up again, The Sandman fires back with a series of punches, staggering like a drunk (and really, its The Sandman - So who knows.) but Vader shuts him down with another big clubbing blow and powerbombs him through the table for the pin.

Winner: Vader

Rating: 79%

- At the booth, Styles is in awe. He states; "I've never seen The Sandman dominated like that. Especially in The Sandman's style of match." Heenan replies; "When I worked for WCW, we ran Sandman/Goldberg on Nitro. Goldberg won that one too. But compared to that, Goldberg was a cakewalk. Vader is a beast."

Match 6- Sabu vs. Rob Van Dam

- Another good match here, as SMW's faithful give both former ECW guys a great response.

- Sabu starts things off quickly, forgoing a lockup and slugging away. Van Dam slugs his way back into it, throwing hands and feet to take over. Van Dam would take solid control of the match, knocking Sabu to the apron and then scoring with a shoulder to the gut and a big sunset flip powerbomb to the floor. On the floor, Van Dam would attempt to get creative with some chairs, but an attempted splash on the barricade was avoided causing Van Dam to crash and burn. Inside again, Sabu would take over with his usual. Sabu would score a good two count with a top rope legdrop. A tornado DDT attempt by Sabu went nowhere as Van Dam countered with a Northern Lights for two. Sabu countered a Van Dam charge into the corner elevating Van Dam to the top rope. A reverse vertical superplex would only get Sabu two. Both men back up, Sabu would miss a spinkick, allowing Van Dam to land his own sans-chair Van Daminator for two. Back up again, Van Dam avoided a clothesline and loaded Sabu up for an attempt at a series of Chris Benoit-style rolling Germans, but Sabu countered with a series of his own. Moments later, Sabu would avoid a wild Van Dam spinkick and try to utilize Jerry Lynn's very own CradleDriver, but Van Dam countered with a legsweep. Sabu would follow up, scoring an incredibly stiff clothesline on Van Dam, as he attempted a second one, Van Dam countered with The Crippler Crossface, but Sabu countered that with a pinning combination before using it himself. Van Dam escaped, getting to the ropes.

Finally, Sabu would take over again, scoring with a springboard sidekick and then his Arabian Facebuster. Van Dam would recover, just long enough to counter an attempted top rope hurricanrana with a top-tope powerbomb. Seconds later, Van Dam would attempt the Five Star Frog Splash and come up empty as Sabu scooted out of the way at the last second. With Van Dam stunned, Sabu would lock in a tight Oklahoma roll for the win.

Winner: Sabu

Rating: 73%

- At the booth, Styles puts over both men. Heenan once again chimes in; "WCW had both of these guys at one point when I worked there. I saw all the potential in the world in both of those guys. WCW didn't." Styles replies: "Bobby, ECW saw it too. And now these great SMW fans tonight got to see that potential realized."

Main Event- The Midnight Express ("Beautiful" Bobby Eaton and "Sweet" Stan Lane) vs. The Rock 'N' Roll Express ("Rock And Roll" Robert Gibson and "Radical Ricky Morton)

- An absolute barnburner of a Main Event. The SMW faithful blow the roof off the place as The R'N'R Express hit the ring.

- Things, predictably with the experience and familiarity of both teams, start off quickly and barely let up. The R'N'R Express get a ton of time to shine, hitting dropkicks and double hiptosses and the like all up and down the ring. The Midnight Express don't get a single offensive move in for a solid ten minutes as both men bump their asses off trying to silence anyone who might call them "too old".

Finally, Robert Gibson gets hung up on the top rope by Eaton, allowing for a little bit of heat for the Midnights. Again, predictably, Eaton and Lane wear down Gibson with their typical suffocating double-teaming style. Its here that The Midnight and R'N'R' Express start showing their advanced age, with Stan Lane working a too-long chinlock on Gibson. Finally, however, Gibson would fire up, in true babyface style, and - after a complicated sequence of moves, would finally tag in Morton.

Morton would hit the ring like a house of fire, beating both Midnights from pillar to post and then back to the post and then the pillar again one more time. Eventually, after more bumping their asses off, The Midnights would finally slow down Morton with a shot from a (what else?) Tennis racket behind the ref's back.

Finally, Morton would avoid The Midnight's finish and tag in Gibson. As all four men fought, with the R'N'R mounting both Midnights in opposite corners for the "ten punch" spot, the bell would ring, signaling a time limit draw.

Winner: Time Limit Draw

Rating: 99%

- After the match, the camera pans around the arena as the entire audience chants "five more minutes".

- At the booth, Styles once again puts over the fantastic tag-team main event. He announces three big matches for next week; CM Punk returns to SMW to take on Rob Van Dam, The Midnight Express will take on The New Age Outlaws, and in the main event Vader will take on The Homicidal Genocidal Suicidal Sabu in a hardcore match.

- Once again, the camera pans around the arena. Chants of "five more minutes" fill the venue as the show goes off the air.

Show Rating: 85%
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Neat concept. I like the mix of veterans with everything that was cool about wrestling in 2004. Good, detailed descriptions too. Keep this up!
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- And we're back, with Smoky Mountain Wrestling Weekly - Episode 3. Tonight's episode of white hot Southern-fried wrestling action will feature the legendary Midnight Express taking on The New Age Outlaws and in a hardcore main event war, "The Mastodon" Vader takes on The Homicidal, Genocidal, Suicidal hardcore warrior SABU.

Welcome To Smoky Mountain Wrestling!

- Blackfoot's "Train, Train" once again welcomes us to the arena and the desk of Bobby "The Brain" Heenan and Joey "Oh My God!!!!" Styles as Styles hypes tonights big matches before kicking it down to ringside for our opening contest.

Match 1- Al Snow vs. Saturn

- Big debut for Saturn here, as he comes to battle a fellow former WWE-midcarder in the form of Al Snow.

- Decent stuff, as both men hook it up and connect well. The early going is a showcase for Saturn, scoring some good looking martial arts kicks, a legsweep, a springboard crossbody, and a springboard clothesline off the second rope in short order. Al Snow would find his opening later in the match, avoiding an attempted springboard hurricanrana and dropping Saturn neck and chest first over the top rope. On the floor, Snow would score with a moonsault and follow things up with a run-of-the-mill heat sequence. Eventually, Saturn would fire back into things with a series of big rights and lefts and martial arts kicks. Snow would end the brief flurry with an eye poke and a superkick for a long two count. Eventually, Saturn would avoid a clothesline, and counter into a Northern Lights suplex for two. Moments later, Snow's partner Marty Jannetty would hit ringside, jump on the apron. Distracted, Saturn would take a swing at Jannetty before turning and eating a the Snow Shoe Sitout Powerbomb for the loss.

Winner: Al Snow

- Post match Snow and Jannetty would shake hands and walk off as Saturn looked on, pissed off.

Rating: 58%

- At the booth, Styles and Heenan discuss the strong tag team divison SMW seems to be cultivating before sending it back down to ringside for the next match.

Match 2- Stevie Richards vs. Barry Windham

- Big Barry's in no mood to play around after being double-teamed by Richards and Credible last weekend. He attacks at the outset and hammers Richards with big right hands. In the corner, Windham does the typical ten-punch spot, whips Richards to the opposite corner and does it again. A big powerslam gets two, as Big Bad Barry pulls Richard's up at two and continues to pound away. Barry tosses Richards to the floor to continue the beating and whips him into the barricade before smashing his head into the post. Barry scores a big vertical suplex on the floor as he continues to punish Richards. Suddenly, Justin Credible appears in the front row. Barry makes a move at him as Richards distracts the ref. Credible throws powder in Barry's eyes blinding him temporarily. Richards throws Barry back inside, who misses a handful of blind punches before eating a nasty Stevie-Kick for the loss.

Winner: Stevie Richards

Post Match - Goldust hits the ring, trying to come to Barry's aid, but gets jumped by Credible on the floor. Richards joins them as both men toss Goldy into the steps with a double whip before flooring him with a double Superkick dubbed the "Double Impact".

Rating: 80%

- Back at the desk, Styles wonders when Windham and Goldust might get their revenge on the New Impact Players, as unfamiliar music fills the arena. Styles hypes SMW's newest tag-team arrival The Natural Born Thrillers - Sean 'O Haire and Mark Jindrak.

Match 3- The Natural Born Killers (Sean 'O Haire and Mark Jindrak) vs. D'Lo Brown and Mark Henry

- Big time debut here, with three newly arrived former WWE talents. The NBK quickly take this one over, attacking before the bell. A double-team shoulder tackle sends Mark Henry to the floor, as they isolate D'Lo. Its basically a showcase for Jindrak and 'O Haire in the early going as they isolate D'Lo, running through their power moveset. They connect well with the audience, getting some decent heat, as D'Lo eventually starts to fight his way back into things. After scoring a big Low-Down on 'O Haire, Mark Henry would finally get the hot tag and make with the clubbering, beating down and overpowering both NBK's at once. The end would come a couple minutes later, with Henry and D'Lo in firm control, all Hell would break loose. With all four men in the ring, Henry and D'Lo would try to whip both the NBK together, but O'Haire would leap frog Henry and Jindrak would reverse the whip causing a D'Lo/Henry collision. Moments later, NBK caught a stunned D'Lo with a Jindrak Device (The Hart Attack with a dropkick) for the win.

Winners: The Natural Born Killers (Sean 'O Haire and Mark Jindrak)

Post match- D'Lo and Henry seem to argue a bit, but quickly seem to patch things up. Henry still looks angry, but he eventually walks off.

Rating: 71%

- At the desk, Styles comments on the possible dissension between D'Lo and Henry. Heenan claims the NBK have "Everything a team needs to succeed; youth, talent, and a mean streak."

- Backstage, Raven is hanging out. He's sitting in a dark corner of the venue. He warns Benoit not to bother him, saying that "SMW is my place to start my career over. Raven is here to win matches and titles. Not engage in blood feuds and personal rivalries. Chris, you got attacked last week. We all get attacked. Just leave it be." Before standing up and shuffling off.

Rating: 92%

- Back in the arena again, Chris Jericho and Lance Storm are already in the ring. Their opponents hit the ring, to another enormous pop.

Match 4- The Thrillseekers (Chris Jericho and Lance Storm) vs. The Rock 'N' Roll Express ("Rock 'N' Roll Robert Gibson and "Radical" Ricky Morton)

- Absolutely stellar match here as the R'N'R and Thrillseekers put on an absolute clinic in a face vs. face match.

- Predictably enough, Robert Gibson starts things out hot, quickly taking over on both Jericho and Storm, putting both younger men through the wringer. Gibson and Morton control a solid ten minutes with double team stuff, dropping both Jericho and Storm with double team dropkicks, suplexes, hiptosses, and the like. Eventually, Jericho would take over on Gibson, scoring with a missile dropkick after a heated back-and-forth exchange. Following this, Gibson would play the fantastic face-in-peril absolutely languishing during a brutal heat sequence as the crowd even begins to turn on the ultra-popular Thrillseekers. Jericho plays it up, working a bit of a heel edge into his offense, kicking the shit out of Gibson while he was down and pressing the advantage with a choke in the corner. Eventually, Gibson would fight back with a big time series of rights and lefts on Storm and Jericho, before diving to Morton for the tag.

Morton in, and he took overly immediately. After scoring a series of near falls on Storm and Jericho, all Hell would break out with all four men hitting the ring. Both R'N'R's would score with stereo headscissors sending both 'Seekers to the floor setting them up for incredible stereo dives over the top rope. Back in the ring, as the crowd chanted "Rock and Roll" shaking the arena, Jericho would score an enziguri on Morton and Storm would follow that up with a lightning quick superkick for a blisteringly close near two count. As the fans chanted "that was three!", the 'Seekers would follow that up with an attempted backdrop into a powerbomb, but as Gibson landed he countered into a sunset flip on Storm as Morton pulled Jericho to the floor. In the ring, Storm countered out, and attempted another move, but Gibson once again countered with a pinning combination and cinched it up for three.

- Post match, all four men slowly recover as the SMW faithful give them a standing round of applause.

Winners: The Rock 'N' Roll Express ("Rock 'N' Roll Robert Gibson and "Radical" Ricky Morton)

Rating: 93%

- At the booth, Styles and Heenan talk about the last match. Styles is practically exploding with excitement as Heenan simply smiles.

Match 5- Chris Benoit vs. Marty Jannetty

- This match is a result of the Chris Benoit/Al Snow match on last weekend's show, as Jannetty interfered with a chair, screwing Benoit.

- Short match here. Benoit attacks at the outset, flattening Jannetty with a big clothesline. In the corner, Benoit chops the shit out of Jannetty's chest leaving it reddened. Benoit scores a big corner to corner whip that Jannetty oversells with a hard corner bump. Benoit scores with a big clothesline again, this time complete with Jannetty 360 oversell. Jannetty finally scores a brief bit of offense, fighting out of the German suplex and hammering away. A dropkick gets Jannetty a one count. A Rocker Dropper gets Jannetty barely a two count. Finally, and mercifully, Benoit finishes things, dodging an attempted crossbody and scoring a series of five German suplexes before locking in The Crippler Crossface for the immediate submission.

Winner: Chris Benoit

Post match- Raven hits the ring. Benoit catches him coming in, but Jannetty joins in too. As the two men double team Benoit, Raven lays out Benoit with another Raven's Effect DDT, before shaking hands with Jannetty.

Rating: 73%

- At the booth, Styles and Heenan talk about the apparent alliance between Snow and Jannetty and Raven. Styles calls it an "odd alliance". Heenan remarks that "Raven, Snow, and Jannetty don't have a functioning brain cell between them and that odd is the least of it."

Match 6- CM Punk vs. Rob Van Dam

- Pretty solid match here, as the crowd is firmly behind Van Dam. Van Dam and Punk run through a series of maneuvers in the early going, eventually coming to a stand-off. Van-Dam tries to shake Punk's hand, but Punk flips him off and bails.

On the floor, Punk takes over, jumping Van Dam and whipping him to the barricade, before muscling Van Dam up and posting him back first.

Inside, Punk focuses on Van Dam's back with a series of wear down hold and stiff kicks. Punk makes a mistake, pulling Van Dam up and misses a kick, allowing Van Dam to score a series of his own, sending Punk running to the floor again. Van Dam, following quickly would launch himself over the top, catching Punk with a front flip senton. Back inside, Van Dam would hold the advantage with his usual. A series of kicks would keep Punk off balance. Punk would eventually make the comeback, getting his knees up to counter an attempted Rolling Thunder before splatting Van Dam with a lightning quick Pepsi Twist for two. Up again, both guys exchange hands, Van Dam scores a big spin kick, before Punk scores a big spinning backhand shot, as both men go down. Back up, Punk would take over again, ducking an attempted Van-Daminator and locking in a killer headlock. As a "headlock" chant briefly broke out, Van Dam would counter out with a big time belly-to-back suplex. Up yet again, both men exchanged hands, with Punk this time coming out on top with a nasty, ultra-stiff looking kick to the head. Punk would score a long two-count with a "Macho Man" Randy Savage-style flying elbow drop. Eventually, Van Dam would make the comeback, forging ahead with a series of forearms and punches. The finish would come shortly after, as Van Dam took firm control with his usual before hitting the floor. Bringing a chair in, Van Dam would throw it at Punk for a Van-Daminator. The ref would intervene, allowing Punk to shove him out of the way and crack Van Dam in the head with it for the pin.

Winner: CM Punk

Rating: 87%

- At the booth, Heenan compliments Punk on his cheating ways saying "If its worth fighting for, its worth cheating for." Styles claims that "Punk is a man from Ring Of Honor with no honor."

Match 7- The Midnight Express ("Sweet" Stan Lane and "Beautiful" Bobby Eaton) vs. The New Age Outlaws ("The Road Dogg" Jesse James and "The Bad Ass" Billy Gunn)

- Another solid, formula tag.

- Road Dogg starts off hot against both heels, as The Midnights bounce and bump around for the younger man in the early going. Dogg manages to work in his shaky-shaky dancing punch combination and the dancing knee drop in the early going. Early on, its bedlam as all four guys hit the ring at once. Dogg clotheslines Eaton over the top as Gunn press slams Stan Lane out on top of him. Eventually, things settle down with The Midnights taking firm control of Road Dogg who takes a solid beating. The Midnights suffocate him with their usual stuff, getting several nearfalls with double team suplexes and the like. In a neat spot, Stan Lane scores a martial arts kick on Dogg allowing Eaton to quickly elevate him and score with a big backbreaker for two. In another cool spot, Eaton and Lane score a two count with the old Smoking Gun's finisher "The Sidewinder" as Gunn tried to come in illegally.

Eventually, after ten minutes of heat, Gunn would make the tag. Gunn's in like a house of fire, doing a number on both Midnights with big rights, dropkicks, and big boots. Gunn scored a two count on Eaton with a hiptoss into a Jackhammer. A big press slam into a Road Dogg gutbuster on Lane got another two count as all hell broke loose. The finish would come a few moments later, as The Midnights hung Road Dogg up on the top rope before dumping him to the floor. In the confusion, Gunn would score his Fame Asser on Lane, but Eaton would score with a nasty Tennis Racket shot on Gunn as he attempted a corner splash, allowing Lane to crawl into a cover for the win.

Winners: The Midnight Express ("Sweet" Stan Lane and "Beautiful" Bobby Eaton)

Post match- Road Dogg helped Gunn to his feet as Gunn sold his throat.

Rating: 83%

- At the booth, Styles and Heenan hype tonight's main event. Styles claims that "The Outlaws and Midnights aren't done here."

Main Event - Hardcore Match- Vader vs. Sabu

- As Vader makes his entrance, Styles talks about SMW's unusual plans to crown a SMW Champion. Styles mentions that due to his winning streak Vader might be set for a spot as a top contender and that SMW is combing online forums, their own website, and other social media outlets to find a proper opponent for Vader for an upcoming show.

- Styles calls this match "Make or break for both men."

- Vader enters the ring. The lights go out. When they come back on, Sabu dives onto Vader from the top rope with a big crossbody for a long early two-count. Vader's back up, almost immediately, and lays into Sabu with a blistering series of stiff punches, before throwing Sabu to the floor. On the floor, Vader continues to hammer away, posting Sabu violently and laying him out with a stiff short clothesline. On the floor still, Vader whips Sabu to the barricade. Vader nails a splash as Sabu languishes on the barricade. Another hard short clothesline decks Sabu. Vader continues dominating, almost making it look easy. Sabu finally forges a comeback, fighting out of a powerbomb with a series of punches before taking Vader over with a hurricanrana. Back up, almost immediately again, Sabu lays into Vader with a stiff series of chair shots. A DDT on the floor gets Sabu two. Setting up a chair, Sabu scores with one of his trademark springboard attacks, as Vader is leaned against the barricade. Vader bails, back into the ring as Sabu follows him in, chair in hand. Vader tries to take over with a series of punches, but Sabu counters, throwing the chair into his face. Sabu contrives a spot, scoring a sloppy facebuster onto the chair for two. Sabu tries to follow up, laying into Vader with another series of chair shots, but Vader shuts him down with a standing body splash. A splash off the ropes nets Vader a two count. Up again, Sabu fights back into things with right hands. Sabu would score with an ultra stiff clothesline, but Vader wouldn't go down, instead clobbering Sabu with one of his own.

Up again, finally, Sabu would attempt his tornado DDT, but Vader would counter, throwing Sabu off and laying him out with a nasty lariat. Vader would follow that up with a powerbomb for an incredibly close two count. Up again, Sabu went for the chair, but Vader was too fast, grabbing it first and obliterating Sabu with it. One shot, two shots, three shots, put Sabu down. To finish things, Vader would drop a Vader Bomb on Sabu out of the corner, before following it up with a second one- this time using the chair- for three.

Winner: Vader

Rating: 74%

- At the booth, Styles and Heenan once again put over Vader's dominance. Heenan jokes saying; "Well, you called it a "make it or break it match"... Well, Sabu got broken."

- Before going off the air, Styles and Heenan announce three big time feature matches for next weekend- The Rock 'N' Roll express take on The Dudley Boys, Samoa Joe returns to SMW to team with Rob Van Dam against the super team of CM Punk and "The Mastodon" Vader and, in other tag-team action Chris Benoit finds a tag-team partner to take on Al Snow and Marty Jannetty - The New Rockers.

Show Rating: 80%

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- And we're back, once again with another chicken fried, cold beer on a Friday night, episode of Smokey Mountain Wrestling weekly. Tonight's episode of SMW weekly features three white hot, mega-matches; the legendary Rock 'N' Roll Express take on Philadelphia's own Dudley Boys in what's sure to be a tag-team war, Chris Benoit and a partner to be announced during the broadcast take on The New Rockers, and Samoa Joe returns to SMW to team with Rob Van Dam to take on the super-team of "The Mastodon" Vader and CM Punk in a massive main event.

Welcome To Smoky Mountain Wrestling!

- Once again, Blackfoot's "Train, Train" welcomes us to the arena and the desk of Bobby "The Brain" Heenan and Joey "Oh My God" Styles. Styles hypes the main event and featured matches before kicking things to a brief pre-recorded backstage segment.

- In the back, Perry Saturn is walking around, near the dressing rooms of some of the bigger name wrestlers. He walks into one of the individual rooms, with Chris Benoit's name on the door. Behind the door muffled talking can be heard. Saturn walks out, saying "Don't worry, Chris. I got your back tonight, man." as he walked away.

Rating: 80%

Match 1- 3 vs. 2 Handicap Tag-Team Match- The New Rockers (Al Snow and Marty Jannetty) and Raven vs. Chris Benoit/Perry Saturn

- At the desk, Styles talks about the upcoming match. As The New Rocker's make their entrance, Raven's music hits. From his left, an arm reaches out and hands Styles a new format sheet. Styles states; "Last minute change here, guys. Raven has been added to this match, making it a 3 vs. 2 handicap match."

- Benoit and Saturn hit the ring together, both entering to Benoit's music.

- Benoit and Saturn charge the ring, starting things quickly. Benoit tries to get Raven immediately, but gets jumped by Jannetty. Jannetty controls briefly, but Benoit fights back with chops. Benoit chops Jannetty so hard near the ropes, he takes a bump over the top to the floor. Snow tries to interfere and gets backdropped over the top on his partner in the process. Benoit tags, and Saturn springboards over the top on both guys. In the ring, Benoit chases Raven, with Raven running away. Raven runs around the corner of the ring, allowing Snow to get a cheap shot on Benoit.

Inside, Snow controls Benoit with a fairly uneventful heat sequence, peppering Benoit with knees and unusual palm strikes. Snow and Jannetty work a classic double team hold, with Snow cutting Benoit off with a drop toehold and Jannetty coming in to drop a knee on the back of the neck. Eventually, Benoit would take over again, firing up again as Jannetty tagged in. Jannetty would miss a clothesline and Benoit would go into his series of German suplexes, throwing Jannetty around with eight in a row. Snow would come in illegally, and eat a series of eight for his trouble as well. Saturn tagged in, he hit the ring, peppering both New Rockers with a series of martial arts kicks and big punches. After decking Jannetty, Saturn scored a long two on Snow with a solid superkick.

The end would come moments later, as Saturn worked Snow into a Death Valley Driver, but ate a Jannetty dropkick, sending both men tumbling to the floor. Inside, Benoit would join in illegally, and in the fracas, Benoit would score three rolling German suplexes on Jannetty, but wind up eating a sneaky Evenflow DDT from Raven, allowing Jannetty to get the pin.

Winners: Raven and The New Rockers (Al Snow and Marty Jannetty)

Rating: 76%

- At the booth, Styles and Heenan talk about the previous match. Styles claims that Benoit "had everything going his way, until the numbers game caught up with him."

- Backstage, CM Punk and Vader are together in the locker room. CM Punk offers a handshake, with a crooked smirk crossing his face. Vader turns and headbutts a locker. Punk states "Joe, Van Dam, later tonight its not only Vader time. Later tonight, its My time I'm one of the Best In The World. Vader's the biggest, baddest creature ever born into a wrestling ring. You two don't stand a chance." Vader simply growls and snarls out "Its Vader Time!" before throwing a steel folding chair across the room.

Rating: 86%

- At the booth, Styles and Heenan hype the main event. Styles calls Vader "A man of few words". Heenan, stealing a line from Jerry "The King" Lawler, says; "When you're talking about Vader, make sure you keep your words soft and sweet, because he might make you eat 'em."

Match 2- AJ Styles vs. Low Ki

- Big time debut here, as Low Ki hits the ring, dressed like Agent 47, from the Hitman videogames, before stripping off the suit and tie.

- Quick start to this match. Ki attacks at the outset with a blistering series of kicks, a few of which find their target. Styles is stunned by a big kick to the ribs, leaving him stunned against the ropes. Styles gets clotheslined to the apron, but counters a further attack with a forearm. Low Ki counters Style's trademark springboard forearm with a wicked rolling martial arts kick. On the outside, Styles ducks a big over head spinkick and lands a dropkick. Inside, Styles splashes a prone Low Ki off the top for a short two count. Back up, both men exchange Japanese-style ultra-stiff forearms and slaps. Styles, surprisingly, takes advantage, but Low Ki ends the rally with a big jumping back-kick. Taking advantage, Ki lays into Styles with a series of stiff kicks to the torso in the corner, before whipping Styles corner to corner. Styles gets the boots up, nailing Low Ki in the back of the head to counter a handspring back elbow. Styles with a big time running forearm strike for two.

Up again, Styles loads Low Ki up for a Death Valley Driver, but turns it into a twisting hangman's neckbreaker for a long two count. Styles presses the advantage, muscling Low Ki into the corner and attempts to load him up for a top rope hurricanrana, but Low Ki counters with a top-rope sit-out powerbomb off the top for only two. Ki presses the advantage, hanging Styles up in the corner. Low Ki builds up a head of steam from corner to corner and doublestomps the shit out of Styles as he's hung up. The crowd begins chanting "this is awesome!" as Low Ki sets up to try it again. This time, Styles avoids the stomp, pulls himself up to the top rope, situates himself on the top and comes off with a turnover crossbody block for two. Back up, Styles ducks a potential knockout front kick and lands the Pele kick for two. Styles follows up, kicking Low Ki in the gut, running up his back and landing a standing shooting star press for only two. Back up again, Low Ki and Styles execute a complicated series of reversals of an Irish Whip, as Styles gets whipped off but backflips into his trademark reverse DDT. Ki avoids the DDT by dropping to his knees and reverses it into a Dragon Sleeper. Styles fights out before Low Ki could completely sink it in, runs the ropes, and scores his reverse DDT in the process. All only for two. Back up, Ki swings for the fences with an enormous knockout kick, but Styles ducks, scores one of his own, and drops Low Ki with the Styles Clash for the win.

Winner: AJ Styles

Rating: 86%

- At the booth, Styles and Heenan talk about the last match. Styles calls it "quite possibly the best match we've seen in SMW's short history. AJ Styles and Low Ki are two men to keep an eye on."

- Before the next match, Styles sets up a video highlighting an incident between Barry Windham, Goldust and their frequent adversaries, The New Impact Players.

- Video footage, recorded by a professional news camera is shown. Barry Windham is in the backstage area of the building this episode of SMW is emanating from tonight. Earlier in the day, a local news crew had arranged to profile Barry Windham and his training regiment in a series on athletes over 50. As they're filming, getting footage of Windham working out with Goldust (without makeup and in normal street clothes) spotting him. Windham is giving a grunting answer to an interviewer's question as suddenly The New Impact Players invade the gym. They attack Goldust, throwing him hard into a concrete wall. Stevie Richards puts the boots to Goldust, as Credible attacks a prone Barry Windham getting several cheap shots to the head, bloodying him. Turning their attention to Windham, both men attack him, picking up and sharply dropping the weight bar and weights on Windham's upper chest and neck. Goldust tries to fight back but gets beaten down and caught with a barbell to the stomach. In the fracas, the cameraman is shouting for help, but is too scared to try to run. He follows The New Impact Players as they beat Goldust back into the attached shower area. The showers are set up as individual stalls with glass separating them. Goldust once again tries to fight back, but The New Impact Players once again take over, and double superkick him before throwing him through one of the glass dividers. Finally, the camera falls with a clatter as the news man runs away, still screaming for help as the video cuts off.

Rating: 84%

- Back to live action, Joey Styles calls The New Impact Players "sick and terrible competitors. Do it in the ring. The original Impact Players kept it in the ring. Sure, they weren't the nicest guys either, but they got it done between the ropes. Not in a weight room or the showers. Due to that attack, Windham suffered bruised ribs and a bruised trachea. Dustin is suffering from lacerations to his upper body and face as well as injured ribs due to the barbell attack."

- Back down to the ring, its time for tag-team warfare.

Match 3- The Dudley Boys (Bubba Ray Dudley and D'Von Dudley) vs. The Rock 'N' Roll Express ("Radical" Ricky Morton and "Rock 'N' Roll Robert Gibson)

- Pretty fantastic match here, as The R'N'R, as seems to be tradition, control the early going of the match, with both big guys bumping around for them well. Bubba especially takes some surprising bumps for a guy his size, including a nasty spill to the floor, over the top, after a big time double dropkick. In the fray, D'Von tries to get involved, but gets double-hiptossed over the top onto his "brother".

Bubba and D'Von take over moments later, as both R'N'R land stereo dives to the floor. As all four men battled on the floor, Bubba would post Ricky Morton to gain control. Inside, things slowed down considerably, with the Duds grounding Morton with their typical power game. A nasty powerbomb on Morton netted Bubba two. D'Von in, with more pounding as Morton tried to put something together. A combination of lefts and rights, punctuated by a big standing dropkick on D'Von got Morton a short opening, but Bubba cut him off with a massive double sledge. Tagged back in, Bubba put together his own combination on Morton, but ate an enziguri as he stopped to taunt Morton before delivering a big Dusty Rhodes-style elbow. Finally, Robert Gibson got the tag, hitting the ring with a fury, dropping both Dudleys with a series of dropkicks, clotheslines, and slams. Gibson would score a two count with a Morton-assisted flying splash. Once again, all Hell would break loose with all four men hitting the ring. The R'N'R scored an amazing near fall, as The Dudleys attempted the 3D, Gibson pulled D'Von out of place and Morton nailed Bubba with a big DDT to counter.

Eventually, the finish would come a few moments later, as The Dudleys set up for a second 3D attempt, tossing Gibson over the top rope Gibson would hang on. Morton would counter the move, elbowing his way out of the setup, before Bubba charges him. Morton threw D'Von into Bubba's way, causing both men to crash into each other, knocking D'Von to the floor. Taking advantage, Morton scored with a major superkick just as Gibson skinned the cat back inside and rolled a stunned Bubba up for the pin.

Winners: The Rock 'N' Roll Express ("Radical" Ricky Morton and "Rock 'N' Roll Robert Gibson)

Rating: 90%

- At the booth, Styles and Heenan both talk about the previous tag-team war. As the crowd chants "Rock and Roll!" Styles claims that "this late career renaissance is the "Cinderella story" of Smoky Mountain Wrestling." Heenan chimes in saying, "Yeah, its a Cinderella story. But not all Fairy Tales have a happy ending."

Match 4- A-Train vs. D'Lo Brown

- Short match here.

- D'Lo starts off quickly with a series of right hands, avoiding a few big clubbing shots from A-Train. D'Lo ducks a clothesline and scores with a big jumping backheel kick that stuns the A-Train. Following up, D'Lo clotheslined A-Train to the floor in a fairly impressive bump for the big man. Following up, D'Lo scored with a nice springboard crossbody to the floor. On the floor, A-Train ended the flurry, cutting D'Lo off by throwing him into the barricade. Back inside, D'Lo would fight out of an attempted A-Bomb, but turned around to eat a big bicycle kick instead. In the interim, Mark Henry would stroll down to ringside and hop up on the apron. Distracted by Henry's sudden appearance, D'Lo would turn his attention away from A-Train after scoring a DDT, allowing A-Train to recover and land the A-Bomb for the pin.

Winner: A-Train

Rating: 70%

- At the booth Styles and Heenan talk about how Mark Henry has been a detriment to D'Lo's career so far in SMW.

Match 5- Hardcore Match - Bam Bam Bigelow vs. The Sandman

- Surprise debut tonight for Bam Bam, who's only wrestling on a pay-per appearance contract.

- Sandman comes through the crowd, and gets in Bigelow's face in the aisle. Sandman blows smoke in Bigelow's face and Bigelow goes on the attack with a series of big right hands. Sandman gets Irish whipped in the aisle and nails the ring apron before taking a big backdrop on the floor. Inside the ring, Bigelow hammers away with punches and forearms. Up again, Sandman eats a corner whip and takes a big Ric Flair-style bump over the top rope. Bigelow drops Sandman with a clothesline, knocking him to the floor. On the floor, Bigelow continues to dominate, but somehow slips going for a punch and falls flat on his ass. Sandman starts to fight his way back into things with punches. Sandman goes to a chair to take a firm advantage, landing a nasty shot to Bigelow's head, busting the crown of his head open the hard way. Sandman continues the advantage with a series of chairshots to the legs and body, trying to slow the big man down. Eventually, Sandman finally goes to the Kendo Stick. He clobbers Bigelow with it several times, before taking him over with a White Russian Legsweep into the barricade for a two count. Eventually, back inside, Bigelow would use a chair to block the stick, nail Sandman with a stiff knockout shot before tripping and falling off the top rope in an incredibly sloppy botch, trying to come off the top for a flying headbutt. Back on the canvas, Bigelow locked in a quick chinlock on Sandman. Bending over in his ear, the camera zoomed in too close and caught Bigelow calling "Greetings From Asbury Park" before The Sandman began to fight back. Surely enough, moments later Bigelow ducked a clothesline and loaded Sandman up for an incredibly ugly Greetings From Asbury Park piledriver for the pin.

Winner: Bam Bam Bigelow

Rating: 68%

- At the desk, Styles and Heenan attempt to put over the previous match. Some smart asses in the front row chant "don't come back" as Bigelow walks out. Styles has the gall to call the previous match a "dream match" before sending things down to ringside for the main event.

Main Event - "The Mastodon" Vader and "The Best In The World" CM Punk vs. "The Samoan Wrecking Machine" Samoa Joe and "Mr. SMW" Rob Van Dam

- Epic match - This one just has that "big match feel" as all four men get their own separate entrances. Rob Van Dam enters to Pantera's "Walk".

- Great match, as Joe attacks Punk from the outset and latches onto him like a wild, angry dog, hammering him into a neutral corner with a series of forearms and knees. Joe catches an incoming Vader with a palm strike actually knocking the big man down with a single shot to an absolutely enormous pop. Continuing the advantage, Joe knocks Vader over the top rope with a stiff round kick. Punk tries to take advantage, but gets dumped over the top on a charge attempt. On the floor, Punk and Vader stall, allowing Joe to go on all fours and Van Dam to launch himself over the top with a big flipping senton on both men. Following up, Joe launches himself like a big Samoan missile through the second rope, taking out Punk. On the floor, all Hell continued to break loose, with Van Dam squaring off with Vader and Punk brawling with Joe.

Back inside, Joe would score with a pumphandle suplex on Punk. Vader would break up the cover with a big splash on Joe to take the first firm advantage of the match. Taking control, Vader would lay into Joe in the corner with a nasty series of rights and lefts. Punk tagged in, and he scored with a big snap-suplex. As Joe began to fire back, Punk cut him off with a headlock and began to grind him back down before tagging Vader back in. As Vader hit the ring, Joe once again fired back into things with a hard series of forearms and open palm strikes before being decked with a hard clothesline. Eventually, Joe would build some momentum, avoiding an attempted double-team Irish whip, avoiding Vader as Punk tried to whip him in and laying out Punk with a wicked clothesline.

The finish would come a few moments later, as Rob Van Dam finally got the tag in. He hit the ring, taking over with his usual on both guys, scoring a flying martial arts kick off the top on Vader for two. Eventually, Van Dam would once again try to bring in a chair to assist his Van-Daminator. Throwing it to Punk, Punk caught it, but Vader clobbered Van Dam with a clothesline before he could execute it. Joe would try to intervene, but ate an absolutely sick shot from Punk to the head. Alone, Van Dam took over with a series of forearms on Punk. Whipping him to the corner, Van Dam would score with a huge monkey flip that sent Punk springing out of the ring. Van Dam would eventually try the same thing on Vader, but Vader countered with a low blow, before stuffing Van Dam with a nasty powerbomb onto the chair for three.

Winners: "The Mastodon" Vader and "The Best In The World" CM Punk

- Post match: Vader and Punk attack Van Dam. Van Dam tries to fight back, but Punk scores a shot to the back and Vader batters Van Dam, grabbing him by the ponytail and busting his nose and mouth open with a series of stiff punches. On the floor, Punk tears up the protective pads at ringside and assists Vader in dropping Samoa Joe with an ugly powerbomb on the concrete floor.

Rating: 89%

- At the desk, Styles and Heenan are handed another lineup sheet from off screen. Styles hurriedly thanks the stagehand before announcing two Huge matches for next weekend's show; "Mr SMW" Rob Van Dam takes on "The Best In The World" CM Punk, and in next weekend's blockbuster main event "The Mastodon" Vader clashes with Samoa Joe - A man he and Punk had literally just tried to cripple.

- We pan back to ringside briefly, showing a closeup of Van Dam's busted up face as he's dripping blood on the canvas. On the floor, two medical personnel help Joe up and help him walk off.

Show Rating: 82%

What "World of Warcraft" players see when they're not playing.....

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