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TWA (The Wrestling Alliance); Old NWA Style
Topic Started: Sep 5 2014, 03:37 PM (1,224 Views)
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The night is dark and full of spoilers
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The Wrestling Alliance is a 2014 version of the old NWA system from back in the 1980's.

There will be three to four promotions which will start off and they are

- Global Wrestling Federation
- Major League Wrestling
- All Star Wrestling

The Champions will be allowed to go to all territories to defend the Championship!

Champions (This part of the screen will be updated as shows progress) :

- TWA World Heavyweight Championship - Vacant
- TWA Television Championship - Carltio
- TWA Light Heavyweight Championship - Vacant

Rosters (Will be updated as shows progress)

Global Wrestling Federation

- Adam Cole
- Drew Gulak
- Kevin Steen
- Shelton Benjamin
- Jay Lethal
- Joel Redman (Oliver Grey)
- Amazing Red
- Chris Sabin
- Matt Sydal
- Prince Devitt
- Johnny Gargano
- Joey Ryan
- Kazarian

Major League Wrestling

- AR Fox
- Roderick Strong
- Chuck Taylor
- Carlito
- Cedric Alexander
- Marty Scurll
- Drew Galloway
- Christopher Daniels
- Alex Shelley
- Brian Kendrick
- Rich Swann
- Low Ki
- Michael Elgin

All Star Wrestling

- AJ Styles
- Chris Hero
- Brian Cage
- Doc Gallows
- Zack Sabre JR
- Doug Williams
- Alberto Del Rio
- Matt Morgan
- Chavo Guerrero
- Curt Hawkins
- Ricochet
- Gregory Helms
- Paul London


Global Wrestling Federation - Every Tuesday
Major League Wrestling - Every Friday
All Star Wrestling - Every Sunday
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The night is dark and full of spoilers
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The Wrestling Alliance presents Global Wrestling Federation - Tuesday September 9th 2014

We are live in the beautiful Manhattan Center in New York City for the first ever Global Wrestling Federation show and on tonight's show we will have a Triple Threat Match with one wrestler from each of the territories here in The Wrestling Alliance and the winner of the match will be the first ever TWA World Heavyweight Champion. The Participants will be :

- Shelton Benjamin (GWF)
- Roderick Strong (MLW)
- AJ Styles (ASW)

ACH vs Chris Sabin

ACH comes out to a great reaction from the New York City faithful and Sabin comes out to some good heel heat and we are off and running for our first Wrestling match of this one hour weekly wrestling television show. The match starts off with both men taking there time and doing some nice hold to hold action. ACH though gets lucky after he does a nice drop-down leapfrog and into a nice dropkick which caught Sabin right in the jaw. ACH is now on a nice offensive flurry but Sabin stops him in his tracks with a kick to the knee and a shining wizard but only gets a two count. Sabin is in complete control of the match and is slowing the pace down which favors the older Sabin, which is sound wrestling strategy. ACH is trying to mount a comeback but Sabin connects with a incredible clothesline which turns ACH inside out, but it only gets a two count. The crowd are trying to will ACH on and he finally gets up and he hits two dropkicks and a springboard clothesline, the pace is now picking up. ACH hits a hurricanrana which sends Sabin out to the floor and ACH hits a running springboard flip to the outside which gets a loud "ACH" chant. ACH throws Sabin back into the ring and goes for a 450 Splash but Sabin gets his knees up just in time and he hits the Craddle Shock and hooks the leg 1...2.. but just as the referee Johnny Allen calls it a two count. Sabin is in shock, what heart and determination from this young kid. Sabin picks him up for a second Craddle Shock but ACH rolls down his back and rolls him up 1...2...3! ACH has won and he quickly slides out of the ring so that Sabin can't get to him. ACH is celebrating on the ramp, whilst inside the ring is Sabin who is mad as hell and he is shouting at the referee and the referee is trying to walk away but Sabin hits the referee with a Craddle Shock! (11:47)

Backstage is Kevin Kelly who is interviewing the commissioner of The Wrestling Alliance and a member of the Championship committee which is Nigel McGuinness and he says," Chris Sabin, young man you are a bloody asshole for what you have just done to a referee, Johnny Allen. Everyone involved in The Wrestling Alliance would like to say to Chris Sabin and that's that you are now a marked man and you better watch your back sonny boy because you now have a target on your back and at anytime and any place i swear you, you will not be able to walk." Strong words from the commissioner of The Wrestling Alliance, you have been warned Chris Sabin!

Adam Cole vs Jay Lethal

It was confirmed by the championship committee earlier on this morning that the winner of this match will enter a triple threat match at the next Major League Wrestling show to determine the first ever TWA Television Champion. The match has the crowd fully behind Lethal as he is the underdog in this match and the crowd are at a fever pitch for the start of this contest. Much like the first match this evening we start off with some very nice mat based technical wrestling with Adam Cole getting the uperhand in the early goings of this sure to be great wrestling match. Lethal though is gaining some momentum and he hits several dropkicks which the final one hits the mark and sends Cole down to the outside which is when Lethal hits two suicide dives! He goes for the third one but as he is in mid flight and through the second and third rope Cole hits him with a insane superkick and Lethals head hits the side of the apron. That starts a "Holy Shit" chant from the audience here in the Manhattan Center. Cole gets him back into the ring and is starting to work the leg of Lethal because he will be setting up for his Figure Four Leglock submission hold. After a minute or two working the leg Cole slaps on the Figure Four Leglock and you can see just by Lethal's face that he is in a lot of pain. Lethal though manages to turn over which puts all of the pressure onto Adam Cole and the crowd are screaming "TAP TAP TAP" but Cole manages to get to the bottom rope. With one leg Lethal hits two clotheslines and a one legged dropkick. He decides to go up top to hit the Macho Man Elbow drop but Cole hits a dropkick to Lethals bad knee and as Lethal is sitting on the top rope, Cole picks him up in a Firemans Carry position and he hits a Death Valley Driver but Lethal lands head first onto Cole's knee! He covers Lethal 1...2.. but at the final possible second Lethal gets his shoulders up. The crowd are pumping Lethal up and he isn't selling anything from Cole and he hits two clotheslines and hits the Lethal Injection 1...2.. but this time Cole gets his shoulders up. Lethal must be running on pure adrenaline at this point and he sets up for the Lethal Injection but as he goes for the Back breaker however. all of Coles weight lands on his injured leg and like a shark that smells blood, Cole applies a Figure Four Leglock and there is nothing that Lethal can do accept tap out. Adam Cole wins by submission and will advance to the Triple Threat match for the Vacant Television Championship at the next Major League Wrestling Show. After the match Lethal is still in the ring selling his leg. (17:01)

There is a video shown which shows the careers of all three men involved in tonight's Main Event for the Vacant TWA Heavyweight Championship Of The World!

Triple Threat Match for the Vacant TWA World Heavyweight Championship:
AJ Styles vs Shelton Benjamin vs Roderick Strong

After all three wrestlers make their entrance to the ring we have the official in ring introductions from the ring announcer Bobby Cruise. So here we go, wait a minute the lights are completely out what in the freakin hell is going on here. What? Four men in dark hoods are beating down on all three competitors involved in this World Championship Match. WHAT IS GOING ON? This is meant to be a historic moment crowning the first ever TWA World Champion and these thugs are ruining this moment. All three men are down and the four hooded men stand in front of the hard camera and take there hoods off. It's Prince Devitt, Doc Gallows, Adam Cole and Drew Galloway and they are wearing Bullet Club T-shirts! The crowd are going absolutely crazy tune in to Major League Wrestling on Friday Night to see what happens with this terrible situation, Thanks For Reading!
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The night is dark and full of spoilers
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The Wrestling Alliance Presents Major League Wrestling - September 12th 2014

We are live in Nashville, Tennessee for the first ever Major League Wrestling Show! Tonight on this one hour program we will have a response from the commissioner of The Wrestling Alliance about what happened at the end of this week's episode of Global Wrestling Federation and a Triple Threat Match to crown the first ever TWA Television Champion and the participants are:

- Adam Cole (GWF)
- Carlito (MLW)
- Chris Hero (ASW)

To start off the show we have a video package of what happened at the first ever Global Wrestling Federation show when in the Main Event for the Vacated TWA World Heavyweight Championship where The Bullet Club (Adam Cole, Doc Gallows, Drew Galloway and Prince Devitt) took out all three men involved in the match and the match was stopped by Disqualification and the TWA World Heavyweight Championship is still Vacant.

In the ring is the Commissioner of The Wrestling Alliance and that is Nigel McGuinness and he grabs a microphone and says," Ladies and Gentlemen i have to apoligise to you all about what happened this past Tuesday Night. But i will make it up to you because next Tuesday Night live at The Manhattan Center in New York City we will have a rematch between all three of the competitors and if any member of The Bullet Club get involved they will be fired from The Wrestling Alliance!"

Roderick Strong vs Brian Kendrick

This match definitely has a big fight feel to it as both men could be in contention for a Championship match and especially with a victory on tonight's huge show. Roddy gets a decent heel reaction and Kendrick gets a big babyface pop. The match starts off with Strong taking the match to the mat, but Kendrick is staying with him hinting at the mindset that anything you can do i can do better. Kendrick though is trying to pick up the pace and hits a dropkick which sends Strong all the way down to the outside. Kendrick hits a suicide dive and launches Strong into the steel steps. Back inside the ring and Kendrick goes for a dropkick of the top rope but Strong pulls him off straight into a backbreaker! Great move there from Strong but he only gets a two count. Strong is now in firm control and is working on the back of Kendrick which is wise if you remember that his finisher the Strong Hold works the back and he works the back by hitting several variations of suplex's and a few backbreakers as well. Strong tries to apply the Bow and Arrow submission hold, but Kendrick rolls him up but only gets a two count and he is now on a comeback and he hits several clotheslines and a dropkick of the second rope. He goes for the Sliced Bread finishing move but Strong pushes him into the turnbuckle and hits a jumping high knee and goes for the Sick Kick but Kendrick moves out of the way and nails him with a footstomp! Kendrick doesn't go for the cover though because he goes up to the top, but Strong stops him and hits a superplex and both men are down. The referee gets to the count of eight before both men get back to there feet and they exchange strikes until Strong hits a rolling forearm and connects with the Sick Kick! He covers him 1...2.. but Kendrick gets his shoulders up at the last possible chance. "This is Awesome" Chant from the crowd in Nashville and Strong goes for a suplex but Kendrick lands on his feet and Kendrick goes for Sliced Bread but Strong pushes him away and hits a second Sick Kick. He picks him back up and hits a suplex into a backbreaker in mid flight and applies the Strong Hold and there is nothing that Kendrick can do so he taps out and Strong wins the match via Submission. (23:12)

They show a video package of all three men involved in tonight's Triple Threat Match for the Vacated TWA Television Championship!

Triple Threat Match for the Vacated TWA Television Championship
Adam Cole vs Chris Hero vs Carlito

The match has Carlito receiving the biggest pop out of all three competitors and Cole got a bad heel heat as he is a member of the Bullet Club. The match starts off with Cole immediatley walking out of the ring as his obvious game plan is to sit back and watch Carlito and Chris Hero beat the living day lights out of each other and pick up the pieces. Inside the ring is Carlito and Chris Hero who are trying to out wrestle each other but Hero goes for a quick big boot but Carlito sends him over the top rope but he lands on the apron. Carlito though runs and jumps over him and hits a sunset flip powerbomb on Hero onto Cole who was arguing with a fan at ringside. That gets a "Holy Shit" Chant from the crowd in Nashville. Carlito grabs Cole and throws him into the ring and covers him but he only gets a two count. Carlito goes for a springboard Tornado DDT but in mid air Cole hits him with a dropkick and as Hero is getting back to his feet on the outside he nails him with a suicide dive and goes back to work on Carlito. Cole is slowing the pace down and is dissecting Carlito working on no specific body part just trying to conflict pain on him. Hero tries to get back into the ring but Cole stops him with a dropkick to the outside. Hero though is getting angry and he runs into the ring and hits Cole with the biggest big boot i have ever seen which knocks Cole out clean but before he could turn around and go to work on Carlito, Carlito hits the Backstabber! he covers him but wait Drew Galloway pulls the referee out of the ring and hits a Future shock DDT onto the referee on the floor! Carlito tries to go after him but Doc Gallows hits him from behind with a Chokeslam. Hero wants to help Cartlto but he gets a Future shock DDT for his troubles! The Bullet Club are reigning Supreme! Wait a minute AJ Styles, Roderick Strong and Shelton Benjamin are running out and they are taking out the Bullet Club! Back inside the ring and Cole goes for the Figure Four on Carlito but Carlito pushes him away into the turnbuckle and Cole walks backwards into the Backstabber! He covers him and AJ Styles throws the referee into the ring and 1...2...3 Carlito has won the TWA Television Championship! The Bullet Club members are all down and Carlito celebrates in the ring! Thanks for reading! (18:37)
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The night is dark and full of spoilers
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Breaking News - The Wrestling Alliance is proud to announce that the latest signing to the Global Wrestling Federation is none other than Kevin Steen!

The Commisioner of The National Wrestling Alliance got to get a few words from the newest member of the GWF Roster and this is what he had to say.

" Nigel i have traveled the world and done nearly everything in the proffesional Wrestling Industry but i have never been involved in a big organisation such as The Wrestling Alliance. It reminds me of the days when i was younger and in Canada watching NWA territories whenever we got them and the other company stopped that and i feel that with TWA's new territory system we could go far."

Nigel McGuinness ask's Steen," What is your opinion on The Bullet Club?"

Steen respond's," Well Nigel my good old buddy, you are going to have till this Sunday Night for the first ever All Star Wrestling Show which is where i will make my TWA debut and that is when and where i will give my opinion on the Bullet Club."

Nigel says," Well thanks for your time and i wish you all the best from everybody here in The Wrestling Alliance."

They shake hands and the camera fades to black
Your Home for News,Reviews and Rumors from the greatest sport in the world Pro Wrestling!
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