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WWF Flashback: December 1991
Topic Started: Oct 31 2017, 05:10 PM (140 Views)
Scrooge McSuck
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- Last time on the WWF Flashback… November was quite a busy month. Survivor Series turned into a big commercial for an experimental project of running a second Pay-Per-View a week later called “Tuesday In Texas”, which ended up featuring a cheap finish that ended up with the WWF Championship vacated. Yes, that part was technically in December, but I posted that recap before this monthly Flashback… The Undertaker was physically spooked by the power of Hulk Hogan’s cross… Jake Roberts viciously attacked Randy Savage with his King Cobra… Mr. Perfect returned as a color commentator on Superstars and as the “executive consultant” of Ric Flair… Ted Dibiase regained the Million Dollar Belt from Virgil with help from the Repo Man… The Mountie electrocuted Bret Hart… The Beverly Brothers beat the crap out of Jim Neidhart’s knee… Sgt. Slaughter has his country back.

- The December 2nd episode of Prime-Time Wrestling catches us up on all the latest happenings that lead to “Tuesday in Texas”, including Jack Tunney’s announcement made before Survivor Series about the reinstatement of Randy Savage and pulling Jake Roberts from his Elimination Match, as well as his interview from Survivor Series ordering an immediate rematch between The Undertaker and Hulk Hogan for the WWF Championship… This Tuesday. In Texas.

- The British Bulldog vs. The Mountie (w/ Jimmy Hart) – From the December 2nd episode of Prime-Time Wrestling, taped on November 11th from Utica, NY. Mountie stalls on the floor to start. Lockup and a clean break. Bulldog with a side headlock, followed by a shoulder tackle. Is it me, or did Jacques Rougeau take some awkward bumps? Bulldog with a gorilla press slam, sending Mountie out of the ring, again. Whip to the ropes and Mountie with a knee to the midsection. Will he finally sustain an offensive drive? Why am I talking like this is a Football game? Have I mentioned how hard it is watching the Giants this season? Whip and Mountie with a diving elbow for a one-count. He pulls the tights for added leverage on an abdominal stretch. Bulldog goes for the power-slam, but Mountie lands on top for two. Bulldog hits the Powerslam on attempt #2, but Hart with a distraction, leading to a brawl at ringside for the Double Count-Out at 6:55. Mostly stalling. ½*

- “El Matador” Tito Santana vs. The Barbarian – Also from the December 2nd episode of Prime-Time, taped on October 22nd from Dayton, OH. Lockup and Barbarian with a shove. Santana with a side headlock, but a shoulder tackle does nothing. Diving body press for two. Santana with a pair of dropkicks, sending Barbarian to the floor. Whip to the corner and Barbarian meets the post. Santana ducks escapes a bear-hug with the ear smack, and still can’t get anything going with the shoulder tackle. Barbarian with a back breaker and choking. He pounds away with clubbering and hooks a bear-hug. Santana escapes with the Greco-Roman biting. He connects with a clothesline, inverted atomic drop, and the Flying Forearm for a near fall. Barbarian with a slam, but misses a flying clothesline. Santana with a flying body press, but Barbarian rolls through for two. He argues with the referee over the count being stopped, allowing Santana to roll him up for three at 7:48. That finish DID exist before the “WWE Universe” era. *

- From the December 7th episode of Superstars, President Jack Tunney is standing by with an important announcement regarding the events that transpired this past Tuesday, in Texas. The referee’s decision in awarding Hulk Hogan the WWF Championship will not be challenged, but he has little choice but to decree the WWF belt Vacant, and the winner of the 30-Man Royal Rumble will be the undisputed WWF Champion. Furthermore, Undertaker and Hulk Hogan will be allowed to draw entry numbers between 20 and 30 out of the interest of fairness.

- Royal Rumble Report! The 1992 Rumble is taking place Sunday Afternoon on January 19th. As we’ve already heard, the WWF Championship will be awarded to the winner of the 30-Man Royal Rumble Match.

- Big Boss Man vs. The Warlord (w/ Harvey Wippleman) – From the December 9th episode of Prime-Time Wrestling, taped on November 11th from Utica, NY, and Joined in Progress. Lockup and Warlord practically throws Boss Man across the ring. Boss Man with a series of strikes and a clothesline, sending him out of the ring. Boss Man with an inverted atomic drop and clothesline, not to mention Warlord performing a leap frog. He dives off the middle rope, but Warlord (kind of) catches and plants him with a spine-buster. Warlord with a back breaker for two. Whip to the corner and he catches Boss Man in a bear-hug. Seven hours later, and Boss Man starts mounting his comeback. He comes off the ropes with a clothesline and shoulder tackle, followed by a splash, but Wippleman hops in the ring for the Disqualification at 7:36. I just noticed that Wippleman’s gear does (somewhat) resemble Pee-Wee Herman, the original inspiration for the character. Yes, it took four months of flashbacks to notice. ¾*

- Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart vs. The Mountie from the 10/28 card held at Madison Square Garden is featured on the December 9th episode of Prime-Time Wrestling. The match wasn’t very good.

- WWF Intercontinental Championship Match: Bret “Hitman” Hart © vs. The Barbarian – More from the December 9th episode of Prime-Time, taped on November 12th from Springfield, MA. I feel like I’ve covered at least 4 other matches between these two. Lockup to the corner and Bret with a shove. Crisscross and Barbarian sends Bret flying out of the ring with a shoulder tackle. Bret keeps trying, but Barbarian doesn’t budge. Barbarian counters a body press with a slam, but misses an elbow. Bret with a takeover, working the arm. Bret escapes a bear-hug with Greco-Roman biting and goes back to the arm. Bret with another dive, and this time he gets dropped across the top rope. You’d think when it didn’t work the first two times, you’d give up. Barbarian takes it to the floor, ramming Hart’s back into the post. Bret with the chest-first bump to the turnbuckle. Barbarian back breaker for two. Sean Mooney saying “Hart is on auto-pilot” can be taken out of context for something else. Barbarian controls with a bear-hug. Whip to the corner and Bret gets a boot up on the charge. He connects with an inverted atomic drop and clothesline for two. Back breaker and second rope elbow drop for two. Russian leg sweep for two. Bret with the sunset flip from the apron for two. Barbarian with a delayed suplex for two. He goes for another, but Bret cradles him for three at 12:29. I’ve seen better between these two. *1/2

- Greg “The Hammer” Valentine vs. “Million $ Man” Ted Dibiase (w/ Sensational Sherri) – Final exclusive from December 9th, taped on November 11th from Utica, NY. Lockup to the ropes and we get a shoving exchange. Dibiase with a yank of the hair to take Valentine off his feet. Valentine follows Dibiase to the floor and unloads with rights. Whip to the ropes and Valentine with an elbow for two. Valentine with a shoulder tackle and clothesline in between two chin-lock rests. Dibiase forces a break in the corner and drives the shoulder into the midsection. Whip to the corner and Valentine meets the boot. Sherri gets her token cheap shot in on the floor. Back inside, Dibiase with the fist drop for two. Valentine reverses a whip to the corner, but misses a charge. Valentine rallies with chops and a back drop. He signals for the Figure-Four, then runs the ropes and gets tripped up. He makes a move for Sherri, but Dibiase rolls him up for three at 6:59. Post-match, Valentine chases her from ringside. Bad match. ½*

- The Beverly Brothers (w/ The Genius) vs. Jim Arnon & Sonny Blaze – From the December 14th episode of Superstars. It’s a random squash match on paper, but there’s a reason this is on here… unfortunately. Jameson is front row in the crowd. Beau with a drop toe hold on Blaze, followed by Blake coming off the ropes with a splash. Blake works the left knee, slamming it against the canvas. Arnon is forced in with a snap mare. Whip to the ropes and Beau with an elbow, followed by the leap-frog splash across the back. Blake with an over-head belly-to-belly suplex, and the Beverly Bomb finishes at 2:12. Post-match, the Beverly Brothers make their way over to Jameson, who has been pro-Bushwhackers all day long. They start roughing him up until the Bushwhackers make the save (not quickly, either). As a young fan who never watched Prime-Time, the ’92 Rumble was the ONLY exposure I had to Jameson. After two and a half years as comic relief on Prime-Time, I wonder what made them decide to introduce him as a character on the important shows.

- Royal Rumble Report… or maybe not. We get a bunch of promos hyping the Royal Rumble Match from the likes of The Texas Tornado, The Warlord and Harvey Wippleman, Virgil (who says it might come down to himself and Roddy Piper), Irwin R. Schyster, The British Bulldog (looking juiced to the gills), The Berzerker and Mr. Fuji, Ric Flair and his distorted belt, and finally, The Undertaker and Paul Bearer.

- From the December 14th episode of Superstars, “Classy” Freddie Blassie and Mean Gene Okerlund are in the ring to award the 1991 Wrestler of the Year Award to… Bret Hart?! I agree, just surprised, and even more surprised that the trophy never gets destroyed! This might’ve been one of the few times that didn’t happen. Blassie making a random appearance also seemed out of left field.

- “El Matador” Tito Santana vs. The Berzerker (w/ Mr. Fuji) – From the December 16th episode of Prime-Time Wrestling, taped on November 13th from New Haven, CT. Berzerker promises to rip Santana’s arms off. Lockup and Berzerker shoves him across the ring. Crisscross and Santana with a hip toss. Berzerker with choking in the corner. Whip, Santana ducks a clothesline and connects with his own. Whip reversal to the corner and Santana meets a boot on the charge. Santana gets dumped out and Fuji doesn’t even try to whack him with the cane. Santana with shoulders to the midsection, but a sunset flip backfires. Whip and Berzerker misses a dropkick. Berzerker cuts off the comeback with a rake of the eyes and hooks a seated chin-lock. Santana escapes with elbows to the midsection, but runs into a boot. Berzerker catches a body press and plants Santana with a forward slam for two. Santana straddles him across the top rope and shakes him up for a ride. Santana with dropkicks and a running knee lift. He sets up for the Paso del Muerte, but Fuji trips him up with the cane for the Disqualification at 7:31. Post-match, Santana smacks Berzerker with the cane. Another bad match. ¼*

- The New Foundation vs. Kato & The Brooklyn Brawler – From the December 16th episode of Prime-Time Wrestling, taped on December 3rd from San Antonio, TX. Owen Hart made his debut on the December 1st episode of Superstars, about two and a half years after his last appearance as The Blue Blazer. The New Foundation seemed pegged for a feud with the Beverly Brothers, but the Bushwhackers were suddenly thrust into that position for the Royal Rumble. Owen starts with Kato and quickly showcases his athleticism. They do a sequence of counters and a crisscross, ending with a hip toss. Neidhart in to work the arm. Brawler comes in and gets ran over. Whip and the Foundation with a double elbow. Owen springboards off the top rope to take Brawler over with a hip toss, followed up with a hurricanrana. Whip and Kato catches him off the ropes with a back breaker. Neidhart in with running shoulder tackles and forearms. Owen with a twisting body press for two. Kato gets sent to the floor, and they finish with the Rocket Launcher at 5:00. Owen did some of his standard spots, but not much else. *1/2

- A good portion of Randy Savage vs. Jake Roberts from This Tuesday in Texas is featured on the 12/16 episode of Prime-Time, including the entire post-match shenanigans. I hope people that paid for the PPV weren’t watching Prime-Time this week.

- Shawn Michaels vs. Ric Flair (w/ Mr. Perfect) – From the December 16h episode of Prime-Time, taped on December 2nd from Corpus Christi, TX. In recent weeks, they’ve been teasing problems between Michaels and Jannetty, including Michaels selfishly working a tag match on his own, refusing to tag out. Lockup and a clean break (Wooo!). Michaels with a side headlock and shoulder tackle. Flair with the same sequence, then Michaels with a hip toss and a side headlock takeover. Flair forces a break in the corner and unloads with chops. Flair misses a charge and Michaels springboards off the top with a flying sunset flip for two. Flair with a shove and Michaels responds with a slap. They trade chops in the corner, with Michaels escalating things with mounted punches. He brings Flair back in from the apron with a suplex. Whip to the corner and Michaels with a back drop. He sends Flair to the corner again, and this time he takes the bump over the top rope.

We come back from commercial with Michaels coming in from the apron with a sunset flip, but Flair blocks and counters with a fist to the forehead… then flops to the canvas. Michaels counters an atomic drop and connects with a dropkick. Perfect trips him up, and Flair drops a knee across the forehead. Whip to the corner and Flair with a boot to the face. He makes a trip to the top rope, only to get slammed down. Michaels with the super-kick. He goes to the top rope and hits the flying fist drop for a near fall. He sends Flair over the top with a clothesline, skins the cat back in, and sets up for a plancha, but Perfect pulls Flair out of the way, causing Michaels to hit nothing but the floor. Good Samaritan Marty Jannetty comes out to help his partner, throwing him back in the ring to avoid being counted-out. Unfortunately, it leads immediately to Flair covering him with his feet on the ropes for three at 9:11. Post-match, Marty and Shawn continue to air their dirty laundry in public. Good, but not nearly what I expected. Despite the match quality (and this has gained a reputation of being better than it really was), what sense does it make to have Ric Flair struggle to defeat ROCKER SHAWN MICHAELS? **1/2

- From the December 21st episode of Superstars, “Mean” Gene Okerlund brings out The Bushwhackers and Jameson for a live interview. Okerlund says he thought for a moment they were going to get lost. He lets us know The Bushwhackers, with Jameson in their corner, will take on The Beverly Brothers, with the Genius in their corner, at The Royal Rumble. Luke promises some payback and some “whacking” at the Rumble. Okerlund says Luke clearly has no fear of having his teeth knocked out. Jameson says they will help him turn the Genius into the Doofus. He says the Beverly Brothers ripped his best (and only) suit and broke his glasses. They also broke his boil… don’t ask.

- Royal Rumble Report! Again, it’s just promos from various participants, rather than running down the actual card (which as of this moment, is the Rumble Match itself and the previously mentioned Bushwhackers/Beverly Brothers debacle). This week we get promos from Roddy Piper, The Repo Man (“I know a lot about alleys!”), Skinner, and Ted Dibiase and Sensational Sherri.

- Brought to you by Coliseum Video (the official distributer of Survivor Series), here’s Special Report with Lord Alfred Hayes… The Royal Rumble is approaching, and new names have been announced for the 30-Man Rumble: Nasty Boys Knobbs and Sags, “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan, “El Matador” Tito Santana, and Jake “The Snake” Roberts. This adds to the list of name announced: The British Bulldog, Virgil, The Berzerker, I.R.S., The Warlord, The Texas Tornado, Ric Flair, and Randy Savage, Skinner, Ted Dibiase, Repo Man, Roddy Piper, The Undertaker, and Hulk Hogan.

- From the December 22nd episode of Wrestling Challenge, “Mean” Gene Okerlund is standing by for an interview with The Mountie and Jimmy Hart. They dispute Bret Hart being named the Wrestler f the Year. Hart says he knows the Nasty Boys didn’t vote for him and the Natural Disasters didn’t vote for him. The Mountie says Bret was “a little shocked” when Jimmy dumped a bucket of water on his greaseball head and he “brought out his little tickler and tickled him a little bit.” He was “shocked” when Bret won the Wrestler of the Year, but he’s the Excellent of Electrocution.

- Big Boss Man vs. Kato – From the December 23rd episode of Prime-Time Wrestling, taped on December 3rd from San Antonio, TX. Sometimes I don’t understand how they decide which matches get audio sweetening and which don’t (especially when some have zero heat without it). Lockup to the corner and a clean break. Kato with a headbutt to the midsection, followed by chops. Kato runs away, thinking he’s outsmarted the Boss Man, leading to a game of cat-and-mouse. Boss Man with a boot and a clothesline, sending Kato over the top rope. Back inside, Boss Man holds onto the mask to keep control of a side headlock. He unloads with an uppercut and comes off the ropes with a seated splash across the back. Kato rolls away from a flying splash, but is quickly finished with the Boss Man Slam at 4:19.

- Virgil & Tito Santana vs. Ted Dibiase & Repo Man from This Tuesday in Texas is featured on the 12/3 episode of Prime-Time Wrestling. Good match, considering it involved Virgil and the Repo Man.

- The New Foundation vs. The Nasty Boys (w/ Jimmy Hart) – From the December 23rd episode of Prime-Time Wrestling, taped on December 4th from Austin, TX. In their last match, I neglected to mention Owen’s nickname is “The Rocket.” Neidhart and Knobbs start. Knobbs opens up with his usual clubbering strikes. Neidhart retaliates and runs over both Nasty Boys with shoulder tackles. Owen comes in and flies through the ropes with a suicide dive. Back inside, Owen takes Sags over with arm drags and works the arm. Sags counters with a slam, but misses an elbow drop. Knobbs with the blind tag, coming off the ropes with a double axe-handle. Sags with a snap mare and elbow drops across the chest. Owen’s sunset flip attempt backfires. Knobbs drops a series of elbows across the back for two. Owen escapes a seated chin-lock, blind tags Neidhart, and slingshots him in for a double shoulder spear. He hits both with shoulder tackles and covers Knobbs for a near fall, but Sags tosses the referee aside, drawing a Disqualification at 7:30. This was OK. *3/4

- “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan vs. The Barbarian from the November 30th card held at Madison Square Garden is featured on the 12/23 episode of Prime-Time Wrestling. It is what you would expect.

- Vignette of Chris Chavis talking about the history and pride of his heritage as a Native American… and that’s pretty much it. This was quite the dull introduction to a new character. I’m sure a lot of people had forgotten he was first introduced under his real name.

- “The Model” Rick Martel vs. Dale Wolfe – From the December 28th episode of Superstars. After an absence of more than half-a-year, Martel makes his return to WWF television! Not much has changed, except maybe a slightly different hair-style. McMahon says he’s been modeling in Europe and Asia in his time away. He plants Wolfe with a slam, but gets knocked back with a mule kick. Martel offers a handshake and DOESN’T kick him! Crisscross and Martel with a hip toss. Crisscross and Martel sends Wolfe to the floor with an elbow. Inset promo from Martel hyping the Royal Rumble Match. He holds the ropes open for Wolfe and still doesn’t give him a cheap shot. Martel accepts a third handshake and finally lays Wolfe out with a clothesline. He throws him to the floor and rams Wolfe’s back into the post. Back inside, Martel with a back breaker, and the Boston Crab finishes at 3:02. Same old Martel. Can be good, but sometimes relies more on getting heat than wrestling.

- Royal Rumble Report! NEW MATCHES SIGNED! Bret Hart defends the Intercontinental Championship against The Mountie… The New Foundation take on The Orient Express (yes, much like the Rougeaus in 1990, they’re being put back together as a team for the one show)! Finally, the last names have been confirmed for the Royal Rumble Match: “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka, Sgt. Slaughter, Greg “The Hammer” Valentine, Big Boss Man, Shawn Michaels, Marty Jannetty, Rick Martel, Hercules, Col. Mustafa, and SID JUSTICE.

- WWF Tag Team Championship Match: The Legion of Doom © vs. The Rockers – From the December 28th episode of Superstars. Michaels and Animal start. Lockup and Animal throws him into the corner. Michaels blind tags Jannetty, who comes in with a victory roll that doesn’t even get a one-count. Animal with a boot to the chest and a gorilla press slam. Hawk with a snap mare and jumping fist drop. Jannetty rolls away from an elbow and tags Michaels back in. He counters a press slam with a head scissors, but Hawk doesn’t sell it and lays him out with a clothesline. Hawk to the top rope, missing a flying clothesline. Whip and Michaels’ sunset flip attempt fails. Animal with a whip and power-slam. Michaels gets the knees up on a splash attempt. Jannetty with a sunset flip, assisted by Michaels, for two. Double super-kick to Hawk. Jannetty with a body press to Animal. Michaels with a dropkick to try and give him the momentum to fall on top, but accidentally hits an angle that turns it into Animal planting him with a power-slam, and that finishes at 3:30. Post-match, there’s some shoving and slapping between Shawn and Marty. Good TV match, but the LOD were presented as above the Rockers league. **1/2

- “Macho Man” Randy Savage (w/ Elizabeth) vs. The Barbarian – From the December 30th episode of Prime-Time Wrestling, taped on December 4th from Austin, TX. Almost weird to see Elizabeth coming to ringside with Savage at this point of their careers. Savage quickly grabs a side headlock, but gets laid out going for a shoulder tackle. Savage starts clawing at Barbarian’s face and knocks him into the corner with an elbow. Inset promo from Undertaker and Paul Bearer. This may have intended to air on Superstars, but my records show this wouldn’t air on Superstars until Royal Rumble weekend. That’s unusual, to say the least. Barbarian with a back breaker for two. He plants Savage with a slam, but misses a splash from the top rope. Savage makes his way to the top and finishes with the flying elbow at 2:26. That was surprisingly quick.

- The Beverly Brothers & The Genius vs. Brian Donahue, Sonny Blaze, and Larry Ludden – From the December 30th episode of Prime-Time, taped on December 3rd from San Antonio, TX. I’m guessing they have the Genius work to remind people he’s more than a geek like Jameson, but not by much. Blake pounds away on Donahue. Lord Alfred insists that Mooney and Jameson are drinking buddies. Poor Mooney. Beau in for the leap-frog splash across the back. Genius takes cheap shots at the scrubs on the apron and continues to work on Donahue. Blaze tags in to get worked over. Blake with a belly-to-belly suplex, followed by a double suplex. Genius with a deep arm drag and head scissors. Ludden gets his turn to get smeared on the canvas. Blake with a power-slam. The Beverly Bomb finally finishes at 4:31. The Genius celebrates with a cartwheel.

- “El Matador” Tito Santana vs. Kato from the 11/30 card held at Madison Square Garden is featured on the 12/30 episode of Prime-Time. Decent preliminary match, but nothing special, with a fair share of resting.

- The Texas Tornado vs. Hercules – From the December 30th episode of Prime-Time, taped on December 3rd from San Antonio, TX. Lord Alfred surprisingly mentions Fritz Von Erich by name and calls him a jerk in the nicest way possible. Neither man gains the advantage from the lockup. Hercules calls for a test-of-strength and drives a knee into the midsection. Tornado fights back to his feet and pounds away in the corner. Whip across the ring and the Tornado runs into a boot. Hercules hops off the ropes and gets caught in the Claw, but goes low to break the hold. Tornado comes back with another Claw hold. Hercules ducks a discus punch and dumps Tornado over the top rope. They brawl at ringside, and we get a Double Count-Out at 6:54. Not good. DUD

- Bret Hart defending the Intercontinental Title against Skinner from Three Tuesday’s Ago in Texas is featured on the 12/30 episode of Prime-Time. Probably Skinner’s best match, and that isn’t a compliment.

Final Thoughts: The big takeaway for December is the fallout from Tuesday in Texas, where for the first time in almost four years, the WWF Championship has been held up. Most of the top storylines and angles developed in prior months have continued without anything major taking place. The Royal Rumble card has (mostly) taken shape. The Bushwhackers and Jamison feuding with the Beverly Brothers is one of the few newly developed angles, and nobody wants to see that. Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannetty keep teasing a split. Owen Hart returned as the new babysitter for Jim Neidhart, and Chris Chavis will be making his debut sometime soon
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