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Burnsaber's Mods; Mods made by Burnsaber
Topic Started: May 3 2010, 07:34 PM (5,711 Views)
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This is the complete list of all of my mods for my signature link.

Currently all estimations on MP balance are by me. If you have opinions on the matter (even something simple, like "I agree"), please voice your opinion. The more players agree that a certain mod is MP-balanced, the easier it is for me to advertise it and not to worry if it might ruin someone's MP experience because of some thing I missed.


30.8.2010 -- WH 1.91 Released

2.7.2010 -- Both UWGIM national and global quickfixed

25.5.2010 -- UWGIM updated

14.5.2010 -- Dwarfs updated and moved to these forums

13.5.2010 -- Alugra, the City of Wonders updated and moved to these forums

11.5.2010 -- Pythium: The Second Empire updated and moved to these forums

10.5.2010 -- CPCS updated and moved on to these forums

9.5.2010 -- DGBS (formerly known as DBS) and DRAS moved on to these forums

7.5.2010 -- Bretonnia updated and moved on to these forums

5.5.2010 -- UWGIM updated and moved on to these forums

Nation Mods

Alugra, City of Wonders

Version: 1.1
Finished: 100%
MP Balance: Has seen MP play in 3 games. I consider it MP blanced.

Alugra is my first mod, but you should not let that fact affect your opinion about it. "Alugra, City of Wonders" is a EA nation mod that introduces a new nation, loosely based on common superhero myths, Alugra is a bloated city that is placed directly above of a huge well of magic. This magical energy sometimes mutates the human inhabitants of Alugra, giving them superhuman abilities.

Gameplay wise, the nation is very capital centric and has a cheap national "Gift of Reason"-type spell, which allows you to use your superhuman units as mages. Actually, it's sort of necessary to Gift them into mages, since your recruitable mages are pretty average. The nation has a lot of national spells, especially personal buffs that allow your superhuman mages to punch evil straight to its ugly face.

Overall, I'm quite proud of my first "child" and I occasionally fire it up for some SP fun (althought the nation was designed with MP play heavily in mind).

Warhammer Nation: Bretonnia, Knights of the Grail

Version: 1,00
Finished: 99%
MP Balance: The newest version has not seen MP play, but it is basically a nerfed version of the previous installment that was considered okay for MP, so there shouldn't be any problems.

This mod intoduces a MA nation, which is heavily inspired by the nation "Bretonnia" in the warhammer lore. It's a feudal nation, ruled by brave knights and supported by peasants. These same roles also refelct to the battlefield. The cowardly peasants will often flee without noble support and Knights will get overwhelmed without the peasants taking some hits for them.
The mysterious Damsels have set their blessings over the nation, supporting the bretonnian knights with magic.

Gameplay wise, the nation has the best heavy cavalry in the game and easy access to thuggable knight commanders. Although you have strong cap only casters in air, nature and water, your researchers are expensive and perform quite poorly.

Overall, this nation has gotten most praise out of all my mods and I'm quite proud about the way it turned up.

Warhammer Nation: Dwarfs, Grudges of the Ancestors

Version: 0.95
Finished: 90%
MP Balance: Current version is currently untested. Nerfed from previous installations that were found OP.

This mod intoduces a MA nation, which is heavily inspired by the nation "Dwarfs" in the warhammer lore. Dwarfs are a sturdy race, ancient and everlasting like a mountain. They once ruled over a vast empire, but race has now dwindled to a mere shadow of its former glory. Dwarf armies are few in number, but even the lowliest Clansdwarf is tough as nail and adorned in superior dwarven armaments.

Gameplay wise, dwarfs have excellent military troops and PD. They also are very good at forging, although their battlemagic is lacking. They are also somewhat slow to get moving, with high resource costs and expensive castles.

Pythium, The Second Empire

Version: 0.85
Finished: 95%
MP Balance: Not tested in MP. I'm pretty certain of balance though, mostly because it is clearly weaker than the nation it overwrites.

I made this nation out of my annouance with the MA Pythium. The dom3 vanilla nation has some Byzantine flavor, but it overshadowed by the Hydras and the annoying Arch Theurgs. Hence this mod.

It overwrites the vanilla MA Pythium with a quite a different nation.

Basegame Add-On Mods

Worthy Heroes
Version: 1.91
Finished: 95%
Notes: Combined with CBM 1.6
MP Balance: OK for MP. This mod only deals with heroes, which have a minimal effect on MP even on the best circumstances.

This mod is an update to the worthy heroes 1.8 found on base CBM and makes sure that ALL nations have at least 3 different heroes.

Holy War

Version: 0.9
Finished: 99%
MP Balance: OK for MP game, as long as players are sufficiently informed of the changes in the mod (like how holy site searching is now important). Has already seen MP play in 4 games.

This mod was made out of my frustation towards the general suckiness of vanilla priests. It boosts national priests, introduces a bundle of new holy combat spells and adds 31 new holy sites.

Overall, I like the way this mod makes priests much more important, in and out of the battlefield. With this mod, I don't feel cheated out of a mage when recruiting a priest.

Crosspath Combat Spells (CPCS)

Version: 0.93
Finished: 99%
MP Balance: OK for MP game, as long as players are sufficiently informed of the changes in the mod and know to keep an eye out for new strategies opened by the new spells. Has already seen MP play in 4 games

This mod introduces 36 new crosspath spells to the game, mainly to make mages with random picks more exciting and to increase the amount battlefield casting options. The spells have been desinged with balance in mind, and offer more to weak nations that strong ones.

Underwater Gameplay Improvement Mod (UWGIM)

Version: 0.94
Finished: 96%
Notes: Combined with CBM 1.6
MP Balance: Designed for improved MP balance. Has already seen MP play in 2 games

After a absolutely horrible experience with EA Oceania, I decided to take matters on my own hands and fix vanilla underwater mechanics as much as I could. The main post has a list of the changes and explanation for each one of them.

Overall, I'm very happy on the way the mod works. Makes playing UW nations less horrible experience than in vanilla.

MP Utility Mods


Version: 1.00
Finished: 100%
MP Balance: MP Balanced.

This minor mod fiddles with spell researchlevels to make harder research settings not so advantegeous to "rush" nations.

Disable Gamebreaking Bonus Sites (DGBS)

Version: 1.00
Finished: 100%
MP Balance: MP Balanced.

Some bonus sites are really awesome. I mean really really awesome. I mean like "gamebreakingly unbalanced"-type of awesome. This simple mod sets 13 gamebreaking bonus sites so that they are no longer randomly generated. Highly recommended if you want your MP game to have that extra emphasis on skill rather than luck.
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Yay Burnsaber's in the house! Still have to get around to trying out the majority of your mods but CPCS is a real gem (astral, shiny and versatile!) And I was guilty of abusing the summons in Bretonia mod. I loves my sacred freespawn with arrowcatchers on the side.
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