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Shinmen Takamaru; Spearman coming through!
Topic Started: Nov 27 2009, 03:28 AM (156 Views)
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Name: Shinmen Takamaru
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Picture:Posted Image

Bio: Shinmen Takamaru was a orphan who was picked up by a monk from a monastery nearby. Deep within the mountains the temple was famed for it's spear and martial arts skills.Trained by masters monks, he became a very talented young martial artist and also very good with the spear. As Shinmen aged up...He learned all there is to no except what is outside the monastery like. Out there is a complete mystery to him. With no bad nor good intentions, he sets out on a journey to gain experience and find enlightenment.

Class: Beginner
Stats: Str: 5
Def: 3
Int: 7
Agi: 5
HP: 100 MP: 110

Equipment Details
Weapon: None*
Items: Traveling bag
Weight: 10 - 2(Bag) = 8
Gold: 1000
Exp: 0
Sxp: 0
LVL: 1
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