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In the world of Antichthon Dragons fly, and unicorns prance.
It's a world of magic, fluid and vast. Counter Earth, So similar to our own...but not.
Here man is uncommon and dwell together in small settlements.
Here, elves, dinosaurs and myth are real, commonplace!
In Antichthon, Animals talk, think, and learn together. It's no surprise, but do expect the unexpected.
As mankind does on Earth, it does in the counter Earth. Animals fall to weapons of various kinds, any quadruped must be wary.

Come down to a cove, not quite a Valley, at the base of the mountains. Rich and green, untainted, but for a settlement of about 50 humanoids whom live further south. A forest fire caught near them, which pushed them away, but drove out much of the larger game. Small game is abundant though, in this virgin forest, riddled with clearings.
This beautiful shallow Valley is about 150 miles across. cutting a track across the western side, close to the mountains is a large river, which runs to the base like a giant tear, collecting at the base of the mountains to a lake, shining a blue wonder. The hills at the base of the mountain are large, and before the land settled itself volcanic activity caused many natural caverns to form, some of which are interconnected by tunnels. There are three tunnels that lead out away from the main collection, one only small animals, perhaps the size of a fox could get through, and another is blocked by rock fall. It leads under the river. The last, large enough for two wolves atop one another to walk, leads out to a rock formation in middle land, marked by a clearing and a young cherry tree, not yet baring fruit.
The rest, not large hills, but not plains, is rolling forest covered hill. Oak, walnut, Hickory, and Maple are the main trees found there. Pine, poplar and Cherry woods intermingle, but are not as present. Where the Fire had consumed new Birch, Beech and Pines are springing up. The young trees are no more than 2 feet high right now. Ground Cover is still struggling to come up.
Common ground and fruit bearing plants are wild strawberries, Queen Ann's Lace root, cattail tubers at the edges of the lake, Huckleberries in the high hills, black and raspberry, Young tart cherries and small sweet apples, a random small grove of apricot trees from birds eating fruit.

This is the land Cross Roads has come to populate!

Crossroads land was not always populated by wolves however. It was full of cougar, bobcat, bear, moose and game. A few wolves who had no home banded together and in their strength and will they chased away many large predators. Together they came, and though each was from another land, another life, another rule...they became one.
Each of the wolves, but ten all told, expressed their tales. Two young pairs searching for a home. One young female saw how they were, and how they worked together. She confided to her mate what she believed and he addressed the older ones.
"From across each track of land we've come here. From many different paths we've trod, but here together we now stand. We should call ourselves Cross Roads, and take in any, like ourselves. Everyone deserves chance, peace, and friendly faces to call home."
A few older ones were not sure, and stated that there would be those who turned away, or found them fools. The younger were not disheartened, and said that each must choose how they will stride.
None of the elders of that groups, which there were three of them, between the ages of 7-9 wished to rule this new land, because much still needed done to take it as their territory. The young pair who suggested it, rose to the challenge and took the older mated pair as Betas. The last young couple became Gamas. The last four were members of the pack, as they chose to be. They knew that the age old pack, across the River, would not like them there as a clan.
Slowly, the young pack built it's empire and grew. A few other wolves, loners all joined the growing pack.
Their Rivals did resent them, in heir newness, their naive nature, their open kindness. Sure it would break them down before long. They were strong, generations strong and valued knowledge of war and land. They would send splinters to heckle Cross Roads, but as the new pack grew the attacks became less and less.
Now, as the old Alphas drew to twilight years, and were soon to pass a youth who had joined them near the beginning, named Tris, stepped into the role of Alpha Female.
Together, with her Mate, Cross roads will grow and flourish, even with dangers that lurk, and enemies threaten. With the fire having chased away large game, the pack hunting together, thus some community time, was lost. This must be made up, for the pack to stay as one.

Tris bows to you, bottle green eyes closing "Welcome friend! I hope you will find safety with our family, we can be odd, we have our faults, but we are one."

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Rules and Regulations

Regular Forum Rules Of Breakridge Valley Feb 4 2011, 05:50 PM, By Tris Aime
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General Chatter

Regular Forum General
Anything conversation wise that is unrelated to your rps.
Evil's Offering Hand Jun 26 2011, 11:44 PM, By drakonianwarriorz
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Regular Forum Introductions!
Give a hello and tell us a bit about yourself, and get to know those you are talking to and call Internet family.
Well Hello There <33 Apr 4 2011, 03:28 PM, By Ancientakil
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Regular Forum New Characters
Post your new Character here with format and when it's approvedit will be moved into the Approved Character Forum
Runako- Pup of CR Alphas. Feb 17 2011, 09:52 PM, By Tris Aime
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Subforums: Adopt a Character
Regular Forum Approved Characters
Characters that it the format are moved here and can played.
Erro de Veritas- GUARDIAN May 31 2011, 09:47 PM, By Tris Aime
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Subforums: Deceased in Nature, Other Species, Humanoids
Regular Forum Artwork and Origional Species.
Prose, poetry, pictures, anything related or unrelated.
My Story :) Feb 15 2011, 08:31 PM, By Ancientakil
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Subforums: Original Races
Regular Forum Leave of Absence
Need to be gone? Let us know ahead of time, if you can. We'll miss you ^^
*shot* May 31 2011, 01:38 PM, By Tris Aime
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Cross Roads Pack

Regular Forum Main Dens
This is a larger, deep cavern with smaller ones surrounding. Up a large hill butted up to the base of the mountains. It gives a decent view of half of the territory. The top of the hill is blown flat by time and wind, and views much of the valley right along the tree line.
However, in times of trouble this home could be a trap.
El Homo ( Intimate advisary! XXX warning) Jun 14 2011, 08:46 PM, By drlovemuffin
0 viewers Topics: 2 Replies: 25
Regular Forum Deep Woods
Away from the dens, composing much of the territory is deciduous forest. Oak, maple, black cherry to name a few. The trees offer small game food and protection plenty. While not to thick this forest is virgin, and shall remain so to Axes and human felling. There are some open places, where smaller trees grow. Cherry trees dot here and there.
Throg May 4 2011, 12:41 PM, By drlovemuffin
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Regular Forum The Hills
It's wonderful rolling hills at the open mouth of the Valley. Towards the left edge of the territory, which is about a day's run there was a forest fire, and that ground is recovering, and cooled enough to walk on. It's done damage to game, but not enough to hurt the pack badly. Deer are scare in the Cross Roads pack lands, but small critters are everywhere. The hills are spacious and inviting with long grass clumps. However the Elven habitation is visible from them, in the distance.
Perfect Gentlemen(XXX Advisory) Sep 12 2011, 03:48 PM, By Ancientakil
0 viewers Topics: 1 Replies: 143
Regular Forum Scorched Earth
Towards the Mouth of Breakridge Valley a forest fire, caused by a lightening storm a few years back, took a large piece of hill and forest and made it black and dirty. It scared away much of the large game on the Cross Roads Territory. This place has long since cooled, and is trying to regrow. Saplings sprout some as tall as five feet now, from the ash. With no cover this place is cold and depressing, but gives the residences around it a hard reminder that none of this totally belongs to them.
Lord & Lady Jul 5 2011, 05:28 PM, By drlovemuffin
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Neutral Land

Regular Forum (No New Posts) River Vita Tribuo (life give)
Also called Vita Aufero (Life Remove) officially, for it's wild nature, the Rive is a neutral agreed space. This meaning that the rival packs do not claim it as either one or the other, but may attack one another without reasons invasive. The water and about ten feet to either side of the bank, however this land space is flexible per encounter.
The river is wide and deep, rather swift to center much like any river it's size. It swells in spring become to rough to cross, and dangerous in winter for thin ice.
No Posts in Forum
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Regular Forum (No New Posts) Lake Isula Lacus
Literally translating to: Lake Island Lake it's small in the grand scheme though uncommonly deep on the Plains side. Something may lurk there but we never shall know.
Islands of various sizes dot on the shallower half, getting no deeper than 20 feet for 5 miles, then dropping to 30 and beyond. Most are just pushed up sand, seven feet across and grow and shrink each day, there are two larger ones, not far from one another towards the deeper end of the lake, one being 15 feet across the other 24 respectively. A young fir tree grows on the latter, scrub grass and low bushes on the smaller.
No Posts in Forum
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Regular Forum (No New Posts) Willow Wraith
Willow Wraith is the marsh at the end of the river before the Lake itself. It's so called for it's history of "Ghosts" Nothing more that mist right? The Willow trees there help keep the acidity down some amid their other many properties both magical and mundane, but watch out for bog holes, many a pup and some adults too have fed the wraiths of the swamp.
No Posts in Forum
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Shadow Hive Wolves

Regular Forum (No New Posts) Low Mountains
On the Left half of the Valley, from the Mouth is the territory of the Shadow Hive Pack. Generations older than the Young Cross Roads they despise them. The River separates the rival clans.
The Low Mountains, really just large hills like which the main dens are for Cross Roads, Give access to the view of the Valley, letting them plot and plan.
No Posts in Forum
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Regular Forum (No New Posts) Deep Woods
Away from the Low Mountains, composing much of the territory is deciduous forest. Oak, maple, black cherry to name a few. The trees offer small game food and protection plenty. While not to thick this forest is virgin, and shall remain so to Axes and human felling. There are some open places, where smaller trees grow. Cherry trees dot here and there.
A mirror from one side of the Valley to the other.
No Posts in Forum
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Regular Forum (No New Posts) Glen Downs
something of a field near the Swamp Land, it's not huge but not entirely small either. Sweet grasses grow tall dotted with wild flowers and low shrubs. Good place for first time hunters learning their skills.
No Posts in Forum
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Outside Breakridge

Regular Forum Outside the Plot
While the Rival Packs of Breakridge Valley continue to live their lives, so too does the rest of Antichthon. Here go RPs of no particular nature, whether animal or humanoid in nature. It's existing outside of the plot lines between Cross Roads and Shadow Hive.
If only the Stars could talk... Jun 24 2011, 04:16 PM, By Ancientakil
0 viewers Topics: 2 Replies: 137

Fantastical Reality

Regular Forum Fantasy Discussion
Unlike the old site (since that seemed confusing) Fantasy is it's own distinct place. Given the Magical Nature of residence of Antichthon not all beings work well together, but coexist because of need or shall I dare say, an oppressed want for understanding (or massive mayhem.) That being said discussion in any fantastical nature and exploration of the world itself shall go here.
Naska marble Fox Feb 4 2011, 05:35 PM, By Tris Aime
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Regular Forum (No New Posts) Under care of Alpha?
Similar to Cross Roads normal wolves a strong but small female Tris-Aime Dracor watches over a stretch of land and it's occupants. While not totally an Alpha problems can, and often are, addressed to her. It's hilly and green, given the southern climate winters are generally mild but the summers can be stuffy and dry. Local humanoid habitation, of the kinder variety, put some pressure on the wildlife here, magical or mundane.
No Posts in Forum
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Regular Forum (No New Posts) Black Magics
Residing across river is Anti-Miras (meaning Anti repeating) While not evil, nor entirely good they are brooding Monsters of a more "black magic" feel. Land still needs fleshed out.
No Posts in Forum
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Regular Forum I.R.C. Info
IRC, here it stands for In Real Character. It's not literally playing yourself, but giving a great amount of yourself into a character. This is where Rules and Characters will go for IRC. Make sure you do Read The Rules. They are different then the rest of the rules regarding site.
Temperax://~~No Such Thing As Death Feb 6 2011, 01:36 AM, By Tris Aime
0 viewers Topics: 6 Replies: 1
Regular Forum (No New Posts) Over City Baltimore
Overcity Baltimore is a booming metropolis where much diversity is found. Aquarium, Inner Harbor, various parks, colleges, and a Zoo amid the bright things. Baltimore has a seedy side to be wary of unless you know your cities or call this place home. Humans by the thousands live and flock here every day, business is fine and picking are easy...if you know how to work it. For the rest of Humanity our current Economy makes it much, much harder.
No Posts in Forum
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Regular Forum (No New Posts) Undercity Baltimore
Baltimore, MD is a wild city full of diversity, from inner city to inner harbor there is nothing short of things to do. Undercity Baltimore, which is the mirror of Baltimore reflects beneath the city itself. Here any form you are lives free of trouble from humans, who cannot cross. The Gate keepers reside outside the gates and know if you are human or not. You may live here, work here, anything here.
No Posts in Forum
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Regular Forum (No New Posts) Club Orpheus
Club Orpheus, named for the Greek himself is the swing join for the abnormal, where they can cut loose as themselves and dance without physical restriction forms. This is a large and abandoned looking warehouse. Run by Lord Drake, whom is rarely seen. Humans cannot enter here unless pets of the Lords and Ladies of the Underside. There is no age restriction to Drinking, smoking, gamboling, just be wary of yourself and those around you.
No Posts in Forum
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Regular Forum (No New Posts) Cataway Park
Bian Park as the undercity residents refer it by means 'hidden park' it's by no means hidden. Out about an hour from the Baltimore suburbs by the coast of the Bay it's overland and welcomes all inhabitants to do what "high level" species do best...show off and exhibit themselves. Those of you not fully human have to be covered of course so as not to be detected. The Park is run presently by Naturalist Aime. During certain times of the year or month, which will be announced under city, the magical residence can come up topside to the park.
No Posts in Forum
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Regular Forum Minor points of Interest
These are places of down time, where you can feel at home and relaxed in however you are. I prompt this mostly as 'home' so give me some pictures of what your house looks like, rooms ect... That can be anything you enjoy just consider how you got such a place.
Aime's Nest Feb 6 2011, 01:23 AM, By Tris Aime
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