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Nuzlocke Comics
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Forum Rules
These are the official rules of the Nuzlocke Forums.

Feel free to ask if there's anything you don't understand! You can PM a moderator or post in our FAQ thread. Not reading or understanding the rules is no excuse for breaking them. You are responsible for knowing the rules; breaking most of them carries a risk of getting warned or even banned. An explanation of our warn/ban system can be found here. If you believe another user is breaking one of these rules, please use the report button located at the bottom of every post to bring the post to the moderators' attention.

1 - Be courteous towards others.
Treat your fellow forum goers with respect at all times. Don't swear, call out, insult, or generally be rude to your fellow forum members. Be polite and respectful during discussions, especially when disagreeing with the opinions of others.

2 - Don't spam.
Spam in the forums can be defined as the following: off-topic posts, one-word or image posts, quickfire posts to increase post count, posts that contain auto-playing videos, and posts that generally are irrelevant and inappropriate. Make sure to read the thread you're in before posting and consider if what you're posting will contribute positively to it.

This rule also applies to topic creation - off-topic, irrelevant, inappropriate, or duplicate threads are also considered to be spam. Please check the subforum you're using to see if a similar thread exists before creating one.

3 - No prohibited content.
Prohibited content refers to anything that violates Zetaboards TOU, specifically sub-point 3.1. This includes any pornographic/explicitly sexual content, overtly defamatory or racist content, requesting and/or information sharing on downloading ROMs and other copyright violations.

Please note that violations of this rule will result in an immediate 24-hour ban from the forums.

If your thread/posts contains content that is not prohibited but remains sensitive to other viewers, we request that you include a [MATURE] tag or put it in a spoiler tag with a NSFW label. If you do not do so, the moderator team will see fit to do it ourselves. For further details, please see our mature content policy.

4 - No mini-modding.
Mini-modding is where a regular user acts in the stead of a moderator, by aggressively telling another user not to break rules or prohibiting them from posting in a certain manner. Reporting a rule-breaking post to the moderators is always better than responding to it, as we want to foster a helpful environment and avoid arguments between members. If you see posts or threads like these, please use the Report button and leave it to our discretion.

Exception: In threads with additional rules, such as RPGs, the thread runner(s) may enforce thread-specific rules. The staff will only moderate the threads in regard to forumwide rules.

5 - Keep your signature size reasonable.
Your signature should not exceed 400px in length (vertical) OR 1000px in width (horizontal). A comparison image of a full-size signature may be found here. If your signature exceeds this, please resize the images used or use spoiler tags to reduce the overall size of the signature. The width limit is based on the most common screen resolution, 1366x768, and should avoid any screen stretching so long as the browser is kept in full size.

NOTE: This is not a single image limit, but the limit for your whole signature. If you're ever unsure how long your signature is in pixels, please contact a member of the moderating team.

6. Avoid explicit advertising.
You are not allowed to post advertisements in other people's threads, or make additional threads for the purpose of advertising other topics or any paid products or services. You can, however, feel free to link to things in your signature, including other forums, other media accounts of your own, Patreons, etc. If you wish to advertise something that is free, or display your own creative content, you can make a thread in the appropriate subforum.

Additional rules for the Fan Challenge Runs, Other Adventures, Video General, Creative, and Cybercrime Café sections may be found here.

Our mature content policy may be found here.

The rules for the Festival Plaza subforum may be found here.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have a complaint about forum moderation - whether it's a moderator in particular you're unhappy with, or you just feel something is, was, or has been, handled wrongly by staff - please post in our Complaints subforum and we promise we'll listen to you. Also, feel free to PM a member of staff if you'd rather keep the complaint out of the public eye. Don't worry, we won't bite.