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Viewing Single Post From: The Terribly Titled Reaction-locke of Pokemon Reborn
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Greatest in the Galaxy
Yo. Thought I'd reply here seeing as the new season won't be out this year.

And we'd have all forgotten by then.

So here you go!

Okay, that intro was AWESOME. Monkey Missile! I've been watching a lot of Berserk Abridged lately, so the first thing that went through my head was: "OH, THE IRONY! THE CONTRIVED, HAM-FISTED IRONY!"

Aww, Snow's so adorable. You just want to cuddle her as she destroys your enemies for you.

Don't worry, I spent five minutes working out the titanic battle in my head, and it came out more epic than anything you could possibly hope to depict with still images.

Oh, another traitor leader. Yay. I think this one was actually handled pretty well, though. Had the League not already been infested with Meteors, the Terra thing might actually have made for a pretty decent plot twist.

The Terribly Titled Alphabetlocke of Omega Ruby...



YES. YES YES YES ALL OF MY YES. (why do I get the feeling Mako and Jasmine are going to guest star at some point)

I really wish Reborn had Poke-Amie just so I could pet Snow and Princess.

I really wish I was a super good animator. I would make expressing the awesome much easier.

Well at least I'm allowed to kill this leader right?

It might not be a reaction-locke though considering the amount of work I'd have to do...
And we're not dealing with your average Omega Ruby anymore. I will have risen up to play the legend, the legend that you all fear.
I will be playing the legendary Super SaiRising Ruby hack!

And nope they won't. They don't know where I am. Or care probably...sniff...

The guys I meet on this journey might appear in Reborn for a awesome finale if I beat Steven.

...Why do the bad guys get jetpacks?! That's so unfair. I think you should have knocked one of those guys out and stolen a jetpack for yourself. Those things are cool. And no one died in the season finale. That's always a good thing. We look forward to your return.

"That's so unfair" literally sums up everything Meteor has. The cheaters.
I shall return at the turn of the tide!

Prince Doopliss
Well the Season 4 finale was interesting and had lots of helicopters being destroyed.

Wait why is the Black/White female protag working with Meteor?

Of course why does the team punching bags have names anyways? I mean they aren't important like Team Flare Admin, oh wait they don't have names...Then again Team Flare was a punching bag team anyways. Well Lysandre can be a little tough depending on your team.

Anyways why did Machokes just randomly attack you?

I would watch the video if my internet wasn't terrible.

Why? Because fuck helicopters, that's why!

What? Where did you see those guys?

It's a nice touch and one that I like. Because you can remember them after fighting them. Nobody remembers any of the un-named members of the other Teams.
Yeah Flare sucked really bad. All the vanilla game leaders suck really bad. Because apparently Nintendo decided to get rid of anything resembling a challenge after Sinnoh.
This fact is going to ruin Sun and Moon for me. I just know it.

Well if you didn't have terrible internet you'd know why.
For shame.

Yay, no one died this time! No need to drag out the bullshit clause or anything!

Getting hyped for the alphabet-locke, looking forward to all your endeavors!

There ain't no bullshit clause anymore. That got used up at the end of Season 2.
We've been flying without a safety net since then.

It's gonna be fun. Watch in awe as I make thousands of mistakes over which Pokemon should be in the roster!

Well I know witch ailment of reborn you have...
Posted Image
Also, ALL OF MY YES. I hope this will be just as good as Z-nogyrop's Obsidian Alphabetlocke!

Squidward is an ailment now?
Fuck that!
It'll be BETTER!
I ain't sure if I should do reactions for it though. I might just stick with screenshots and save myself some effort

Alba Corbina
Congrats on no one dying! And I'm looking forward to your new run

Thank you! I'm glad to hear it!

Yeah, totally good idea to completely waste a kingdra that is neutral to ice type moves in the box....

"Freeze-Dry" Super effective against Water-type Pokemon.
Ice type move and super effective against Dragon?
I'd be digging his grave before the move even hit.

Ame want to give Shelly's Illumise your name but she said that it is to hard to do that or cause a bug or something.

Ah well...at least she didn't name it after Charlotte.

Nyan Cheetos
psst hey I did a collage of fanart for screenshot nuzlockes and I made some for you!
Right here :)
or on deviantart here.

Okay I love this.

I love this a lot.

Especially when you got the right answer for why I decided Kiki and Jasmine would be friends.

Red Gem buddiiiiies

So thank you for that.

needs more me though

I might update some this with something while we're between seasons.

Anyway go enjoy my other runs why don'tcha?

Except Snakewood.

Nobody enjoy that one cause I'll have to start playing it again.
A Most Excellent Journey Of Pain And Misery

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Your experience may differ from those participating

Another world, another Terribly Titled series : Pokemon Rejuvenation

It's easy as 1, 2, 3! A Rising Ruby Alphabet-Locke!
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