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The one who latches on to obscure characters

I swear to god Daisy and Cam are so cute

Camryn's sprite is looking good, too! I see the face of an Aroma Lady?

Just one problem: I'm using the Black Water theme, and Derek's text is nigh-unreadable with that background. The others' are fine though.

So many catches... Well, I suppose Brock won't be a problem with both Frank and Dean.
Since I rotate my avatars and don't want to remake my sig a billion times, have a collective list of sources in order.
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Want a storylocke of a "soul-crushing" hake along with that hobbyist music? This one's gonna come back someday I swear:
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I'm also responsible for the one and only HarvestCraft run on these forums if you want a chill experience.
(that one's on semi-official hiatus though, sorry;;)
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