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I'm so glad you haven't given up on FRA, despite your save file loss.
I really liked the story of a trans girl trainer, and I knew that you were really good at writing those types of stories from last time. And this definitely doesn't fail to deliver!

I've noticed your style takes on a more text approach for screenshot runs, which makes the character development and interactions much more worth it rather than speedrunning though the screenshots. I really like that!

Each of the Pokemon have been a joy to see, I didn't like Frank or Marigold at first due to their personalities, but they have been growing on me so far.
I'm totally happy for Camryn that she is seen as who she really is, but I fear that her Pokemon or later characters will become prejudiced to her. Just like what happened last run, but I am still intrigued how you will handle that. I want to see her grow more into who she wants to be!
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