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@illven: Posted Image There's really no 'legit' way for me to find out the base stats of the fighters as of now, but this should give a comparison of Freeza's jump in stats.

@Ardomew: Hm, I don't know, Vegeta and Goku are pretty strong...

Last time, on Dragon Ball: Pokemon Adventure;

Posted Image

We started our challenge with the four Kai-Ohs of the Universe! We started out with West and South Kai-Oh (both in the middle).

Posted Image

Piccolo easily defeated all of West Kai-Oh's fighters.

Posted ImagePosted Image

South Kai-Oh's Torbii proved to be quite a challenge, but it was smooth sailing from then on.

Posted ImagePosted Image

Next up are the last two Kai-Ohs, will Mai and the Dragon Team persevere?

Opening Theme

Chapter 20: Your Challenge ends with Me! Enter, Super Vegetto!

Don't forget, Goku VS. Jiren is this weekend! Go see it!
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