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Long before the invention of the printing press, even long before the invention of a written language, people told stories. Myths, legend, epics, histories, all of these and more were passed on through oral storytelling.

Even now, despite all our modern inventions, people still pass on stories through word of mouth. We like to share our experiences, and often we like to hear about someone else's. And, if this is true in our world, why shouldn't it be true in the Pokemon world? So, take a seat and open your eyes and ears, because today we're here to talk about:

The Kantonian Comedy by CreativeBomb

As hinted at in the introduction, The Kantonian Comedy uses a format not often seen in Nuzlocke runs. The entire story is narrated to the reader through dialogue, as the protagonist tells her story to an unidentified and unheard listener. Within this format lie many of the run's strengths.


H-hey hey!
Don't just LEAVE!
Aren't you curious how I got in that situation to begin with? Plus, don't you like...need something from me? To keep on going?


Yeah, that's what I thought. Now sit that skinny-ass down and listen up.

When it comes to a story like this one, the most important aspect to get right is the voice of the narrator, and CreativeBomb nails it. The protagonist, as seen in the excerpt above, has a clear, strong voice. Her personality shines through her narration, drawing you in and adding making the story lively. The narrator's voice also stays consistent from the beginning so that she comes across realistically. It's easy to believe that you're actually listening to someone tell their story.

In addition to getting a clear idea of the narrator's personality, CreativeBomb does a great job turning the Pokemon and other humans into dynamic characters. It can be tricky in a run told through narration to find the balance between showing and telling. However, CreativeBomb manages to express other characters' personalities well through how the narrator talks about them. What she says, and perhaps more importantly how she says it, portrays a lot about the Pokemon and humans included in her story.


She'd...occasionally jump onto the table, stuff her cheeks with whatever she saw first, and then barrel-rolled back under my chair. The first time it happened, I almost spat out sparkling juice everywhere, both out of surprise and sudden hilarity. But she seemed deathly serious, even going as far as to growl at the other two if they got too close.
I was going to put her back in her Pokeball and just let her eat later, but then Peter did, well, the thing that Peter always does. He sat a decent distance away from her with a few salted pecans in his hands and, slowly, pushed them towards the edge of the chair. There was this heavy moment of silence as the two stared each other down; even April's buzzing seemed to soften.
But, eventually, a tiny, white paw swiped the nuts underneath, and I got the slightest bit of Rattata nose poke its way out from underneath. Everything was fine after that; Tiffany seemed much more at ease in their presence, adding a squeak or two as Peter and April chattered joyously.

Fucking, cutest shit ever, my GOD.

CreativeBomb builds the Pokemon's personalities, as well as those of human characters, by describing their actions and their habits through the narrator. As a result, every character we meet in the story is colored by the narrator's bias, but that is exactly as it should be in a run like this one.

Another important character is as yet unnamed, but plays an important role as the story's main audience. Although the listener never has dialogue, we learn a little about them through the narrator. She often makes comments directly to the listener and references their reactions to her story:


So alright, you're thinking to yourself. You're backed into a crumbling corner; the sky's falling down and darkness has taken a sentient, physical form. This is the part where my eyes glow red and I tell you I'm actually deceased, right?


Hah, I'm just fuckin with yah. Your face for a second there. Christ.

These breaks in the narrative, aside from offering some great humor, also provide some foreshadowing. It's clear from the end of the prologue that what we're reading has already happened and has already had consequences. Implications abound in the way the narrator speaks to the listener and about herself. From early on, it's clear that the story is building up not only to the climax, but also to the afterward, to the present situation. Wherever the narrator is and what happened to her is something both she and the listener know, but not the reader, and that question hangs over the entire story.


We did manage to catch a few hours of sleep before actually leaving Viridian itself. It took an eternity to convince Tiffany the Gym of the town was abandoned...and, now that I think of it, a lot of trouble could've been avoided if I'd just reported that little curiosity. Could've been to the PokeCenter itself, the police--hell, even leaving a message in the over-cluttered inbox of The League was better than shrugging my shoulders and walking out with my rat by my heels and my monkey in arms.
Maybe I could've avoided it all, yah know? Just, bypassed all the bullshit, and...


But I guess my situation wouldn't change much, huh?

Part of what makes The Kantonian Comedy so enticing is this balance between the past, the present, and the future. Through the format, CreativeBomb is able to play with reader expectations. At times, the narrator gets ahead of herself, briefly skipping over events in her thoughts to drop hints about what's coming. Other times she starts on tangents, getting off-topic and having to backtrack to where she had left off in the main narrative. Not only does all of this add to the oral aspect of the story, but it also serves as a conduit for both humor and suspense.

The Kantonian Comedy is a unique run that's easy and fun to read. The format and the narrator's voice will draw you in and keep you satisfied. It's a run full of personality and humor but with grim undertones running throughout. Currently, the run is gearing up for the home stretch, and I highly recommend you check it out! Click on over and start reading listening to a well-told story!

Do you have a run you enjoy that you'd like to see featured? Send a PM to any of our Scouters and we'll take a look: Bug, DoktorGilda, Emilianite, Huntress Wizard, Revenant, Shiny Dustox, SilverDoe, or Pillowcase We'd love to hear your recommendations!
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