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I'll make an update soon

To be able to break the rules, you first need to know what the rules are. And today, I've brought you a run that has mastered exactly that.

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Pashy's Black 2 run!

Over the course of the years, nuzlocke stories have evolved with the times. What started as a quick and simple way to document your run evolved into an authentic story telling method. People began coming up with heavy plot ideas, putting genuine, heart felt effort into their stories, and creating beautiful worlds to sink your teeth well and deep into. Of course, these people deserve the recognition for the skill and time that goes into their comics. And I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a sucker for a some deep world building!

But every now and again, we all need that light hearted comedy run that we can sit down and have a good laugh at. And right from the beginning, you can tell that this is going to be one of those runs. In Pashy's own words, from the first post of her run-

I'm making a nuzlocke comic! As a lot of people have already noticed, the style and writing is very much inspired by the original Ruby Hard Mode.
I started making the first couple of episodes in february of 2018 when i played through Black 2, and it was never intended to be a big thing,
but due to the great response i got from you guys, i'll hope to continue making these until you grow tired of it!
It was also made as a kind of response to the countless nuzlocke comics i see nowadays that are overly serious and dramatic.

Well, goal accomplished if I do say so myself.

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Pashy's Black 2 Run is simplistic. She seems to be someone that knows exactly what she is doing when it comes to art. From the composition of the panels, to the anatomy of her characters, her art drips with the simplistic skill all artists can only hope to master.
While Pashy has mentioned her inspiration comes from the OG nuzlocke, I'd put my own two cents in saying that it reminds me heavily of western animation styles. And while she has mentioned that she wants this comic to be simplistic and sweet, the art still manages to grow and evolve with it! Not without loosing the original charm it had, of course.

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Page 1 vs Page 14

Pashy's humor is distinctive of nuzlocke's I remember seeing pushed out from 2010-2012. It has that old fashioned charm, but in a way that feels original and fresh. If you don't laugh at least once during your reading, you'll at least have a smile on your face throughout the entire thing.

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That said, the OG nuzlocke influence is undeniable. I'd be comfortable saying that Pashy has managed to master the type of humor Nuzlocke's original comic had to a T, if not better! It fits in a nice, gentle balance between random in your face humor, and comprehensible, lovable characters. It's a talent and a skill, and one that deserves all the recognition it can get!

Theres one more thing I'd like to touch on before leaving you off to have a go at this wonderful run. That being, the subversion of expectations.

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Subversion of expectation is what keeps people reading. In fact, maybe people would say that humor, in the most simple of terms, IS the subversion of expectation. An idea in itself can be laid out to the world, given in only concept and theory. However, taking that idea and making it your own? That's what creates something special. This run has it's intense moments. Even with the comedy being as it is, Pashy still manages to create dramatic sequences and battles that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

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Pashy's Black 2 Nuzlocke is simple. It's sweet. But it's effective in all the right ways. And for that, I will personally be following this run with each new update.


You can catch up on Pashy's Black 2 Run before it gets too far along by clicking here!

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