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Sons of Three: Eldest
by TrainerBOB

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-Artwork by QKNC

Kanto’s history books tell of the Battle of Three. They tell of the epic clash between a champion-gone-rogue and two powerful trainers of Kanto. They tell of how all three trainers died in the battle.

What they don’t tell, however, is the truth.

When William Shake sets off for his Pokémon journey, he has no idea of the evils that await him. He will uncover a series of lies that have been fed to him since birth. He will stumble into a family web that is so complicated and twisted he will lose track of himself.

But most terrifying, William Shake will go face-to-face with the most dangerous man in the world: The champion who went rogue, Jimmy Oak.

In a Pokémon fanfiction categorized as dark, twisted, suspenseful, dramatic, and sometimes plain horrifying, readers will find themselves shocked at every turn of William Shake’s journey.

Sons of Three: The Second Son has started. Check out the sequel here.

Table of Contents

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