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This has been an entertaining read so far. You certainly know how to keep your reader's enticed, offering little glimpses of Jimmy's backstory. This latest encounter with the Scyther gave me flashes of 'Jurassic Park'; I half expected a second mantis Pokemon to push its nose out of the tall grass and flank William from the side!

'Playing with its food' or not, I do like how the Scyther devoured the easy, dead prey first. Seemed like a very natural response for a wild animal.

Maybe this is a formatting quirk particular to my computer, but your signature line, "Sons of Three: Pokemon Yellow Nuzlocke", is appearing in an extremely large font.

I just noticed that you're naming your pokemon after characters from Shakespeare's tragedies. That's such a clever (and appropriate) idea, considering the death rate in Nuzlocke runs. I suppose our protagonist William is short for W. Shakespeare. Is the rival character intended to be Christopher Marlowe?
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