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I just noticed that you're naming your pokemon after characters from Shakespeare's tragedies. That's such a clever (and appropriate) idea, considering the death rate in Nuzlocke runs. I suppose our protagonist William is short for W. Shakespeare. Is the rival character intended to be Christopher Marlowe?


I didn't think anyone would get that, especially the Christopher Marlowe part. But yes - all my of my Pokemon's name are named after Shakespeare characters. Even Chris's Eevee (Edward) is in fact named after a character from a Christopher Marlowe play.

And sorry about the font - I want it to be large enough so it doesn't remain hidden, but I don't want it to be an annoyance. I'll make it smaller, I don't want it to drive people away - thanks for calling it to my attention.

And I was kind of thinking of Jurassic Park when I wrote this particular scene. Scyther always reminded me of Velociraptors.

Thanks for the heads up on the font, and I am seriously amazed you got the Shakespeare thing!

Update: I fixed my signature - does it look better?
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