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'Desdemona' was the name that tipped me off to your naming system. I was going to post about how ominous that name sounded, then I did a double take and realized where I had heard the rest of the names! I've studied Shakespeare's plays in university (as well as Dr. Faustus) so I might have a slight advantage in identifying the characters.

I thought Desdemona would be what gave away the Shakespeare trend, but I was still surprised to see someone get the Marlowe reference. Seriously, you're awesome.



And are the snippets from Jimmy's quest from an undocumented run?

No, but that is a really interesting idea, and I think it would be cool to see someone else do something like that.

Jimmy is a character that readers will keep learning more and more about as the Nuzlocke run progresses. In fact, you'll probably figure out who he is before I reveal it, but the mystery surrounding him will only deepen.

And now finally, Chapter 6 is up! Yay! I told myself I wasn't going to write it until I finished my homework, but then I started having two many thoughts and ideas and I had to get 'em down.

I put a tiny reference to a certain comedy film from 1975 in this Chapter. I'll reveal it when I post Chapter 7, but more power to you if you can figure it out before then.


Wait, hold up, I'm having a tiny problem with Chapter 6. Give me a second, sorry about that...

Okay, it is saying the post is too long for me to put in my very first post in this thread, so I'm posting it here! :)

Chapter Six
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