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Misty's no Jenny. Now where are my awesome points?

You win! If anyone still doesn't get it, the reference is the song "867-5309/Jenny" - which was Misty's phone number. It's catchy, though it might get stuck in your head.

And they SHOULD have some value. Hm...I'll think of something...

Anyway, I spent the morning playing up to Misty so I would have stuff to write about. Now I'm ready to write all of Part 3!

Here's Chapter Eleven :)

Chapter Eleven

Chapter Eleven

Keeping following - things get more exciting! There are lots of new friends coming up in Part 3, as well as some enemies. Plenty of Plot twists, and more information on "the three" as well. Also, some dying does happen, though I won't say how much. A few close-deaths too.

Predictions? Guesses?

Keep watching :)

Also, the title of this chapter has some significance. Can you figure it out? And no, it's not the actual sun, HAKHAKHAK.

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