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Nuzlocke Comics
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Replies! :)

And now...for the Plot Summaries...
These summaries will help catch up old followers and they will allow new followers to jump right in...I hope. Some chapters were summarized in a sentence, others in a paragraph, and some in an entire page.

I would of course prefer for new followers to read the entire story, but I understand that's unrealistic since its soooo long. I don't want to scare anyone away, so I'm hoping these plot summaries will help in catching old followers up (a few people have commented that they lost track of things), and getting new followers up to speed.

If you've been following this run please red the summaries to make sure everything makes sense and I didn't leave anything out. Please feel free to post questions in anything isn't clear. :smile:

Oh, and I know its riddled with grammar and spelling mistakes. I edited and checked it, but I'm tired, lol. :x_x:
Plot Summary


But first I have to rest my mind...[/spoiler]
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