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charliemew2 sucks
Jul 21 2011, 08:02 PM
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Very good hack, mid-game could be a touch tougher, but the different evolutions were funny lol. :v:

end game results and stuff
Thanks for the post, it was a good run in the POL chat. You had a Roselia though, since Roserade is not in the hack.

Anyway, I've noticed the download count of the hack has been rising but feedback has not... I'd love it if someone gave feedback on the difficulty levetly, variety of the Pokemon or something.

I've been planning a v2 of the hack with the Sevii islands hacked and I want to add more Pokemon with and more new evolutions. I even plan on adding newer Gen Pokemon but I don't know if I'll be able to (it doesn't seem that hard though). So, I'm open to suggestions on Pokemon you'd like to see on the hack, and/or new evolutions that you think would fit.
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