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charliemew2 sucks

From what I've seen so far... I feel like my mind is going to be screwed lol. Great hack so far XD

Edit: Nvm. Gave in and looked at their stats... you changed them a bit lol.

Yeah, I edited them slightly. I gave both Weedle and Kakuna better moves though, but I could edit the stats more if necessary.

Dark Felicity
Oh man, that was intense, Edge...I wiped to Surge and then while grinding my backups on the way to Rock Tunnel I wiped to Curse Umbreon. Ugh, I also lost my Bayleef to Misty! Still, it is well made and I almost had my Metapod evolved there. Surge was hard because I evolved my Trapinch and it became bug/dragon and not ground/dragon. I was pretty much screwed when he pulled out the secret weapon anyway.

Enjoyed it while it lasted, though. Who knew Snubbull was good?

A shame that you wiped, but that helps me to know about the difficulty of the hack (even if Fireburn "breezed" through it :v: ). Snubbull is pretty good, and learns very good moves at later levels.

Anyway, thanks for the comments! I'm still open to suggestions for new evolutions. You may even suggest Gen IV or Gen V Pokemon since I'm open to adding some to a new version of the hack. You can PM me if you want!
You can also suggest Pokemon you'd like to see, not necessarily evolutions and that kind of stuff.
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