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Do you know how caterpillars become butterflies? The featurers sure do.
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it me @ you

... Say, isn't it about time for a feature? Why yes, I believe it is!

And today, we're giving the spotlight to...

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That's right, it's Vivificient's excellent Bemurkled comic!

Now, there are several good reasons why A Bemurkled Sapphire Nuzlocke got this honour. First off, there's the - actually, wait, stop, no, let me do this properly. Have a look at this picture:

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See that little girl with the muffins? That's Zizzy. See her pigtailed hair, the little headcloth, the nose? See her curious expression, and wide eyes? See how she looks like she's eight years old?

You have just seen the face of the most adorable little girl ever. Ever.

Bemurkled follows Zizzy as she explores the world, eats muffins, catches Pokémon, fights pirates, delivers messages, unmasks random strangers and who-knows-what-else, because Vivificient is bursting with invention and you never quite know where you'll end up next, but you don't care because you know it'll be somewhere fun. Know what else is fun? Look:

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See that fish right there? See how confident she is? And see how the conclusion doesn't make any sense at all? That's Marina, and you've just witnessed some of the childish logic that so often permeates this comic.

There is a definite sense of childhood over the whole thing - like everything is taking place in the Peanuts universe. Or maybe you could compare it to Calvin and Hobbes - except Zizzy doesn't need to make flights of the imagination, because the world she's in is chock full of weird people and strange beasts with superhuman powers. It's a beautiful little tale that you probably wouldn't feel bad about showing to your children, or your little siblings; but also, it's immensely clever and full of jokes and witticisms that could probably reel in even the oldest person here. Or still older than that - look at this!

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See that poster to the left? See the names on the bottom? Yes, that's Barnum and Bailey, The Greatest Show in the World. It's like Vivificient is simultaneously five and eighty-five years old.

Seriously, give Bemurkled a look - I can promise you won't regret it. Here's the link again - go, and be entertained!

And don't forget that we're still accepting FFR suggestions by PM - anytime, anywhen! And also, don't forget to head over to the discussion thread if you have anything else on your mind. :yay:
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