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Nuzlocke Comics
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Hello I'm DerogatoryTrainer and welcome to my awful attempt at Nuzlocking Pokemon Reborn.


Not the greatest sales pitch but whatever...

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*insert epic guitar riff here*

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Right some some of you might be wondering why I chose a fan-made game for my first Nuzlocke...

if not I'm gonna tell you anyway in true Pokemon fashion

Basically I wanted a challenge and I also have no god damned idea what this game is about

But I hear it's easily the best fan-made game which is a good start

So i guess i have to add "Blind" to the already lengthy title...ugh...

Lately Pokemon games have gotten waaaay too easy in my opinion with their Exp Share "upgrade"
Not gonna name any names...

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...Fucking hate Tierno too...

I mean Pokemon dancing?

He's a disgrace.

And now the rules :


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But fuck all that noise, Let's begin our grand adventure!

I hope it won't be too depressing!

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(images were re-uploaded once i got my shit together)


Season One

Season Two

Season Three

Season Four

Click here for Episode One (in all its amateur glory) before you go down below!

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A Most Excellent Journey Of Pain And Misery

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Your experience may differ from those participating

Another world, another Terribly Titled series : Pokemon Rejuvenation

It's easy as 1, 2, 3! A Rising Ruby Alphabet-Locke!
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