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The Pride Month Create-a-thon has now begun! Don't forget to check out Featured Fan Runs - this run really shouldn't be Lost in the Stream!
Nuzlocke Comics
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Okay this is fucking hillarious xD, i've been laughing through the whole run so far. Good luck on the nuzlock btw. Like really. GOOD luck :D. Anyway, a few stuff you should know for now early. The street thug asking for money, you should do that one cuz you get a pokemon and then the Doxy you beat will give you a rose incense which you can use to get another pokemon in the area as well. And there's a fisherman in the area who will give you an old rod (close to the shitbrown lake charming gentleman).

Can't wait for more. :D
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The Terribly Titled Reaction-locke of Pokemon Reborn · Completed Screenshot and Written Log Runs