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Nuzlocke Comics
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Hey there!

Some of you might know me already and some might not but I'll introduce myself anyway

I'm the Derogatory Trainer and I'm doing another blind Nuzlocke!

it also has a shit title like the other one

Welcome to...

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Anyway for those who don't know, Pokemon Rejuvenation was created by SuperJanBro and is inspired by the other fan game I play, Pokemon Reborn.

Like Reborn this game isn't a Rom hack but was created from scratch by the creator.

Props to them for that.

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Look at this beautiful info on them...

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Oh and I'll leave a link to the game download here in case anyone wants to play it themselves.

And trust me you'll want to. It's great fun.

The link

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Pokemon Rejuvenation is still unfinished as of now but there is already loads of content and fun already available in game.

I think there's 8 badges available now?

Around that anyway.

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Anyway I'm going to pop the rules down below me here along with the table of contents and a short prologue of the game

There are a lot of blue bars on this opening post huh?

Da Rules

Part 1 - Phantump Blood

Part 2 - Battle Tentacruel

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Rules out of the way. Let's watch the prologue then shall we?

Hope you enjoy the game!

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'Cause I know I will.

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What a naive baby I was back then...

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Your experience may differ from those participating

Another world, another Terribly Titled series : Pokemon Rejuvenation

It's easy as 1, 2, 3! A Rising Ruby Alphabet-Locke!
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