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[FINISHED]An Insectile Endeavor: A Pokemon Moon Buglocke Written Log; Part 12: The Twelfth Labor
Topic Started: Apr 8 2017, 09:43 AM (9,371 Views)
Posted ImageShiny DustoxPosted Image
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reset myself and get back on track
Posted Image
Hello and salutations to my fellow forumites! Posted ImageShiny DustoxPosted Image here with another run and surprise, surprise, it's another Buglocke! I know, I didn't see it coming either! I mean... I guess I did. My hype for Sun and Moon was off the charts, so much so that I bought three copies of the game (2 Moon, 1 Sun) because I knew I was going to do a Nuzlocke run of it eventually. And well, who would I be if the first thing that I thought of wasn't a Buglocke?

Now, as the title and the banner indicate, this is a written log run. I'm hoping that this is a great way for helping me stretch my writing muscles, breakaway from my comfort blanket of screenshot runs, and be a good productive distraction from my main run. Priority is less on this, of course, so please expect sporadic updates.

Credit goes to Argon for inspiring me to do this as a written log run as well. His runs are a hoot and three quarters to read, and I promise you'll change your mind about written log runs when you check them out. If you haven't, please check out his current one that he is doing with Master Bryss, another luminary of this community. In the same vein, I will do my darndest to make sure this is entertaining as hell to read.

Anyway, I blathered on long enough. Let's get this ship sailing, shall we?


Table of Contents

Part 1: Because I Totally Needed a New Run, Right? Right?
Posted Image
art by AgentNein

Current Team | 23 - Fatigue Limit - vs Byron

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That guy who does stuff
gen 7 has so many gooood bug types in fact gen 7 may as well be the bug type gen
leech life boost, bug type evil teamleader, amazing new bug types, bug bug bugs....
also yay dewpider
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Conqueror of the Celadon Gym
I hope all these puns don't start bugging me...
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Huntress Wizard
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Ayyyy, a new Dusty run! And a written log to boot! u kno ur gonna regret this right

Yeah the SuMo intro is definitely super cool. I like that Kukui doesn't ask "are you a boy or a girl," just "which photo should I use for your passport." That's nice.

Pascal deserves a vacay in Alola tbh but Alania is cute too~

Looking forward to the next update! Good luck with the Trainer School!!!
Posted Image

Posted Image Posted Image

Completed Runs
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Oh man, I'm really excited for this! Alola is really well-suited to a bug monolocke, given how many great new lines it introduced. I'm bad enough at normal Nuzlocking though, so I'm looking forward to living vicariously through the logs of a bug-type master. ^^

Alania is such a pretty name, and the Dewpider line is A++ so I think you made a solid choice there! She'll serve you well. ;w;

I've admittedly not followed too many written logs, but it's awesome to see you branching out into another medium and I think you'll do great! I'm just happy I get to follow along from the beginning. c: Good luck!

also holy shit that banner is amazinggg I love it!!
Edited by Aurea, Apr 8 2017, 11:21 AM.
Posted Image{UPDATED: Chapter 62 posted on Monday, April 30th!}
{Credit for the lovely banner goes to OLIVINE ARC!}
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Alba Corbina
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Conqueror of the Azalea Gym
Ooh, this looks like fun. Hopefully Alania will help you survive Kiawe's trial.
Whitney's Successor: A Normal Monolocke of Heart Gold
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🌈 Heather 🌈
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lesbian fishe
>New Dusty run
>Alola Dusty run
*explodes from hype*
Posted Image
In Soviet NatPark, I'm a fish!
thing do
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The one who latches on to obscure characters

Our resident Bug expert is doing another run?! Hate to echo everyone but yay!

I'm still miffed I didn't get to even meet any Dewpiders during my Moon run, they seem so fun to use (and that type combo!)
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I'm also responsible for the one and only HarvestCraft run on these forums if you want a chill experience.
(that one's on semi-official hiatus though, sorry;;)
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Posted ImageBugPosted Image
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Woohoo! I am glad to finally see this get off the ground! I know you have been excited about it for a long time. Hopefully everything pans out well and you don't end up with a whole bunch of ledyba... But if you do, hey! Enjoy the buggy buds, I guess! It would be refreshing to see a ledyba last for awhile.

Posted Image
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Part 9 - Rolling in the Deep
fun stuff
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🌏 Natsu 🌏
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Xurkitree is my boi.

Othe hype!

Also, this should be slightly easier than other right?

I want to follow thiS!

Also can I get your extra copy of moon? ;)
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spud lee
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potato lee
I haven't played Sun and Moon, sue me i don't own a 3DS ;~;

oooh I'm so excited to see this! I've been lurking on your other current run so it's exciting to be here from the very beginning of one of your runs :)
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Squiggy Azalea
Member Avatar

holy shit new dusty run im hype

rip pascal tho, the pressure got him

eyyyy, the dewpider line is fucking awesome, cant wait to see how good alania will fare
Posted Image
Jackinev this banner is the embodiement of sex

check out this epic run

The other OA I'm doing
Completed runs
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Conqueror of the Cinnabar Gym
Okay, I've never read anything of yours before but literally LITERALLY everyone else who commented is super excited so I guess I am too?
Posted Image

The team you chose for me
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Is it normal to read in your dreams?
Binge read all your runs in the course of two days. Think they are all awesome. Eager for this. Cannot wait for more.
Posted Image

Latest update: March 24th, 2018
This lovely banner is courtesy of Cas

Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image
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That one guy who can barely keep runs active.
Another Shiny Dustox Run!

I don't care if it's a Written Log, I'm already hooked!
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Posted ImageglancesherlockPosted Image
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writer, stitcher, filmmaker
I feel like I've already scraped the barrel for all the good insect puns, so let's not get too antsy about it.
Posted Image

??? gets Rowlet, hm?? Idk what constitutes a written log, per say, but that sounds like potential story stuff righ thar.

Really happy to see you got this out! Good luck with this new endeavor. </shot>
Posted Image
Looking Backward banner by Shiny Dustox. Gracidea banner by Rainey.
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reading is for the gays and the commies

The pun overload is already making me grin like an idiot.

Good luck with the run!

Posted Image
banners by the ever-amazing rainey!

ô...If Iĺm doing the right thing, would you send me a sign? Something to tell me to keep going.ö
Updates whenever

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Updates never
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The Introverted Pokedexer
Aww, no puns? But I love puns... (They're the highest form of humor and anyone who disagrees can eat old cheese!)

And I can't wait for more! I haven't gotten far in Moon (I blame the addictiveness of ORAS), but I'mma read this anyway!
Posted Image

"Crown 3" by mjtmail (tiggy) is licensed under CC BY 4.0/Text added onto original photo

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Master Bryss
Member Avatar

And here marks the exact point that the written log went fully mainstream. :v

I kinda wanted to use Dewpider myself but decided against it, so I'm glad it's getting love here. Especially since it doesn't usually stay Dewpider for very long. I'm sure you're gonna have fun with this!
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Posted Image
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Possibly Nonhuman
Ah, geez, man... that's a hell of an endorsement, and thank you. I'd start tearing up if I actually had any tear ducts. Instead I'll just link Master Bryss' run (since ours is a rivallocke) to make sure everything balances out.

Anyway, this ought to be interesting! The Bug-type got a huge buff in Gen VII, and what better way to highlight all of the wonderful, wonderful new toys it got than a written log from our resident Bug-type monolocke expert? I just know this is going to be a treat. Plus I love how the title is a reference to the name of the ship commanded by Captain James Cook on his first voyage

I was kind of always under the impression Cliff would rest when he was dead, so... thanks for spoiling the end of ABitS for us, I guess?

Eh, it was easy to guess, but I think it makes for a nice bit of dramatic tension. Like, we know they're evil, but their words and actions don't seem it during your initial encounters with them in the gameplay (especially since your favorite Kahuna Olivia seems to be on good terms with them), and then Ragyo Kiryusamine steps onto the screen and everything falls into place, y'know?

OH YES DEWPIDER STARTER THIS IS GOING TO BE SUH-WEET. Also I hope the person you consulted regarding Aurora Beam was actually responsible in how they evaluated how BalancedTM it would be and didn't just agree to it because they thought it would be funny to give you an early-game nuke.

Looking forward to the next update!
Posted ImagePosted Image
Look at this amazing banner Master Bryss made for our rivallocke! His run is on the right, mine is on the left.

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