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[FINISHED]Darklocke; 3 pokecenters per town, very few pokeballs, Black 2. 1/17 finished
Topic Started: Dec 25 2017, 02:59 PM (578 Views)
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The rules-
1.Faint=die,only 1st encounter per route (route is by map), battle mode is set
2. Dupes Clause
3. Shiny Clause (still can't be used though unless 1st catch)
4.3 center uses per town and per npc that heals. Grinding is boring.
5.Can only buy 1 pokeball per mart, and it has to be the basic kind
6. No legends. Can a little kid really catch Cobalion? Nope.
7. Must make fun of things that everybody ignores, like (but not limited to)-tutorial, join avenue (unless u guys spam lvups/free food), medal man, and N being like "Btw i'm cool with pokeballs" at da end. Either change them, or give them a huge backstory. Not anville town as people have already made fun of it.

--------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------------
Prologue- A Dark Prelude

Black had spared them.
The oppressive Pokemon league had pressured him into becoming monster enough to be worthy of the elite 4. They knew that he had defeated their carefully set up gyms that were used to monitor and control the region. When Black finally got to the league, he swept away the elite 4 with ease. It was too easy, and Black knew something was wrong from the get-go.
When he got to Alder, he saw N boldly proclaim that all of Unova was to free their Pokemon. It had appeared that Alder had been defeated.

But whilst N thought he had realized his dreams, Black was more cautious. And with this caution, he saw. He saw the Elite 4 with their real Pokemon just outside the throne room.

Knowing something was wrong, he went against his very nature and battled the one other hero who had ever gotten as close as him to overthrowing the league. Being a master in deceit, he knew that siding with N would be a mistake, victorious as N seemed.
Black barely got through the battle, but he saw within N's eyes that unlike other trainers, N wouldn't kill his Pokemon. When Black whittled N down to just his Zoroark, taking careful care to only knock out N's pokemon, N looked him in the eye. They both knew it was a silent plea, to spare N and team Plasma in case Black died when he finally took on Alder. Zoroark was defeated, and Alder gave the order.

"Kill them"

It was the kind of training one had to go to to become one of the elite 4. The annihilation of an entire league of freedom fighter would be a true exposition of a black heart.

N's Zoroark was already ready to put into place the illusion that would save Team Plasma; it would fake the Plasma members' deaths so they could live to fight again should Black fail to kill Alder.

The Elite Four, satisfied, returned to their posts.

"I'm proud of you" said Alder, turning to greet Black. He barely brought his Pokeball out in time for the first of his real Pokemon, Accelgor, to take a hydro pump in his place. Furious but disappointed that the 4 would not have a new addition, he mercilessly obliterated Black's team with strength that could not be achieved simply by utilizing a legendary pokemon.
Spoiler: click to toggle
. What came next was only to be expected.

Feel free to comment [edit_reason]??[/edit_reason]
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Chapter 1
Opal woke to gushing cold water.

"You're getting a Pokemon today!" yelled her mother, almost triumphantly.


"Um ya. Some little girl in green said that she was recruiting the young to help "research Pokemon." Sounds really fake, but you'll be paid."

Opal considered the prospect of receiving a Pokemon and helping some group with their goals, the prospect of having warm food forever. Understanding that this was her big chance, she got dressed.

"The girl is on the Aspertia lookout, just so you know."

As soon as she exited her house, Hugh showed up. "I heard you're getting a Pokemon from a shifty group. I bet if i threaten to expose their operation to the league, they'll give me one too."
Opal walked slowly to the Aspertia lookout and saw Bianca immediately. She was carrying more than fifty Pokeballs, all likely destined for kids like Opal.
"Hey! You must be Opal! I'm trying to get rid of these Pokemon, so just pick one"
"Umm, I'll take-"
"Yup, Snivy will suit you just fine! Here!"
"But I wanted...never mind."

"Okay, so anyway, we are Unova's Liberation Force. We're trying to free Unova from the elite 4, since, you know, they issued gym leaders to oppress the land and stuff. Basically, just try to defeat some of the gym leaders."

"Don't the Elite 4 personally kill anyone who defeats a gym leader?"

"Not really. One of ours exposed the weakness in the system 2 years ago. The 4 recruit some of the most powerful gym defeaters. So when they come to kill you, he just pretended to want to be recruited."
" Wait a second. Black was one of yours?"

"Ya. He died though. Got really close to overthrowing the league. Alder resigned because of him."

"Wow! Anyway, I hope to see you again!"
"You too! By the way, your neighbor took tepig. Stay away from him."

"Thanks for the warning"

As she released snivy, something in Bianca's pocket rang. Bianca ran away too quickly for her to identify the source of the ringing.
Hi! I'm Sid!
"Wait-don't I get to name you?"
Um no. I was born with this name.
"Okay then. Sid, we're going to route 20 to catch some Pokemon. I don't really think you can take a gym by yourself."
If anyone is reading this, you should know that I accidentally kill a lot of wild Pokemon. Also, in this world, everyone can speak to their own Pokemon.

Chapter 2-Alliances form
"We're good, right?"
Hugh had proposed a peace clause; he doesn't try to kill her Pokemon and vice versa. Opal, armed with the knowledge that Hugh fought with a tepig, happily agreed to this arrangement.
"Be seeing you" replied Hugh, leaving Opal alone to catch a Pokemon.
"Okay, snivy. Do you know how to catch a pokemon?"
There's like a complicated maneuver. Basically, you take a Pokeball. Then you throw it.
"Ooh! Theres one!" yelped Opal, ignoring her Pokemon's sarcasm and instead running towards an unfortunate Patrat. Quick! Hit him with leaf st- I mean vin- tackle!"
Oh yeah, I forgot that you're supposed to weaken the Pokemon, although it doesn't really make a difference with level 1 pokemon. Sid tackled the Patrat, and Opal caught him with a pokeball soon after.
I see you've already mastered the technique. He's Pat.
"Okay.Lets go to Floccessy; I heard someone there might know where the gym is.
As she was walking along, a random man dropped down from above.
"Opal, are you? Nice to meet you!"
"I was kind of a stalker before. Lets not talk about that. Anyway, I know that you're part of the Unova Liberation Force, and I want to give you some advice. When you meet the first gym leader, strike true or be struck down"
"Ya okay bye"
Wondering who the man was, Opal wandered into floccessy after defeating a few trainers.
Suddenly, Sid burst out of his pokeball with a bursting question: Why didn't you catch any more Pokemon over there?
"The same reason that I can only use a Pokemon center 3 times, or that I can only buy one Pokeball per store. If I linger in a route for too long, throw too many pokeballs, buy too many pokeballs, or even use the center too many times, I'll likely be questioned by the league and thrown into some prison. We're fighting for freedom from the league, but we have to fight quietly or we'll be thrown into dangers we can't handle yet."
I can't handle anything yet. Do you mind opening with me for the next few battles? Also, hi.
"Sure." After switching Pat into the front, she continued on her journey when she once again saw the strange man.
"I see there you've got two town maps. Those things are expensive. Can the ULF (Unova Liberation Force) really afford those? Anyway, if you give me one, I'll help you on your journey.
"This was supposed to be for Hugh, but who really cares? Here." Opal handed the map over, feeling a twinge of guilt but shoving it aside immediately.
"Let's go inside. I've got two preschoolers in there who will keep watch for gym leaders or the league."
On the other side of town, in floccessy ranch, a group of Team Plasma grunts had gotten in. The owner, recognizing them, looked around to make sure no one was watching before letting them through.
"Are we good to go?" asked the owner.
"Yes. Here's your fee: 30 potions, as requested, for giving us a safe entrance into floccessy and safe passage from it."
"The price has gone up. It's gonna cost you your herdier on top. That or I can call over the league real quick...."
"WHAT? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO"yelled the grunt, whose name happened to be Frank.
"It's just one herdier, and it'll have a nice life at the ranch. Just leave it" said one of his companions.
Still seething, the grunt left his prized Pokemon.
When all the other grunts left through the river near the ranch, Frank stayed the night and stole his Pokemon back. He didn't care that he had no way out of the isolated towns that were Floccessy and its neighbors. He completed his job, and that's what mattered.
Calling his boss, he confirmed to him that yes, the league's communication systems were thoroughly dismantled and stage 2 of the operation was a go.
Current team:
Sid the snivy lv5-10+
Pat the Patrat lv 3-8+


"I am, as you have probably figured out by now, Alder."

"It all started two years ago." started Alder. "The league was a lot different back then. It wasn't like the leagues in other countries, just observing the land. No, it still ruled it with somewhat of an iron fist. Still, we were all united in fighting Team Plasma. They were a bunch of buggers who were trying to get everyone to release their Pokemon.
Some flocked to their ranks, viewing their world as a utopia or at least better than our current one. Others found both team Plasma's ways and the League's ways flawed. One thing was certain: Team Plasma was certainly not a greater evil than the league.
Anyway, I had sold my conscience away when I became champion, because I was able to sustain my family with the earnings from taxes. I was raising my young boy Benga on money that came from engaging in actions that would benefit Unova.
Looking out for recruits was one of those actions
Black was the perfect soldier. He blazed through the gyms, but also fought Team Plasma unconditionally. Or so I thought.

I was about to turn him completely. Black defeated all of the Elite 4 with a demeanor of one who I thought was in search of a prestigious job. When he got to the throne room, he killed N and the whole of team Plasma. Appeased, I welcomed him into our selective clan-
-only for him to hit me with a hydro pump. I still have a scar from that battle, on my chest.

Things went downhill. Shauntal, armed with the knowledge that I was attempting to replace her, called me weak and not fit for the job, citing my scar multiple times. The Elite 4 unanimously kicked me out, and told me to resign so I would not be made a fool.
I yearn for vengeance, which is why I must tell you something very important.

You must open with your starter against Cheren, the gym leader. He is in Aspertia city, and rumor has it he is one of your own. He is a ULF member"

"I understand."
"Also, trust no one. Good luck"
As Opal walked back towards Aspertia, she couldn't help but wonder why the man believed that she could defeat the league, much less a gym leader.
Frank knew trouble when he saw it, and it was staring him in the face.

"The ranch owner said he lost his herdier. That's a herdier."
Hugh stood in front of him, wondering if he might find purrloin after all.
Tl;dr:nothing happened. Also, the mareep i caught at floccessy ranch immediately died, so I decided to keep Opal from the area entirely.

Chapter 3

Opal wasn't ready.

She was facing off against her first gym leader, who supposedly wouldn't kill her Pokemon. Following Alder's advice, she threw out Sid first.
"Sid, use growth!"

It was a tactic Alder had hinted at before he dismissed her. Set up growth on the weak pokemon, then sweep the strong ones.

Cheren, determined to make a good show in front of his gym minions, tried his best to kill Sid. Once the relentless critical hits stopped, however, Sid fought back, killing Patrat in one hit.

"Impressive. I'm still gonna kill you" was Cheren's best attempt at being a toughie before sending out his lillipup. As the gym trainers watched in fear, Sid killed it in one shot with vine whip. The trainers ran away, leaving Cheren to his fate.

"You are part of the ULF, right? Take this badge; it might help you on your journey. We have ULF forces in some big cities, and they'll tear you apart without the badge."

"Kay, thanks." Snivy took a look, too.Cool.
"Who do you think you are? Just a little boy with a tepig. Go home, before I beat you up, kid."
"Well if you're part of some group of Plasma survivors, you shouldn't be talking. Y'all are notorious for being weak, unintelligible good-for-nothing scraps that are merely a minor inconvenience for the league."

Frank brought out his Herdier. It was at level 25, and he figured it ought to scare the boy away.
He figured right. The boy ran as fast as he could from him.
The girl had left. Cheren brought out his transponder.

"Hello, this is Cheren reporting. A girl named Opal has breached the code. I am requesting an execution, effective immediately."
Being a triple agent was hard work. Cheren did eventually want to change the government; just from the inside, without as many casualties. The girl's life would be a small price to pay for eventual peace across Unova, and she knew what she was getting into when she entered his gym.

Hardly a day into the operation, and they had already found a sprout. Apparently a girl,who took on a gym by herself. N wondered how many more they could save, how many more they could cultivate into heroes. Had their operation not taken place, the entire league would be on that girls head.
Current team:
Sid the snivy:lv5-12+
Pat the patrat:lv3-8+

Graveyard:none[edit_reason]Adding stuff[/edit_reason]
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Chapter 3:Revelation

So what exactly are we doing?

Opal's patrat refused to walk along quietly, and people started to look at her funnily.

"Hey! I saw you at the trainers's school! What were you doing there?" asked a preschooler, undoubtedly hoping to go to the selfsame trainer school when she grew up.

Their "teacher" came out and looked eerily at Opal. Her eyes widened as she glimpsed the badge case at her side.

"Children, get inside quickly! Me and this girl are about to have a little chat."
The children scurried away, their curiosity growing with their fear.

"I see you're part of some "liberation" organization. The league pays a hefty sum for traitors like you." Out came a pokeball, and a second later a dunsparce looked threateningly at Opal. Patrat faced off against his adversary, standingly defensively between his trainer and the dunsparce.

"Patrat, use tackle!"

You can count on me.

Dunsparce strook first, seemingly rolling onto Patrat. Patrat tackled, but for a similar effect. Events repeated, as they often do when a kill has not been secured. Opal, however, noticed something different about this bout.

"Thats the power of rollout! More damage every turn!"

And Opal was genuinely scared. What was she to do to save her Pokemon? Patrat had less than a fourth of his health left. Dunsparce didn't have much either, but would it really die?

Dunsparce bolted towards Patrat, murderous intent clear as a crystal. As dunsparce reached him, he took one last pleading look at his trainer, before the light in his eyes was extinguished.

With an expression that could kill, Opal threw snivy out, wondering if this was the end of the road. After all, rollout still had its 2 strongest hits left, according to the nursery aide.

"Snivy, kill it!"

Confused at the lack of a definitive order, snivy brought out its vines. But dunsparce was yet faster. It rushed towards snivy.

Snivy had seen his friend's death. He knew when to jump. And as dunsparce approached him, he finished it with a swipe of his vines.

The aide ran away, and Opal didn't feel like following her. She just felt like crying. Planting Pat deeply into the ground, she wondered how many more would follow in his steps.

Its okay. There was nothing else that could have been done.

Opal, downtrodden, walked into the new city and ran into Hugh.

"Hey, I heard ULF forces are strong in this city. Apparently, they have informally taken the whole complex south of this city."

"Oh. Do you have any idea what pokemon the gym leader uses?" She couldn't afford to look like a little girl when a greeting with ULF leaders could be underway.

"No. The ULF probably will, though. I need to ask them about something too."

They walked to the complex where the ULF were, and were surprised at just how much hold the ULF had.
"Hold. Who are you? There's nothing to see here."

"I'm Opal, and I heard this is where the ULF operates"

Glancing at her badge, the man ushered her through. Inside, she saw about 20 pokemon trainers.

"Of the 200 or so trainers that we armed, the 18 here are the only ones who were able to obtain your first badge. You should be proud of yourselves." Nobody seemed to know who the man was, and Opal certainly didn't recognize him, either.

"That being said, we believe we can trust you with information our spies have given to us. Namely, team Plasma is not dead, as we believed it was. Should you meet one of them, act as you see fit. Certainly don't hold back just because we have the same ideals. If someone is watching, the trust you gain by reporting them will serve Unova far better."

"That being said" started a familiar voice, "don't feel afraid to share ideas with them when no one is around, okay? We could accomplish a lot if we worked together." Bianca stepped into the light before dismissing everyone.

"I sure as heck won't be sharing ideas with those Pokemon-stealers," said Hugh angrily. He walked away, slowly.

Bianca walked over to Opal. "Don't be affected by what he says. One random team Plasma grunt stole his sister's Pokemon. His is the only recorded case of team Plasma hurting innocents." Bianca had interpreted her frown as sympathy for Hugh, while it was actually remorse for allowing Patrat to die.

Opal walked away without a response.

Current team:Sid the snivy:lv5-14+

Graveyard:Pat the patrat: lv3-12

Chapter 4

N's plans had saved 11 more. He wondered how long he should wait before revealing his aid. Would the ULF even agree to work with him? Surely they would, or h would simply recruit from their ranks.

One of his soldiers interrupted his musings.

"Sir, I have important news."

"Well, go ahead then, barging in without notice little pun-"

"Cheren is part of the ULF. Or rather, he's a triple agent for the league, not just a regular agent."

"Wait-that means he's privy to ULF info! We've gotta tell them"

"No." boomed a cold voice.

Ghestis entered the room with his ancient robe and looked N squarely in the eye.

"Black saved us. Do you really think a bunch of little kids can save the region more effectively than the legendary pokemon and trainer alike?"


"That is my decision. If you keep insisting that you need a little child's help to save the region, you will never have the confidence to act when you need to. And information should be sold, not merely given freely." Ghestis faded away creepily with the help of his cofagrigus's powers.

"Sir, one of our own is down there, as well. His name is Frank. We were separated during the mission." said the grunt to N.

"Okay. Lead a team to Castelia, get their ship to Virbank, and get him on it. If you see a girl named Opal, tell her about Cheren. She's the only one that I know for sure is in the ULF."

Understanding the traitorous orders, the grunt took his leave.
I heard that the gym leader here only uses poison pokemon. We're screwed, unless you can get someone else

Opal left for the grass, hoping for anything that the leader wouldn't annihilate.

Suddenly, a spark of yellow leapt at her.

That's a magnemite! We're saved!

"Holy crap, isn't it immune to poison? Tacccckle"


As Sid jumped at the magnemite, the magnemite let out a wave of energy. Suddenly, Sid was bleeding, and had less than half health.

The magnemite had lost less than a tenth of his health.

Scared, Opal threw a Pokeball. After a few breathless moments, the Magnemite was caught.

Yo, welcome to the team! But, like, do that to other pokemon. Not me.

Sure. I'm Maman. Seems like you've got a nice trainer, already having healed you up. Where are we going?

To the gym, we do solemnly march.

Everyone who comes here is an insurgent. I should've known. Anyway, I can probably wipe out everyone in there. Roxie's nice though; I'm not helping you do bad stuff to her.

I'm sure she is, not reporting the gang of insurgents under her nose.

Seeing Sid become so social was a nice relieve from the tension a moment ago, but his acceptance of the label "insurgent" was troubling. She would deal with that later.
He had made it to Virbank. He knew that if they were coming for him, the ferry here would be their method of retrieval.
Frank just hoped that they cared enough about him.
Current team:
Sid the snivy-Lv5-15+
Maman the magnemite-Lv11-14+

Graveyard:Pat the patrat-Lv3-12

Chapter 5-Lol last chapter had no name
Opal warily entered the gym. She had no idea what it would be like.

Roxie, the gym leader, was blaring music out of the speakers. Her entire gang was just playing music. Nothing more to see. They could almost just be a traveling tour, or whatnot.

Opal was only acknowledged when she came within 3 yards of Roxie. Over the loud music, Roxie spoke.

"I guess its getting out that I don't kill challengers, huh? Just their pokemon, if they don't bring a damned magnemite in here."

Maman came out of his pokeball.

"I have nothing more to say." Roxie told her scrooges to play louder while she sent out her koffing. "Assurance."

Maman, knowing what to do, sent a wave of sound at his opponent. The koffing's attacks did next to nothing to him, and another wave forced Roxie to retrieve it. Whirlipede was finished the same way.

"I can't have you killing my pokemon; this is the only gym that's safe for trainers to battle in, and if it goes down then our trainers today won't be able to defend themselves."

Opal understood, and left the gym with another victory.

You totally destroyeeeed heeeer! Sid was so excited about his new team member that he barely noticed his vines growing. In less than a minute, Sid had evolved into a servine.
Yup. Let's get out of this town.

Opal came out, only to find Hugh waiting for her.

"There's a ship coming here headed for Castelia. I wonder why the league would allow us to get our hands on the whole subcontinent near Castelia."

"Unless it wasn't the league, but the ULF spies there that brought it."
The ship had come. He knew it would have come. As long as Ghestis didn't screw it up, everything always worked out. He was finally getting off these musty towns into some real civilization.

"Ticket, please?"

He stopped dead cold.

"I think I forgot it somewhere... oh here it is."

While the ticketmaster was looking at the piece of paper that was obviously not a ticket, Frank knocked him out.

As soon as he got on the ship, he saw his comrades. They shook their heads at him, and he understood. Any conversation on the ship could be dangerous. They had made this as professional as possible. Surveying his surroundings, he saw beggars, vendors, and even-
Hugh saw the Plasma at the same time the Plasma saw him. His hand immediately went to his tepig, and the Plasma's to his herdier. Hugh had no doubt it was his; no stolen pokemon would bare its fangs as protectively as the herdier had that fateful day at floccessy ranch. Still, he was part of the organization that stole his sister's pokemon. They would pay. Locking eyes with the Plasma, he saw Opal look over, concerned, but he didn't care. He wanted, no, he needed news on the plasma hideout location.
Chapter 6-Battle on a Boat

Sid jumped in front of Opal right before it happened. Hugh and a random member on the boat let out their Pokemon.

"Piggie, use ember!"

"Herdier, crunch!"
Should we help Hugh?

"Shhhh, and no. We don't know what's going on."

"FREAK tell me where purrloin is RIGHT NOW"

"You are high. Please escort this man of the ship. Bite."



Frank took his herdier and jumped off the ship. The ship burned with the power of the move.
The confused and utterly frightened passengers reluctantly followed suit. Opal, confused out of her mind, went with the majority.
They had swam to land, and Frank was with them. But nobody besides Frank really knew what had just happened.

"What was that? Some kid just totally wrecked you with a move his pokemon shouldn't have known."

"I ran into him at floccessy. Thought he was just pissed at me "stealing herdier." Apparently, he's also crazy."

They were in Virbank, all their efforts for naught.
---------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------
Hugh hadn't meant to blow his top. But he was getting pissed. Would he never see his hidden ability purrloin again? Never meet his father? He didn't think so. He showed those Plasmas who was boss, and they would be stuck on Virbank for at least a month. He patted his pignite's head after he had dried his clothes in the Castelia pokemon center. It really was rewarding, figuring out who the Plasmas were and then making sure only they would be caught on the wrong side of the currents.

Eh, maybe some other people were on the wrong side too.
"Boss- some retard stranded us on Virbank, destroying our entire operation. He has a pignite with blast burn. And I think he knows I'm a Plasma. He's crazy, and he would rather strand me here than report me to the authorities. Please take him out of the equation."

"My god, Frank. I acted like I didn't know you were stranded, so you wouldn't have to be rescued. I gave you 3 days to get off. After your team got here, they told me and I still only then gave them the go. And you still screwed it up. We can't afford to lift you. Come when you can to the PWT in Driftveil. I'll call you if anything changes."

N knew, deep in his mind, that the boy was someone special. He knew that it wasn't Frank's fault that the operation had been compromised. He wondered if the boy could be turned, and vehemently hoped that such talent hasn't already been wasted by the ULF.
Current team:
Sid the servine-Lv5-17+
Maman the magnemite-Lv11-15+

Graveyard:Pat the patrat-Lv3-12

Chapter 7-Burgh

Opal had swam to Castelia.

Opal knew she had to defeat Burgh, but first she went into the castelia sewers. Finding nothing of interest there I acceidentally killed muk or something, she entered the relic passage, hoping to find a pokemon to fight Hugh, should the occasion arise. He was, after all, acting a bit irrationally for the last couple of days.

She found a roggenrola. After maman paralyzed him, she threw a pokeball. It was far too weak to resist the ball. After healing up at the pokemon center,she deposited Reggie in the pokemon center. She would need him if all went wrong.

When she reached the gym, no one tried to stop her from marching up to burgh and throwing her pokemon into battle. The trainers were all beaten badly, and only burgh was untouched.

"Are you another one of those ULF members? I don't know how you think you'll win. Even if you beat me, the entire league will know of you within seconds. Best to just turn back now."

Opal sent out Maman, slightly scared. The battle was over if he died.

Swadloon tried to set up with string shot, but died to 2 sonicbooms.

"Dwebble, go! Use rock polish!"

Magnemite was already leering forward to use sonicboom, and his attack connected. The dwebble tried to throw a rock at magnemite, but he swiftly dodged and killed it with another sonicboom.

"Leavanny, show these miscreants why this gym hasn't fallen to losers the ULF!"

Leavanny leaned forward and struck Maman with a razor leaf.

A critical hit!

As she leaned forward, she feared the worst.

3 sonicbooms came out of the dust that Leavanny's move had created, instantly killing the opponents Leavanny.

The fourth was for Burgh.

Maman, clearly angry, went back into his pokeball. Opal had no idea what just happened, but ran away from the gym. She had officially killed a gym leader.
Current team:
Sid the servine-Lv5-20+
Maman the magnemite-Lv11-20+

Graveyard:Pat the patrat-Lv3-12

I did a lot of training. Went into Roxie underleveled, and didn't want that to happen again

Chapter 8-Frank

Like some wannabe trainer could stop him.

Frank had found some water Pokemon after hours of searching, in the most ironic location: floccessy ranch.

He actually was stealing pokemon this time. The ranch owner was a thieving rat, so he felt no remorse. He had felt remorse when he knocked out the ticket owner.

And then the ranch owner came out.

"Well, well, well. That herdier isn't gonna be enough to save you from me today."

"My friends have nothing to do with this."

"I didn't say they did. I'm just gonna kill you after torturing you for the Plasma base location, send a goon or 2 up there, and blackmail the whole organization. And maybe turn them all in anyway."

And that was war. His friends came out of the bushes, and so did the ranch owner's goons.

"Kill the herdier first. Then its trainer. I want his head more than the others."

Flames flew from one side, while poison met it in midair. Team Plasma knew that if they attracted any attention, they lost, but they would lose just as badly if they didn't put up a fight.

"Herdier, scratch!"

"Mareep, thunder!"

"Koffing, venoshock!"

Bodies fell, one by one. As the voices slowly got quieter and quieter, Frank saw what had happened.
Everybody but him and the ranch owner was slumped over, dead.

"SCREWWWW YOUUUUUUU" yelled the owner as he threw out his last pokemon.

Out came Infernape, the last defender of this once-peaceful ranch.

Frank had nothing to combat it. His herdier would die in one hit. About to give up, Frank turned to run-
-and saw Zekrom behind him.


N landed with a thump, seeing just how dangerous this land, once thought to be placid, was.
--------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------
Colress studied his new subject. Was it really the girl named Opal? Only one way to find out. Time to engage in human interaction.

"Hi! I'm Colress."

"I'm Opal. And yes, I will battle you, just like I battled every other damned trainer I encountered."

Chapter 9-Opal meets Plasma
"It's my fault."

N looked at Frank, confused as to why he would think this.

"Before you came, before all of this, we were doing fine waiting for the ferry. Who cares that it would take a month?
I did. I came to the one place where I found a water pokemon and it so happened to be a place where I was burned. Instead of taking it as a sign from Arceus that it was time to stop, I caught the Pokemon, and my friends died for it."

"Wait-what happened here that he wouldn't just let you keep it? He has tons of them!"

"He had requested my Herdier on top of the 30 potions. I declined, hence the oath to kill me and stuff I'm surprised they-" he motioned towards the bodies"-didn't tell you."

"They just didn't want you to get in trouble. They were good soldiers. We might as well respect them by taking all we can from this place and burying them someplace special. Oh, and get out that water pokemon. I got here using the raft that the owner used to established contact with us, but it broke down as I got here."
N wiped off some stray water droplets and walked towards the river.
"I don't really want to battle you. I just wanted to tell you that Cheren is with the league."

Opal stared, not expecting a scientist to tell her something she already knew.

"Like, he's a triple agent. The league knows he's part of the ULF. They give him some false info to share with your organization, and he gives them locations in return. The only reason the league hasn't raided your entire operation in Virbank is because we dismantled Cheren's communication. And like all the other leader's communication too."


"Oh, so sorry. I'm with Team Plasma! Our goal is to liberate pokemon from trainers, and essentially abolish the use of the pokeball. That way, pokemon will only fight willingly!"

"Oh. I wondered how you guys survived after what happened two years ago, because you were literally all kille-"

"Science. Oh, and by the way, congratulations! You're in the top 10 trainers in the ULF's program. The other 8 are dead. There's some sort of super secret meeting in the medal office. I admire the choice of location; nobody would check there, for fear of being noticed by the medal master! Don't tell everybody about Cheren or you might die. Bye!"

Opal left for the medal office after a friendly good-bye to her new ally. She wasn't surprised at Cheren's stance;after all, Alder's words were coming truer and truer.
She had come.

Well, if she said anything about what he had done, he'd just deny it, and kill her later. He turned around as the mysterious man spoke.

"You five are the last survivors of our project to liberate Unova. I hope all of you make it to the league. We have received news from team Plasma that communications have been disabled, so the first ones to the gyms will likely not be ratted out. Good luck. Here is the cut HM, for all of those who don't already have it."

He handed out cut. Opal took one, and so did 2 others. Opal promptly left the scene. Hugh followed, headed straight for nimbasa with a fury that would cut all Plasma members who dared stop him
Nothing happened. No, colress did not kill one of my mons. C'mon now.

Chapter 10-Transitions

With her foot firmly out of Castelia, she set for Nimbasa. She saw some grass, and figured "why not?" A pokeball later, she caught a trubbish named Trebs, and added him to the team because is typing seemed nicefor the bug gym. I did kill muk, so can't really complain, though

So, wassup my dudes?I'm the only girl so far sooo Where are we go- holy crap are you really a magnemite? You're soo lucky! Most magnemites don't get into the same half of the continent as chargestone cave! If you ever get there, tell her to grind you there.
What's chargestone cave?
It's basically the only place where magneton can evolve. And she's right. Most magnemite die or stay as magnetons.
Even in other regions, we are rarely seen because chargestone cave is the only cave that responds to us in such a way that alows us to make that final transition. The other electric sources just aren't enough. That's why we're more often seen with an eviolite in competitions;we're essentially a tanky,speedy special sweeper that resists everything. But magnezone's on a whole 'nother level.

I evolved just by leveling up, so...

As the pokemon bickered, Opal urged them to keep walking. Some couples on the road wished her good luck at the sight of her cute trubbish, while others badmouthed its stench. Overall, nothing was happening as Opal saw the nearby desert resort.

She considered going in there, should she ever need a ground type, but frightened at the prospect of only using Sid and his possible death. She stayed the course to Nimbasa, where she was confronted by a peculiar building.

She walked in, and was completely surprised at who she saw.
What was she doing here? Had she already explored the desert resort? He had calculated the arrival of the 5 to occur about 3 hours from now, leaving him enough time to finish his business dealings.

"Come to my room. I have a business proposal for you, my young trainer."

His assistants, bewildered, left immediately in hopes of not being fired for eavesdropping. Their boss was a generous but paranoid one.

"Why did you not explore the desert resort?"

I accidentally killed krokorok "I was not ready to take on the many fire and ground types that awaited me there, sir."

"Did you know that the next gym leader utilizes solely electric type pokemon when you made your executive decision?"


"You can't go back now, or you would look as suspicious as a watchog. Good luck. I hope the other recruits can take Elesa's other cronies with their ground pokemon. Honestly, I still think you're the only one who can take her, even with a ground mon. She's got some pretty nasty type coverage anyway..."

"Thanks. Also, there's something you need to know:Cheren is a traitor. Cut him out of the loop. My sources are very reliable."

"That's surprising. I didn't think the league had it in them to set up a triple agent. I'll take him out."


"Stop your naivete rampage. We both know you killed Burgh. Now come outside, and just make up a story for my assistants."

They walked out.

"Opal, do you agree to this proposition?"

"Yes, I'll gladly take Join Avenue off your hands! Thank you for giving me this privilege!"

Angry, but not wanting to leak anything to his assistants, he played along. "Thanks so much!"
The assistants, never skipping a beat with their erratic master, played along.

"By the way, what's his name?"

The man's name was Will.

Hugh had found out only after listening in on their conversation. It was relatively uneventful, and didn't affect his plans much. Hit Elesa where it hurts, clean up after Opal if she failed, and get to Driftveil. He'd heard talk of team Plasma being there, and he'd wipe them out for purrloin. The only thing he'd have to deal with is more ULF trade with plasma now that the spies were out, but that didn't really matter.
Ghestis was mad.

His boy kept thinking that some random girl would save the league. With her power of love.

He knew he had to strengthen his resolve. Kill the girl, and turn his son into a cold-hearted monster for the good of all humans and pokemon. The ULF was getting in front of his son's destiny.

Current team:
Sid the servine-Lv5-25+
Maman the magnemite-Lv11-26+
Trebs the trubbish lv 15-24+
Reggie the roggenrola (box) lv 16+

Graveyard:Pat the patrat-Lv3-12

Chapter 11: Elesa

Opal was scared, more so than usual.

She had no supereffective move on one of the most resilient leaders ever. Rumor had it she had killed one of Black's pokemon, and that was how he had first experienced death for the first time.

"I'll finish you and your sorry party in style," said Elesa as she crept onto the catwalk, ready to dazzle an audience should one appear.

Opal, not being one for many words, threw out her first pokemon, Trebs. He had saved her quite a few times while she was training as much as she could without raising suspicion.

I got this.

Trebs prepared to throw a jet of acid at her opponent, when suddenly it threw a ball of electricity at him and ran into its pokeball. Another pokemon came out, but trebs was almost at half health.

Acid spray chipped half the flaafy's health away.

"Acid Spray!"

"Volt switch!"

Trebs had less than a fourth of his health left, but still hit zebstrika on the switch in with sludge bomb. The attack poisoned the fake zebra.

Predicting another volt switch, Opal called Trebs back.


As Trebs was being retrieved, Elesa's pokemon landed one last blow unto it. It would never be inside its pokeball again.

Elesa looked smug, as though she'd already won, as Opal threw her Servine into the mix.

"Leaf tornado!," she commanded, dangerously coolly.

"Flame charge"
The zebstrika charged at Sid...

...who jumped out of the way to slash it with his vines.
The critical hit was enough to bring Elesa's first pokemon to within an inch of its life. Not risking its life, Elesa recalled her ace, not trusting even a 100 accuracy move like volt switch to hit. After all, flame charge had just missed. No it didn't actually miss, its just that elesa used volt switch off the bat, and it would be uncharacteristic for her to be stupid, and blah blah blah and stuff. Emolga came out of Elesas pocket.

The emolga seemed content with quick attacking Sid while Sid mega drained it. The battle slowly tilted in Sids favor, and the emolga had little health remaining

That is, of course, until emolga got of a critical hit on Sid, instantly killing the poor servine.

Emolga rushed into sid, scratching him until he could take it no longer.

I enjoyed my time with you, Opal. Glad I could live--this------long. Go on without me. And-and kill this murderous league hippy. Snivy close his eyes.

Opal stared.


Was what she was doing not justified? Was this a message to give up?

Why did Arceus, Mega Rayquazalel FITE MEEEE, whoever have to give her a starter, no, a best friend and take it away so soon?

"If you surrender now, I won't kill your last pokemon. Might add him to my team, and he'll have a good life."

That was right.

She still had one pokemon left.

"Maman...they're all dead.I don't want you to die....
but if I die, mom won't get anymore money."
They..both died? If we win this, I'm murdering this trainer in cold blood

"...Go for it. Sonicboom,"she said solemnly.

Emolga was felled instantly.

Elesa was scared. This really was it, then. Her injured, supereffective pokemon against Opal's weak, full health one.

"Flame charge"

I got it, Opal

Zebstrika slammed into magnemite, and his health dropped.

Opals face fell.

Her pokemon slumped to the ground in utter defeat.

Except Maman knew that he had one more bit of health remaining. Sturdy granted him a second life, so to speak.

From the seemingly dead body, a sonicboom hit the almost-victorious zebstrika. Elesa was surprised, but knew he wouldn't die. After all, he had 23 health left, and sonicboom only hit for 20.

Opal died inside again, seeing zebstrika survive after what could almost be construed as a comeback.

"Flame charge."

The zebstrika ran at the magnemite, flailing on the ground, and made it about halfway when it suddenly slumped over, dead.

Maman let lose a bolt of thunder upon Elesa, vaporizing her immediately with a move he didn't even know yet. Maman had evolved.

Get a damn antidote next time.
Holy crap. I thought I was gonna lose on the spot, but no. 1 hp magnemite saves the day.
I'm still really pissed. Like wth lose starter on gym 4??? I was just warming up to trebs too. But like I knew Sid more,
so. Anyway, this pokecenter clause is low key leaving me underleveled, too.

Current team:
Maman the magneton:lv11-30+

Sid the servine-Lv5-27
Trebs the trubbish lv 15-28
Pat the patrat-Lv3-12

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Chapter 12:Rebuilding

They had made it to Driftveil. The PWT hosted the Plasma Frigate at the time. Climbing off marill, N and Frank entered the large ship.
N informed his fellow team members of what had conspired at the ranch.

"I thought only weaklings existed in that part of Unova."

"Apparently not. We're gonna have to investigate that area a bit more, but for the time being, we're ready for step two.

"Did someone call me?"

Colress walked into the room, a smug grin on his face.

"The ULF has taken Lenora's gym and the gym with the three brothers. With Nacrene and Striaton being liberated, we have a huge distraction. If we can get our hands on Kyurem and get in Victory Road before the Elite 4 sweep it again, we can probably proceed to step 3."

"How long do we have to get Kyurem?"

"Our forces are already on it, and given the lack of league communication, probably a month, give or take."
They had done it.

Hugh came out of the gym at the same time as Opal. He had seen her pokemon get annihilated. His had, too. All he had left were his Pignite and his Unfezant.

"Hey, thanks for not ratting me out to the ULF. You should know that the next gym is a ground-type gym, and there are ducklett on the Charizard Bridge. You'll know what I mean. You're kinda screwed unless you catch one, so good luck."
She knew his pokemon had died, too. Couldn't even give her condolences. Then again, he hadn't bothered to, either.

Don't worry about it. C'mon, let's go get that ducklett! I can't solo a ground gym and you know that.

She left for the drawbridge when she saw a bunch of motorcycles blocking the path.

"Yo, take me on. My rotation battles'll break your heart when they finish off all your pokemon"

"I only have one pokemon, so..."

"Oh, sorry, I'll get out of your way."

As soon as the motorcyclist left, a minccino came out of the bushes. It seemed to want to travel with her.

Throw a pokeball before it gets away!

"Oh yeah." She uninterestedly threw a pokeball, and was surprised when she caught the pokemon inside.

I'm Adi. Thanks for saving me from that bully over there, he was killing everyone asking where I was.

"He just left. I didn't do anything."

Oh. Yeah, I have skill link, so people have always fought over me. Finally, these guys on this route took me in, but this guy Charles started killing their pokemon to find where I was, so...

Skill link? Stop bragging. I just have sturdy. Did just save me, but like skill link is legendary.

"Okay guys, we really need to get to the Charizard Bridge for those ducklett."

They walked onto the bridge, and looked forever. They couldn't seem to find any ducklett.

"I am not going into this next gym without an advantage. I'm tired of the death."

Finally, at the end of the bridge, a ducklett appeared. After ambushing it with a thunderwave, she caught it in a pokeball.

Calm down. I'm duckie, and Clay's a total pushover.
Who would've thought.

Kyurem was hiding out, of all places, in the fateful floccessy ranch itself.

"Coffee, go get 'im."
Current team:
Maman the magneton:lv11-30+
Duckie the ducklett:Lv 25-30+
Adi the mincinno:Lv22-29+

Sid the servine-Lv5-27
Trebs the trubbish lv 15-28
Pat the patrat-Lv3-12

Chapter 13:The plot thickens

"Shadow ball."

Kyurem froze the entire ranch with a timed glaciate, knocking over Ghestis and his Cofagrigus. The retaliatory ball did nothing in comparison to the legendary pokemon's attack.

"Screw it," he thought. He threw his master ball. He'd find another way to get Reshiram. Growling, he picked up kyurem and came to the entrance of the ranch, only to see the 4 waiting.

"Black killed you."

Shauntal could have sent a shadow ball his way that very instant. Instead, her words gave Ghestis enough time to bring out Kyurem and knock them down with a glaciate. When they got up, Ghestis was gone.
It felt something.

Someone was picking it up, after its trainer had died two years ago. It had died, too, but it was reborn.

The person couldn't be its trainer.

"Unova is finished." said an unknown voice.
Opal was in Driftveil city.

That way...

Maman pointed towards route 6.

So Opal walked. She tripped on a stone, hidden in plain sight. A pokemon breeder laughed.

"Oh poor you, with your ULF badge. I'll be making money off you today."

Minccino stepped out of its pokeball, protectively.

Tail slap, right?


The breeder wasn't ready for what hit her. She ran off into the forest, leaving her pokemon to die.

Opal started towards them, but minccino stayed back. Opal turned around to see her minccino with a protective layer of skin around it.

That stone was sooo shinyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

Opal somehow found Adi even cuter now, as a Cinccino. She quickly released the breeders pokemon from their pokeballs into the wild, healing them to full health,before continuing on.

I'm so tired. Why are we doing this?

"You're literally doing absolutely nothing in your pokeball. Shut up."

The harsh words quelled the now-despondent ducklett.

There! Maman rushed into the cave, Opal right behind him.

Opal watched in wonder as her energetic saviour now slayed tons of wild pokemon, challenging them all at one time.

That's chargestone cave for ya. Literally chaos, and he'll be lucky if he survives.

After the 8th galvantula fell to the ground, a bright light emanated from the magneton. Opal looked away in fright, and when it dimmed, she saw a Magnezone in front of her.

He shot two bullets of light, killing two wild pokemon right behind Opal.

I'm back
N saw Ghestis walk towards him. Ghestis let out Kyurem on the Frigate.

"This guy fainted of exhaustion after one glaciate. How in the world are we gonna ice the league, with all their force fields?"

The whole team gathered around to look at the slumped pokemon.
Kyurem was pissed.

He had hidden out at floccessy ranch, determined not to be caught like his relatively unintelligible siblings. Then the owner of the ranch dies to Zekrom, and he still isn't found. He had to go down to some random wacko in a suit, even though the friggin elite 4 were outside.

When he finally opened his eyes, he saw a bunch of weak wannabes staring him in the eye. He also felt the presence of something he hadn't felt the presence of in a long time.
Current team:
Maman the magnezone:lv11-32+
Duckie the ducklett:Lv 25-32+
Adi the cincinno:Lv22-35+

Sid the servine-Lv5-27
Trebs the trubbish lv 15-28
Pat the patrat-Lv3-12

Chapter 14:Clay
Adi hadn't expected this. Duckie was supposed to sweep this gym, but Opal had forced her out. Apparently, rock slide was too much of a threat.

It hadn't really mattered, in the end. Clay was down to his Excadrill, and tail slap had 2hkoed his whole team up to that point.

"Tail slap," commanded Opal, and Adi was surprised when it did little damage.

The earth started to shake, and a scared Opal returned her to her pokeball.
That was close.

Opal brought out Duckie, completely immune to the Excadrill's rock slide. With one water pulse, the battle was over.

"Now hold up. I'm a kindred spirit, and I'll take you to the PWT with my password if you so wish."

Opal didn't know what in her posture gave the old man fear her to start trying to placate her, but retreated into herself. Was she becoming a bigger monster than the league just for money?

"The PWT? I'll give you a nugget on top if you lead me to the Frigate itself, old man." Hugh barged in, defeating the last gym trainers drilbur with his pignite.
This was too easy. Clay had a pass to the World Tournament where Team Plasma had set up shop? Unbelievable. He kept the nugget in Clay's hands and whispered

"There are two more like this one if you can lose the girl and your tongue."

Clay nodded.

"The PWT's right that way. I need to have a talk with Hugh before I get there, but my code's 9884"

He pointed towards Chargestone cave, and watched as Opal ran off.

"So, son, you knew that I had Plasma goonies in there, and still wanted in. Why?"

"None of your business. Just get me in."

Clay entered his password. 5278.

"You'll be staying outside" said Hugh, putting 5 gold bars firmly in Clay's hands. "I'll find the frigate myself"
Frank was on guard. There were tons of people entering the PWT, and the frigate looked just like a cargo ship, but for some reason, N wasn't secure without a guard. A receptionist that he had bribed approached him.

"I saw a young boy just ask where the Frigate was. I came immediately."

"Blue hair, sharp eyes?"

She gaped at him.
Absolute lies.

I know where the PWT is by heart. Too many eviolite magnetons had babies that lived with me. It's not in Chargestone Cave.

"I know. I'm entering the real PWT right now."


Opal looked at the receptionist, who still didn't understand that she didn't have one.

"She's with me."

"Of course, sir. Right this way, my dear Colress."

Frank hurried back to the ship, hoping that he's get to N before-


He turned. Only him and the kid weren't walking towards the competition.


The crowd shrieked. They were getting a fiery battle before the match even started!

"Azumarill, wreck this fake ship wrecker. Surf."

Instead of switching out Emboar, Hugh told him to attack.

Emboar jumped into the air, fists extended, and avoided the water, which only served to soak all the spectators.

The hit that he landed knocked Azumarill off the ground. Frank retrieved her, almost a second too late, and took the follow-up blow himself.

And then he saw stars.
The PWT had already started, it seemed. Frank was the first one out.

Yes, that was how they'd sell it. Make a fortune, too.

"Round one, match 2- OPAL VS JUAN" he announced.

Let the chaos ensue. Maybe he'd even get rid of Opal today, though not if Team Plasma had anything to do with it.
Colress watched as Opal, caught off guard, sent out hew cinccino. He hadn't seen this pokemon before, and he knew Opal hadn't registered yet. Nevertheless, she wiped out her opponent, sparing all of his pokemon.

Then he saw one of the major grunts sprawled on the floor. He had no time to speculate upon what exactly had happened as he was called up to battle another fake trainer. His magnemite did their job splendidly.

The announcer seemed familiar to Hugh. And he had been confused when Opal battled. This was all very confusing. He sent out Unfezant as a sign of peace towards her magnezone.

"Giga Impact"

Stoutland slammed into Unfezant from behind it. It would never see daylight again.
That was it. Opal was stepping in. Hugh's pokemon had just died


"I suggest you stay out of it, lest I regret bringing you in here. That man is my comrade, and he was on a ship that this Hugh broke down. All his friends died because he was stranded on Virbank with someone who wanted him dead. Allow him his vengeance."

Opal, openmouthed, obliged. Her Magnezone wandered closer to her, attempting to protect her from sudden attacks.
Frank had already recalled Stoutland and vanished. He knew it was time to leave, before Stourland was killed by Emboars fighting-type moves. Hugh chased after him, hoping to find the Frigate along with his revenge.
The announcer was mad. Hugh had left. He would deal with him later.
The crowd seemed excited. He was, as well. If Opal lost here, he could just shoot an attack at her and she'd drop dead. Colress would be weak too, but he'd only kill Colress if Colress won. Leaving weak idiots on the board would bog down team plasma.
N... the other two are here. Not just Kyurem.

Ghestis looked up in surprise, as did N. Wasn't Reshiram dead?

Oh yeah, I found out what was wrong with Kyurem. He needs heart scales to restore himself to the dragon he can be.

Gyyaa aaaahhh
"Hey, I see you've got some heart scales. I'm the move reminder! That chinchilla can be a monster with rockblast and bullet seed! I'll teach them to her for three heart scales."

"I'm battling...."

"You'll lose if you don't."

"Fine." Opal handed over the three heart scales.

The vendor handed over the heart scales to Ghestis before coming back to the show.

Opal's Cinccino had just knocked out Colress' Magneton with rock blast.

It was a friendly battle. No harm done. But the publicity would speed up the operation massively.

"If you want to win tournaments, just bring me a heart scale!"
Gyahhhh-Zekkrommmm hyyeeee.. hi.

"Yes!" proclaimed Ghestis.
"The boy is back. I killed one of his pokemon, and he's officially hunting me. Or our team. I don't know, but he's an issue."

"The same boy did this?" He pointed at the crowds cheering
"Yup. We have everything. We've gotta move now;this location is compromised. Keep trade with this place active for more heart scales. Inform no one of our destination.
Hugh saw the ship rise high into the sky. A scientist was crouched on top of the ship, trying to hold on as it transformed into a plane.

"Piggie, do something!"

The Emboar inable to do anything for Hugh, looked sadly at its trainer.

We should get out before the whole place blows, bud.

No. He still had one last chance.

The scientist, Colress, was taking out a camera to take a picture of Hugh. Likely to show N. And if that happened, Hugh would be finished.

So he brought out his air balloon and hoped it would carry him high enough to jump on the plane. After all, it was a pretty powerful balloon, holding up the likes of extremely heavy pokemon in professional . Hugh wasn't that heavy.

The balloon stayed intact just long enough for Hugh to climb on the plane and punch Colress' camera out of his hands.

Hugh:Lv5-37+ Piggie the Emboar, Lv3-33 Unfezant, dead
Frank: Lv2-39+ Stoutland, Lv 15-30+ Azumarill

Chapter 15:Don't science me

What the crap.

Was he really going to fight him on an airplane?

Well, the plane didn't fly too high, anyway.

"Guess loser hits the sea."

Colress threw out his Magnezone, only just having reached level 33.

Emboar met it. He rushed forward in what could only be thought of as a reckless suicide attack.

The magnet pull pokemon could do nothing to stop superpower from landing.

"Do you really think you'll sweep me with an Emboar?" Colress asked, unfazed by his pokemon's death as he sent out Beeheyem.

The plane tilted, and both trainers struggled to hold on. Its speed had only now stabilized, and the trainers were no longer sitting comfortably.

"Emboar, Flare blitz!"

Beeheyem knew what to do. It charged up a beam of light, expecting a miss under the circumstances.

Flare Blitz threw it off the ship.

"NO!" it seemed Colress had a rather special attachment to Beeheyem.
Hugh didn't care. These Plasma buggers had already taken two of his Pokemon.

"Don't bother recalling it. The surface won't kill it; its already dead."

"What do you want?"

"Purrloin. Oh, and maybe a talk with my dad, if you could afford it."

Recognition dawned on Colress' face.

He threw his pokeball at Hugh's face in one desperate attempt to save team Plasma.

"The cra-"

Hugh didn't get to finish his thought.

Colress tackled him, landing both of them in the sea.

"PIGGIE! Stay there!"

Emboar jumped off for its trainer to get in pokeball recall range. It couldn't bear to be separated from Hugh.

"Fine..." Hugh recalled Piggie. They would all die together.

And they fell into the sea, sure of their destiny.
Opal was in chargestone cave.

This place is gr8 my dudes...and gals Adi.

I just wanna get out.

"Hey, wanna have a triple battle?"

Opal most certainly did not. She didn't really have a choice, though

"Use charge beam"

She watched in dismay as her exposed little duckie was torn in half.

"Magnezone, volt switch. Adi, tail slap"

Both attacks killed their marks.

"You really think you'll kill klink? I've killed 5 trainers with klink alone"

"Tail slap."

The trainer looked scared as his last pokemon slumped down, dead.

"Karma." was all Opal said before uttering her last words.

"Kill him."

Magnezone let loose a wave of thunder, vaporizing the boy instantly.
Cobalion looked at the trainer sprawled out above him. He saw the girl trot down a dark path. The boy, however, heal firm in his ideals. The boy was the 3rd hero of legend. The girl, likely a sociopath that should be killed before her pokemon grow too strong.

Adi couldn't hold it in. She thought this trainer was better than Charles, but no. All powerful trainers became monsters.

Opal looked harshly at the cute chinchilla before eventually breaking down.
Current team:
Maman the magnezone:lv11-35+
Adi the cincinno:Lv22-36+

Sid the servine-Lv5-27
Trebs the trubbish lv 15-28
Pat the patrat-Lv3-12
Duckie the ducklett:Lv 25-33

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Chapter 16

Where was he?

"Ah, I see you've come to. I saved you and put a bomb on you. I can detonate it at any time."

Colress looked up and gasped.

"You don't work for team Plasma anymore."
He's up.

Hugh got up, took one look at his saviour, and brought out Emboar.

What the crap, man? He saved you.

Hugh looked looked at the Pokemon carefully.

"Who are you?"

I'm Terrakion, this is Cobalion, and our sister over there is Virizion. We saved you because Plot told us to.

Don't forget meeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Keldeo slid over.

Anyway, we've been raising Keldeo so far, but are kinda getting tired of it. So if you wanna, you can do our dirty work for us! Don't really care what you do with him.

"C'mon, you give me the one mon that's weak to bolt strike? I'm screwed."

Get an Excadrill. It'll help you against that she-demon, too, in case she presents a problem, too

By the way, he has surf, calm mind, secret sword, and stone edge. After you surf off this island, you can never come back.

What is good my dude? Let's gooo..


Hugh surfed off the island and found himself in Icirrus city.

"Guess it's time to train, Keldeo. This is Piggy."

Opal came out of the cave. Bianca was waiting patiently for her.

"Well, it seems that we're the final two. All the gyms in the east have fallen."
"What happened to Hugh?"

"Well, he was seen by our spies falling off a plane along with some other guy. There was no way he survived the fall."

"So we just have to take Mistralton,Humilau,Opelucid, and Icirrus, right?"

"Yup. Actually, I already destroyed Skyla. She agreed to hand over league communications and her private jet for her life."

Opal, surprised at Biancas competence, wondered if Colress had anything to do with Hugh's death.
So Opal hadn't died, even through his scheming. Fine then. At least Reshiram had got out as a reaction to proximity with Zekrom, and he even had a crony now!

He had chosen Icirrus city as it would likely fall last to the ULF. Skyla would give up her jet, allowing the ULF to invade from the much weaker south Unova. If only they had chosen the more difficult route, they would have had a chance.

Frank and his comrades had finally landed.

"Where are we?"

N smiled. "Seaside cave. We'll be at victory road soon."

Ghestis pet Kyurem. Kyurem, content with the heart scales he had been given for now, fell into a deep, fulfilling slumber.
Magnezone rekt skyla. What can I say?

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Chapter 17

Bianca had told her to go to the cave of spirits. Said it would "calm the spirits of her pokemon."


She went because she heard that there were Litwick there, and Litwick would be good against Marshal. Until he inevitably pulled out a rock type move, screwing her over.

She really had no idea how she was going to overthrow the league all by herself.

You're not by yourself.

Shaking her head at the cliched phrase, she nonetheless rested her head on the Magnezone as she entered the tower.

Life's good as a ghost. But it's not really life, per se.

Sid had somehow haunted her all the way back to this place.

I don't blame you, yadda yadda yadda, the Litwick are in there. Bye.

Wow, what happened to him?

He died.

Trebs vanished, as did Sid.

"He said the Litwick were in here, but all I see is a candle."

Are you dumb? That is the Litwick.

"Oh." Opal threw a Pokeball at the Litwick, who thought it was being clever by not moving. It was captured immediately.

She really was despondent after the massacre. Still had dreams, of Elesa laughing, of Elesa...dying.

I'm Dorna. And unless you release me, I'll suck your life fooooorrrce out of you.

The crap? Should I kill him?

"My god! You just wanna kill everyone, and I suffer for it. Let's make a pact to never kill anyone again. And by make a pact, I'm kinda forcing it on you."

I guess that's a no. And should I remind you that I could just not fight for you?

"I didn't mean to hurt your feelings. I need you. Nobody else has saved me from death like fifty times."

So...I guess you don't care if I suck your life force?

"Get back in your pokeball."

She walked to Bianca.

"I'm ready."
"How did you get Reshiram?"

" 'Sa long story. Anyways, I'll ask the questions."

He looked around.

"Umm, I don't really have any questions. My spies say Hugh's in town, and I heard you hate him. So, like, kill him."

"All my pokemon are dead."

"My condolences. Here, take this Starmie. It should wipe his Emboar."

Colress took the pokemon.
"Sir, most systems are a go. We just need a few more heart scales for Kyurem before we get into Victory Road."

N looked thoughtful.

"How are we going to stop the League from noticing?"

"I'll deal with that, son."

Ghestis' voice boomed, daring N to challenge him.
Hugh was alive?

When he had gotten up, his first feeling were those of sweet justice. He had survived, and Hugh had not.

Well, he'd just have to kill him again.
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Maman the magnezone:lv11-39+
Dorna the Litwick lv27-36+
Adi the cincinno:Lv22-37+

Duckie the ducklett:Lv 25-33
Sid the servine-Lv5-27
Trebs the trubbish lv 15-28
Pat the patrat-Lv3-12

Chapter 18

He entered silently. Brycen's minions fell like rain to Piggie.

"Come out, Brycen. Face me."

"Dude, I've been making headway on obtaining the splicers. There was no need to wipe out everyone in my-"


"O-oh. I thought- never mind."

He hadn't shut his mouth quickly enough.

"Who did you think I was."

Brycen wordlessly brought out a Lapras.

"Maybe if your Emboar can take a water type, I'll tell you."

Hugh let out his ace. Brycen's face turned from one of wariness to one of absolute shock.

Keldeo cut down its opponent.

Brycen sent out Cryogonal.

"Secret Sword," was barely a whisper.

Brycen knew he was finished. He threw the rest of his pokeballs on the ground, accepting the fact that he could not stand up to a legend.

And Hugh dropped all pretenses.

"What are the splicers?"

Brycen was silent.

"And why does Ghestis want them?"

He slowly looked up. Looked at the man in front of him. Studied this wielder of legends, and understood.

"Kill me. I'll not tell you, not without an express promise of protection for me and my family."
Bianca had left. Had practically ran through reversal mountain. She knew that the volcano within could erupt at any time, that Heatran could come back with a fury.

But Opal hadn't. She had wanted to avoid the eerie "Trick House."

Dorna had gotten out of her pokeball and insisted that Opal take her there.

Here she was, unsettled, and unsure of why exactly she was here.

And then she saw, only for a brief moment, the horror.
Why? Why had this girl come here? No doubt hoping to tame Cresselia.

Bullcrap. She would die doing so.

Right before she vanished, she saw one of her own approach her.

We're not here to bother you. I just... I want the Dusk Stone here. So I can evolve.

Really? She hadn't come here to tame a legend?

"Whatever. As long as you don't take Cresselia's spirit."


"There's a legend here? Where?"

At that moment, the ghost knew she had screwed up. She could still fix it, though.

"I currrse theeee......you shalt never tame a legend, now or ever. Leave Spirits beee...

The human was blasted out of the room. Of the cursed house.

And the ghost girl knew.

That for saving Cresselia, her soul would dissipate. Leave this place, never to haunt it again.

It had been fun while it lasted.
Colress entered the Iccirus gym.

And saw it smashed. To the ground.

Brycen was whimpering.


"Why did he spare you?" Colress knew immediately that Hugh had somehow wrecked this place with a legendary pokemon.

"What? Oh, some justice bullcrap. Seemed that was the price for traveling with keldeo, raised by the three guardians of justice."

Oh gods damn it. Brycen kept shoving Keldeo in his face. At least his Starmie still shut Hugh down.

He left Brycen to his whimpering, and left for Opelucid, the natural destination for one of the ULF.
Hugh was NOT going to Opelucid.

Something about the place told him to...stay away. For some reason.

Also, he had seen Colress heading that way. Surprised as he had been, seeing him alive and with a Starmie, he had to hide. That Starmie would decimate his team.

Colress could go deal with whatever was looming in Opelucid. Hugh would be raising Keldeo. It had better be a good pokemon, since it seemed adamant on sparing all its enemies.
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Adi the cincinno:Lv22-37+

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Sid the servine-Lv5-27
Trebs the trubbish lv 15-28
Pat the patrat-Lv3-12

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Chapter 19- Cry (idk just made this up.)

"So. Where in the depths am I? And why do you need me?" The man had stirred

It's ya boi Han, back at it again with being mysterious. Except this time, it's not by choice.

"Oh, Iccirus. Everyone thinks you're dead. If you can't tell me who the leader of the League is in 3 days, they'll be right."

"Okay, but like you'll remove this bomb if I tell you, right? And the blindfold?"


Well then. He had three days to discern what he had been trying to discern for 2 years.

Maybe he'd just find a way to take out his captor too, with this bomb that was strapped to him.

His blindfold was taken off, but by the time he looked around, his captor was gone.
She had been carrying around Reggie for quite some time now. He was almost dead weight, but seeing as to how she had three pokeball slots to go before her bag overflowed, it was better to be safe.

She hadn't told her pokemon. After all, they knew the only reason anyone would carry around a level 20 pokemon was not a very noble reason. It even had sturdy. Was it not obvious enough?

Reversal mountain, here she came.
Good boy.

Bianca recalled her Samurott. He had surfed her to Seaside Cave, where she hoped to rekindle the ULF's relationship with team Plasma. Whispers here and there had directed her to this cave.

She walked not two feet when she came face to face with the proud Plasma Frigate, its size imposing itself upon the cave.

Ghestis was wary; after all, how did this girl know exactly where the Frigate was? Or that he'd be alone at this time? Or thad he was alive?

Fine. Everyone knew, or had at least heard that Team Plasma was back.

But she burst into conversation, not one to hold secrets from him should they be of value.

"Ghestis! Oh, thank god. I was looking for you. Or the head of Team Plasma, anyway, whether that be you or N."

"Who are you?" his gruff voice clearly showed his lack of trust of the supposedly innocent fangirl in front of him.

"I'm Bianca." The fake exterior dropped. "I'm here to make sure ULF relations with team Plasma are still as strong as they were when we were a prominent force in the hundreds."

And just like that, Ghestis' face changed. He was glad nobody was around to see what would happen to this girl of that damned organization that N had so much faith in.
Frank had grave news. He hadn't dared to tell N, fearing what N might do. How he might act.

The guilt would pass.

N had saved his life. His worthless life, yet Frank couldn't even tell him.

Tell him that Victory Road was a no-go. But with the splicers, they still stood a chance.

Maybe it wouldn't matter. Maybe Brycen had failed to locate the splicers, and it didn't matter anyway.

No. He was going to betray N for the good of Unova. Screw loyalty. Plasma came first. He'd hunt down the splicers himself, if he had to.

For while Victory Road was blasted, the feared Giant Chasm was close enough that the splicers' mysterious power would render Kyurem powerful enough to be able to blast his ice from it.

Why couldn't he tell N that, anyway? What did N have to lose if the splicers were used? It seemed like a ray of hope in an otherwise ruined plan. He would honor Ghestis' orders to keep the plan from N only so long before his wavering loyalty would spill.

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Chapter 20-One more

Ghestis threw out his Cofagrigus.

"Is that a no, then?" Samurott was already on the field.

"Toxic." Bianca's heart sank. The ULF was doomed.
Frank walked out of the Frigate, and-

-and saw Ghestis recall Cofagrigus. He briefly considered helping Ghestis before glancing at the almost demonic expression on his face.

The girl kept her Samurott in the battle. The Eelektross that came out of Ghestis' pokeball made her reconsider.

She switched to her Simisage just after Ghestis ordered his Eelektross to use a truly horrifying move.


Simisage died before it had even fully materialized. The girl screamed, and that was when Frank knew that he would be killed if Ghestis knew he was there. Frank re-boarded the Frigate just as a Chandelure came out of the girl.
The Chandelure had killed his Mamoswine. After setting up with a Calm Mind, no less.

Heck no. This wasn't the end.

He sent out his Conkeldurr. It had stone edge, after-


Ghestis looked down at his bag, and looked in disgust at his only option.

He could rebuild his team. He could ice this girl for coming here. But not if she killed him now. He knew what he had to do to avoid being sweeped by the Chandelure in front of him, had to run if only to save Kyurem.

So he used his escape rope. His last escape rope. And surfed the hell away on his Jellicent. Coming back wasn't an option until she ran out of supplies and left the cave, and this would be the perfect opportunity to check on Brycen. After all, what choice did he have?
Drayden had called Iris to Opelucid. He was getting scared of this mysterious person who had swept through all the regions, annihilating gym leaders left and right. And that supposedly had a Keldeo. She promised to keep an eye out on the west border, where the enemy was expected to come through. Unless they wanted to go the long way, he was certain they'd encounter Iris and wipe on the spot.

He smiled at his own cleverness when the door opened.

"Iris, what are you doing?"

The response chilled him.

"I'm not Iris." His bodyguard sprung to motion, but now he wished he had kept Iris at hand instead.
The girl wasn't who he'd been expecting. Nevertheless, he'd defend Drayden to the end.

"I'm ready."

Fraxure came out, and the girl sent out a Magnezone.

Screw it. He'd be cheap if he had to. The girl's flash cannon was met by his Fraxure's Dragon Tail.

"Dorna, get out of there! Go Maman!"

Another Dragon Tail. They were doing very little to the steel type, but it would add up. She had to fight him without the Magnezone.

She knew that too. "Adi, rock blast!"

His Fraxure knew the drill; he had to spam Dragon Tails or he would die to an unexpected switch. But as the blast chipped at his health, he wondered if he should just surrender.

His trainer looked on in dismay. The last rock would kill his beloved Fraxure. It came at him...

And RNG was with him- his Fraxure had 1 hp left. The resulting Dragon Tail gave the Cinccino no such mercy.

As the Magnezone and its trainer roared as it blasted two Flash Cannons back to back, the bodyguard died happy.
Opal couldn't cry. Not now. After all, her Litwick had evolved from the Dragon Tail exp. Yay.

Light threw itself at Draydens pokemon. None of his pokemon reacted fast enough to scratch Magnezone before he felled them.

Until Flygon.

Would Flash Cannon ohko? She knew she could try it, with his sturdy and reggie being there for him. And her new and improved Dorna, too, if Maman di- she cut that trail of thought.

It didn't. Didn't OHKO.

The Magnezone was brought to 1 health by Earth Power, and as much as Opal hated it, she threw out Reggie, who held in there long enough for her to heal Maman to kill the Flygon.

His Haxorus, his ace pokemon, came out of its pokeaball. She was about to utter the words that would kill it, when the unexpected happened.

A huge ray of IceYes CAPS because kyuremm hit the house, crushing it to the ground. The Haxorus died on the spot, and Magnezone was hit for a fourth of his health, too.

Opal and Drayden both nearly died when the house crashed down.
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Dorna the Chandelure lv27-43+

Reggie the sacrificial roggenrola lv16-20
Adi the cinccino:Lv22-41
Duckie the ducklett:Lv 25-33
Sid the servine-Lv5-27
Trebs the trubbish lv 15-28
Pat the patrat-Lv3-12

Chapter 21-Opelucid Falls

Colress was as surprised as anyone else as the ice crashed down. This hadn't been part of their plan.

Unless...the plan had failed. And this was Team Plasma's last attempt to do something meaningful.

If Team Plasma was here, then maybe, just maybe, their bomb diffuser was here.
Opportunity only knocks once.

"Nobody knows that the ULF's killer is a girl. If you help me defeat whoever did this, I'll tell Iris-"

"Who's Iris?" She didn't trust Drayden, but if they had a common goal, she would just knock him out first.

Yeah. Adi had protested against killing, and that was technically his last wish. Everyone knew that if you disobeyed someone's last wish, bad things would happen.

"Nobody. Just someone employed by the League."

Too close.

"Tell me who she is, and I'll consider it." Opal had seen through the lie.

And then she knew.

And if Drayden wasn't bluffing, she'd have to play the role of vigilante, however much she agreed with those who struck against the league.

"I'm not doing anything until I know I'll be handsomely rewarded." Opal's only hope of surviving a Champion's wrath.

How ironic; she had joined the ULF precisely for the money, but the deaths of random pokemon along the way had motivated her further. Even now, when she knew the almost destroyed ULF could barely afford to feed themselves, she fought on.

Drayden smiled. He would live. And maybe he could turn this girl, send her into the organization that did this, and even install her as one of the 4. Iris would be pleased.
So he had missed.

The splicers, a gym leader, even the ULF girl all in the same room, and he had missed both Drayden and this damned Opal.

He raged then, and told Kyurem to ice the rest of the town, too. Distract their attention from the gym. Brycen, the loser, had said that he couldn't get the splicers and only knew where they were. What good was a spy if he couldn't do anything? Now Ghestis was in this place, without backup, and with a gym leader on his tail.


He knew there were Plasma sympathizers everywhere. This was a strike strong enough to overthrow the government of a city they hated. Could he possibly rally them to finish the city?

Yes. He could.
Iris was rushing to Drayden's house when a clumsily dressed young woman got in her way.

"Hey, could you spare some..."

"GET OUT OF MY WAY." There was an emergency here, and she was asking for... what?

She took a closer look at the uniform.

"Explosion." The newly acquired team Plasma grunt smiled.

Iris was thrown back farther than Shopping Mall 9.
Brycen sent all his forces to Opelucid. Most of them happily complied with his orders, surprised that their master was not a filthy League money-grabber but rather an individual who would use his position to help the people.

When they arrived there, Ghestis knew that he had to take the city. It would be too easy, now, and it would secure the splicers. It would take whoever the Champion was to get through Brycen, and at that time Ghestis would be camped out at the Giant Chasm, taking one massive shot and finishing off the League building.

Maybe he'd shoot for Opal again. And the ULF girl who almost wiped him.
Where the heck was Iris? In two seconds, the whispers of Team Plasma's return rung true and threatened his city at the same time.

She was taking too long. He had to run.

Opal came to the same conclusion.
Colress didn't see the bomb diffuser, even though the city was teeming with Plasmas.

Or Hugh.

Was he going to die right here? Or fight on?

His captor had a Reshiram. What could he do, what...

The splicers.

Ghestis was in plain sight now, marching towards the gym.

Colress had one pokemon. He was no match for Ghestis. What could he do?


Ghestis turned.

"You're dead."

"I will be, if you don't get this damn bomb off me."

"The bomb diffuser's in that house." Ghestis pointed at the house of a random stranger.

Colress was already running off.
Ghestis has his real team now after throwing away jellicent. Plot-wise.

Nothing else happened, just plot. Not even level ups vs. Zinzolin.


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Chapter 22

Hugh knew he shouldn't have gone into Opelucid.

He casually sauntered in, now, with a Plasma uniform he'd taken off a grunt.

There were way too many Plasmas here. And too many grunts. None of these people would know about Purrloin.

He left Opelucid, headed west, and shed the uniform.
"To Victory Road." Ghestis muttered into his X-transceiver.

"Um, may I have a word in private?" It was the grunt who he had been thinking of promoting.

"Of course." Ghestis muted everyone else.

"Um, sir, Victory Road is a no-go. There are way more patrols than we had originally anticipated."

"OK. Go to Giant Chasm. Kyurem will still be able to Ice them from the Chasm, although we haven't studied it as much. Make sure to have guards out to watch for people who might mess with our plans. Don't tell N about the splicers."


Ghestis un-muted everyone.

"Go to Giant Chasm instead. Our calculations say Kyurem's power will be stronger there." A white lie. Atleast, it would be until N saw the splicers. Then, it would be complete betrayal.
Interesting. N wondered what exactly made the Chasm preferable. He had thought Kyurem couldn't shoot that far.
How was Colress still alive?

No matter. His organization might be tattered and worn, but it had accomplished its objective.

And his son... he was so strong now.

His organization and Team Plasma were enemies, now, though his son's friend didn't know it. She thought she was just pretending when she had boldly declared that she was a mercenary.

There was only one odd variable.

Colress had lived.

Which means he hadn't calculated perfectly. And everything hadn't fell in place. He would have to investigate this.
Han saw Opal on the Village Bridge.

She looked relieved.

"There's so much I have to tell you! Opelucid has fallen to Team Plasma, a girl named Iris is the champion, and Ghestis has some weird DNA splicers or something!"

Well then. He wouldn't die after all.

"Wow! I'll have to adjust my plans with this information." He abruptly walked away.

"You heard that, right, boss?"
Hmm. Han had earned his life.

He knew he hadn't screwed up when he attacked a ULF member the other day.

But there was still one unknown variable. Hugh had lived. He threatened to destroy his plans.

For although he and Hugh's father shared the same goals, when everything fell, they would be enemies.

His calculations had depended on Hugh's death. Without it, Hugh's father had an agent who was as powerful as his two.

And Hugh's father himself was a force to be reckoned with.
After Humilau, which will be swept by Maman, we finally get into Giant Chasm and finish plot!

Not entirely, though. Just the Plasma plot.

Chapter 23

Opal got to Humilau City, only to see the gym burned down. An unfamiliar figure approached her.

"Hey, I'm Monica, and just between you and me, I'm a League official. I saw you running away from Opelucid City. I'll have you arrested right now for being a scaredy-cat unless you tell me what I need to know." Such was the power of the league in this land.

Opal briefly wondered if Monica knew that Opal was a rebel, or if she was even part of the League. Did Iris or Monica actually know who she was? She discarded the possibility. If Iris knew who she was, then she would already be dead.

While it was probably best to just stay quiet, Opal saw an opportunity to craft a persona. "Umm, o-okay, but I couldn't do anything to those freaks, so I j-just thought..." A bluff that could be called if Monica demanded to look at Opal's bag.

"Did you see anyone go into that gym?" A curt, shy "no". Opal wondered why Iris hadn't come herself.

"Thanks for your assistance." Monica approached another person, and Opal wondered whether she had dirt on everyone here.
It hurt. Like hell.

But Iris was still alive, in this League authorized hospital. The explosion had almost killed her, and it was a miracle she was still alive.
She had just recently heard of Opelucid's fall from grace and the last of the Pokemon gyms in Humilau being trashed. Team Plasma hadn't attacked gyms so far, so there were two separate forces at work. She had sent a few officials to investigate Humilau, but the perp had made off after knocking out Marlon.
Hugh had ran away as fast as he possibly could after trashing Humilau. He was headed nowhere in particular, when he tripped and fell into the water.

A hand pulled him out before he had a chance to release Keldeo.

It had been forever since he had seen Hugh.

"Why are you here? After all these years?" Hugh feigned hostility.

"Relax. I know what you've been doing. Taking revenge on Team Plasma and the League. I've been avenging myself, too. I masterminded the creation of the ULF." Hugh's false exterior dropped, and his jaw with it. His father took the opportunity to press on.
"I have ascertained the location of Team Plasma. They are in Giant Chasm. And with them, your Liepard.
Interesting. So the former Champion's son had not been working with his father, simply avenging him alone.
And he was still able to finish off the majority of the league in one go. The man was surprised.

Well, it was time to go to the pokemon center. Opal would be arriving any minute now.
Opal entered the center.

She took one step.

And another. It was routine, and to outside observers it was completely casual. But Opal knew this was her last visit to this particular pokemon center before she would be suspected of battling extensively and thus being a threat to the League.

She deposited her 2 pokemon. It was a wake-up call; she only had two pokemon and thought she could defeat the league's 26+.

And after the nurse returned her pokemon, she left. All the while being watched by another figure who had waltzed in not minutes ago. She saw him and thought nothing of his presence, as if he belonged at the center as much as she did.
Han had been tasked with returning Colress. He had been missing for 2 days, which was irritating his employer.

How interesting, that two relative friends would be pit against each other. Han preferred to live, while Colress preferred to take his chances with a bomb-diffuser.

He was inside the Chasm when he saw a large body of Plasmas enter it. He was after only one. After a moment, he saw his target.
And when no one was looking, he knocked out his target and retrieved him from the cave.
Colress woke up and swore.

"'s nothing personal. Our employers are one and the same, and you tried to ditch him. Don't worry, I won't tell that you turned traitor."

"Why, then? Why return me?"

"Because I have a bomb, same as you. I was a higher-up at the ULF and you at Plasma, but we're both just pals to the man in the coat now."

"See? Even you're calling him the man in the suit. It's shameful calling him anything else. Everybody thinks he's a docile, albeit annoying, creature. I knew I wasn't the only one who was surprised when learning of his other side."

"Hey. I think we'll get along fine, and who knows? After this whole thing, we could even be friends! But there's a reason I'm not ratting you out."

"And that is?"

"You have a damn fine Starmie. And I know someone who could use it. A mutual acquaintance; and one who could free us both from our captor." Colress lost all feelings of apprehension. Even if he died, his pokemon could make a difference. So he handed the staryu over.

Han smiled as he reported back to the coat man. "The target was in Humilau the whole time. Apparently, he fell in the water and lost his tracker there."

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Chapter 24:Plot

Where was Colress? He had been here just a second ago.

As hard as N searched for his friend, he remained blissfully unaware of his state.
Hugh was inside the Chasm. He had almost been spotted by a few grunts, but thankfully remained hidden as he approached the area where N would likely reside.
N, the fool, hadn't suspected a thing. Ghestis was almost angry at N for not upholding his ideals just because of his sheer stupidity.
Herdier had evolved at Seaside cave. He would never brag to Ghestis, but his Herdier had scored a kill on one of her pokemon, gaining so much exp that he evolved.

He wasn't entirely sure that he had done the right thing.

She had run away, and Frank had been anxious. Sure, he had saved Team Plasma from a meddling outsider, but what if Team Plasma hadn't deserved to be saved? What if Ghestis was corrupting the entire organization? What if Ghestis' search for power had made him crazy?

He sighed. 2 years ago, they had all stood together. Now, when Ghestis used the splicers, there would be a permanent divide.

He didn't even know what the damn things did. And quite honestly, he didn't want to know.
Han saw her. Saw Opal, his prized albeit most annoyingly mischievous recruit. His saviour, if his life could be salvaged.

He walked over to her. Put a finger to his lips when she almost gasped in surprise, in acknowledgement. His employer likely wouldn't be listening on the bug he had on his bomb at this very moment, but he didn't want to take any chances.

He handed Starmie over, as well as a note explaining the secrecy. It held the identity of his employer. He chose to not indulge the fact that he had a bomb on him, lest she react unpredictably.

And then he gave a wordless goodbye.
Opal had read the letter. It had instructed her to go into Giant Chasm and stop Ghestis.

Well, this was new. Starmie was new, too.

"Do you have a name?"

No. The man who gave you my pokeball had a bomb attached to him, though, so maybe I can replace him? His name was Han.

I can confirm. His life force was not particulary powerful, though I thought nothing of it at the time.


You can do nothing for him now. He is doomed to his death.

There was a guy with him. He had a bomb on him too. Think his name was Colress...

And within just a few seconds, Opal's universe had shattered. Her mentor and her only real connection to Team Plasma were going to die.

He hadn't believed Han for one second. Somehow, his underlings were conspiring against him. One did not simply accidentally fall into water when they suspected that they were wired.

But when Han handed the girl a Starmie, the very Starmie that he had given Colress, he knew what he had to do. He suspected that Colress was innocent, simply a device of Han's frustrations. But Han... actions had to have consequences.

I agree.

How had he read his mind? Guess that's why they're called legendaries. No matter. All that was evident was that he even had the blessing of a fire-god.

"Nobody asked you, Reshiram." He puffed out false bravado, but was secretly happy that someone agreed he was doing the right thing.
Even if its motives were rooted in vengeance.
Alder watched his former underling, now slave to his opponent-could he call him a rival?- look around. He saw death in the man's eyes. He looked around desperately to save himself.

He had betrayed Alder's rival. That's one down, then.
Han had been frightened out of his mind when his employer-no, his blackmailer had whispered into his ear through that same microphone that he had feared that "Actions have consequences."

But when Han had looked around, it wasn't in some vain attempt to save himself.

No, it was to see if he could take anything out with him. Help Opal in any way.

And he saw it. The Marine Tube, home to thousands of captive water pokemon and unoccupied at the moment. It was closed due to the incident at the gym that had just died down.

The League would be so busy investigating it that they wouldn't think to sweep Victory Road yet again. After all, they had tons of trainers there, right?

He went inside, vaguely hearing a guard shouting at him, saying it wasn't operational today.

And as the bomb finally went off, his last feelings were those of regret for the man that had been unfortunate enough to do his job.
The water pokemon felt an explosion. Some died, but more were set free. Humilau city wasn't ready for the might of Gyrados and Quagsire that had spent years with pent-up energy, unable to do anything about their captivity.

The city flooded in their rage. And as humans fled to leave it, the pokemon banded together to kill the defiant ones.

It would be the first proud town ruled entirely by pokemon in just a few days.
So much was happening while she rotted away on this hospital bed.

That one explosion had secured victory for Team Plasma, Iris realized in defeat.

But her oppression had to persist, if Unova were to not fall into complete chaos. She prayed to Mega-Rayquaza for some miracle that stalled the insurgents long enough for her to get on her feet.

When he nurse told her of Humilau city, it finally sank in.

The League was finished. It couldn't keep losing territory and still survive. Iccirus, Opelucid, and now Humilau.
Kyurem felt it again.

The three were close to each other.

But this time, Kyurem felt that he had to get way, or he would do something that would make his brothers pissed at him for eternity.

Who the hell came up with these stupid pokeballs, anyway?
Current team:
Maman the magnezone:lv11-55+
Dorna the Chandelure lv27-51+
Han the Starmie lv37-49+

Board the non-plot relevant Hm Slave pelliper lv 40-42
Reggie the sacrificial roggenrola lv16-20
Adi the cinccino:Lv22-41
Duckie the ducklett:Lv 25-33
Sid the servine-Lv5-27
Trebs the trubbish lv 15-28
Pat the patrat-Lv3-12

Chapter 25

Hugh had gotten into the interior of Giant Chasm without incident.

Taking a deep breath, he walked out of the cave.

And narrowed his eyes.
Frank was shocked only momentarily.

"You're dead. Colress killed you. Ghestis told me."

Rather than explain, Hugh took his opportunity to badmouth Ghestis. "Then I guess you have a two-faced, lying boss."

"Stoutland, go."

Frank wouldn't let it get the better of him. "So you're the bugger going around destroying Iccirus and Humilau. I thought the man with the Keldeo was just a legend."

"It will kill you, just as it killed all my other enemies." A lie that had no apparent purpose raher than to sound awesome.

Stoutland had begun to back down. It, too, knew what its opponent was. It was a mythical creature that had supereffective STAB against him.

"Stoutland, you are as much of a legend as he is. Thunder Fang."

Keldeo nimbly dodged, and when Hugh whispered "Secret sword", retaliated fiercely.

Was this really the end? Stoutland's health dropped, until...

No. He was a tank. He had lost just less than half his health, and damn it if he wouldn't abuse it.

Stoudland suddenly jumped onto the Keldeo and sank its fangs into it. Keldeo's resulting attack knocked his breath out of him.

Thunder fang wasn't doing enough. He had one more card up his sleeve, but it would render Stoutland unconscious, as well.
Knowing he had no choice, Frank made his choice with utmost certainty.

"Giga Impact."
The beast slammed into his frail little Keldeo, and the color drained from his face. Slowly.

His darling Keldeo had lost its pulse, and putting it in a pokeball was only a temporary solution. It would die in the limbo if he couldn't get to a pokemon center fast enough.

He had to win this, or Keldeo would die.

"Emboar, superpower." He watched with hatred as his Ace pummeled the stoudland, rendering it as defeated as Keldeo.

Frank's eyes screamed rage as he sent out an Azumarill, intending to murder his last pokemon.

"Screw it." Hugh hadn't meant to say that out loud, but it came out anyway. "Emboar, are you sure you can do this?"

Who do you think I am? He let lose a burst of flame, vaguely resembling the letter P.

And Hugh screamed, literally screamed. "P CREATE!"

The blue fire that came out roasted the water type on the spot. Emboar fainted on the spot, victorious.

Frank, in his defeat, failed to notice a certain young girl waltz right past him.
Ghestis released Zekrom. He released Kyurem. And at last, he brought out the DNA splicers. He almost started the process when N walked in.

"I knew it."
As anti-climatic as it was, Ghestis had to state the obvious. "No you didn't. Otherwise, you might have done something about it.
N watched in sorrow as his best friend, having his life given back to him from the jaws of death just two years ago, would be returned to it for all pokemon.

"I suppose this was inevitable. I should have known better; when you redirected us to Giant Chasm, I should have known that Victory Road was too dangerous. But only now do I see my mistakes, truly." N had resigned himself to his fate.

"Goodbye, old friend."

Until next time. Maybe in another lifetime, this wouldn't have been necessary. When I wake from my stone next, you will likely be dead.


And for the first time since his mom had died, N cried. The tears kept coming, relentlessly, until they were all N could think of. He could do nothing to save his only friend in the world. Nothing.
Opal entered the cave, apprehensive of what was to come. Ghestis was rumored to be even more powerful than the current Champion. Her newest catch, Ben, was a useless Vanilluxe that likely wouldn't help her against Ghestis at all.

She didn't expect to see N crying on the floor, nor did she expect to face Kyurem.

"Save him, please. Save Zekrom. Unova can go to hell, I want Zekrom to live."

She hadn't thought that she would be facing two legendaries at the same time. But now, as she looked at the mysterious creature in front of her, she saw a bit of Zekrom in it. In him.
Current team:
Maman the magnezone:lv11-55+
Dorna the Chandelure lv27-52+
Han the Starmie lv37-51+
Ben the Vanilluxe lv 49-50+

Board the pelliper lv 40-42
Reggie the roggenrola lv16-20
Adi the cinccino:Lv22-41
Duckie the ducklett:Lv 25-33
Sid the servine-Lv5-27
Trebs the trubbish lv 15-28
Pat the patrat-Lv3-12

Chapter 26:Black Kyurem

Frank came back to the cave when he saw it. Saw Kyurem, but a different Kyurem. Why was N crying?

What did the DNA splicers do? Frank thought for a moment, and blindly looked at Kyurem again. And that's when he saw it.

Streaks of yellow through it-no, his fur.
"I'ma just leave, now." Opal shivered in the presence of the monstrosity.

If we don't care of him now, I see bad things in the future. A dictatorship more powerful than the League's. A son that tries to save his friend but dies in the process.

"Listen to him," said N. He was grasping at straws for any hope, any at all.

When Ghestis orders all pokemon to be released, he won't release Kyurem. He will stop manufaturing pokeballs,
too. I see it in him. He would not abide by his own law.

I saw the same thing. Liberation is a good idea and all, but if he's the only, unopposed trainer in the land, then Unova will be screwed.

Kyurem can't do crap to me. Let's go.

It was Maman who finally convinced her.

Ghestis, not having any of their plans, put his new weapon to use.

"Freeze shock the losers." Maman jumped in front of Opal right before a burst of Ice came at her.

Yo, I resist all of your moves. He fired a retaliatory flash cannon.
Kyurem's second freeze shock was targeted straight at Maman. None of its power was lost on the trainer behind him.
Maman dropped, in shock.

A critical hit!

Opal.... make your dream a reality...finish this bastard...


Jk. I still have like half my health left. The shocked Kyurem was felled by his second Flash Cannon.

The splicers flew out of him. Zekrom lay on the ground, dazed from the events that had conspired.

See ya, sucker! Kyurem ran as fast as he could. Right into Colress.

"AAAAAHH" Colress fell down.
"Never mind my underling here, dear. I'll be using you, next." Reshiram was brought out of his pokeball.
What the heck happened here?

Dorna was offended. You can't use that color. When I evolved, it became my speech color. :((

What? Hey, weird coat man, staaahp eeeeeet!
Again? I had just got away from one madman, and now...

"Shut up." The coat man was having none of it. "Oh, and see you around, Opal! White Kyurem has fire moves, so your Maman won't destroy him even if you survive against Ghestis." He fled the scene.
"Well then." N looked at Zekrom. "Go Opal?" His words were met by a snarl from his enraged father.

Coffee died in a matter of seconds to repeated Flash cannons. It was Ghestis' second pokemon that scared her.


Only weak to Grass. Shoot.

Where was Sid now, huh?

All her pokemon were either weak to earthquake or had no defense.
What about me? Boss?
"Fine." Ben the Vanilluxe entered the scene.

"Drain Punch."
The punch missed.

And Opal looked at her ice cream's moveset.

Toxic,Hail,Ice beam, and Acid Armor. Tank. She didn't look at the nature because it would probably be -def anticlimactic BS.

"Acid Armor." Ben happily complied, elated at the prospect of finally stalling a team out.

Drain punch almost took away half his health. A crit meant she lost.
"Acid Armor."

"Drain Punch."
Ben survived with less than 10 health.

1 hyper potion later, Ben used Toxic, then Hail.

"Screw this. Muddy Water this useless ice cream."

You should have got surf. Two turns later, it was down.

Out came Eelektross.


No, this couldn't be happening. No, no
He survived with more than half his health.

Narrator, I'm a girl.
She survived with a lot of health. The Eelektross was subsequently poisoned.

And basically, 5 more toxic stalls later, Ghestis lost. And Opal lost a lot of Hyper potions.
"You might actually be good in this infi item run."
Gee, really? Can an ice cream roll its eyes? Opal swore she just did.

"Anyway, Ghestis, I kinda have to stop the other guy, too. So bye."
"Bye...?" N was the only one who responded.
"Where is my Purrloin?"

"What Purrloin?"

"Just because my keldeo is in a coma doesn't mean it won't finish you right here. The HA one.

"That guy? Ghestis had him, but he gave it to Colress before Colress disappeared."
"K. Just between you and me, I won, k?" Emboar woke up from his unconsciousness.

Hugh walked away coolly, but deep inside his body was screaming at him to run, to run to the nearest pokemon center.

"Hugh? Is that you?"
Damn it. Thank god he had made that pact with her.

That was so long ago. He smiled, and said nothing to her. Let her think whatever she wanted.
Current team:
Maman the magnezone:lv11-57+
Dorna the Chandelure lv27-52+
Han the Starmie lv37-51+
Ben the Vanilluxe lv 49-51+

Board the pelliper lv 40-42
Reggie the roggenrola lv16-20
Adi the cinccino:Lv22-41
Duckie the ducklett:Lv 25-33
Sid the servine-Lv5-27
Trebs the trubbish lv 15-28
Pat the patrat-Lv3-12

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Chapter 26:Fallout

Hugh was just about to use his escape rope and run to Humilau City when he looked down.

There lay Colress' body, limp. Hugh was visibly disgusted, but after a second he reached into the dead man's pocket.

A voice behind him called to him, but he was oblivious to it. Liepard was here. She was finally here, after this whole adventure-

"Hugh. The girl is about to come out. If she sees you above this body, she will turn hostile. Move now."

"Yes, father." He turned to leave.

"Oh, and by the way, you're welcome. I found Colress working with the man with Reshiram, and knew he had to be disposed of. I was just about to burn him when you walked in."

"So do you want me to find his employer?"

"Don't concern yourself with his employer. I'll take care of him. You just take care of yourself." Alder lit a match and disappeared.

Hugh did the same.
Opal entered the cave.

What was a fire doing here? An ordinary one, not one that could have come from a legend like Kyurem, too. She peered over.

And shuddered.
Colress had really died. Why? Who hated him enough to kill him? Not his employer, certainly, for-


She headed straight for Victory Road, wondering what Colress had done that necessitated his removal from the picture.
This was war. Plain war. Alder had just extinguished his last minion. It was 2v1 now, and he had almost died. Alder had chased him down, and he had barely gotten away. For he knew that if he got into a close quarters battle, Kyurem was as vulnerable as any other. His specialty was long range attacks.

Hugh was headed for the pokemon center, was he not? The one in Humilau city?

Well, as soon as he stepped foot in the town, Mr Medal would have his vengeance. And then things would truly be equal.
He was coming closer, and any moment now, he would be in the perfect location for...

He turned around. How did he know? He couldn't know. So what did he see in the town that gave him cause to retreat?

Medal was confused.
The whole town was...ransacked. Flooded, and all the houses were on the ground.

Hugh knew the only other pokemon center he could get to was the Lacunosa town center. He darted, then, back to the Chasm.

What a waste of such careful planning. The city had flooded.

And while he was in Giant Chasm, he made the mistake of not watching the news.

Well, damn.
N flew down on his Zekrom and watched as the girl reflexively threw out her Magnezone.
"Calm down. I'm just here to say thanks for saving my friend. I don't care what that guy in the coat does with Kyurem as long as he stays away from Zekrom, but if you see him, please free Reshiram, too."


Oh,yeah. There was something else

"Also I have a gift for you." He brought out his pokeball and revealed an Absol.
"Apparently, Cyrus was in town and wanted to thank you for ruining Team Plasma's goals."


"Ya, the head of Team Galactic. He said it would be really embarrassing if Ghestis controlled a legendary and he didn't, so in thanks for temporarily freeing Kyurem, he wanted you to have this specially bred guy. Heard you needed physical attackers, anyway."

I'm Cyrus, named after the boss of Team Galactic. Cool, right?

"I did need a cut/strength slave..."

Ha! I come with swords dance. There's no way you can resist my powers!

"I'll leave you two." N flew away.

Yo welcome to the team.
I used to use backgrounds for text,so I know how you feel bro.
Current team:
Maman the magnezone:lv11-55+
Dorna the Chandelure lv27-52+
Han the Starmie lv37-51+
Ben the Vanilluxe lv 49-52+
Cyrus the HM slave turned Physical attacker Absol lv 32-43

Board the pelliper lv 40-42
Reggie the roggenrola lv16-20
Adi the cinccino:Lv22-41
Duckie the ducklett:Lv 25-33
Sid the servine-Lv5-27
Trebs the trubbish lv 15-28
Pat the patrat-Lv3-12

Chapter 27:Victory Road Part 1

She was finally here. After beating like fifty guardians, she would be at the League.
Iris was out of bed. But it had seemed that Team Plasma had dissipated, and furthermore that Opelucid and Iccirus were trashed. Those who lived there were likely to be former Plasmas, too.

She didn't want to go there again.

She flew straight to the League and entered the building.
"Who are you?"

"None of your business."

The man smiled. He had been itching for a battle after he had been stationed in this cave.

"Ben, Ice beam that Golurk!"

The Golurk was felled instantly.
Sigilyph was his last pokemon.

"Shadow ball." and "Ice beam" came out of their respective trainer's mouths simultaneously.
Sigilyph slumped over in pain.
But Opal's eyes were on Ben.

"Are-are you okay? Ben?"

"Damn it. All this time training and I could only kill one hostile pokemon. Well, guess I better leave. The champ wouldn't want me to be questioned about her identity."

You're not going anywhere. You just kill my- my friend, and think you can-

The trainer, registering what was happening, brought out a knife and impaled himself. And even though her pokemon had just died, Opal couldn't help but wonder why he had done so. Why was he so loyal to Iris?

He deserved to die, the League scumbag. Leave him be.

Maman had not finished speaking before the next trainer came up to her.

"When I defeat you, I'll tell the champion of his loyalty. And his family will be rewarded for it. He was a good person, and you had to come in here and dishonor him."

"Get out of my sight." Ben's death had finally set in.

Dorna saw herself against a drifblim.

I have a bad feeling about this.

"Shadow Ball." Her despair over her pokemon was making her make rash decisions, and she regretted not recalling Dorna the instant the words left her mouth.

It OHKOed, and Opal let out a breath. Her little ghost was a speed demon.

Claydol, go.

"It's the same as last time, Dorna. It can only use one super effective move at a time. Shadow ball."

Dorna fired first, and the Claydol slumped over. Opal breathed, only now realizing that she had been holding her breath.

"Well, screw you. Atleast my family will survive this way." She, too, brought out her knife.
This place is creepy and weird as heck. I want out.

A Lampent and Musharna came out of nowhere, but the agitated Chandelure instinctively fired off two more Shadow balls.
I'm gonna run out of pp. Please switch someone else in.

As Opal exited the cave, she switched Maman in front, if only for her own sanity. There were so many close calls, and this was just Victory Road.
It was so scary here. The Tranquil were bred to be hostile to outsiders, and her fellow Altaria were almost exterminated for how difficult it was to breed them.

Claw still remembered that fateful day, when the girl with the dragon had come down, wreaking havoc on her species. Only a couple hundred remained alive, and most of them had attempted to leave and died.

The martial arts guy was soo much cooler. But he had ran from the building in fright. That was when Claw knew all hell would break loose.

Claw was disturbed from her thoughts when she heard an unfamiliar voice.
"Hey there!" It was laced with sorrow.

The Dragon Girl's minions had finally caught up to her.
But this girl seemed kinder.

I thought your kind had been wiped out. By the champion. I had read something about it in some random book.
Who are you? You don't seem to be with her.

What are you talking about? We are with her! This is our trainer!

I mean her. The dragon girl. Can I trust you?
That's the most stupid question you can ask someone. What cause could they have for saying no? And yeah, you can trust us.
K whatever. This place is really scary, especially for my species. I want out. I'll help you with anything you want.Please help me GTFO of here.
IKR? It's sooo creepy. And I I think the Dragon Girl she's referring to is Iris. Our goal is to defeat her, so you'll fit right on!

1 toxic pp and an ultra ball later, Claw joined the team.
I have so many pokeballs. I should have just banned buying pokeballs altogether; I didn't expect the 1 pokeball per town clause to be so unaffecting. RN I have 7 pokeballs, a nest ball, some miscellaneous balls, and an ultra ball. After using another ultra ball to catch Claw. Let me point out that I have 0 legal captures (besides Mistralton Cave, I skipped that cuz didn't want to Hacks R Us spam.)

On the other hand, holy crap. The pokecenter restriction does not fail to totally rek me, I have 1 Victory Road pokecenter heal left, 3 doctor heals, and 3 League heals. And my pokemon are underleveled AF.

Current team:
Maman the magnezone:lv11-55+
Dorna the Chandelure lv27-52+
Han the Starmie lv37-51+
Cyrus the Absol lv 32-45+
Claw the Altaria lv50+

Ben the Vanilluxe lv 49-52
Board the pelliper lv 40-42
Reggie the roggenrola lv16-20
Adi the cinccino:Lv22-41
Duckie the ducklett:Lv 25-33
Sid the servine-Lv5-27
Trebs the trubbish lv 15-28
Pat the patrat-Lv3-12

Chapter 28:Victory Road Part 2:A True Troll (Extra I guess? It's one battle.)

The tamed Altaria was thrusted into battle.
I will do my best.
Cool! You changed your text color! Welcome to the club! I mean... it's just you and me, but it's still cool.

"You might have got past the guys at the entrance. But you can't take me. I'm a TRUE TROLL."

Tf is this?

"Clefable, minimize! Smogon threw me out for spamming evasion tactics, but Iris took me in! Now fall to Clefable's might!"
"Dragon Dance."
I hope he realized that after Dragon Dance, all I have to do is hit his fable once and it'll die.
Opal knew not how to respond. "Umm bulldoze."

What a joke. Metronome more often than not called moves like tackle and memento.

The sky rumbled.
N was chilling in his castle when he heard the sky roar.

"Zekrom? You're not level 100 yet. How are you-"

It's not me. It's, somehow, someone else.

Clefable looked positively elated with itself.

Clefable used metronome! Waggling a finger allowed it to use Bolt Strike!

A burst of thunder slammed into Claw. Claw was instantly on the floor.

"How the hec-"

You, my sir, are a true troll.

"IT'S ALIVE???????????????????????????"

"You're alive? Get back in this pokeball, you."
Medal told Kyurem-White Kyurem-to Ice the League when the sky roared. They, too, had ignored the Medal business, simply allowing him to give Medals to all who wanted them. Never making Medals a part of their culture. They would pay.

How had the sky roared so? The answer presented itself as soon as he asked. Something had used Bolt Strike.

How had N already leveled his Zekrom to level 100? Impossible. The league would have fallen shortly if that was the case.

Clefable used metronome! Waggling a finger allowed it to use tackle!

"Like I said, metronome is mostly trash. You got lucky one time. Dorna, spam flamethrower until you hit it."


And when Clefable attacked this time, the whole world became a bit cooler.
Opal felt the change in temperature. All the heat was leaving her.

It was going towards the Clefable.

And despite the situation, she laughed, for her Chandelure had Flash Fire.

I feel a little cold. Do you feel cold?
Kyurem roared this time, as he somehow became even colder.

"It's impossible. What is happening?" Medal was seriously freaked out. This had to be Alder's doing.
Alder frowned. N's pokemon were barely level 65. And the subsequent phenomenon meant that Medal, his rival, had already been quelled. Reshiram had already been released, and somehow got to level 100 at the same time.

No. This was some other force. And for the first time, Alder wondered if he and Medal had a third true rival.
Clefable used metronome! Waggling a finger allowed it to use Blue Flare!

"AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Oh. Flash Fire. At least I scared the heck out of everyone in Unova before I boosted your Chandelure's attack with a divine move."

The subsequent flamethrower ended Clefable where she stood.

No jokes. It really happened. Altaria survived with 4 hp, Dorna hit flamethrower tight after Blue Flare.

My Altaria survived a Bolt Strike. RNG is with me

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Chapter 29:Victory Road Part 3:Hugh

There were so many of the minions. And they were all strong. Just now, Claw had just almost died to a 3-hit no crit rock blast. There ae so many ways that could've gone wrong.

"Traitor, I challenge thee!" The minion had appeared out of nowhere and sent out a Skarmory. Maman' was the first pokeball in her hand. She looked smugly at the other trainer.

"Swords Dance!"
What? "Volt Switch!"
Oh. Sturdy.
No problem. Dorna just had to outspeed.

AAHhhh crap another pokemon that can ohko me if I'm not faster. Except this time it's a flying pokemon.
Dorna was faster.
"See? Those swift wings didn't fail me!"
Don't they raise evs by like one?
"Shut up." Opal saw light ahead. Was she out of this screwed up place?

No, it couldn't be. Rivals usually pulled this crap, but she and Hugh weren't rivals! This shouldn't be-
"I know what you're thinking."

"I'm wondering why the hell you killed Colress in Giant Chasm." It was on.

"You know I have an Emboar, right? And a Keldeo? I was just going to suggest that I hit the League first, but..." He trailed off.

"You murdered him. He had done so much for me, and-"



"You're not going first." Opal only now realized she had been itching for a fight against him, and she didn't believe for a second that Hugh had some mysterious dad that went around killing people.

"We had a promise." Hugh's hand went towards his bag.

Tf is going on?

"Claw you're first." Hugh reached for an unfamiliar pokemon, and sent out an unfezant.
"Dragon Dance!" Unfezant moved first, using aerial ace.

"Now, Iron Tail!" Hugh was surprised at the move, but he hadn't expected a non-STAB move to put his Unfezant away.
"Keldeo, finish her!"

Opal was already reaching for another pokeball, but Hugh had been ready for it. "Pursuit."
Claw was unfazed, and Opal sent out a Starmie.

"That- I've seen her before!"

"Wanna surrender?" Opal smirked at her now-rival
"Liepard, go! Pursuit!"

Shoot. "SURF!"
Pursuit barely spared the Starmie, but surf had no such reservations.
"Liepard, come back! Now!"

"Starmie will sweep the rest of your team. Do you really want to fight on?"
Hugh slumped away. He knew Emboar and Keldeo didn't stand a chance against their Kryptonite.
Wow. He hadn't expected his boy to lose so easily. He contemplated running into the picture, but thought the better of it. His rival would Ice the League, anyway, and Opal would probably be within it, getting Iced along with the League.
Current team:
Maman the magnezone:lv11-58+
Dorna the Chandelure lv27-54+
Han the Starmie lv37-52+
Cyrus the Absol lv 32-50+
Claw the Altaria lv50-54+

Ben the Vanilluxe lv 49-52
Board the pelliper lv 40-42
Reggie the roggenrola lv16-20
Adi the cinccino:Lv22-41
Duckie the ducklett:Lv 25-33
Sid the servine-Lv5-27
Trebs the trubbish lv 15-28
Pat the patrat-Lv3-12

Heals left:2 League pokecenters, two doctor (inside victory road)
Pokeballs left:Lol

Chapter 30:Grinding=/=story

Opal was finally at the League, and it was exhilarating. The thrill of being the only one since Black to make it this far...

She felt a pang of guilt at the memory of taking Hugh out. She didn't lie to herself; she had done it for sport. Wrecked his ambition and pride all in one go, just so there would be no chance of him dying at the League.

That was a lie. She thought he was a murderer.

No, she had defeated him because if he had went into the League and won, the world would forget her. After all she had done. And if Opal was honest with herself, what began as a desperate grasp for survival had turned into a chance to be remembered by the world. For after she died, even if she died to the League right here, the only thing she would leave behind is her legacy.

The truth hurt her as much as it propelled her.
A blast of ice- no, Ice- hit the League building. Alder had been waiting for this moment.

He saw 4 pokemon fall from the building, each having died protecting their master. Why were there not 5?

Alder wondered if Iris' pokemon really could take a full blast of Ice without fainting. No matter. They would all likely be weak enough that Opal would finish them off, and at last Alder would have the League to himself. Opal surely could not best him with pokemon weakened by the League.

And then he would hunt down his rival and finish him, too. THEN he could die in peace.
Damn it. The girl had completely dodged the ice.

Oh yes. Medal knew that if the girl defeated the League, then Alder would have soo much power. He appreciated the fact that Opal had taken Hugh out of the picture even after White Kyurem had been unable to, but she had to go.

He shot another blast of Ice at her and the League.
"We have to tell Iris what's going on!" Shauntal gasped. The Four had taken cover behind a couple of statues that had began to erode.

"At this rate, the girl will hit us when we only have 5 pokemon!" Grimsley voiced his agreement.

"Throh, go up to Iris' chamber and tell her to come down. Take this letter with you." Marshal was the first to take action

Throh took the elevator and went to the Champion's Chamber.

"Don't forget that after he comes back, we have to go to our rooms and de-activate the elevator."
Opal was terrified.

There was nowhere she could go that would grant her relieve from the oncoming Ice. Except...

The League Building itself.


She was going to go in anyways, right? This was simply a catalyst to the inevitable.
Shuddering, she stepped inside.
Current team:
Maman the magnezone:lv11-59+
Dorna the Chandelure lv27-58+
Han the Starmie lv37-55+
Cyrus the Absol lv 32-57+
Claw the Altaria lv50-57+

Ben the Vanilluxe lv 49-52
Board the pelliper lv 40-42
Reggie the roggenrola lv16-20
Adi the cinccino:Lv22-41
Duckie the ducklett:Lv 25-33
Sid the servine-Lv5-27
Trebs the trubbish lv 15-28
Pat the patrat-Lv3-12

Pre-Elite 4 Stats and Preparation (in written log style)

K anyway

(Endgame Nickname) the (gender) (Pokemon) lv (level)
(Move1), (Move2), (Move3), (Move4)
(Helf item 1)/(Held item 2 if applicable)


Maman the genderless Magnezone lv 59
Flash Cannon, Toxic, Thunderbolt, Charge Beam
Scope Lens

Almost like a starter. This mon has been with me since Virbank, and saved me at Elesa. Also MVP at Virbank, Castelia, Nimbasa, Mistralton,Opelucid, and Humilau

Dorna the female Chandelure lv 58
Flash Fire
Energy ball,Psychic,Flamethrower, Shadow Ball
Spell tag, Twisted spoon

2nd longest member, only other pokemon that was around when Adi was alive. Also 200 SPA

Cyrus the male Absol lv 58
Sucker Punch, Psycho Cut, Swords Dance, X-scissor
Expert Belt

I was using this guy as an HM slave for strength and cut but I began to notice that every time I booted up a TM he could use it, and that he had swords dance on my special team. Now he's my only real hope against Grimsley and Shauntal. Swords dance spam, x-scissor/ shadow claw through tm spam, and if I see something weird that doesn't die to the regular go-to, I use sucker punch with that STAB for priority KO.

Han the genderless Starmie lv 58
Natural Cure
Surf, Ice Beam, Thunderbolt, Psychic
Twisted Spoon

This mon was underleveled forever. Every time I said he was lv51/52, he was actually 48. Didn't feel like giving him a backstory for why he was underleveled. With my last 2 heals and 3 rare candies, I got him up to par.

Claw the female Altaria
Natural Cure
Dragon Dance, Fly, Iron Tail, Bulldoze
Sharp Beak

Newest addition and probably a wall for when I heal Maman. Kinda lackluster.

Now then.

Altaria gets no physical Dragon Type moves until after the League from move tutors. So I guess there's one thing I need to check.

Whether or not her happiness is high enough for Draco Meteor. If it's not, then I can't do anything about it since I'm out of heals. And before you say dragon dance, Iron tail has horrible accuracy, so it doesn't really matter that Altaria is physical.

Drayden simply thanks me for my assistance. Wut? I thought he would have gone home and got his Tm for Draco Meteor that was so secret that only he had it already.

Well then.

I fly back and get 45 full restores and 30 hyper potions.

Les go.

Elite 4 Shauntal

We've got this, Cyrus.

We do.

"Swords dance, then Shadow claw."

"Do you really think such a cheap strategy will defeat me?"

I will KILL you for daring to say anything to her.

Absol's loyalty almost frightened her.

You don't have a problem with that, right? Back where I came from, all the Galactic grunts were scared of me. Their pokemon bullied me for being the son of the famous Absol Galactic, for being evil.

"Wasn't Cyrus evil? The leader, I mean."

That's subjective. I think he was ambitious, nothing more.

"Shut up." Shauntal had grown weary of this talk. "Cofagrigus, kill them all." She said it almost as if Opal was merely a nuisance.

If you think you'll kill even one of my friends, you deserve what's coming to you.

Her pup- her HM slave, let's be honest- had matured into a fierce dog.

It had never been a pup. Not with her, anyway.
"If you think your opponent has coverage, use sucker munch. It has priority, and I trust you to make that decision."

He did so against Golurk and Chandelure.

"Play it safe, Cyrus. Use it again!"

But he had to use Shadow Claw.

His health dropped to 10 when Drifblim used Aerial Ace.

"Aftermath will kill him. Atleast I killed one of your pokemon." Her almost tired expression never changed.
"What Aftermath?"

And for the first time, Shauntal's face dropped.

For her Cofagrigus' mummy had stolen this kill from her.

Cyrus looked at Shauntal, and then Opal.

"I'm not saying anything," Opal said to her pokemon. She knew that it was dark type pokemon's nature to kill their enemies, and she wouldn't take that away from Absol.

Thank you. And then he bit the frightened Shauntal's neck.
"You should have used sucker punch at the end. That was way too close."
I know, right? I don't want to lose you.
Thanks. And misses, you should have commanded me. Not that I'm questioning your judgement, but like I have pretty bad judgement myself.
You're the only other pokemon that knows what it's like to be looked down on by the majority of your peers for your typing. It's nothing about you specifically.

"Wow. You could've just said nothing, Dorna."

Uhhh... JK?
Elite 4 Caitlin

Caitlin rushed to get back in her flower. She had almost fit her body fully in when-

"I see you. You're not ambushing me today.

Grumbling, Caitlyn sent out Musharna.

"Cyrus, same thing."

And needles to say, the battle went down the same way the last battle had.

No. As Caitlyn sent out her Reuniclus, Opal had a feeling she wouldn't be able to kill him with just one swords dance.

She switched Dorna into a focus blast.

Hoooly craap. Cyrus could've died! And then there would be one too many ghosts on this team.

"Please stop and think about what you just did." Opal said jokingly. "Shadow ball."

And only then was Caitlyn swept.

You let him kill his opponent. Sucking the life out of someone is only slightly worse, right?

"Judging from my time listening to you, it's more than just a little worse. Go ahead."

Shut up.

Caitlyn gasped as she slumped over.
"There, there, Cyrus. I won't let you get hurt."Cyrus had apparently gone into shock. She attempted to pet his fur.

You think I'm scared of death? LOL. I was scared that Reuniculus' attack would pass through Dorna and hit you. He nuzzled her protectively.

Kk bro it's over. We have to go hit Marshal now. You can tell your sob story about how you have no idea how pokemon attacks work later.

"Maman, c'mon. Let him have his cheese."

Wow. Ok, then.
Elite 4 Marshal

She walked into his room. He greeted her with the standard phrase "I will crush your bones after I kill all of your pokemon."

"Go, throh!" He would kill that Starmie who dared speak out against him-

You don't know what her pokemon are saying, remember? His Mienshao was happy to point out anything that could get her trainer to stop his boring narration.

"Fine. Throh, Payback!"

Han used Psychic! A critical hit!

"I guess it's just Sawk, Conkeldurr, and me."

"Han, Psychic! Again!"

"Payback." Opal watched in horror as Sawk survived with one health, living to use it's supereffective boosted move.

Han's health bar dropped.

"Not now, H-Haaan"
I'm still here.
She looked on in awe. How the heck?

It didn't matter. "Psychic!"

Conkeldurr was his last pokemon, and all she needed was to kill it. She potioned Han up to full health. just in case Psychic didn't OHKO.

"Stone edge."

Han survived with just over half his health.

"Psychic!" was met by another stone edge.

It didn't OHKO, and even though Opal knew stone edge wouldn't kill Han without a crit, she was still terrified as his health diminished until he only had three hp left. The last Psychic finished off the Conkeldurr.

"You can't stop meee!" It happened in an instant. Marshal was in the air, and then he slumped down on the ground. Courtesy of Han.

I didn't want to kill him, but killing in defense requires much less nerve than killing in cold blood does.

"Thanks, Han."
She was dreading the next fight, loathe to send out Cyrus yet again. He was the only one with a supereffective move,but the logic of choosing him didn't connect with her irrational side.

As if sensing her hesitation, Cyrus stood. C'mon. Let's go.
"I'm gonna be honest. I didn't expect you to make it this far, even with the Ice taking out a couple pokemon for you. But you have no one but Absol to thank. So please, switch Absol out before I have to murder a pokemon that has been through just as much as mine have."

"You really think you'll get the chance to?"

Cyrus faced a liepard.

And then he no longer faced a Liepard.
"Impressive. Let's see you handle my ace, Bisharp!"
"Nah. Maman can handle him better."
Maman switched into an X-Scissor.

You said you would have regrets!

"Shh. he can't hear you. Just spam charge beam."
You eleted it for thunderbolt, remember?
"Oh yeah. Do that, then."

A critical hit! Bisharp fainted.

"Well, Krookodile will sweep you. Right, Krooky?"

"Go, Claw"

"Haha. Dragon Claw, sucker."

Claw lost more than half its health to the super effective move.

"Go, Han!"

Are you crazy? THis guy uses dark-

"Surf." Please Ko, please KO...
The foe's Krookodile fainted!

"Scrafty, you can do this, buddy. Crunch!" Grimsley was visibly shaking.

Maman switched to take the hit.

"You're screwed if that's your best option. Buddy, Hi-Jum-"

The switch spam did not cease. Dorna came into the scene.
"See, I knew you would do that. Rocks fell on Dorna."
"What? Oh please nooo"
Chull. I lost like no health.
"Kay whatever. Maman, just thunderbolt and survive whatever fighting type move he uses."

Brick Break took away half of Maman's health.

Many switches later, Han once again came out into a Brick break and used surf.

It didn't KO.

Well then.
Don't give up hoope
No. Please no. Not now, afer the other 4 members of the Elite 4 had fallen without event. Pleeeasse.
"Damn. You seem really emotional about the death, but like, we're battling, so..." he smiled then

"Dorna, kill his Scrafty."

Dorna used flamethrower!
"Oh thank god you're faster.."

Do you seriously think those swift wings wouldn't do their due?
The Chandelure glided over to Grimsley and absorbed his life force in full.
That was more satisfying than Caitlin.

I just wanna point out, while you're sucking some random dude's life force-ugh- that we just lost a team member,
and still have to beat Iris. With, oh yeah! No moves supereffective against dragons. Or against her Aggron.

Here's how I see it going. Maman successfully walls her first pokemon. Aggron switches in. We're done.

We seriously need a plan.

C'mon, you pessimists! Let's just go in there and have fun overthrowing the most oppressive dictator ever!
But the others were right, as much as Opal just wanted to say "screw it" and march in with no preparation. Without Han, Opal needed a new plan.
Current team:
Maman the magnezone:lv11-59+
Dorna the Chandelure lv27-59+
Cyrus the Absol lv 32-59+
Claw the Altaria lv50-58+

Han the Starmie lv37-59
Ben the Vanilluxe lv 49-52
Board the pelliper lv 40-42
Reggie the roggenrola lv16-20
Adi the cinccino:Lv22-41
Duckie the ducklett:Lv 25-33
Sid the servine-Lv5-27
Trebs the trubbish lv 15-28
Pat the patrat-Lv3-12

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Mr. Medal (Chapter 32)

How the heck had he missed her so many times? Now, if she defeated the champion, Alder could reclaim his post as champion and Mr. Medal's efforts would've been all for naught.

There was only one way to salvage all of this. End Alder now, or commit effective suicide by inaction.

Medal took a deep breath and went into the Giant Chasm.
Alder's eyes widened, but mainly only in recognition. He had figured that from Mr. Medal's lack of recognition worldwide and the labeling of the selfsame man an "annoyance" likely drove the man to insanity.
When Alder's ULF had used his office as a place to do their business, that had been the last straw. Now, he just wanted to kill everybody. Alder could care less about the general populace of Unova, himself included, but his son was something special. That loss to the girl had been oversight on Alder's part; he shouldn't have allowed Hugh to have his spirit broken so early when he was obviously destined for so much.
For Hugh, he sent out his Druddigon. It was matched with a ferocious thing; almost like the Fire God, except with fragments of ice in it? No, those were the scales of a Kyurem, but it seemed that it was more attuned to its fire affinity than its Black counterpart.

"Druddigon, Draco Meteor!" Mr. Medal was shocked that Alder kept Druddigon inside the battle until he remembered that Alder probably thought that since Black Kyurem was slow, White Kyurem would be too. "Dragon Pulse!" destroyed any such hopes.

The meteors from the sky did hit first, but barely took away half the dragons health whilst the retaliation was undoubtedly fatal, leaving a slumped Druddigon and its disgruntled trainer against a fast and powerful special attacker. This was lost.


"Fusion Flare." Alder had been right; it did know powerful fire type moves.

Well then. 2 pokemon down, and Alder was clutching for straws.

His ace, then. Weak to only one type and sturdy as a boldore, Alder wouldn't know what he would do if he lost Bouffie too.

"Fine. Ice burn." Kyurem seemed to store up energy, but all of a sudden dropped its facade and let its bold of energy lose. Bouffalant was thrown back into Alder.

Alder promptly died.
NOooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! "Bouffie"sprung at white Kyurem with an attack that could be described as vaguely resembling mega horn, but it was so much more; it was the power of all his rage at his trainer's death. White Kyurem fell down, and a spark of energy overcame the room as Reshiram was separated from Kyurem.

While Medal's eyes were transfixed on his lost weapon, Bouffalant mauled him with yet another inconceivable, unprecedented attack.
He turned around.
Alder...please, father...don't die like this. Don't die when I live. Please... His eyes became red and he seemed to be using rain dance.

Your trainer is dead.
And bye.
Reshiram and Kyurem ran off, likely happy just to see each other again outside of a human's control.
Ya, that's why Alder changed his team from Black to Black 2. Cuz Medal murdered Vanniluxe and Druddigon. Seems legit, right?

................................................................Champion Iris.............................................................................................
Iris was ready.

"You aren't going to beat me, too. Hydreigon, kill her!"

"Cyrus, so sorry to do this to you, but I need you again. X-scissor!"

The bug gem allowed Absol to OHKO.

"No. Druddigon!"

A sucker punch was all that was needed.
Haxorus came out, bearing down on its enemies. It used Earthquake on Claw and wasted enough time for Cyrus to be back at full health. Claw sighed, perhaps accepting that it would take yet another valued Altaria life to exact justice. She was felled on the spot.

Cyrus used sucker punch!

Haxorus' resulting X-scissor brought Cyrus all the way down to 13 health. If he Sucker punched again, he would die and Haxorus would survive with very little health.

I accept my fate. I was able to do some good, and my death will be my happy atonement for the evils I committed under you. Go on and kill this Iris for me.

And then he was gone. It was just Maman and Dorna now, against a Lapras and an Archeops.

Maman's critical hit thunderbolt paralyzed Lapras, and Iris was able to do nothing as a second thunderbolt fell from the skies, leaving her with only one pokemon.

"Archeops....I believe in you." The battle was over. Maman resisted everything Archeops could throw at it, and had STAB super effective thunderbolts.

Unova is finally at peace...

And for the first time since Elesa, Maman used Thunder to fry his enemy's trainer.
Current team:
Maman the magnezone:lv11-60+
Dorna the Chandelure lv27-60+

Cyrus the Absol lv 32-61
Claw the Altaria lv50-59
Han the Starmie lv37-59
Ben the Vanilluxe lv 49-52
Board the pelliper lv 40-42
Reggie the roggenrola lv16-20
Adi the cinccino:Lv22-41
Duckie the ducklett:Lv 25-33
Sid the servine-Lv5-27
Trebs the trubbish lv 15-28
Pat the patrat-Lv3-12
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Excuse to post a Black Tower non-nuzlocke run on other adventures

Bouffie had dragged Alder's body across the globe, trying to find his fateful son. Where was Hugh, anyway?

He went to Nuvema Town, gloomy but unable to accept that his trainer was dead.
Colress was alive.

He looked around, confused. His heart had stopped, but now he was breathing. What had happened? What was going-
"Young man, how would you like to be a real scientist?"
"How am I alive?"

"If you agree to aid our research, you will find out."
He heard voices in the background before blacking out again.
The new Champion had, with her political power, reinstated restrictions on pokemon battles so no pokemon could be killed. She kept some of the League's laws, but seemed adamant on the issue of pokemon mortality. Their research would be invaluable to her.

"I'll do anything." Colress had gotten out of his unconscious state.
"The reason you are alive is you are essential to our operation. We are engineering products in the hope that we can revive many more people. Corporations around the world would kill to have one of their pokemon or leaders back. What would a billion or even a trillion pokedollars be to them?"

Colress was tempted to gape, but decided that not missing a beat was more important. "Seems you've already mastered the technology. What do you need me for?"

That was the sort of enthusiasm he'd needed. "Mass production, for one, is our main concern. Other breaking edge technologies are also on our minds. Lastly,Max Revives, our products un-official official name, are only usable on sentient beings that died within 48 hours. Pokemon without gender generally aren't affected by our product, and after 48 hours our product is nigh useless. "

A woman entered the room. "Don't lie to him, Canine B. Our current operations focus on taking our competitors in Driftveil out of the picture. According to our spies, their products, with a little perfection, will work on all pokemon that died at any time. Their products are also much less expensive to create- our products cost about 320 million pokedollars to make, while the Driftveil people can manufacture for 190 million. We have to be the monopoly, or we will be washed out."

320 million pokedollars. Spent on him. That dazed him.

The man spoke again. "If they can produce something that revives humans, we're screwed. So we're sending you to Driftveil to deal with them, along with your own considerably large crew.
Bouffie heard all of it. This was what he needed! They said it would work for only 48 hours, but Alder had died 40 hours ago! He could do this.

When the scientists were out of view, Bouffie rushed in.
There were whispers of something that could revive pokemon in Driftveil. Opal wondered if her pokemon could be brought back.

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