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Destiny of Chaos (A Volt White 2 Nuzlocke); A special challenge with some Nasuverse themes added in for more versatility
Topic Started: Feb 3 2018, 10:14 PM (398 Views)
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Hello everyone, first time post here, hope to make good friends. n_n

White 2 was one of the first game I ever Nuzlocked, and this time I wanted to do it's hacked version. xD

The Rules for the Challenge:
Spoiler: click to toggle

The Special Clause:
Spoiler: click to toggle

Given the difficulty of Volt White 2, chances are that even with the three "Command Seals", it still not be enough to protect all Pokemon from death, so things like someone will not do as much (like grinding), will be done more frequently.
Story Prologue
Spoiler: click to toggle

Hope you guys like this run, will update it in the next days with the data and screenshots, please have a good day. n_n
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Very interesting prologue, I'm intrigued about this. However, you might want to modify the special clause a little, as it somewhat overlaps with the faint = death rule (if it does, then it should be considered to be an OA with Nuzlocke rules). Have good luck!
Here is my currently only ongoing run.
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Feb 3 2018, 10:18 PM
Very interesting prologue, I'm intrigued about this. However, you might want to modify the special clause a little, as it somewhat overlaps with the faint = death rule (if it does, then it should be considered to be an OA with Nuzlocke rules). Have good luck!

Thank you for the reply! n_n

Will update the ruling to fit the rule, promise. n_n
Edited by EmiyaShirou97, Feb 3 2018, 10:32 PM.
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Hello everyone, Emiya here! n_n
Sorry for the late, here's the first chapter of the story, please enjoy it! n_n

Chapter 1: Night of Fate

It's time to start our adventure in Unova! n_n
Introducing Sora

This guy will be our rival, his personality will be a surprise. xD
Introducing Riku

The narrative will start... Right now. :D
Posted Image

A new life was about to start for the single mother known as Hikari, a 32 year old woman who got recently divorced from Mirai, a 38 year old scientist who had an unnatural obsession with "parallel dimensions" and similar stuff... Eventually he started to spend less and less time with his wife and child, Sora, to the point he didn't even talk with them, except on the table and rarely on weekends.

While she was feeling the soft summer breeze, she didn't even notice when the phone started to ring, and after a few repetitions, she snapped and answered it.

"Hello, this is Hikari, how can I help you?" asked the young mother in a kind tone.

"Hikari, is that you?!" said a young woman voice. "It's me, Aurea Juniper!"

"Great to hear from you after a while, my friend!" Hikari said in a cheerful tone, as the voice of her childhood friend helped her to cope with the sadness in her heart. "How have you been?"

"I'm doing well! Have been working with some teens to distribute more Pokemon!" Replied Juniper cheerfully. "How about you? I'm sorry for your divorce with Mirai, I hope you're doing better now..."

"It was hard but, we agreed to remain good friends for Sora's sake." Said Hikari solemnly, feeling a tear roll down her cheek. "Why don't you come to visit? It would be great to talk and catch up!"

"I will in two days, promise!" Said Juniper, wishing the best for her old friend. "How's Sora doing?"

An unconfortable silence stood firm for a pair of minutes, before Hikari took enough courage to speak.

"He's really depressed about his father, he misses him a lot." Said Hikari, trying to keep her composture. "I remember the talks we had with Mirai, he said something about "Chaldea" and a future apocalypse..."

"What apocalypse?" Asked Juniper in a neutral voice.

"He said that three years from now, an evil from an alternate dimension will come and vanquish human history as a whole..." Replied Hikari, finally breaking down and crying. "WAS HE INSANE OR SOMETHING? After he knew about that "information", he started working to stop it, drowing himself in books, notes, ancient parchments, but he couldn't find about "The Ancient One". Maybe it was a legendary Pokemon of sorts, I don't really know anymore..."

Juniper was speechless... Maybe Mirai wasn't wrong? What he did was wrong, to care more about this information than his family, but still... Was humanity in danger? She needed to know more about it, just in case.

"If you want I can bring my father to get more data on that "Ancient One". Said Juniper, trying to calm down her friend. "Also, if you want I can give Sora a Pokemon to get into a journey, that might cheer him up!"

"Will tell him, and thank you for everything, my friend." Said Hikari, this time feeling like a great weight was removed from her. "Say hello to your father for me, I'll be waiting for you, blessings. "

"Same for you Hikari, please take care!" Said Juniper cheerfully, closing the phone and ending the call.

"Sora, sweetie, are you awake?" Asked Hikari, her sweet and motherly tone changing the former somber environment. "A friend of mine and I have a gift for you".

To her surprise, her son was awake, although with dry tears in his face and prominent purple eyebags.

"Get lost and leave me alone." Replied Sora, wishing to sleep again.

"Sora, please, listen to mommy..." Said Hikari, ignoring the burning pain Sora created with his words. "You can get a Pokemon and meet new friends and..."

"WHO CARES ABOUT IT?!" Said Sora in a snarl, throwing his pillow at the wall. "I don't want to do anything! I'm away from my friends in Sinnoh! Dad abandoned us for a conspiracy theory and you think I have energy to train Pokemon?!"

"I just... I just tried to do the best for you..." Said Hikari, as her voice was distorting because of her tears. "I... I..."
And then she sobbed. Once. Twice, until she couldn't stop.

Watching her mother cry was too much for Sora... She only wanted to help her, and he growled at her like a feral Pokemon...
Slowly mumbling, he took some tissues and dried the tears from her mother's face, and then he hugged her slowly.

"Sorry for that, mom..." He said, as his anger was being replaced by regret quickly. "If you want to, I'll take that offer and travel around here, maybe I could bring some goods and a Pokemon to keep you company."

It took one hour for both of them to calm down and dissolve their fears.

"I wish your father was still here, Sora..." Said Hikari somberly. "I STILL LOVE HIM! I REALLY DO!"

"Mom..." Said Sora, stroking her mother's hair and trying to gulp his own tears. "If he cares, I'm sure he'll be back soon..."

"Yeah, you're right. " Said Hikari while she was getting up and petting Sora's hair as well. "You better get changed to start, I'll help you to get your stuff."

After Sora took a shower, he changed his pajamas for a red hat, a blue and black skin tight suit, gray shorts, a blue and black jacket, and a pair of red and black shoes.

"I'm ready, mom." Sora said, feeling a little better. "Sorry for yelling at you... It won't happen again, I promise".

"I believe you." Hikari replied, her sadness replaced by a newfound happiness. "You'll have a tent, a flashlight with five sets of batteries, extra clothes and $3,500 for anything you need."

After taking his backpack and hugging his mom, Sora was almost ready to start exploring Unova, after months of being sad inside his room. Sure, he was still depressed, but maybe this could help him a bit, and his mom as well...

After getting out, he saw some stars at the sky, blinking at him, like a good friend or family member would do to give some advice.

He wanted to check out the city, it was quite big despite being only two years old. It had a Pokemon center, a trainer's school, a small lake to swim and at least six houses.

"Hey Sora, it's been a while." Said a young man voice happily. He had spiky blue hair and blue eyes, green jeans with blue sneakers, a red and while turtleneck sweater and black fingerless gloves. "It's me, Riku."

"Oh, hey Riku." Said Sora. "It's great to see you after a while, sorry for not texting you back, I wasn't feeling good..."

"Don't worry, it's all fine." Said Riku happily, hugging his friend. "So, what are you doing?"

"I'm searching for a girl named Bianca, to get a starter Pokemon." Replied Sora.

Riku's eyes widened after hearing that, maybe he could get a Pokemon as well and go to an adventure!

"Sora, do you think I could get one too?" Asked Riku. "We could be trainers and help people!"

"Sure, why not?" Replied Sora softly. "Let's go."

As they both started to walk, they saw Riku's little sister, Xion, who was playing chess with a friend.

"Big bro Riku, where are you going with Sora?" Asked Xion warmly.

"We're going to become trainers and help people!" Replied Riku cheerfully. "Be sure to go inside past ten, all right?"

"Promise!" Said Xion, pulling out her pinky finger to make a promise.

After fifteen more minutes of walking, both friends were close to reaching the hill, a good place where people could see a great part of Unova with family or friends... However, a man was infront of them, and had a really strange appearance.

He had orange hair, pulled out in a ponytail. Also, he had a white, silver and turquoise coat, alongside with white gloves and boots.

Posted Image

"Who are you?" Asked Sora. "Can we help you somehow?"

The mysterious man just smiled and pulled his hand out.

"You two seem to have potential." The man said solemnly. "Would you like to have a special kind of power?"

"What kind of power?" Asked Riku. "It's not like a guy cames out of nowhere and gives you anything for free, right?"

"But it is." Replied the man, smiling.

Posted Image

"There's a special power we want to test in this dimension." He said, his cheery demeanor chaning into a serious one. "Maybe, this dimension holds the key to save our own."

"What is it?" Asked Sora, now intrigued by that new ability of sorts. "What does it do?"

"They're called Command Seals." He replied. "They have the ability to preserve the souls of the deceased, to restore energy and a great magical strength."

"Do you want to give some of them to us?" Asked Riku, quite confused. "But why?"

"If you both have enough potential, your Pokemon and you can join Chaldea to protect our dimension and many others!" Said the man, cheerfully.

Chaldea... The same name his father mentioned a thousand times.

"Does that Chaldea have something to do with an "Ancient One"?" Asked Sora.

"It has..." Replied the man somberly. "Thankfully, he doesn't exist in this dimension, but if he enters, maybe not even most of your legendary Pokemon may be able to stop him..."

"I'm sure whatever it is, Arceus and the Creation Trio may have the power of stop it." Said Sora pridefully. "Sinnoh has the strongest legendaries."

"They can, but they won't be able to do anything because they're resting to recover from the events in the Spear Pillar, remember?" Said the man, shocking both kids.

It was true... After that maniac known as Cyrus tried to conquer the world and use their power to create a new galaxy, Giratina stopped them and was captured by Sakura, the young prodigy from Twinleaf Town, three years ago.

"So, would you both like to join Chaldea?" Asked the man.

"I will, but only if you answer one question." Replied Sora. "Do you know my father, Mirai?"

"Yes, I do." Said the man. "He's working in my dimension as a lead scientist, said he wants to protect both worlds for the sake of everyone."

"So, that's where he went..." Said Sora, keeping his anger under control. "Does he know that both my mom and me have been grieving after he left us?"

The doctor put his hand on Sora's shoulder, trying to calm the young kid.

"He knows... And he joined us because he saw what would happen if we didn't do anything." Said the man. "The world will burn, and the planet's surface will melt, if we don't stop him".

Both Sora and Riku got shocked after that realization... They both needed to do something!

"Dad..." Said Sora. All the anger he had against his father was gone, and a new hope was being created inside of him, that maybe, when they defeated that evil, they'll be together once more. He would tell his mom tomorrow, as he still needed time to digest all of this new data. "You both can count with me".

"I don't know about this a lot, but if I can help the planet, I'm in too". Said Riku.

The doctor smiled, and asked both heroes to give him their hands, chanting in an ancient language, their hands burning with pain as he spoke.

After a few minutes, the man stopped, showing both of them some symbols who had been carved in their hands.

"We want to see if they're compatible with Pokemon, so thank you both for your help!" Said the man, almost ready to leave. "I hope we'll meet again soon, Sora and Riku".

"Of course, but... What's your name?" Sora. asked "You never told us."

"Sorry! I forgot about it." The doctor apologized. "My name is Romani Archaman, and thank you both once again for your service. Will try to contact you both as soon as possible; promise."

The kind Dr. Romani disappeared into thin air, leaving both youngsters confused.

"So, let's keep going." Riku said. "Anything for the world!"

They ran as fast as they could, climbing the hill's stairs until they saw a young girl, probably of 17-18 years old. She had blond hair and green eyes. She wore a black undershirt with a white blouse, an orange sweater, green jeans with orange shoes with small black ribbons, and a green beanie with another ribbon, but this time it was white.

She was humming happily, watching the stars, like she was remembering good times.

"Hello, excuse us." Sora said. "I'm Sora, and this is my friend Riku, are you Bianca?"

The girl suddenly snapped and quickly bowed to apologize.

"I'm sowwy!" She said pouting. "Yes, I'm Bianca. Are you both here to get a Pokemon?"

"Of course we are!" Riku said. "We'll be heroes!"

Bianca just smiled at that... Truly, this new era was bringing heroes to help Unova, specially after the incident two years ago...

"It's settled then." She said happily, taking a small case from her bag.

Posted Image

She opened the case to reveal three Pokeballs, each one containing one of the rare starters from the world.

"Sora, you can choose first." Riku said, cheerfully.

"Are you sure?" Sora asked. "Wouldn't you like to choose first?"

"It's thanks to you that I can fulfill my dream as well, the least I can do is to let you choose first." Riku replied, solemnly.

Being ready, Sora took the water starter, a small and furry Pokemon with cute and pointy blue ears, a big orange nose, small and chubby white arms, and blue feet with a blue tail. It also had a shell in his sky blue belly.

"I hope you care a lot about this Oshawott!" Bianca said. "So, Riku, which one will you take?"

After a while, he took the small serpent like Pokemon. It had red eyes, the inferior part of his body had a creamy like color, and the superior part was deep green. His arms were green as well, and his legs were creamy too. Finally, it had something like a yellow collar around his neck, and a big tail with a huge leaf on it.

"Take care of Snivy as well!" Bianca said. "Would you like to give them nicknames?"

Posted Image

"Sasaki". Sora said, sightly smiling. "Would you like that name?"

"Of course I do!" Replied the small Pokemon. "I hope we get along, master."

"What about you, Riku?" Bianca asked.

"Charles seems like a good one." Riku replied. "What do you think, buddy?".

"It's befitting of a gentleman like me." Replied the other Pokemon.

After they got their Pokemon, Bianca took a pair of small devices. They were red and gray, also they had two screens, a white button on the middle, and some plug holes to recharge their batteries.

"Take these Pokedexes with you as well, they'll help a lot!" Bianca said. "Also their chargers as well."

They had almost anything they needed to start their journey...

"What if you both have a friendly battle?" Bianca asked, and both heroes could swear that they saw stars in her eyes.

"Sure, why not?" Sora said.

"Let's do this!" Riku said.

"Sasaki, let's go." Sora said, ready to fulfill this for the sake of his mother and father... And to beat his depression, as well.

"Charles, you can do it!" Riku said, as he saw both Pokemon ready to fight their first battle.

Posted Image

"Sasaki, use Tackle!" Sora said, as he saw the small Pokemon move and attack Charles by slamming his body, dealing a small amount of damage.

"Charles, use Pound!" Riku said, motivating his partner to get up and use his tail to hit Sasaki in his head.

"Ouch, that hurt..." Sasaki said.

"I could say the same about your attack, my friend." Charles said.

"Sasaki, keep using Tackle!" Sora said, being more cheerful than usual.

"Charles, use Leer to weaken his defense!" Riku said, passion burning through his eyes.

Being faster, Charles ran in circles to give small glares to Sasaki, lowering his defense stat, in hopes that a single pound was more than enough to finish him off.

Sasaki knew he was slower, but a bit stronger, so he kept running and running, until he could tackle Charles at least two times.

"Now's your chance, Charles, use Pound!" Riku said, watching Charles hit Sasaki with such force that he almost went flying by it.

"Sasaki, use Tackle to finish this!" Sora said, seeing as the weakened Pokemon attacked Charles, defeating him."

"The winners are Sora and Sasaki!" Bianca said, being happy to see the start of a new generation of Pokemon.

"Charles, come back." Riku said, calling his Snivy back to his Pokeball.

"Sasaki, come back you too." Sora said, returning his Oshawott back to his Pokeball as well.

"Come on boys, let's go to the Pokemon center to heal them up". Bianca said in a cheery tone.

After they both got healed up, Bianca took a big pouch, to give both Sora and Riku 30 Pokeballs, being more than enough for an entire journey.

"Thanks for the Pokeballs!" Riku said, bowing to express his gratitude. "Come on Charles, let's explore the world!"

His small Snivy nodded, as they both runned to exit the town and start their journey.

"Riku has a lot of energy, isn't it?" Bianca asked.

"Yeah, he does." Sora said, smiling a little. "That's what I like of him, he can cheer up someone almost instantly".

Not wanting to take any risks, Sora bought 11 Potions to keep his Pokemon healed in the future, and when he catched up with Riku, he would give him a few ones as well.

"Hey sweetie." Hikari said, hugging Sora. "Your little Oshawott is really cute!"

"Thanks ma'am, but it's not a big deal." Sasaki said, quietly accept the praise.

"Here are your running shoes, I forgot to put them on your backpack." Hikari said.

"Thank you mom, I'll put them later." Sora said happily, hugging her in response. "Thank you for allowing both Riku and me to have a new start".

"No worries." Hikari said.

"Hey, Sora!" Xion said, who had a small package in her hands.

"Hey Xion, what is it?" Sora asked gently.

"Take this pair of Town Maps, one for you and one for my brother!" Xion replied happily. "Hope the best for you both, goodbye!"

"You sure have a good mom and friends." Bianca said. "Be sure to always be there for them".

"I will." Sora said, smiling at her new friend. "Thanks for everything Bianca, and you too mom."


Bianca went with Sora to exit the town and to help him learn how to catch a Pokemon, the route was huge, and it had a lot of Pokemon on it, so it would be easy to get a new friend soon.

"And this is how you do it!" Bianca said after catching a Purrolin with her Lillipup. "Take care Sora, and good luck!"

"Bye Bianca, see you later". Sora said, ready to enter the grass.

In there, he found out a small and fluffy Pokemon with brown hair, chubby cheeks and big teeth, and a small puffy tail. It was a Bidoof.

Posted Image

"Sasaki, use Tackle!" Sora said as Sasaki hit the small Pokemon, which did a counter with a tackle of her own.

"Pokeball, go!" Sora said, throwing the device to Bidoof, hoping to get a new partner and friend soon... After three twitches, it worked.

"Great, we got a Bidoof!" Sora said as he and Sasaki cheered slowly. "Your name will be... Sandy".

"I'm Sandy, and I'm quite stronger than I look!" Sandy said in a excited tone. "I want to have tons of battles!"

"Nice to meet you, I'm Sasaki!" Sasaki said. "I hope to be your friend!".

"And I'm Sora." Sora said. "Welcome to the team, Sandy".

That's all for now folks, hope you enjoy it! n_n

Will upload Chapter 2 later, please have a good day. n_n

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I like this trainer's name,without reading it,now I read and I like it,he's an angry boy,I've only seen one angrier boy and he went on a Genocidal rampage in the region
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