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Topic Started: Feb 5 2011, 09:46 PM (28,167 Views)
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Walkin' on air.
Jul 8 2011, 04:57 PM
longass story
Dang, so Pencil Pusher didn't kill you! :D

Glad to see you're back bro. Just don't get into trouble!
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The pavement was his enemy.

Edited by Laddie, Jul 8 2011, 05:01 PM.
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Later Nuz
Posted Image







Former mod for FCR, studying game design. no longer active.

Miss ya'll
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Pencil Pusher
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I'm famous on the internet


Also Fireburn is full of shit jokes :v:
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H-EY BLU-E BOY!!! CATC)(!!!!!!

Posted Image

Art for me by Awesome People

Check out my first documented Nuzlocke: [Complete]Zigzagoon Only Sapphire
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Lord of the Sand
A recovery is imminent. Here's to seeing this come back from the grave!
Judge not by the quantity of posts, but by the quality of posts.
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Dennis? Arceus? I believe in Mr. Pokemon.
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Later Nuz
Ah yes Skitty

I drew this for you also. Place it at the top of the first post if you'd like :D

Page Stretch, But I hope that you think it's awesome Skitty :D
Former mod for FCR, studying game design. no longer active.

Miss ya'll
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Well, if that's how you want to play.
Thorns N' Roses: A Pokemon Black Storylocke
Last updated: 6/17 (Part 1, Scene 2: First Steps)
Next scheduled: 6/24 (Part 1, Scene 3: Trails)
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Basically Lazarus

That's all I could think of!
That's actually the greatest thing I've heard in ages!

WHOOP! grats :D
Oh no I have an art thread too now

Posted Image
^click me^

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SnooPINGAS usual, I see

Okay guys, I'm working on update 22, and ive run into a snag. I have no idea how to handle the Tate & Liza battle. So I will be doing something ive never done before:

i will allow you guys to PM me suggestions for the basis of the battle. Around this time tommarow, I'll close the suggestions and i will consider what you guys have given me. Ive wrote a clever plot twist already, but I'm stumped on what to do with this battle.
CURRENTLY: Trying to figure out how the hell to patch Sacred Gold on a Macbook SERIOUSLY HELP IM DUMB YO
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SnooPINGAS usual, I see

CURRENTLY: Trying to figure out how the hell to patch Sacred Gold on a Macbook SERIOUSLY HELP IM DUMB YO
Posted Image
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Well, if that's how you want to play.
What is it about the battle you're having problems with? Your appeal for help is a little vague....
Thorns N' Roses: A Pokemon Black Storylocke
Last updated: 6/17 (Part 1, Scene 2: First Steps)
Next scheduled: 6/24 (Part 1, Scene 3: Trails)
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SnooPINGAS usual, I see

Jul 12 2011, 02:18 PM
What is it about the battle you're having problems with? Your appeal for help is a little vague....
Kinda has to be vauge. I don't know how to take the battle, what the motivations for either party to be. Hopefully an update tommarow;
CURRENTLY: Trying to figure out how the hell to patch Sacred Gold on a Macbook SERIOUSLY HELP IM DUMB YO
Posted Image
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SnooPINGAS usual, I see

In Mossdeep City........

I'm glad we could come to an agreement, Mr. Tate. Sorry about your Solrock, but the scientists at the space station might be able to help it. I've gotten most of the data I wanted, so I guess I can leave without any trouble-
I swear to Arceus, it wasn't me Steven!
I guess I'll have to take back my promise of not hurting anybody.
Come quietly, and we won't-

Steven throws a pokeball on the ground, and an Armaldo pops out. Steven commands it to attack the police officer, and it stab him right through the heart. The police officer's body slumps on it's claws. As screams begin to erupt from witnesses, Steven sends out a Cradily........

Confuse Ray.

Cradily's eyes flash red, and all of the townspeople fall to the ground, in pain. Their eyes become dazed, and most close them to resist. Tate falls to his knees, and keeps his eyes half open with willpower.

Don't talk, it'll only hurt more. Those imbeciles screams are just hurting them more. Anyway, good seeing you, Tate. Tell Liza I said hi.

Steven recalls Armaldo and Cradily, and then sends out his Skarmory. He flies away, leaving Tate, who finally succumbs and falls unconscious. Steven chuckles, and whispers a taunt to the sea he's flying over.

You're mine, Sebastian.
That's what YOU think, human..........

Episode 22: Mind Games.

Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

Simple grunts. I don't know why Archie even-

Posted Image

Wait, what the hell?

Athena cautiously steps onto the panel, and abruptly disappears.

Posted Image


Posted ImagePosted Image

However confusing those bloody warp panels are, we got some groovy loot!
Dave, you just crossed the line from british to just annoying.
Shut up, Athena.

Athena's eyes widen, and she backs away. Dave looks around, and sees nothing threatening...........except for himself.
Strange, Athena's never been scared of me..... Dave thinks to himself.

Posted Image

What's so funny, you bloke?
It's you, Dave! It's just cracking me up!
You have a problem, Matt?
No, more of a solution. A solution to all of this strife and warfare!
Laddie, I think your bandana is tied on just a touch too tight.

Dave begins to loose his patience, and his fists clench.

I'll ask you one more time, you bloody loon!


Matt stops laughing, and notices that Dave is grinding his teeth. Realization flashes in his eyes.

Athena.................didn't tell you, didn't she?
This is between you and me, human. Don't you bring her, the team, Norman, Wattson-

Matt begins to smirk again.

-or anybody else into this!

Posted Image

-so don't you think this'll be a cakewalk!
Hand to hand combat? Sounds like my kind of fight!
Dave, let me handle this.
Don't you bullshit me, Athena! This goon challenged me, so I'll handle this!
Trust me, this is for your own good.

Posted Image

Joe Kerr.

Matt turns around to see half of a Cacturne appearing seemingly from nowhere. An arm comes out of the shadows, and suckerpunches Matt in the gut. Matt doubles over in pain, too weak to reach for his pokeballs. Matt struggles to utter a few taunting words.

Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

Matt's breaths become raspy, and he soon falls down, unconscious.

I don't know what your problem is, but it doesn't matter. We can't let Team Aqua salvage their intel.
What do you suppose we do?
We blow this place sky-high.
Now you're using that brain-

-...........packing so much intelligence!

What was with the pause?
Nothing, let's go.


Meanwhile, in Ever Grande City, Drake stands in front of 3 people who's faces are hidden by darkness. The big empty room looks very menacing, and he orders the three to sit down.

Do you know why I called you three here today?


Really now?! You failures have nothing to say?!
..............we apologize, Sir Drake.
Sorry doesn't cut it, Liza! You lost track of both West and Mr. Stone!
B.....b.....but master-

Drake walks closer to Liza and the 2 other people. The dimly lit room looks like a pokemon center built for a king. And it technically was.

Master.............I had to call backup! If I hadn't called in the backup, we might not have saved Tate's Solrock-

Drake turns to Liza and slaps her across the face, one of the people beside her run to Liza's aid.

I don't give a Raticate's ass about his Solrock! All three of you make me sick!
Drake! You didn't have to do that! It's my fault! Please don't hurt my sister anymore!!
Really now?! You think I don't know this Tate?! You failed to capture Chrome, passed by West, made a fucking bet with a criminal, gave Chrome a fucking labratory in Hoenn Republic waters?!
He would have killed me had I not-
I'm pretty damn tempted to do so right now, Tate! We had to get the HBO to force you to come here to this pivotal meeting! Chrome escaped before we could apprehend him again. Because of you.
Well if you're going to yell at those 2, I'll just be on my way-
I didn't forget about you, Wallace!

Wallace steps out of the shadows with his head hung in shame.

How hard is it to take an old man with no pokemon into custody?! Wattson escaped, and now he's going to warn Boa all about our fucking plan to deal with her and her fucking rebellion!
Ah, Operation 97: Crimson Fields. Wattson doesn't even know the whole story. My agents had been feeding him only partly true information!
That's not the point you dumbass! He was a lead, and you let him get away, with 4 vials of the Wisteria drug he had been working on!
Didn't Boa-
He had a hundred, and Boa helped us by getting rid of 94 of them. We can't let him make more of it! I'm sending a gym leader who actually succeeded in her job to take care of this mess you created!
But........we're the.........only ones left.......

A figure walks into the room. The shadows of the briefing room that Tate, Liza, and Wallace had been standing in now houses a new person. The figure giggles and begins to speak.

My, I thought our next meeting wouldn't be like this.
My Arceus, Drake! What did you do to her?!
Tate, you dumbass. This is our answer to the loss of West. We needed a new assassin.
I don't care if you needed a new assassin! I can't believe........
What did they do to you,


The gym leader of Rustboro City is now dressed in a Hoenn Republic uniform, with a sniper rifle draped across her back. A scar runs diagonal her right eyelid, going across her nose. A blank look is in her eyes.

I received military training and a new text color. Chancellor Drake, what are your orders?
Dammit, Drake answer me!

Drake and Roxxane turn to Tate.

What did you do to my friend?!
Don't you backtalk your master like that! She already-
No, what did you do to her?! It's like you brainwashed her or something!
Interrupt me one more time, Tate and I'll throw you out this fucking window. Anyway, this isin't brainwashing. This sinister girl next to me was evil to start off with. She always followed orders, and never looked back. It's good to have someone so close to West by my side!
Close to West......?
You are looking at the half-sister of our greatest threat: West.
She's............West's half...........sister?
Now that you mention it, she does bare a similar resemblance. Which side of the family?
My mother left that madman Blaine shortly after my brother was born. She remarried, and lived happily on Seven Island, for a short time. Then..........Team Rocket came. They tore apart the island looking for a single gem, and my mother was killed when she tried to stop them from burning down the island. The ultimate sacrifice. Then a teenager, one my current age, came to us and promised it would be all right. We gave him our supplies, and then we found out a week later that he had destroyed the Kanto League, with a Tyranitar I had given to him as a Larvitar.
Yes, but it was not the same being possesing this "Jeremy"'s body as is right now. I've seen the Ralts that is possesing him, and the real person. There are 3 different Boas, with the 2 pokemon being the most dangerous. After we found out, I came to Hoenn, seeking to fight for justice. Fight for our republic!
Enough about her, we have more important matters we must attend to. Roxxane and Wallace, you two fall back to Sootopolis City. Tate and Liza, you take your pathetic asses over to your gym. Either way, Boa will have to challenge one of you on her way over here. We'll crush this snake with the heel of our boots! Gym Leaders, move out!
Yes, sir! Master!


After blowing up the Aqua base, with Matt still inside, Dave and Athena slowly make their way to Mossdeep City on Tanglebud's back. An entire day passes before they make it to the beach, half a mile outside of the city. Tired, they sleep just outside of the bustling city. When they wake up, they find something waiting for them.

Posted Image

No guards, no cameras, no surveillance?
I think they might be waiting for us....
This is eerie. No townsmembers, and it looks like they just left in the middle of lunch!
I don't understand.......
You're here.
Who's there?!
What did that creepy voice say?!
It told us to leave.
Who are you?
You don't-
Not you, whoever's out there.
Go to the space center, on top of the hill. You'll find me there.

Athena and the team trek over to the space center. Clouds begin to form as she walks inside.........alone.

I'm here. I didn't bring any of my team, so we can just talk.
Oh, I'll make sure they're not interfering.
You wouldn't!

Athena races outside of the space center. As she runs out, she almost falls. Off the cliff that has appeared while inside. The hill with the space center is the only thing in a black void. Not THE Void, however.

What the hell is going on?!

Resounding footsteps echo behind Athena, and she slowly turns around. A girl in a blue kimono with red lines slowly walks to only ten feet away from Athena. She stops and smirks.

My my, you have quite the imagination. Why are you here?
Listen here, bitch. I'm the one asking the questions here! Who or what are you?!
My name is Liza. Now why are you here?
That doesn't answer my quest-

Suddenly, the tiles of the space station begin to fall into nothingness. Athena's tiles are the only one in a hole 4 feet in diameter.


Athena then pulls out a pokeball. Liza raises her hand, and the pokeball fades away into nothingness. Athena laughs.

My friend here wasn't in that pokeball.

Suddenly, a shadow appears from under a table adjacent to Liza. Liza turns to it, and then Joe Kerr throws the table out at her. Liza snaps her fingers, and it glows cyan and stops mid-air. She flings it back at him, but Athena commands him to use Faint Attack. Joe Kerr dissolves into a black wisp, and then appears behind Liza. He reaches out his stubby arms, and snaps her neck. Liza falls to the floor.

I knew I could rely on you, Joe Kerr!
Athena, you haven't won yet!

Athena and Joe Kerr turn to the body of Liza, now with red eyes and glowing a malicious purple. Liza turns into a dark shadow, and then whisks behind Joe Kerr. The shadow takes on the form of a Gengar, and then grabs Joe Kerr. Before either Joe Kerr nor Athena can react, the Gengar flies overhead Athena, and down into the darkness.


Athena's tiles fall out from under her, and she falls into the darkness as well, spewing curse word after curse word. When Athena opens her eyes again, she is back in the city. Despite what the screenshot says, nightfall has come upon Mossdeep City. The clouds swirl and swirl over the Mossdeep Gym. It's raining and hailing, and Athena looks at the sign she's awoken next to.

Posted Image

Tate.............and Liza? This must be some mind trick devised by Drake!
Tate, what are you doing in here?!
I followed you in here! You're in here with a murderer, Liza! I won't let you get yourself hurt!
First you wouldn't let me date some "douchebag" from the academy, and now you're not letting me do this?!
This is completely different, Liza! We can't-
Either you let me do this, or I'll send you out as quickly as you came in.

The bloody hell are those wankers talking about?!

Athena looks to her waist, and all six of her pokeballs are back on her waist, and Dave is huddled just under the awning.

Get over here, it's storming out there!

As Athena walks into the gym, she steps on a tile, and starts flying around the gym. She finally lands next to Liza and somebody dressed like her, but slightly taller, with a deeper voice, and shorter hair.

Posted Image

Tate and Liza?
So you're this infamous Boa I've-
Shut the hell up. I don't care where we are, just get me out of here!
And if we refuse?
I'll beat the answer out of both of you. I have some muscle along with me.
Jolly good I get my respect around here! The names-
Dave. I know all about you. All of the things that your companion here hasn't told you. Her own shady past. I know all about it. Athena, I hope you don't mind my stumbling upon your mentor.
You leave Gia out of this!
Things you haven't told me? Gia?! What the hell-
They're completely unrelated! How do you know about-

Liza's eyes turn bright blue, and the image of a Gallade with a scar running down it's torso is placed between Athena and Liza.

G.......Gia?! What are you-
This is your mind. We can process your emotions, and react accordingly. We know what you'll do next.
My mind?!
That's right. Our searchers found you, and you are unconscious in a holding cell in the Mossdeep City police station.

Athena runs over to punch Tate, and is shoved out of the way by Liza's Lunatone, which has materialized out of thin air. Furious, Athena calls out her 2 heaviest hitters.


Suddenly, the Gengar appears behind Joe Kerr. Joe turns to punch it, and it fades away before he can hit it. It appears next to Liza.

I'm not sitting here and doing nothing! Give me Gengar!
I have a better idea........

Liza nods to the Gengar, and it changes form. It transforms into the form of a Solrock. It has a hole through it's right eye.

It..............became Solrock?!
You're used to using it, and it has better synergy with Lunatone.
This is sweet and all, but I want to get out my own fucking mind!
You already are, Athena.
You asked for it, punk!

Posted Image

You're damn right I can.

Posted Image

If you think so, then let's do this!

Suddenly, the ground they are standing on begins to rise up into the air, through the open roof. The battlefield stops, 30+ feet in the air. Both trainers give their opening commands.

Posted Image

Joe Kerr pairs up against the Solrock, and Dave fights Lunatone. Solrock/Gengar still has it's powers of darkness, so Tate commands it to disappear whenever Joe Kerr goes in for a Faint Attack. Lunatone uses it's psychic powers to create barriers whenever Dave tries to use his power over water. Whenever Dave tries to get in close with a Mud Shot punch, Lunatone flies just out of reach, and fires psychic attacks at him. The situation seems hopeless, and it begins to get worse.

Enough messing around! Solrock, Gengar, whatever!


Posted Image

Solrock begins to charge up a green ball of energy in the gaping hole. Joe Kerr attempts to interfere, but Lunatone uses it's psychic powers to fire rocks at him, keeping him away. Athena prepares to switch out Dave, but she notices only 2 pokeballs on her waist. She looks over at Liza, who has 4 pokeballs levitating around her. Tweetums', who was the intended switchout, was among them. Athena begins to lose hope, but she suddenly gets an idea.

Lunatone is distracting Joe Kerr! Dave, use Surf!
You got it!

Dave's eyes glow a bright blue, and he raises his massive arms up to the sky, and the surrounding ocean follows his command and shoots up. The entire battlefield is caught in a massive bubble. He then points at Lunatone and Solrock, and snaps his fingers.

Posted Image

The water all comes down at the two pokemon, knocking them off the platform. They both are hurt, but still have enough energy to levitate.

You think some water can stop me?! FIRE-

Posted Image

Joe Kerr appears in front of Solrock, in the air. He uppercuts Solrock right in the center, and Solrock flies even further off of the floating island, and then falls into the barren ocean. When it tries to get up, the water from Surf falls back down, drowning the Gengar.

Posted Image

The Gengar is dead. Joe uses a Leech Seed as a grappling hook, and flies back onto the battlefield.

You see.................water casts a shadow.

Realization flashes in Tate's eyes, and he calls to Liza.


It's too late. Joe Kerr materializes below Lunatone in it's shadow. He punches straight through the Lunatone's body, and it's red eyes go dark. It slumps on Joe Kerr's arm.

Posted Image

Athena has won.

Posted Image

We were famous for being the perfect team. I had the battling prowess, and i could hold my own in a fight. And Liza had the brains, and the psychic abilities. This was all her brilliant idea..............

.............and it worked perfectly.

The hell?! You probed into my mind, and nearly killed my friend Dave! You lost!

Athena, we'd like to join your revolution.
Revolution?! I was just planning on assassinating Drake.
Many have been too scared to admit it, but they rally behind you. They want democracy. They want civil war.
Many, like Flannery or Norman, have been adamant about this, and they've been either killed or closely watched. Please, lead us against Drake!
But I never wanted to start a war!
We've been inside your mind, Athena. Sooner or later, you would have decided on it. We needed to test you. See if you were ready to lead us against this tyrant.
But I don't think I'm strong enough.....

Posted Image

Liza's right. Only you, Steven, and West can match up to Drake! Steven has his own agenda, and West is a loose cannon. wWe're not sure which side he's on. I'm not convinced if he even knows you're not Jeremy!
Please avoid him for now, and keep your guard up. We can't have you killed by mistake!
I don't understand why you can't just take your own bloody arses into command!
You two may disagree, but Athena is a powerful woman...........pokemon.............thing. She is capable. You only have one more hurdle before Ever Grande.
The final gym leader. Wallace.
Now go, Athena!
Fulfill your destiny!

The world begins to distort, and Athena wakes up on a iron bed. The jail's warden walks up to her with a nightstick, but Tate walks up to him and whispers to him. The warden stops, and tells Athena that her pokeballs are in the lobby. Tate begins to walk away, but Athena stops him.

You were in my mind, so you know the predicament i am in with Dave.
Yeah, its a hard secret to bear. You'll have to tell him eventually. Just make sure he doesn't find out from somebody else. He already is suspicious of you, so don't screw this up. We need you Athena.
I WILL...................now where is Wallace exactly?
You're hopeless, Athena.

The two share a laugh, and Athena walks out of the jail with her pokeballs, with newfound motivation.

I'm doing good....................for other people!

Athena begins to remember a time, early early on in her childhood..............she flashes back to the time she first met her mentor, Gia................

Edited by SwagginSkitty, Jul 14 2011, 11:22 AM.
CURRENTLY: Trying to figure out how the hell to patch Sacred Gold on a Macbook SERIOUSLY HELP IM DUMB YO
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Basically Lazarus

I love it. :D
ohhh the plot!!!! *drools*
Way to come back with a bang though.
I particularly loved the Tate / Liza battle; and how you played it out.

ahhh this has put me in such a good mood; you have no idea lol
Oh no I have an art thread too now

Posted Image
^click me^

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I got dem moves like Jagger
DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUDE... Precisly for how long didyou write it? Gosh, I taught that mine update was long to write...

You know what? Somebody should draw something badass, Joe Kerr related... Like a Hitman or smth... DRAWFAGS UNTIE, MAKE JOE KERR GLORIEFIED!!!

Im so lookin' forward to your next Wall of text Update, because, my Zadsences are tingling, and I predict it will be as epic as allways ;w;

I'd do it but I suck at drawing... ;/
Storm the front: Zadikalls Storm Silver Nuzlocke

Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

Pvt.Parts Lexandre Porkchop

Completed Runs
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Well, if that's how you want to play.
That was awesome!!!!! I really like the way you pulled this off. :D I'm scared for pretty much everyone involved now. Good work. :3:
And Joe Kerr is rapidly increasing in awesome. He should totally get more screen time! :wink:
Edited by Aviana, Jul 14 2011, 12:55 PM.
Thorns N' Roses: A Pokemon Black Storylocke
Last updated: 6/17 (Part 1, Scene 2: First Steps)
Next scheduled: 6/24 (Part 1, Scene 3: Trails)
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Walkin' on air.
You better take that Cacturne all the way son. :v:

Nice update, you totally destroyed Tate and Lisa lol.
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Darth Mewtwo
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Lord of all Psychic-types
Drake, you better look out, because here comes......


Good luck with Wallace ^-^
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Later Nuz

Also, I can't see the banner in the first post D: Posted image is all I see for that and a few screenies

But holy fuck. This update was so worth the wait. Athena's really being characterized. And Roxanne was a bit of a surprise.

Can't wait for the next one :D
Former mod for FCR, studying game design. no longer active.

Miss ya'll
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