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What makes a Nuzlocke good?; What is the Secret of Nuzlocking?
Topic Started: Feb 27 2011, 04:27 PM (3,241 Views)
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This is my first Nuzlocke and I started because I've seen other's. They make their's so great...I just can't seem to do the same. So I was wondering what is the secret to Nuzlocking...or is there none and I have no talent?
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crazy mankey
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Ash, go!

Are you talking about the Nuzlocke run itself, or the drawing/telling of the Nuzlocke? I can't help you either way. But if you're talking about drawing/telling, then the best thing you can have is patience and practice (and a tablet if you're drawing).
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If this is about how to do an easy Nuzlocke, it's grinding. THOUSANDS OF GRINDING
But if you want a satisfying run, make sure you don't train much higher than the next Gym Leader. Risks are fun.
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charliemew2 sucks
I believe he's asking how to make a Nuzlocke that's entertaining to the readers.

Well, first, you should have fun playing, otherwise it'll probably be bad. Now, how entertaining it is to the readers depends first on the format.
I've noticed that comics with good art almost always are pretty popular, specially if they have good jokes or interesting characters/plot. I've yet to see a comic with "bad" art that is popular.
In Screenshot runs, I think people like either a decent plot or good jokes. I don't make many jokes in my runs so I try to stick with a decent plot and somewhat interesting characters. Other ones used to make more jokes and stuff.
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So many questions here. Since you could mean doing the run or drawing a comic, I'll address both separately.

If you mean doing the run itself, here's the trick. Grind until you feel comfortable fighting the next gym leader. Look up their highest level pokemon if you need to. I would tend to aim for your lead against that gym to be one to two levels above, because that gives you a reasonable chance of sweeping the gym, but it's not so easy that you lose out on the drama of a tough fight.

If you mean writing the comic, it's all about reading between the lines. If you are going for comedy, take a character that has a clear personality and either accentuate or twist it. The classic example is Prof. Oak, who you can turn from a father figure sending the hero off into the world into a raving loon who can't even remember his grandson's name sending ten year-old's off to do his research. Anything ironic, arbitrary, or frustrating is rich soil for a joke to sprout from. Art won't matter as much with comedy, but considering how many comics you have to compete with, I'd put in the time with a tablet to make everything look good. Color is a plus.

Same goes for a dramatic comic. Reading between the lines here means giving all of your pokemon a personality, a close bond with the trainer and eachother, and a few opportunities to show off how badass they are. Surprisingly, the secret to good drama is good humor. You come to care about a character when you see them laughing, smiling, and growing up. Try to avoid breaking the fourth wall, and have the trainer and the pokemon cracking jokes. Follow the story of your game, and when the time comes that you lose someone, the audience will be more deeply moved because they remember all the good times they had with them. Good art is the key, though. I have an impossible time taking a comic seriously with half-assed art.
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The Siberian Express

If you're talking about how to make the run interesting, there's no definitive answer to that. There's so many good runs, but so few of them are good in the same way as one another if that makes sense. Some have stunning art, some tell engrossing stories, some are funny, some are touching and emotional, and some have a mixture of more than one of the above element. Just try to evaluate what you think are your own strengths and try to play to them.
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Feb 27 2011, 06:50 PM
If you mean doing the run itself, here's the trick. Grind until you feel comfortable fighting the next gym leader. Look up their highest level pokemon if you need to. I would tend to aim for your lead against that gym to be one to two levels above, because that gives you a reasonable chance of sweeping the gym, but it's not so easy that you lose out on the drama of a tough fight.
Even that isn't a guarantee, though. Like everything else in a Nuzlocke, it comes down to luck. If you have too many Pokemon die, you'll usually get disheartened which will make it a pain to slug through and finish (though there's nothing quite coming back from a wipe, or even several, to beat the Elite 4), but if you don't lose any there's barely any sense of danger, making it only slightly more than a normal run.
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In all honesty, since I'm too damn lazy to scroll up and see what other people have written, I have to say that for a good run (plot based, not artistic in any way) is to have a good mix. What I mean by that is have some really good comedy, some heavily planned some just "in the moment" sort of stuff, a long with a dark mix whenever a pokemon does fall (make it more dramatic when it was someone close).
Although if you do decide to put a heavy amount of plot. Think about every. single. loophole. Is this part left unexplained in the script? Is there an important pokemon that isn't getting enough screentime? Could I touch up with this part here? And most importantly: Does this all make sense?
I have encountered some runs while they did try to make some plot, they rushed the process, overthought some parts, and A WHOLE LOT was left unexplained, so I had to stop reading the thread.

Well I hope that this is useful towards you :)
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If you want a good comic? I feel like killing off your guys is a good way to do it. Not on purpose, of course. But it's hard to write this stuff with few deaths. Overgrinding makes the nuzlocke easier, but the matches are much more boring. that said, undergrinding makes everything more difficult, but it heightens the drama. Seeing a Staravia survive a crit metal claw with only 4 HP and using endeavor + quick attack? $%^&ing awesome, but it likely wouldn't have happened, if, say, it was overleveled into a close-combat using Staraptor.

As someone above had said, risk is fun. Until someone is dead. Then it isn't so fun.
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